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Disturbance By Jan Burke Disturbance Irene Kelly fights for her life in this blood chilling sequel to the Edgar Award winning smash hit Bones Despite her reporter s nose for trouble Irene Kelly s life has almost returned to normal the L
  • Title: Disturbance
  • Author: Jan Burke
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  • Page: 276
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  • Disturbance By Jan Burke Irene Kelly fights for her life in this blood chilling sequel to the Edgar Award winning smash hit Bones Despite her reporter s nose for trouble, Irene Kelly s life has almost returned to normal the Las Piernas News Express wobbles along in defiance of its financial woes, and with the help of her husband, Frank, and a good therapist, she s recovered from the debilitatingIrene Kelly fights for her life in this blood chilling sequel to the Edgar Award winning smash hit Bones Despite her reporter s nose for trouble, Irene Kelly s life has almost returned to normal the Las Piernas News Express wobbles along in defiance of its financial woes, and with the help of her husband, Frank, and a good therapist, she s recovered from the debilitating post traumatic stress disorder that haunted her after her near fatal encounter with notorious serial killer Nick Parrish Until she receives some unwelcome news Parrish, once thought permanently paralyzed by the injuries he sustained fleeing recapture, is walking again And the rumor among the Moths, Parrish s online fan club, is that he s coming after Irene Suddenly Irene is on the other end of the microphone, being hounded by the media for interviews and plied with questions she d hoped never to have to answer again She tries to believe that she is safe from Parrish, who is imprisoned in a maximum security facility, and that the growing stream of threats from the Moths is all just talk But an unnerving prank soon lets her know that someone, at least, wants her to be afraid And when a young woman s body turns up in the trunk of a car near her home naked, frozen solid, and decorated from head to toe in elaborately painted moths it becomes clear that Irene will once again find herself pitted against a brutal murderer She knows the twisted hunter who is stalking her all too well or does she
    Disturbance By Jan Burke
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    1. I ve read the entire Irene Kelly series from the time it debuted over 15 years ago Bones, the precursor to this book though there were two other Kelly books in between , had been one of my favorites in the series This book, however, felt like just a trace of Bones, missing the suspense, the action, the fight in Irene She seems to have become a shadow of herself but not in a complex or interesting way , jumpy and frightened by every little thing Having been so long between the books too, I had to [...]

    2. This is the ONLY Jan Burke book I have ever rated less than 4.5 stars She is a great writer, and I have found her work in the past to be original, believable, and thought provoking But I didn t get the same vibe from Disturbance It seemed hurried, like she may have been distracted or rushed when she wrote it It was sloppy in places, and the major plot concepts in the book were well worn and tired sons of a serial killer I will still read every single book Ms Burke writes this one just wasn t her [...]

    3. First time I ve read one of her books Think you needed to have read the previous novel to understand the characters and context of the story Bit of a grind to get through it Protagonist Irene Kelly could be an interesting character, but didn t love the story here.

    4. Jan Burke is a talented writer, and while this book is well written and I wanted to be engaged, I could not I found that I was not looking forward to me nightly read, but forced myself to keep going than half way, but with some many books I d like to read, I gave up before coming to the end That was not because it was poorly written, I just wasn t interested in the story In my opinion, this was not a typical Jan Burke novel.

    5. I ve enjoyed previous Irene Kelly books but this one left me cold and I abandoned it a third of the way through This book is styled as a sequel to the last Kelly installment Bones , and features the serial killer Nick Parrish who figured so largely in the suspenseful, violent plot of that book Bones ended with Parrish in prison and a paraplegic at the beginning of this novel, Burke has Parrish undergo a miracle medical recovery and begin walking again, only to coordinate a devious prison breakou [...]

    6. Irene Kelly is recovering from her PTSD caused by being kidnapped by Nick Parrish He is is jail, paralyzed as a result of actions happening in Bones, so she feels safer Then she gets the news, Parrish is walking again The Las Piernas News Express closes and Irene is out of a job, too When Parrish escapes from prison, aided and abetted by The Moths, his online fan club, Irene knows he is coming for her Another well written, suspenseful book from Jan Burke I love Frank and Irene s relationship the [...]

    7. I ve been a big fan of Jan Burke, ever since I met her when she was touring with Goodnight, Irene, and I love the series Disturbance was good and it kept me turning pages Yeah, there were a few things that bothered me too easy for her to get kidnapped again , and the whole serial killer thing is so overdone not just by her, but all authors who keep using it as a plot device , but I still enjoyed the book I wonder if this will be the last Irene book, and that might not be a bad thingries characte [...]

    8. I ve been a fan of Jan Burke for a long time, but this book just didn t do anything for me The story was contrived with too many almost unbelievable plot devices If this were the first book of hers that I had read, I would have given up at about page 75 as it was I slogged my way through it The last 75 pages or so had the tempo and pace to keep me going to the end Jan Burke is a very good writer usually, so try Bloodlines if you haven t read it.

    9. Wow, this was incredible Irene Kelly and Frank Harriman are wonderfully created, and the minor characters are engaging and well put together The ending was completely different, and this was so much fun to read than some of the other mystery suspense books out there Very real, very believable, and a very good read

    10. I love Jan Burke, I really do She is a wonderful writer and a fantastic storyteller But I had to stop reading this book about 1 3 the way into it It was a little too gritty for my taste, though not nearly as bad as Bones and Nine My favorite book by her Eighteen one of the best collections of short mystery stories that I have read Go pick up that one instead

    11. Jan Burke has a strong voice She really works wonders in first person point of view I d say that s her strongest POV.My favorite line Some People claim to be able to feel trouble coming, the way they might feel a storm approaching from a long way off Jan Burke Disturbance I really enjoyed the plot I would have given this book five stars, but I felt that the ending was hurried and that there lacked some depth to some of the characters This book is action driven, rather than a character driven boo [...]

    12. Stories about sociopathic and apparently invincible serial killers who love to torture their victims are not my cup of tea Thus, I am still trying to remember how this book came to be on my to be read shelf I believe it was given to me by someone who knows I read a lot of mysteries with tough women as the protagonists and probably thought I would enjoy it Wrong I just found it irritating, frankly.Perhaps it would have made a difference if I had ever read any of the other Irene Kelly books This w [...]

    13. There are disturbances of the atmospheric kind, and then there are the other kind Mental disturbances, the reverberations of their manifestations can last for years in their victims In Jan Burke s long awaited new book in the Irene Kelly series opens, that journalist s only real concern is about her employment status she is fully occupied by the distinct possibility that I would be out of a job within a few months That didn t make me different from ninety nine out of a hundred of the country s n [...]

    14. I ve been waiting for a while for a new book from Jan Burke since 2008 While I do love Irene Kelly, I was incredibly intrigued her last book, The Messenger I had sooo hoped for a sequel to this book, but I guess she had to appease the Irene Kelly fans since it has been almost 5 years since the last of that series Disturbance is a follow up to Bones I liked that book and found Nick Parrish as disturbing and scary as serial killers go I didn t care for him then and I still don t Of course, why wou [...]

    15. Disturbance An Irene Kelly Novel Irene Kelly Mysteries 4.0 out of 5 stars A story series worthy of attention, November 27, 2013 This review is from Disturbance An Irene Kelly Novel Irene Kelly Mysteries Disturbance by Jan Burke.I came across this book on CD while looking through the James Lee Burke CD s It looked interesting and it was a new series for me so I thought why no give it a try.This story revolves around Nick Parrish, a serial killer Nick has defied the odds by escaping from prison, f [...]

    16. This was my first time reading one of Jan Burke s Irene Kelly novels Disturbance opens with Irene Kelly recovering from her traumatic capture and attack by serial killer Nick Parrish Clearly, the convicted killer is still obsessed with Irene after all, he was nearly paralyzed when she was rescued The book doesn t focus on the killer s twisted thoughts or plans, which makes Disturbance a much satisfying sort of thriller Instead of the killer s thoughts, the book is told from the point of view of [...]

    17. I d read a couple in the Irene Kelly series in the mid late 1990s and enjoyed them then forgot about the series for some reason.I read about this one in the newspaper last month and it reminded me about the series so I checked it out.Though it has been a while since I ve read the first couple and have been added since then, I didn t feel lost If you haven t read any of them, you can pick this one up and go with it There are enough references so you know what s going on and who is who.I liked th [...]

    18. These are tough times for a journalist, and Irene Kelly doesn t have it any easier than countless other reporters Add in a serial killer or so and her life is interesting than it need be.Disturbance kept my interest and the pages turning, at least once I started to recall an earlier Irene book, Bones This book builds on what happens there with many of the same characters including the search and rescue dogs Ms Burke does leave hints through the narrative to clue you in on the prior book s impor [...]

    19. This was a fast read, but I did not enjoy this book or the one previous as much as I did her earlier novels I feel like Burke s been influenced by the popularity of the TV show Dexter, as she has become focused on the thinking and gruesome details of serial killers and a lot violence witnessed and experienced by her heroine Irene As a former newspaper journalist, I did enjoy how she described what is happening to the world of journalism and the collapse of in depth news reporting But all in al [...]

    20. 3.5 stars I m thrilled to have another entry in the Irene Kelly series I liked the book for that reason alone, and the narrative was well done, as always, but I didn t love love love it For one thing, I m finding serial killer stories to be rather tedious any, and for another, there just wasn t enough Frank Harriman on the page Also, the prequel to this scenario, Bones, was outstanding and the villain incredibly frightening Bringing him back may have been a mistake because his effectiveness as a [...]

    21. In the end, I absolutely loved this powerful read no caveats or disclaimers, whatsoever It did take me a while to get started on it, though, in spite of the fact that I LOVE Jan Burke, and have been waiting for an Irene Kelly tale for too long I finally realized that I was just reluctant to watch a friend go through what this promised to subject Irene, Frank, and the other Las Piernas gang to how DO you end this sentence without a preposition.Once I got started, though, the characters are well d [...]

    22. I was a little concerned when starting this book after I read some of the reviews and I spent the first quarter preparing to be disappointed I m so happy that was not the case This book was great I ve missed Jan Burke s Irene Kelly books a lot over the past few years and I hope that this book means she is going to keep going I would like to keep reading about Irene now that the newspaper she once worked for has gone belly up and she is working in radio I am never really fond of books where previ [...]

    23. no need to schedule an ass kicking for that remark my wife is going to take care of that for you even winning a brutal fight does not, it turns out, give a person a mental erase button in fact, sometimes the replay goes haywire, and where you won in real life, imagination shows you a convincing picture of a different denouement you pull the trigger and the gun doesnt fire the garrote breaks in two a corpse rises and grabs you by the throat you are held down by someone younger and stronger, who i [...]

    24. 11 in the Irene Kelly series Reporter Irene Kelly returns after a five year hiatus.Irene Kelly series Irene Kelly has recovered from the PTSD that haunted her after her near fatal encounter with notorious serial killer Nick Parrish Then she receives some unwelcome news Parrish, thought permanently paralyzed by the injuries sustained fleeing recapture, is walking again The rumor among the Moths, Parrish s fan club, is that he is coming after Irene Parrish is imprisoned but an unnerving prank soon [...]

    25. I wanted to finish the Irene Kelly series and was hoping this would be one of the better ones I just find ace reporter Irene to be too gullible and one dimensional to really care for her This story contains too many far fetched plots how many times in life can one reporter be kidnapped Get real I cannot taker Irene seriously as she seems to be selfish and acts like a child I also find that nearly all of her books try to include so many characters and sub plots that it becomes a chore to keep thi [...]

    26. It s been so long since we ve had an Irene Kelly novel This was a sequel to one of Jan Burke s best novels Bones We were led to believe at the end of Bones that Nick Parrish would spend the rest of his days in hospital bed In Disturbance, Nick bounces back in a meaningful way I don t want to offer any spoilers, so I will just say that this was a good read It wasn t as good as Bones, but still worthy The book also read like a finale to the series I could be wrong, but if I am right, Burke sent he [...]

    27. Journalist Irene Kelley finds herself out of a job as her newspaper closes down At the same time, serial killer Nick Parrish from previous novel Bones , whose prior encounter with Irene left him partially paralyzed, miraculously recovers in prision Nick and his sick fanboys and girls called moths are out to get revenge Bodies start turning up with moths painted all over them Then Nick escapes from prison transport Let the games begin This was my first encounter with Irene I liked her and her hus [...]

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