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Fins By Ashley L. Knight Fins Morgan James is visiting sunny Florida for two weeks before the school year begins Right from the start she realizes there s something strangely odd about the opulent world in which her mother and he
  • Title: Fins
  • Author: Ashley L. Knight
  • ISBN: 9781936395101
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fins By Ashley L. Knight Morgan James is visiting sunny Florida for two weeks before the school year begins Right from the start, she realizes there s something strangely odd about the opulent world in which her mother and her new husband live and suddenly she is swept into another world a world she could never have dreamed of Follow Morgan s unbelievable journey in this magical tale of peopleMorgan James is visiting sunny Florida for two weeks before the school year begins Right from the start, she realizes there s something strangely odd about the opulent world in which her mother and her new husband live and suddenly she is swept into another world a world she could never have dreamed of Follow Morgan s unbelievable journey in this magical tale of people who are something other than what they seem OR, are they really people at all
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      Two events of significance occurred during of the birth of Ashley Lorenzi Knight in 1977 One was the VC10 jet flight time record from London to Bahrain was smashed by her father in his determination to be by her side and the appearance of brilliant meteor showers over the desert island that was witnessed by her godmother Moving away from the gathering war storms of the Middle East conflict, her family settled in mountainous Idaho, USA, to the seasonal rhythms of ranch life Ashley s love of horses and her strong riding skills made her an elegant Rodeo Queen and spokesperson.By 15 years Ashley was already enrolled in university where she majored in English Writing Emphasis, with a minor in Biology Her English language skills resulted in a coaching job from her professor for new writers at university College summers were spent with her younger sister at the ranch riding by the Little Salmon River or at Disney World as an intern in their summer program Talented in poetry and lyric writing, Ashley began to compose and perform her own songs at an early age, taking formal voice training at college and competing in singing talent shows A change meeting in downtown Boise brought love s destiny to her life Greg and Ashley were married in McCall by the glacial blue waters of the lake Inseparable, they now have two small children of their own.When she isn t writing, she is attending events as The Mermaid Lady Go to ashleylknight to learn

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    1. Okay let s start off with a strong tomboy character with a rural upbringing, an estranged relationship with her flighty mom and1 Kill off her dad dont need that guy2 Make her magically and conventionally pretty with long shiny hair because of mer puberty instantaneously 3 Make her spontaneously fall in love with her magical boyfriend fish RIGHT AFTER HER DAD DIES No relationship development needed Instant love bond 3 Our dear protagonist gets the awesome pleasure of planning the rest of her life [...]

    2. Mermaids have been objects of fascination to mankind since the first legends appeared in Assyria about three thousand years ago Folklore has it that the goddess Atargatis loved a mortal shepherd and unintentionally killed him Embarrassed, she dove into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the waters could not conceal her beauty, and thereafter, she took the form of a mermaid human above the waist and fish below.This fascination has continued in so many forms over the ages since then, so it s n [...]

    3. FINS was a magical story filled with mermaids, magic, and romance The main character, Morgan, was a refreshing read because unlike other heroines of YA paranormal romance Bella Swan comes to mind , she doesn t sit around and let her true love save her She goes to whatever risk she must take to save those she cares about.The descriptions in this book were lush and vivid, so much that I wanted to visit Tammer s house in Florida and not just visit, but I wanted to live there The descriptions of the [...]

    4. I hope that readers who love the ocean and mermaids will read FINS as I wrote it purely out of my love for both FATHOM the sequel will be released in the Spring of 2011 and I hope you ll pick it up if you enjoyed FINS All the best to you and yours Ashley Knight

    5. Original Review Here I felt safe and warm, as if the water wasn t there, but we were instead floating in the air He placed his other arm on the small of my back and pulled me in close to him My heart racing, I held onto his arms, feeling the strength in them Intense energy and power radiated from him, enveloping me He held me close and time seemed to stop Why did I pick up this book One word Mermaids After reading Of Poseidon, I gained what I like to call my mermaid obsession I scoured for all t [...]

    6. Fins is a fast paced, fun, easy read about a 17 year old girl named Morgan who goes to spend the summer with her mother Turns out though, her mother is a mermaid and so is she Morgan soon finds herself in the middle of a deadly family feud that s been going on since before she was born She d better find a way to end it soon or someone she loves is going to die.I always feel terrible comparing something to Twilight, but it s almost impossible nowadays when dealing with paranormal romance I ll onl [...]

    7. This book was absolutely wonderful Better than what I had expected Young romance at its best Fantasy of Mermaids and mermen with special powers, under water cities and true loves Almost like Romeo and Juliet Amazing, I couldn t put it down

    8. In its first few pages, Fins seems like your archetypal YA holiday romance story Teenage Morgan is on her way to spend some time in Florida with her mother, whom she hasn t seen for a couple of years Mom sounds like your typical hippie mother interested in travelling around having a good time than worrying about her daughter Yet there s much here than meets the eye.Soon, Morgan learns the life changing and seemingly incredible fact that she comes from a line of mermaids Her Mom is a mermaid, M [...]

    9. Although this book was a gift as a first reads book, I couldn t even finish it I know this isn t fair, but I simply couldn t invest any time into it.The characters are dull I couldn t sympathize with the protagonist at all She isn t compelling at all, and neither are any of the other characters Everyone was too perfect Knight described every character I encountered as very beautiful or handsome Further, I found the tone too immature and the writing too simple I wasn t expecting any extraordinar [...]

    10. Fins is one of the many mermaid books out, and even though I ve only read a few this one is high up on my list There are many things going for this book The characters All of them were really great with their own purposes and uniqueness for the story I loved the main character Morgan, you could feel what she was going through and see her flaws and mistakes and how she deals with them, she also doesn t hold back which I like in a protagonist The setting I love Florida so this book was great for m [...]

    11. Morgandy was on her way to visit her Mother It should be quite a change from her Idaho ranch home with her dad to sunny Florida She knew nothing about Vero Beach except the warning the senile old lady on the plane gave her to watch out for the Merpeople there Right, merpeople Her Mom meets her at the airport and the surprises start immediatelyher Mom is remarried The surprises keep coming when they arrive at her mom s home They are RICH, really rich Huge house, on the water, huge pool, amazing a [...]

    12. Fins follows Morgan James as she s visiting her mother in Florida for two weeks before school starts She thinks something s fishy about the world her mother and her new husband seem to live in Morgan finds herself swept up into that world, a world she never could have dreamed of A world where people are than what they seem, if they re even people at all.Set aside a good chunk of time in which you can start and finish this book You will NOT want to put it down I started reading it while my compu [...]

    13. I wish I could give this book 3.5 stars I loved aspects of it, and it showed great promise throughout most of the story but it got a little hokey and Twilighty at the end I felt that there were a couple of rather large emotional themes of this particular story that were glossed over I won t say what as I don t want to give anything away.I am reading Fathom right now, and it does seem to be a lot well rounded and the characters are acting a little and I stress the little realistically So far, I [...]

    14. I will admit, it took me a few chapters to really get into this book, but in the end I really did enjoy it I wish the book itself had been a little longer I would have loved for it to have kept going, and also things seemed to happen very quickly and I would have enjoyed things taking their time to come about The characters were fun, and I really came to like Morgan her take on the new situations were believable, though as I said above with drawing things out, I would have prefered her relations [...]

    15. I finished reading the first books in the Fins trilogy by Ashley Knight and I enjoyed it than any other book I ve read about merpeople lately.I enjoyed it so much because of the author s different take of the mythological mermaid.She was able to make each character come across as having their own flaws when previous books about mermaids portray them as being almost perfect creatures.The only other books that featured mermaids that I ve read that portrayed them the same way Ashley Knight did was [...]

    16. For a short book it dragged on too longI picked up this freebie quite some time ago and just now got around to reading it.Good storyline but I cringed every time I read, We have to tell you or I have to tell you something or You haven t told her yet Heck, at the very end I was still reading this kind of line I typically enjoy guessing the Who done it but this was way too easy To be fair, this is a book for a younger age group With that in mind, I would have enjoyed this book if I was still in 6 [...]

    17. I really, really, really don t want to do a bad review I just couldn t make it past chapter four I was just.d But that is just me I like action to draw me into the book There was way too much description before anything remotely interesting happened I found myself skipping over pages of prose, probably missing something important Please don t take my word for it this may be a really good YA read Just not my cup of tea.

    18. This was a cute mermaid story It had enough to keep me reading, even though a few times it felt like something was missing, which was why I gave a 3 I really liked Thayne and Morgan It didn t get too much into their relationship, but I am hoping the next book will have And I did not like Akin like I thought I would He is a butthead.

    19. There are several things I liked about this trilogy I probably would give it a 3.75 It seemed very abbreviated, not fully developed Then, I chose it trying to branch out from vampires and angels Well, by the end of the series you don t just have Mermaids but angels and vampires too It was a bit of a stretch.

    20. This book is nice and out of the normal mermaids tale It was relaxing to read and I just like the story line Fins can used a little work with details and the grammar All in all I really enjoy this book If you want a nice story for a sunny day Give this a try and you might be surprise that you will be hungry for .

    21. Two words Big JokeThis book is what nightmares are made reached 5th chapter.Female protagonist nearly killed me with her insta lust behaviour, and the plot was just inexistent.The most sympathetic character is the girl s dadd he s dead for godsake s So yeah yourself from this headache

    22. I really enjoyed this and I don t normally read a lot of YA Ashley Knight s Fins reads like a mesmerizing synthesis of Walt Disney and JK Rowling A coming of age tale complete with dueling factions, magical underwater battles, compelling prophecies and forbidden love A transformative adventure for young adults and the young at heart

    23. Fins is something that is so hard to find these days A good light read with romance, a bit of action, and some good ole mermaids Perfectly good clean fun.Although the book was a bit cheesy at it s gushiest moments, it was still beautifully written and just so fun I really have no other way to describe it Can t wait for the sequel

    24. I really enjoyed this book It was a typical YA book, but it had a great unique twist to it I enjoyed the different side characters that show up throughout the story It was super easy to read, and ended too quickly I wish I could have kept reading longer I would definitely recommend this one to anyone that enjoys a fun YA read.

    25. Didnt much like this book tbh She writes like her readers are idiots who need every little plot point spelled out and like they will lose interest and run away if the story doesnt move faster It all just felt really rushed.

    26. Fins is a fascinating story with unique characters and I would recommend it to the young adult crowd Action adventure, mystery, romance, magic, this book has it all I found the subject matter refreshing and would love to see how it transfers to film.

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