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The Ideal Wife By Mary Balogh The Ideal Wife When Abigail Gardiner knocks at the door of Miles Ripley Earl of Severn the last thing she expects is a marriage proposal Desperate she d come to this charismatic stranger s home to plead for her f
  • Title: The Ideal Wife
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780451170439
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ideal Wife By Mary Balogh When Abigail Gardiner knocks at the door of Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn, the last thing she expects is a marriage proposal Desperate, she d come to this charismatic stranger s home to plead for her future Instead she shocks them both by saying yes Her impulsive decision will have consequences neither she nor her new husband can foresee For Miles has his own reasons foWhen Abigail Gardiner knocks at the door of Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn, the last thing she expects is a marriage proposal Desperate, she d come to this charismatic stranger s home to plead for her future Instead she shocks them both by saying yes Her impulsive decision will have consequences neither she nor her new husband can foresee For Miles has his own reasons for marrying her And Abigail is harboring a secret of her own As distrust gives way to desire as, together, they give in to the pleasures of the marriage bed, a devastating scandal threatens their future Now these two wary hearts will risk ruin and disgrace for a love that has changed them both forever the kind all seek, but few ever find.
    The Ideal Wife By Mary Balogh The Ideal Wife Balogh, Mary Books CONNECTED BOOKS THE IDEAL WIFE is the first book in the Stapleton Downes series STAR RATING I give this book . stars. The Ideal Wife Stapleton Downes, by Mary Balogh Feb , The ideal wife is an old school romance a.k.a Traditional regency which takes place in London Our main characters meet when the heroine that would be Abby finds herself with no job and decides to take advantage of a really, really, really distant family connection with the hero that would be Miles Ripley, Earl of S Sweet Lord The Ideal Wife Stapleton Downes Book Kindle edition Jun , He sees in the seemingly meek and mild Abigail the ideal wife quiet, obedient, someone who will allow him to continue his bachelor ways, yet produce an heir But underneath the mousy facade, the true Abigail is a far cry from the earl s ideals. The Ideal Wife Things Husbands Expect from their Wives It extensively x rays and repudiates the numerous misconceptions and divergent views about the ideal wife by providing the biblical portrait of an ideal Christian wife, the scope of her responsibilities, the purpose of her existence and the pattern of her lifestyle The Ideal Wife is highly practical and scripturally sound. The Ideal Wife in Proverbs Bible Odyssey The good wife s value lies in her economic potential, not in her beauty and all that that implies In the ancient world, a woman s contribution to the household involved than cooking, cleaning, and childbearing A capable wife, according to this poem, is a one woman economic miracle. The Ideal Wife With Ernst Lubitsch, Grete Berger, Paul Biensfeldt, Lyda Salmonova.
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      Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two year teaching contract in 1967 She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian When she s not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting She also enjoys watching tennis and curling.Mary Balogh started writing in the evenings as a hobby Her first book, a Regency love story, was published in 1985 as A Masked Deception under her married name In 1988, she retired from teaching after 20 years to pursue her dream to write full time She has written than seventy novels and almost thirty novellas since then, including the New York Times bestselling Slightly sextet and Simply quartet She has won numerous awards, including Bestselling Historical of the Year from the Borders Group, and her novel Simply Magic was a finalist in the Quill Awards She has won seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B Dalton Awards for her bestselling novels, as well as a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award.

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    1. Bleh Mary Balogh had this format she used for a time in her earlier books where the heroine was keeping a secret from the hero and this is the driving point for most of the plot I can tolerate it once in a while but after than two books it gets annoying For example I can deal with it in her book Heartless because I loved the hero in that one This book features this plot device and it is ANNOYING It starts off with a meet cute premise the hero, the Earl of Severn, needs a wife to avoid being set [...]

    2. Very cute story by Mary Balogh, although not my fave from her I still thought it very cute but sometimes annoying Abigail and Miles were the odd couple with a rushed marriage of convencience to help them both, with Abigail hiding herself behind the dull, plain woman mask, while Miles learns that his frist impression of his wife wasn t very correct after all and soons falls in love with Abby I really love the story, but at times felt Abigail was just a little to much of a chatter bug to the point [...]

    3. 2.75 So disappointing And with that cracker beginning.I absolutely adored the h and the book for about half the book and then I despised her And that left me feeling stupidly inconsistent.The H was okay but typically bland in ways of some MB Hs.I m too upset to put the rest in words.

    4. It s hard to be overly critical with a category romance After all, given the word limitations and page restrictions, it s not fair to expect the same depth, intrigue, and character development as a full story Yet surprisingly, quite a few authors actually do it, and do it well Which is why the genre is so well loved Mary Balogh built a career on it and became one of the most respected leaders in category romances But, for some reason this book didn t quite deliver the punch I ve come to expect f [...]

    5. I would call it fate Others would say it was a disaster in the making Either way Miles Ripley, the Earl of Savern, was expected to marry He was thirty years old and an only son his mother and sisters were expected to visit any day and he just knew they had someone in mind But the young lady wasn t whom Miles wanted as a wife.So, when Miss Abigail Gardiner unexpectedly showed up at his residence there was, naturally, a bit of confusion Abigail was expecting a much older gentleman she believed Mil [...]

    6. This is so terrible that I am considering not finishing it even though I have endured 80% of the story It follows a destitute governess Abigail and an earl, Miles Their big character flaw They don t make sense Abigail is a nearly destitute woman but once she has money, she has no problem spending it and not making any savings Miles, he is marriage shy So what does he do He marries This was such a frustrating read because Abigail is so over the top annoying I don t like her because she is loud I [...]

    7. Abigail needs a letter of recommendation, and applies to her distant, distant, basically on another continent distant cousin, Miles Who happens to be a hot Earl So, he asks her to marry him because REASONS Mainly that she s plain and demure and WHY THE HELL NOT RIGHT Except feelings get in the way OH NO 1 MOC BOOKS WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH This wasn t even that good because basically 10 minutes after saying I do , Abigail is like SO I AM ACTUALLY A SASSY, PRETTY CHATTERBOX SRY , which I was loo [...]

    8. I don t think I ve ever done this before dnf a book because I m afraid to continue Or anxious The thing is, I like both main characters a lot and they re happy They re obviously in love and they re married and they like each other and it s only a bit over half way through the book In order to continue, that has to change They need to become unhappy And all the things Abby is keeping from her husband need to blow up in her face And that means he ll feel betrayed or at least disappointed And I jus [...]

    9. Nothing groundbreaking here Pretty generic, standard issue, decent, handsome as sin beta ish hero Even with that not so enthralling description, though, the heroine did not deserve him She was ridiculously impulsive to a reckless, immature degree, and she and her TSTL moments vastly detracted from my enjoyment of this otherwise decent ish book Seriously, she was just annoying.I couldn t really see how they were well suited to one another specifically Miles just seemed very easy to please, to be [...]

    10. Mary Balogh is one of my favorites but the Ideal Wife might not have been the best choice to republish with a new cover The details were all too much The plot was too much, Abigail was too much and bordered on annoying, Miles was too much, too good I would recommend reading Mary s newer polished and crisp work The Slightly and Simply series Because I liked those so much I was buying what was on the shelves, I found the Secret Pearl to be a disappointment as well I think that I ll try her new Hu [...]

    11. Oh dear, oh dear First of all, I really like Mary Balogh s writing She has a lovely style and her stories well, the three I ve read, anyway have a humanity and warmth that I really appreciate I m glad she s such a prolific author, since it gives me a lot to look forward to reading in the future.That said, this book was a bit of a disappointment It started out strong, with one of my favorite historical romance tropes, a marriage of convenience that blossoms into love, but as the story progressed [...]

    12. Sweet Lord The whole three stars go to Miles Hadn t he existed, this book would have driven me crazy I even thought about rating it with 2 stars but Miles didn t deserve it The ideal wife is an old school romance a.k.a Traditional regency which takes place in London Our main characters meet when the heroine that would be Abby finds herself with no job and decides to take advantage of a really, really, really distant family connection with the hero that would be Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn But i [...]

    13. I m good with the contrived marriage of convenience plotlines as a general rule, so long as the characters are likable and have conflict and are emotionally believable But this books goes a little too far, our hero, who could marry anyone, because he s perfect, rich, handsome, and powerful Proposes to a total stranger first time he meets her, I no checking her background, no finding out if she s a complete psyco I might be able to buy it under severe pressure, but his only pressure is his mother [...]

    14. After reading The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh, I was anxious to read of her books I had high hopes for The Ideal Wife because the description sounded so intriguing I was not however as pulled in to the story as I was hoping It seems as though the characters in this book were not as interesting to me as I would like The storyline was good but I thought there was just too much emphasis on the scandals that seemed to already hold no actual weight with the the male character, Miles Abby was a bi [...]

    15. Well, the old cover explains it all to me I have a recent pale blue covered re issue of this novel and was scratching my head bloody over how this was written by the same brilliant, witty author who wrote Slightly Dangerous It s early work Everything s laid out plainly enough, hero marries a wallflower defensively, because a no muss, no fuss wife will fend off his managing female relations who are crowding him toward a self absorbed beauty Okay so far but nothing sparkled She s some kind of dor [...]

    16. This is one of those plotlines where the Hero decides to marry the next quiet, plain woman he meets because his family has all but married him off to someone he really doesn t want He doesn t really mean it, but then this distant cousin shows up She s just been fired from her companion job without a reference because she stood up for her beautiful governess friend against the pinching employer She just wants a reference, a job And the hero decides she s just what he needs, and they get married t [...]

    17. It could have been so much better, if 1 the hero had been a little less meak and understanding he is just so nice and master of himself in any circumstance, I believe he does not have any blood running in his veins or any capacity to experience any real feelings.2 the heroine had been less stupid, less of a coward and had not repeatedly lied to her husband, first by omission that I can accept but then several times deliberately.One of the poorest MB I ve read.

    18. So the minute I read that blurb and saw this beautiful and brightly blue cover the three Bs this cover whore absolutely loves , I decided to go ahead and ignore the surprisingly low ratings for this book and see things for myself.I had a lot of fun reading The Ideal Wife Sure, some of the dialogues and actions of the characters were not perfectly agreeable with the time period, nor was the ease with which Miles quickly accepted and fell for Abigail it was almost insta love, and it came from the [...]

    19. I finished another oldie today and again thanks to a friendly loan It was Mary Balogh s The Ideal Wife.Just after the Earl of Severn has vowed that if the plainest, dullest, most ordinary female in England were to be set before him he would marry her without further ado, Abigail Gardiner calls on him at his town house The strong minded Abigail is a distant cousin of the earl s and has been driven, much against the grain, to seek his aid To do so, she has decided to dress as plainly as possible a [...]

    20. At last done Abby s lack of sensibility irks me I almost drop this story Abby and Miles story is full of secrets in heroine s part I hate Abby s lack of confidence and trust with herself and her husband that she keep many secrets I thought it would take 50 years after their marriage before she would be able to confess but I find her lines are genuinely funny and entertining in a strange sense example like her idea of cheating in gambling house for her brother Boris, chuckle truly she is lack of [...]

    21. I picked this one up, because it was recommended to me as a tradition aka clean regency romance and it was not Not even close.The premise was silly and poorly thought out The hero s definition of an ideal wife is just anyone who won t be domineering and the heroine marries him becausewell, I m not entirely sure why He basically blackmails her into it She comes to ask him for a letter of recommendation, since he s a distant relative, but he says he doesn t know her well enough to recommend her to [...]

    22. 2.5 stars There wasn t much to this improbable story hero proposes marriage to heroine within 10 minutes of meeting her for really crazy and stupid reasons Marriage was such a serious business back then with no way out if it didn t work that you could never imagine somebody taking such a step without at least knowing the bride s first name Of course, it works beautifully for them How unlikely Whatever conflicts there were came because of the heroine s impulsiveness Balogh has been known to have [...]

    23. I found the heroine a bit annoying and Miles was goofy It didn t feel romantic The story basis was great, a crazy offer out of nowhere, two people taking chances etc, usually a good formula But I don t know, it was just not working for me I don t mind heroines speaking her mind, I like strong, independent woman But all she did was just talk a lot I mean, it wasn t too witty or charming or cute or anything, it was usually annoying He found everything she did and said cute He had potential but qui [...]

    24. I was under the impression that these events take place 2 or years after an unhappy marriage Apparently not, they just got married and they are working on it now The book was nice despite the repetitive themes, thoughts and actions For the first time I like the hero than the heroine She kinda piss you off with the same obnoxious behavior thoughts Oh and the those sisters that were talked about them a lot and they never made an appearance in the book.

    25. 2,75Clairement il ne restera pas dans mes annales, m me si a reste un moment de lecture d cent Malgr un petit moment de drama comme je les aime, globalement j ai trouv ce livre assez plat Abby est agr able, mais ce n est pas le genre de personnages avec lequel l auteur prend un risque je trouve, pas comme avec Lauren Quant Miles, il manque de profondeur, il est assez plat lui aussi Bref une histoire qui reste sympathique hein mais vraiment sans plus.

    26. Aaah, my favorite plot in a romance novel our hero and heroine get married at the beginning of the book, then fall in love during the rest of it While the writing and characters were not as to my liking as others Lisa Kleypas and Jo Goodman, por ejemplo , it was still very enjoyable to read Abby is an entertaining heroine what with her ability to ramble on and on Miles was all right a bit boring, but not infuriating like some All in all, a very lovely read.

    27. Another delightful book I adored his sense of the absurd, his ability to find humour in his wife s mad schemes I loved how quickly he adapted to marrying not someone dull and serious as he had hoped, but someone who couldn t stop talking and who flung herself into things without thought or consideration A fun easy read.

    28. labibliotecadellibraiospL ideale di moglie il primo libro della serie regency Stapleton Downes, firmata da Mary Balogh, un autrice che mi piace molto, per i suoi molteplici aspetti e caratterizzazione dei personaggi, oltre al periodo storico in generale Abigail una giovane donna convinta che il suo futuro oramai segnato da un disastro familiare, sia quello di vivere come badante o istitutrice, mentre Miles Ripley, conte di Severn, alla ricerca di una moglie e soprattutto Se tu potessi mettermi q [...]

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