The Sookie Stackhouse Companion #2020

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion By Charlaine Harris The Sookie Stackhouse Companion Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and become a nationwide phenomenon thanks to the unconventional and otherworldly life of Sookie Stackhouse Now take a closer look at Sookie and at
  • Title: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
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  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Companion By Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and become a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the unconventional, and otherworldly, life of Sookie Stackhouse Now take a closer look at Sookie and at her family, friends, enemies, adventures, and of course the lovers who set her world on fire Visit Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that Sookie calls home, with a detCharlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and become a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the unconventional, and otherworldly, life of Sookie Stackhouse Now take a closer look at Sookie and at her family, friends, enemies, adventures, and of course the lovers who set her world on fire Visit Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that Sookie calls home, with a detailed map created by Charlaine herself, and learn the characteristics of the supernaturals who live there vampires, two natured, and fae Examine all the branches of Sookie s family tree And eavesdrop on the private conversations between rival vampires Eric and Bill Also, enjoy the compelling novella Small Town Wedding, in which Sookie accompanies her shapeshifting boss, Sam, to his brother s wedding in Texas, where happily ever after seems very far away Exclusive interviews with True Blood creator Alan Ball and author Charlaine Harris compiled from fan questions will satisfy your craving for all things Sookie, as will trivia questions, recipes including Caroline Bellefleur s famous chocolate cake , and a concordance to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
    The Sookie Stackhouse Companion By Charlaine Harris
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    1. Charlaine Harris

      Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over twenty five years A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field Now she lives in southern Arkansas with her husband, her three children, three dogs, and a duck The duck stays outside.Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry and plays After holding down some low level jobs, she had the opportunity to stay home and write, and the resulting two stand alones were published by Houghton Mifflin After a child producing sabbatical, Charlaine latched on to the trend of writing mystery series, and soon had her own traditional books about a Georgia librarian, Aurora Teagarden Her first Teagarden, Real Murders, garnered an Agatha nomination.Soon Charlaine was looking for another challenge, and the result was the much darker Lily Bard series The books, set in Shakespeare, Arkansas, feature a heroine who has survived a terrible attack and is learning to live with its consequences When Charlaine began to realize that neither of those series was ever going to set the literary world on fire, she regrouped and decided to write the book she d always wanted to write Not a traditional mystery, nor yet pure science fiction or romance, Dead Until Dark broke genre boundaries to appeal to a wide audience of people who just enjoy a good adventure Each subsequent book about Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, has drawn readers The Southern Vampire books are published in Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, and Russia.In addition to Sookie, Charlaine has another heroine with a strange ability Harper Connelly, lightning struck and strange, can find corpses and that s how she makes her living.In addition to her work as a writer, Charlaine is the past senior warden of St James Episcopal Church, a board member of Mystery Writers of America, a past board member of Sisters in Crime, a member of the American Crime Writers League, and past president of the Arkansas Mystery Writers Alliance She spends her spare time reading, watching her daughter play sports, traveling, and going to the movies.

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    1. In all fairness, I should never have read this book, since I loathe Sookie Stackhouse with a passion However I m nothing if not a completist, and the series was given to me for free, so I have ploughed my way through 11 novels so far, plus this thing It starts with a novella about Sookie s much mentioned trip to Sam s brother s wedding To be honest, this wasn t really summat I d bemoaned the lack of in the books proper All Sam s boring relative are introduced and we are told in detail what Sooki [...]

    2. I have to say, that I was disappointed with his book When I first heard of it s release, I was intrigued, but didn t run out and buy it Then I saw at copy while I was shelving at the library and thought I d give it a try At least I knew I would enjoy the new novella which I did When I looked through it, my interest was peaked by the different selections and I thought I would really enjoy this.I did enjoy Small Town Wedding , though it was odd to read because it s set before.i the newest Sookie b [...]

    3. Unfortunately, I can already tell I m gonna hate this book and I ve just opened it up For starters, this is SUPPOSE to be the companion to the books, but she includes a section about True Blood, an interview with Alan Ball Then I looked at the map of Bon Temps I don t care if Charlaine Harris drew it herself, as is alleged, because it s WRONG If you read the books, you get a feel for certain things The fact that Sookie lives out at the end of a long dead end drive, that ends at the cemetery, and [...]

    4. The Sookie Stackhouse Companion is filled to the covers with interesting and important Sookie information It has a map of Bon Temps, Sookie s family tree, and Harris explains the chronology of the short stories and novellas, also where other stories in the Sookieverse fit in There s a QA from Harris to fans, also a QA from TrueBlood creator, producer and writer, Alan Ball to fans Sookie herself discusses creatures she s met, there are trivia quizzes and over 30 pages of Down Home Southern Recipe [...]

    5. Rating 3.75 of fiveThe Book Report Exactly what the title says a companion to the series of novels through book 11 Character synopses, book synopses, QA with Miss Harris, QA with Alan Ball who created True Blood based on the characters in the novels, a chronology of the whole canon including short fiction Plus an original novella My Review For all the non novella material Nicely done, no surprises.The novella, Small Town Wedding , sees Sookie on her way to the much delayed wedding of her boss Sa [...]

    6. I loved the short novella at the beginning, and the QAs with True Blood bigwig Alan Ball and Charlaine HarrisThe recaps of the books was a nice refresher as well It was hard pushing through reading the recipes section and the A to Z Sookie dictionary at the end But again, it was a nice refresher of all the stuff up to this point.And of course, has this as 10.5, when it should have been marked as book 11.5 There was a lot of spoilerage for Dead Reckoning 11 which I haven t read yet sigh

    7. The short story was good, and the book as a whole is a great reference for the Sookie Stackhouse world I skimmed it a lot as I don t need to reread all the plots from all the books, and their timelines I did, however, read the exchanges between Bill and Eric as well as some of the other stuff in this book.

    8. The Sookie piece included in this companion book Small Town Wedding was a good one, and in some ways I liked it than the most recent book because it had a tight, cohesive story that tied in to a clear larger theme I felt like this plot deserved inclusion in the main series rather than being shared in short story form, though Sam s talked about his family and the wedding in multiple Sookie books, so it was disconcerting for the characters in Dead Reckoning Book 11 to just skip to talking about t [...]

    9. The phenomenon of the Sookie Stackhouse books eleven to date and counting in recent years has been a real success story for those readers wanting a adult version of vampires Though the books are not as explicit as the HBO TV series based on it, True Blood, it is clear that the achievement of both has been mutually beneficial.And usually with success comes the spin offs, the merchandising, the additions for those who want to explore This book is one of those As a Companion, it fills in those li [...]

    10. I ll be honest, I didn t read the whole thing and for a girl with OCD that s a big deal, lol The novella was a bit raw like most of Charlaine s short stories tend to be I didn t like the fact that it was published out of order hence the OCD in me The novella was published 3 months after the 11th book but to be read chronologically it should be read before the 11th book I also found a lot of the book to be very pointless unless I hadn t read the series in a long time and didn t want to re read it [...]

    11. This is a book for dedicated fans only I recieved it as a present, and, even though I did like the Sookie books, a companion book is not something I would have bought The Sam and Sookie novella will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the series, but it is far from Harris best work As for the rest of the content the kindest word I can come up with is superfluous A less kind word would be filler An even less kind word would be crap Impossible trivia quiz Don t care.Fan club president stalker inane rambl [...]

    12. ok what was that That was way too many things all at once A short story, a huge useless summary, some greats conversations between Bill and Eric, a lot of recipes I liked that actually that was my favorite part some interviews, and an index way too long Anyway, I m a huge true blood fan and I didn t like that book I was hoping for something I guess I m glad I didn t buy it.

    13. A funny and classic set of Sookie Stackhouse stories This collection provides yet another way to enjoy your guilty pleasure of Sookie and all of the characters of the entire series Leaves you wanting Sookie and especially Eric

    14. Fine compilation of Sookie facts, albeit a pretty dry read Fun new tidbits, and I do mean tidbits, of communications between Eric Bill, after each book summary Enough to tittilate the taste buds QA area, recipes, and

    15. Small Town Wedding is a short story in the Sookie Stackhouse series and, per Charlaine Harris, falls between Dead in the Family, 10, and Dead Reckoning, 11, making it 10.5.My TakeThe short story, Small Town Wedding , was sweet Family coming together, backing each other up I loved the party after the wedding I did not figure out how Sookie knew to head down to the pound.Ooh, Quinn meets his doom LOL, and so does Sarah Newlins That takes care of the first 79 pages After that, there s a huge chunk [...]

    16. If this book proved one thing to me it s that, while I consider myself a Sookie fan, I m truly a dilettante I learned than I ever wanted to know about Sookie, truly I enjoy the books, they are fun, do I need a Sookie Encyclopedia Perhaps a pared down one because the general plot lines and characters are getting unwieldy and out of control Do a need than three hundred pages of this Hell no While I agree it is fun to have reference books to your favorite authors, these really aren t meant to be [...]

    17. As you probably already know, I m a huge Sookie Stackhouse fan I love reading her stories, love the world, the many characters, and just losing myself in the latest installment So, when I found out The Sookie Stackhouse Companion was going to be released, I couldn t wait to check it out I ve been taking my time, slowly making my way through it during the last few weeks It s jam packed full of very interesting things about this world I really enjoyed reading Charlaine s input into not just her wr [...]

    18. Meh This was okay, it s really aimed at hardcore fans Funnily enough I would have put myself in or very close to that category but after reading this I realise maybe I was once but not so much any That s not to say I love me some Sookie but the series as a whole doesn t grip me as much as it used to The best thing about this book is the short story in the beginning, A Small Town Wedding where Sookie goes with Sam to his brothers wedding Even though neither Sam s brother or his bride to be are s [...]

    19. Wait until someone else purchases this book so you can borrow it when they re finished The majority of the book is a timeline and recap of all of her previous books If you ve already read the series which I imagine most have if they are getting the companion , it s kind of a waste of money The short story in the first section of the book was good but not great This is the story of Sam s brother s wedding in between Dead in the Family and Dead Reckoning It was decent for a Sookie fix while I awai [...]

    20. I started this on audio and enjoyed the narration of the first part, a Sookie story called Small town Wedding But the next section, a timeline of the events of every book in the series, was about as interesting to listen to as the begat section of the Bible, so I switched to ebook Which wasn t much better, but at least I could easily skip The timeline also includes a filling in of off screen conversations emails from the books not written by Harris and who would have thought something called The [...]

    21. I gotta say, I wasn t expecting too much from this, but was pleasantly surprised to discover I absolutely loved it The novella Small Town Wedding was wonderful While not necessary to understand the rest of the novels, I still felt the novella in it s own way moved the novels in the series forward as well as gave you insight into many things including Sam s personal life, the revel of the shifters, and Sookie Sam s friendship I found the trivia and recipes to be lots of good fun and will definit [...]

    22. Welcome to Bon Temps, a cosy little town where a freakishly high number of supernatural s call home and where life is anything but easy and laid back For Sookie, a telepath, life has drastically changed since the vamps came out of the coffin a few years back More specifically her life changed the night she met her first vampire, Bill, and ever since then she has never looked back.Several years, and books, later Sookie is still solving, plotting and uncovering murders in her own unique corner of [...]

    23. Thank god I read this book I guess I came a little late to the Sookie phenomenon, but I m all caught up now I really enjoyed Small Town Wedding the short story I also enjoyed the interview with Charlaine Harris I especially liked the part where she said she would stop putting crucial parts of Sookie s story into collections of short stories I had no idea this was happening I always wondered why she never wrote about Sam s brother s wedding or when Sookie met the Queen of Louisiana in her books T [...]

    24. Set up in several divided segments, this is a delightful surprise of little extras for Sookie fans Small Town Wedding novella is a bonding experience for Sookie and Sam Quinn makes an appearance for what I assume is closure for readers I loved getting a new Sookie story Admitting outloud to Jannalynn her love for Eric and where she stands seems to be the pinnacle point of this parraelling to the events of the day, but the shortfall is some of that sarcastic wit that I love It is still a nice add [...]

    25. If you are a fan of the Sookie novels then you will love this companion At the start there is a brand new Sookie story in which she accompanies Sam to his sisters wedding There is detailed summaries of each novel right up to Dead Reckoning, which might be a little bit boring for some people but personally for me it was a great reminder of everything that s gone on in the novels, as its so long from I ve read them all There is also a fans questions and answers from Alan Ball Sookie s family tree [...]

    26. It was a good book The story I found the most fascinating was the one about Sookie going to Sam s brother s wedding She goes there with him and trouble ensues and takes them on a wild ride through chaos and the ups and downs until the main event Sure some people like them and some people don t like them, though in the end, it solves the chaos into happiness I also enjoyed the cooking section, I can t wait to make a lot of these tasty dishes It explains a lot of the characters and one on one conv [...]

    27. I was really disappointed by this book I enjoyed the novella, which is why The Sookie Stackhouse Companion got 2 stars Following the novella was a section summarizing each book and then in the next section the history was retold again in Sookie s POV, which was completely pointless I expected the short stories section to actually be filled with short stories, but instead Charlaine Harris just summarized each short story and told where they belonged a list which is also available towards the end [...]

    28. This was quite an odd book I enjoyed the short story at the beginning about Sookie going with Sam to his brother s wedding, and I liked the telephone calls between Eric and Bill that were previously unpublished, but a lot of the rest of the book felt a little pointless For example, I m not really sure why we needed a summary of books 1 11, was this in case we had forgotten I was shocked that Caroline Bellefleur s cake recipe used a cake mix And the end of the book was a sort of glossary of peopl [...]

    29. Sookie Stackhouse will always have a special place in my heart for getting me to fall in love with reading again and for all the new friends I gained while discovering her world, but I must admit, I m no longer enad of this series I haven t been for sometime now, last book I read was Dead in the Family but if you want to know the truth, it was All Together Dead that I last enjoyed It s fortunate for me that this companion was next, and allowed me to catch up on everything I may have forgotten Ho [...]

    30. Just a horrible, horrible waste of time I like the Sookie Stackhouse books, but this Companion just reads like the half hearted moneygrabber that it is Even the novella about Sookie going to TX with Sam for his brother s wedding isn t very interesting and that s the best part of the book The rest of it is mostly a Cliffs Notes timeline of the other book with stupid behind the scenes letters and phone calls between Bill and Eric I didn t even come close to actually reading this thing I finished t [...]

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