A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life #2020

A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life By NancyPeacock A Broom of One s Own Words on Writing Housecleaning Life For the twice published novelist reading an article about herself in the National Enquirer under the headline Here s One for the Books Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author was than a shock It was an
  • Title: A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life
  • Author: NancyPeacock
  • ISBN: 9780061866029
  • Page: 363
  • Format: ebook
  • A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life By NancyPeacock For the twice published novelist, reading an article about herself in the National Enquirer under the headline Here s One for the Books Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author was than a shock It was an inspiration.In A Broom of One s Own, Nancy Peacock, whose first novel was selected by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year, explores with warmth, wit, andFor the twice published novelist, reading an article about herself in the National Enquirer under the headline Here s One for the Books Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author was than a shock It was an inspiration.In A Broom of One s Own, Nancy Peacock, whose first novel was selected by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year, explores with warmth, wit, and candor what it means to be a writer An encouragement to all hard working artists, no matter how they make a living, Peacock s book provides valuable insights and advice on motivation, craft, and criticism while offering hilarious anecdotes about the houses she cleans.
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    1. Nisht ahin, nisht aher not one of the most often used expressions, but one familiar to those who grew up in households where at least bits and pieces of Yiddish were spoken In her focused memoir or collection of related narratives, Nancy Peacock captures the experience of being nisht ahin, nisht aher neither here nor there She hauls her cleaning supplies and equipment to and through and from the places where she is the cleaning lady Quite a number and variety of living and work spaces were, over [...]

    2. From its clever title to the pithy writing tips at the end, this book is simply wonderful Nancy Peacock tells her story with unflinching honesty in tight vibrant prose It s a sobering story, but told with such fluid grace it leaves you gasping for A great choice for a writer s bookshelf, this book will encourage beginners as well as seasoned writers I found it hard to put down and irresistibly fun.

    3. Nancy Peacock is both a published and well received novelist and a professional house cleaner As you might imagine, she receives different feedback from people depending on which of these roles has her currently engaged A Broom of One s Own is a refreshingly brief and humorous book about the author s writing career and the fifteen years she spent earning her living as a housecleaner.Nancy Peacock never attended college but her first novel, Life Without Water, was selected by the New York Times a [...]

    4. Nancy Peacock is a writer whose first two books were written with great depth of understanding Life Without Water is one of the few books I have ever stayed up into the early morning hours, unwilling to put down until I had finished it all in one sitting Home Across the Road surprised me even by the depth of the generations of the characters and the overriding sense of loss that ran through the character s lives A Broom of One s Own is Peacock s book on writing, life and her job cleaning houses [...]

    5. In the first heady days when I joined it was like when you first join Facebook you add everyone you can even hazily recall but then realize later that you aren t really interested in all their thoughts I did that with books on the to read list, so now I m trying to clear them out.Nancy Peacock is a published author with two novels in print However, her writing was not enough to support her, so she kept doing the job she found most tolerable cleaning houses This is a book of essays that are medit [...]

    6. I love this book I want to own it and be able to go back to it for later reference Nancy Peacock hits so many nails on the head that seem to directly apply to my own life.In this book she recounts her experiences as a published Author, who still cleans houses for a day job It s an interesting process she goes through from having writer s block to almost being fearful of success, and to even becoming comfortable with simply being a maid And then finally her strength and foresight to slowly quite [...]

    7. One of the best books I ve read in a long time Her candor and powers of observation won me over as did the fact that she lived lives within her means.LOVING this book Can t put it down Local author endorsed by one of my heroes Lee Smith One of the first dates with my husband was when I was a student at NCSU in Raleigh We went to hear Lee Smith talk about writing She stressed the importance of writing what you know Nancy Peacock knows a lot about people and writing This book also made me very pro [...]

    8. I loved every bit of this book.Having worked as a housecleaner myself, I could relate to the author s descriptions of many of her clients and to her struggles of how to make her life the one she wanted to live Thank you Nancy so much for writing this and not being bullied into submission by bad advice no one wants to know you are a housecleaner who didn t go to college Wrong I wanted to know and it has enriched me Keep up the good work of writing and living and not being ashamed of who you are a [...]

    9. I haven t read Peacock s fiction, but I enjoyed her reflections on her day job as a housecleaner , her dedication to writing, stranger s unsolicited writing advice to her get an MFA, read Proust and people s snobbery A quick read with some sensible writing advice A library patron who came to our Let s Talk About Books meeting told me about it .

    10. One of the best books about the writing life I have ever read It also covers some of the same social justice territory as Barbara Ehrenreich s Nickel and Dimed.

    11. Keen observations from a writer housecleaner Nancy is a sensitive introvert who takes the things that people say and do in front of her to heart, and often needs to write it out to make sense of it and often to get over through it Kinda like me

    12. These essays about the writing life and what it takes to live it are funny and wise Any illusions you have about the glamour of that life, well, sorry, but you ll have to part with them But you ll appreciate your favorite writers even .

    13. This book helped me so much I m a struggling writer having to figure out to support my habit and keep my family from living in a cardboard box You do what you need to do, but on your own terms to keep your integrity It s hard But it s true I hope I can meet Nancy in person someday.

    14. Intimate, funny, revelatory, inspiring A Broom of One s Own had me growling at some of Peacock s house cleaning clients, cheering at her gumption, and laughing at descriptions, foibles, and human vulnerabilities Her honesty and openness to revealing the wide spread of human emotions is inclusive and empowering Her words make me love her.

    15. I loved this book.So many people after seeing the goldmines book series have become when they re picked up by Hollywood decide that writing is where it s at It s the way to pick up a lottery ticket with the winning numbers, so they go to the store and pick up a Macbook and subscribe to two dozen writing magazines and sit in Starbucks, typing away while thinking about how expensive it will be to cast Chris Hemsworth or Emma Stone as the lead of their soon to be blockbuster.Nancy Peacock paints a [...]

    16. I just picked this up off the library shelf, something I haven t done in ages I go in with a list while looking for inspirational writing books to get me going Not only was this inspirational, it was also very funny As soon as I finished it, I got on and purchased a copy for my personal library This book reminded me of Anne Lamott s Bird by Bird It was funny, sad, and most importantly, uplifting Peacock is by no means a spoiled, pampered writer She doesn t downplay the difficulty of the work She [...]

    17. Engaging set of stand alone essays by a novelist who worked by the end of the book she is making enough money from teaching writing classes to drop the other job cleaning people s houses Each has the structure of reminiscing about a particular house office she cleaned and then connecting that to some aspect of her writing Occasionally it felt forced One that stood out to me in this sense was an essay in which the paper clips she scavenged from an office she was cleaning connected to a gripe she [...]

    18. I devoured this book, too quickly really Then I read it again, slowly this time, so I could savor it, roll the ideas around on my tongue This time I read some of the delicious phrases out loud, enjoying them with not only my heart and mind, but with my ears as well I gulped it down in the first read because I was thirsty for a book like this It spoke to me with compelling honesty, and I couldn t put it down, not even to sleep The allure was the straight forward clarity in not only the thoughts [...]

    19. A few years ago, a friend told me about Nancy Peacock s prompt writing class Once a month, in Chapel Hill, she offers a free two hour prompt writing class I went a lot when we lived just up the road, but since moving, I hadn t gone in almost two years This month, I went back and a remembered why I love the class, and b finally purchased a copy of Nancy s writing memoir.After successfully publishing two novels, Peacock discovered some of the myths she had believed about writing She thought she wo [...]

    20. As someone who just published his first book and still doing the same job I was very intrigued by this book I was also eager to meet the author who, as it happens, was the featured guest at my old book club in Raliegh while I was in town meetup WonderlandBookC I was not disappointed by either In her writing, and in person, Nancy displayed a humility and surrender to the craft of writing In Broom she gracefully demonstrates how writing and life are inseparable, and that inspiration lies everywher [...]

    21. I read this as a memoir not as a writing manual I say that because as a memoir I really liked the author s voice, but the tips on the writing life are so general it s hard to think those would be tremendously helpful although the free writing topics listed at the end of the book did send me into a reverie When I used to watch Michelle Shocked at McCabes or whenever I read Anne Lamott I always think I would like them to come to Bad TV night they are just such great people and it s hard to separat [...]

    22. A fascinating book that I think is very helpful for any struggling writer Nancy does an excellent job describing how difficult it was to balance her writing life with her working life, the latter of which was mostly spent cleaning houses for a living She describes how the things she sees in people s houses inspire her with story ideas, how she struggles with her emotions when she has to admit to people that she is a maid, and how awkward it is to clean someone s house and see they have one of he [...]

    23. Earning a living has always been a question of what sort of job I could or could not wedge myself into On this I think we all are equals Some people are able to find their wedge early in life And some people just accept the wedges they were raised to fill, without question Others find well paying wedges and, while they may not like it, they stay because the money keeps them there But for most of the creative people I know, earning a living has always been a problem I enjoyed this book because I [...]

    24. To be honest, I thought some of this book would have tips on cleaning or organization, rather than descriptions of housecleaning as a profession Some of the essays were humorous than others I also thought that some of them were better written than others, whereas some felt disconnected in subject matter I did find myself being able to relate to some of her struggles as an author Chapter 15 was by far my favorite, since I know what it s like to send out a story and have it rejected More than tha [...]

    25. Delightful Peacock was a housekeeper for many years, among other manual labor jobs With a very refreshing and appealing voice, she describes sticky situations in the course of her cleaning duties She then relates whatever came up with that household to some aspect her of true passion, writing She published two novels and still had to clean to make ends meet As a fledgling writer myself, trying to overcome fears about writing, I found her perspective encouraging and her advice sound Recommended f [...]

    26. I liked this book even though I usually don t care for memoirs I liked it because the author, Nancy Peacock, writes in a down to earth, conversational voice that s easy to read It s inspiring an overused word, I know to hear a success story about a writer who worked a real job to pay her bills and who had no college education, and still managed to get published against the odds Read this book and pick up your pen Read this book and take heart Read this book and pump your fist Rejoice my fellow s [...]

    27. I might have gone as far as three stars with this had I found it under other circumstances I picked it up in and amongst the book for writing.While its an interesting if somewhat depressing slice of life piece, it certainly doesn t talk much about writing other than the author complaining how writing two books didn t change her life much and how much she hates being a housekeeper.I had higher hopes from the blurb on the back and the location of the book on the shelf I hope it was a cataloging er [...]

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