Catch #2020

Catch By Annie Nicholas Catch Caught between two vampires Connie is torn between Rurik the one she loves and Tane the one she d love to stake Hunger burns in Connie Bences soul she craves the blood of her vampire lover Rurik
  • Title: Catch
  • Author: Annie Nicholas
  • ISBN: 9781595787613
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • Catch By Annie Nicholas Caught between two vampires, Connie is torn between Rurik, the one she loves and Tane, the one she d love to stake.Hunger burns in Connie Bences soul she craves the blood of her vampire lover, Rurik, but it s not satisfying her needs any It s driving her insane Desperate to find help, Rurik brings her to Rio De Janeiro, where Tane rules the vampire nation The backCaught between two vampires, Connie is torn between Rurik, the one she loves and Tane, the one she d love to stake.Hunger burns in Connie Bences soul she craves the blood of her vampire lover, Rurik, but it s not satisfying her needs any It s driving her insane Desperate to find help, Rurik brings her to Rio De Janeiro, where Tane rules the vampire nation The back stabbing vampire almost killed her and Rurik when they d first met, then used them to obtain his crown She would rather stake him, but the small drop of Nosferatu blood he d forced her to drink in Budapest is blooming into a bond, one which ties her life to his One he won t hesitate to manipulate He admits to binding her so Rurik would have to remain at his side, but their timing couldn t be any worse The betrayer finds himself betrayed Tane s rule is in upheaval and he s forced to place his trust in two people who owe him no allegiance her and Rurik In the middle of a power struggle, Connie fights to keep her lover, but didn t plan on Tane slipping into her heart.
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      Annie Nicholas hibernates in the rural, green mountains of Vermont where she dreams of different worlds, heroes, and heroines When spring arrives the stories pour from her, in hopes to share them with the masses one day.Mother, daughter, wife are some of the hats she happily wears while trudging after her cubs through the hills and dales The four seasons an inspiration and muse.

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    1. Hunter s Review I loved the first book in the Angler Series, Bait, and I was skeptical that the story even needed a second book It seemed to me that Connie and Rurik had found true love and we didn t need any of this tale However, I was clearly wrong Bait is a fantastic book but Catch is awe inspiring Ms Nicholas has weaved of tale of intrigue, love, and betrayal that leaves Connie in a totally different place than she was at the end of the first book Ms Nicholas did the unthinking and took a c [...]

    2. This book had me at hello I was completely drawn into the story Connie was used as bait by her former boss, Colby in book one in this series, Bait However, in this book, she s in love with Rurik He s a hot, passionate vampire who has a penchant for playing cat and mouse games with her All is well until his blood no longer satisfies her She is still human, but if she doesn t satisfy her thirst, bad things will happen Enter, Tane The Nosferatu vampire leader to whose blood she is apparently bound [...]

    3. One of the best new release books Both Bait and this volume Catch have been added to my favs folder Will read again for sure Not just another vampire story but has an actual story to it Suspence, emotion, humour, crime solving and love Contrary to what a lot of people have said online I think the ending is really good they are long living, non human vampires after all Wonderful story Annie Nickolas, please don t stop with just two in this series We need

    4. I liked this one better than the first The story line was stronger and again it was fast paced and kept me reading The end was a bitwell, different I kinda made me gasp Lol.

    5. One of the BEST books I ve read in a long time I stayed up late to finish it, and WOW it went out with a bang I wish there were books, I love the characters Mmm Tane sounds amazing

    6. ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley5 Holy hot threesome starsConnie and Rurik can finally enjoy their time together, Tane is king and they are free to be together However, after healing her Tane tied Connie to him making her his blood slave Rurik cannot satisfy her hunger and decides he must take her to Tane to save her The last thing Connie wants to do is be around Tane She hates him and doesn t trust him However, soon they learn someone is after Tane and they will use Connie to [...]

    7. OMG what can I say, this book is just mind blowing and Epic One of my best reads the last year, hot to Soooooo hot.The pages flew by for me and that last scene in this book oh wow I think it needs to be re read many times.Awesome UF serie, writing is sooo good and I love this world 5 stars.

    8. After having my poor expectations for the first book completely blown out of the water by a fast paced and action packed journey, I really looked forward to this sequel and I was not disappointed.The story follows on seamlessly and still had intrigue, action and lots going on Just when it seemed like it was going to head in one very predictable direction BAM there s a deliciously wicked twist thrown in And what a way to end a book Totaly enjoyed this I hope Annie Nicholas continues to produce s [...]

    9. Whew Somebody needs to open a window Annie Nicholas took Connie aka Rabbit to a new level I never, never saw any of those plots developments coming Correction, I figured out the murder quickly but I wasn t 100% sure I can t say much without spoilers so I will say this if you are a vampire fan, appreciate tasteful erotica, like a little violence with your fang fix, and a little darkness to your plot, grab this series Again, my head is spinning Whew Good stuff.

    10. Hot, romantic and different The ending shocked me to say the least Love , lust , danger this book has it all Connie Rabbit finds herself in one dangerous mess after another here I love the dynamic of the three main characters I had to share this with my best friend just so we could chat about it later She enjoyed it as much as I If you enjoy a sizzling paranormal romance I encourage you to pick this series up.

    11. Loved this book Still tons of suspense, twists and turns I hope there is another coming in this series If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups Erotic Enchants GroupMenage Readers Group

    12. WOW What an ending I dont say this often but I enjoyed this book even than tje first one Seemed to be of everything that I didnt even realize i wanted from Bait Sex, character development, explanation of the vampire politics, suspense, conflicting emotions Please please let there be even to come

    13. Catch took off within a little over a years time from where Angler left off It was just as exciting, adventurous, unpredictable and even sexier then the first A great read for any fans of the genre But I strongly recommend reading book 1 first so you can truly appreciate the character and relationship growth that happens throughout.Sometimes having a third wheel isGREAT

    14. wow wow wow This book and series is awesome I couldn t read it fast enough but when I was finished I was disappointed that I did.I didn t want the wild ride to end.It ended with a sizzling bang.This one is going on my favorite shelf

    15. Wow, I must certainly say I didn t expect that I am so happy about this novel, it made everything uber amazing I m wondering if there will be a third though because this one left off so perfectly, it could end here.

    16. Another amazing book I absolutely loved this series The story is full of twists and turns and tons of steamy romance I hope there are books to follow in this series

    17. Angler seriesThis book was just as good as the first bookI truly enjoyed reading this series and can t wait to Read the last book

    18. Another steamy read, and it gets better.e gets two hot vamps at the same damn time what could a girl ask for, except all that running in the junglelol great plot

    19. Original Post FANGS WANDS AND FAIRY DUST 4 23 2012Great story idea and very complex world with a lot of back story causing the occasionally slick info dump although I was still left wanting Written in the first person with a conversational tone but in real time and without much description I felt the writer rushed the story and even the sex, although it wasn t vanilla The sex was varied and interesting, but the end result felt like a set up for the main character The intricacies of the plot were [...]

    20. This book was just as good if not better than the first This first chapter made me laugh out loud at the antics of Connie and Rurik playing hide and seek The winner gets to be the commander so to speak in the sexual escapades at night I found it very amusing and sweet Book two holds just as much suspense, mystery and heart stopping moments as book 1 which makes it very hard to put down.It s been a year and half since Connie was bound to Rurik and they have traveled all over the place until landi [...]

    21. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of Catch, book 2 of the Angler series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.Having been to the brink of death trying to save her love, Rurik, Connie is now blood bonded to him, or so she thinks Just before saving her, Tane also fed her some of his blood, meaning that the bond could have formed between the two of them instead Kidnapped in Rio, Rurik and Connie come face to face with Tane, and the truth But all is not well f [...]

    22. Globe trotting with a vampire seems like the life and she loves him, even though she s blood bonded to him she has a unique way of looking at it, like she has a deeper commitment than marriage If she s hurt he feels it and the other way around right While enjoying being together Connie is not doing so great She has a blood hunger for Rurik that is extream and also unexplained.Something is wrong with Connie, and Rurik goes to the only place he can think of for help They have one hell of a time co [...]

    23. Secondo libro della saga di cui mi sono fiondata a leggere il primo, considerato che si pu scaricare gratis dal sito dell autrice che trovate sopra e se leggete in inglese questa storia sembra veramente carina, almeno a me.Connie, che in precedenza era una slayer, come Buffy per capirsi, si trova a Rio de Janeiro con il suo amante Rurik, vampiro con cui ha un legame di sangue che la sta allenando con tanto a per farle utilizzare al meglio i poteri che le derivano dal bere il suo sangue.Nel fratt [...]

    24. Connie is hiding from Rurik It s a game Rurik likes Her Rabbit and him Predator If she safely gets back to the room she gets to be in charge of their lovemaking She hasn t won yet Rurik gave up leadership of the Budapest vampires and they have been travelling the world and enjoying each other very much They go to Rio de Janeiro next Women are being drained in Rio They are found well dressed and their hair intricately braided When the vamp is found they will be put to death by vampire law Connie [...]

    25. Continuation of book one, but approximately 18 months later.Connie and Rurik have been travelling the world, but end up in Rio for New Year.d its not a coincidenceConnie has been taking blood off Rurik but it doesn t seem to be fully satisfying her.ion ahead, but not for long.Tane is now King of Vampires and is in Riog tortured, and somehow the torturers have got hold of the fact that despite us thinking that Connie was bound to Rurik she isn t shes bound to Tane, due to his older and powerful [...]

    26. Title CatchAuthor Annie NicholasPublisher Liquid Silver BooksPublication Date 2010ISBN 978 1 59578 761 3Genre paranormal romanceLength 137Buy LinkAuthor WebsiteAuthor ContactRating 4 DiamondsHeat Level EroticOther m f, m f m, anal, m nageReviewer Brecken StevensDate March 25, 2011When Connie moved to the dark side to be with her vampire lover, she understood she d have to give some things up, but was content with a longer life with Rurik and being just short of a vampire The couple learns Rurik [...]

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