La guerra di Clara #2020

La guerra di Clara By Clara Kramer Maddalena Togliani La guerra di Clara Nel luglio del i nazisti arrivano nella piccola cittadina di Zolkiew in Polonia e la vita per la giovane Clara cambia per sempre Mentre nei mesi successivi molte delle famiglie ebree intorno a
  • Title: La guerra di Clara
  • Author: Clara Kramer Maddalena Togliani
  • ISBN: 9788850217090
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • La guerra di Clara By Clara Kramer Maddalena Togliani Nel luglio del 1941 i nazisti arrivano nella piccola cittadina di Zolkiew, in Polonia, e la vita per la giovane Clara cambia per sempre Mentre nei mesi successivi molte delle famiglie ebree intorno a lei vengono uccise o deportate, Clara e i suoi riescono a nascondersi insieme ad altri in una fossa scavata sotto la casa di una famiglia tedesca, i Beck Il signor Beck, ubrNel luglio del 1941 i nazisti arrivano nella piccola cittadina di Zolkiew, in Polonia, e la vita per la giovane Clara cambia per sempre Mentre nei mesi successivi molte delle famiglie ebree intorno a lei vengono uccise o deportate, Clara e i suoi riescono a nascondersi insieme ad altri in una fossa scavata sotto la casa di una famiglia tedesca, i Beck Il signor Beck, ubriacone, donnaiolo e antisemita dichiarato, un uomo imprevedibile e le sue azioni mettono in pericolo le famiglie nascoste sotto casa sua ogni singolo giorno Eppure, rischier la vita per quasi due anni pur di salvarle Per tutto il periodo della guerra Clara ha tenuto un diario Ora, sessantanni dopo, ha trovato la forza per riprendere i fili della memoria e ripercorrere quei giorni spietati e duri, vissuti tra la crudelt e la vilt , senza mai arrendersi alla disperazione e all ingiustizia La guerra di Clara trasporta il lettore in un ambiente affollato e buio, gelido d inverno e soffocante d estate, e lo costringe a trattenere il fiato con le persone che temono per la propria esistenza, giorno dopo giorno, per diciotto lunghi mesi.
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    1. Clara Kramer Maddalena Togliani

      Clara Kramer n e Schwarz and her family were among the approximately 5,000 Jews in Zolkiew, Poland, before World War II At the end of the war, she and her parentsnumbered among the approximately 60 who had survived Kramer is the cofounder of the Holocaust Resource Foundation at Kean University She lives in New Jersey.

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    1. I am listening to the audiobook narrated by Rula Lenska and her tone is perfect for the author who is 81 when she writes the book It is based on a diary that the author wrote when she was in her teens,living hidden in a bunker, dug out underneath a house in Galicia, Poland, which is of course now in the Ukraine Whose house was it, and who was hiding them A German, and not any old German He is in fact anti semitic, a drunk and a womanizer Rula Lenska s voice wonderfully fits the words and the age [...]

    2. It would never even have occurred to me to wonder about what war felt like War was something in Tolstoy, not in my life It wasn t just the heartrending drama that moved me Or the horrific ordeal called the Holocaust Not even the fact that this is a true story, told from the point of view of a Polish Jewish teenager No What really moved me was the idea that an avowed anti Semite, misanthorpe, and despiser of all authority was the man who saved Clara and her family The man whom she says, was the m [...]

    3. The best stories and movies about the holocaust what was arguably the most tragic occurence ever to darken the history of mankind are the ones that don t so much focus on the terror and suffering that the Jewish people went through, but instead seem to highlight the strength and courage that these dark days summoned up in so many people, as they stuck together and supported each other, never losing hope that things would eventually be alright again That s what makes this true story such an emoti [...]

    4. It would be so easy to enter into this review of this sad, sad story with a discussion of belief in God Time after time, war after war, centuries heaped upon each other, there have been senseless, horrifying murders of innocents sometimes in the name of religion Yet people who recount these events relate their moments of prayer, how their prayers have saved them and attribute their salvation to their faith It is not that they have ignored the chaos around them, but few seem to question how a God [...]

    5. Clara s War is the most unbelievably astonishing and remarkably heart wrenching book I have ever read in my life Is there is one book everybody in the world should read, it is this one Told with the grace and emotions of Clara s life during the Holocaust, this is a story that you will never forget It stays with you long after you read it As a teenage girl, I cannot even begin to imagine going through what Clara and her family and friends did I find it hard to believe that these horrible things h [...]

    6. This book blew me away It is the nonfiction account of a Polish Jewish teenager who, along with seventeen other people, lived in a hidden bunker underneath a house during the Holocaust and survived Does that explain why the book blew me away I find it difficult to write about my feelings toward anything Holocaust related without sounding trite, which I think is part of the reason why I have procrastinated on writing this review for as long as I have I m dumbfounded that humans treated other huma [...]

    7. A must read for anyone interested in Holocust memoirs and diaries 18 people spent 18 months in a four foot high hand dug bunker under one the hidden s houses their maid and her notirously anti Semetic husband cared for them, risking their lives as Nazis and SS moved in Harrowing, compelling and miraculous Simply, but perfectly written Highly recc.

    8. Just as moving and heartfelt as The Diary Of Anne Frank We must never forget I would recommend this one to all.

    9. I was profoundly touched by this book I could not put it down I wonder if I could find the strength needed to survive under the conditions Clara and her family had to live I do not know how her parents and the other parents could go on with the tremendous personal losses they suffered I highly recommend this book.

    10. O privil gio de sobreviver traz consigo a responsabilidade de partilhar a hist ria daqueles que n o sobreviveram p.11 Quando esta guerra acabar, apenas as korhony, as valas comuns, testemunhar o que em tempos houve aqui um povo p.41 Enquanto os Nazis e as SS se vangloriavam da sua coragem, por detr s das metralhadoras que apontavam aos desarmados e aos indefesos, n o faziam ideia da verdadeira coragem que se manifestava sua volta, enquanto fam lia ap s fam lia fazia as suas despedias silenciosas [...]

    11. Any and every Holocaust memoir is an important book by definition This book stood out for me for several reasons The quality of the writing is certainly one such reason Even compelling stories are not always well organized and well told This one is Clara is a keen observer of the people and events around her And the book she and her co writer have drawn from the raw material of her diary makes great use her talent.Clara s War also helps us understand the Holocaust in probably the only way we can [...]

    12. There were 5000 Jews in Zolkiew, Poland before WWII and just 50 survivors afterwards Of those, all soon left because of pogroms and discrimination Clara and her family were among 18 persons who spent up to 18 months in a small bunker under the home of a very brave German spy who worked for the local police and withstood unspeakable odds to keep his charges safe Clara documented this experience in a diary, now in the U.S Holocaust Museum This book is written from her diaries and interviews with C [...]

    13. This was, as all holocaust stories are, a very sad book So many lives cut short, and so much hatred and cold blooded killing The fact that this was real makes it so much harder.Clara s War follows the life of a Polish Jewish teenager, Clara Schwarz now Kramer , during the Holocaust She survives with her family because of the bravery and generosity of the Becks, a family who hid them during the course of the war in a bunker underneath their house During this, Clara records everything in her journ [...]

    14. When you walk round Zhovkva, Clara s home town, the huge burned out synagogue is still there, its ruins completely untouched because no one knows what to do about it When we knocked on the door of the huge civic buildings to ask if they had any records to look at, he said no, they d all been taken to L viv, and were we Jewish No we weren t my father in law s family lived in Zhovkva and at the start of the war the Russians invaded and took my father in law away to a prison camp in Siberia Then th [...]

    15. How do you rate a book which so profoundly affects you and touches the deepest, darkest and scariest corners of your heart And yet leaves me with a sense of hope and respect for the strength of the human spirit.This narrative is an amazing story of survival against all odds For 18 months, 16 year old Polish Jewish born Clara Schwarz and 17 other Jews including 2 young children hid in a dug out bunker underneath the house of a Volksdeutsche neighbour to escape Nazi atrocities committed against th [...]

    16. For some reason I am somewhat addicted to WWII survival stories and loved this one Clara Kramer, a young teen at the time, kept diaries during their time in the bunker and this memoir is based upon those diaries and her recollections Clara, her family and eventually 3 other families spent than 18 months living in a crawl space under the home of a righteous Christian family This righteous Christian man was also a self proclaimed anti Semite, a drunkard, and a philanderer who selects one of the w [...]

    17. This book was intense It told of the horrors this Jewish family and their friends had to endure in Poland Overall it has a good message, but Clara Kramer tells it how it was and the truth is sickening This book is not for everyone, but I am glad I read it I d love to go to the museum in DC and see her diary from that time.5 Writing Style Well done 5 Kept me Awake at Night Reading Yes, but it was pretty intense I found myself needing to take breaks from it 5 Good Discussion Book For sure 2 Violen [...]

    18. Like reading Diary of Anne Frank, except they survive This is a page turning tale of stupefying cruelty and deadly indifference set in Poland, where first the Russians, then the Germans, and then the Russians again after the War, terrorized the Polish, Jews and non Jews alike It is unfathomable to me that 18 people lived in a dug out hole under a house for two years, surviving only because of the goodness of a drunk, wife beating Polish man Since I ve read this, I ve been embarrassed about the l [...]

    19. A young girl and most of her family survive the war by living under a neighbor s home in an underground bunker with 18 others for 28 months An unbelievable and unimaginable experience What we take for granted

    20. Rystende beskrivelse af det helvede Clara m tte igennem for at overleve den intensive og brutale Holocaust nazisterne satte i gang Det er en skr kkelig beretning, men det er s vigtig at historierne bliver fortalte, s vi aldrig glemmer

    21. Really enjoyed this book A different perspective than being in a concentration camp but still being held prisoner I have actually never read The Diary of Anne Frank but this diary was very good.

    22. A real life horror from a child s experience This book was absorbing, sad and most horrible, true Each character comes alive and the terrors suffered became real while reading it.

    23. This is one of those books that I hesitate to rate I mean, the author, is just telling what happened to her and her side of the Holocaust and WWII I was thinking about doing a discussion post and even started writing one, but then I couldn t think of anything to say I mean, all I could think of was the Holocaust was bad and this book definitely portrays that Which isn t much of a discussion post at all So I ve resigned myself to a review in the hopes I can emphasize enough that no matter how goo [...]

    24. A piece that can stand with other great holocaust literature Clara describes her life and Polish town a bit before Sept 1, 1939, but most of the book describes her Jewish family s struggle to survive for the next 6 years Some members of her family and neighbors end up spending nearly 2 years below the floor of a house Clara records much of what is going on during this time in a diary, which is the basis for the book I like the fact that there isn t a lot of day XX, same as day YY, kind of daily [...]

    25. I have read a lot of books about the Holocaust A lot Never before have a heard a story quite like Clara Kramer s Based on the location of her hometown, WWII seems to have hit her home at a different time and with a different pace than the rest of Eastern Europe There was very little conversation in this book, but it was never dry or dull I was always fully engaged in his story If you want a different perspective on surviving the Holocaust, family, and post WWII life, read this book Her story wil [...]

    26. Like any other Holocaust survivor, Clara gives us a good example of appreciating what and who we have To think about it twice when we complain about our life, when there were and are still people out there that have it worst My sister has always asked me why do you like reading about this stuff It s so sad Because you don t learn enough from what it s known but from the real stories coming from real survivors.

    27. If you are a fan of novels written about the Holocaust then this is the book for you I loved this novel and felt attached to the writer from the very beginning The story itself is amazing and it really makes you think about the will of the human spirit and what people can endure The book is eloquently written and flows well throughout The story ties off the loose ends and makes you thankful for your own life and family Definitely one of the best holocaust books I have read.

    28. Carrie reccomended this book and it was one of the best I ve read on WWII history It s a true story which makes it that much betterbut also that much heartbreaking The author takes part from her actual diary during the time and adds onto it and makes it all flow and feel like you are right in the bunker with them Their will to live is incredible.

    29. If I could give this book ten stars, I would This book is great It is the true story of a holocaust survivor and her family, and the Becks, who helped 18 Jews survive the holocaust I could not put this book down It should be mandatory reading for high school students, so they learn what persecution Jewish people went through from the Nazis I highly recommend this book

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