Love, LustFaking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance #2020

Love, LustFaking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance By Jenny McCarthy Love LustFaking It The Naked Truth About Sex Lies and True Romance Even though this book is not as funny as mine you should still buy it Chelsea HandlerNew York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy turns on the lights for a bawdy and hilarious look at women and s
  • Title: Love, LustFaking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance
  • Author: Jenny McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780062029379
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook
  • Love, LustFaking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance By Jenny McCarthy Even though this book is not as funny as mine, you should still buy it Chelsea HandlerNew York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy turns on the lights for a bawdy and hilarious look at women and sex Returning to her comic roots and the tell all tone that readers loved in Baby Laughs and Belly Laughs, this expos from the former Playboy Bunny, MTV star, and prime t Even though this book is not as funny as mine, you should still buy it Chelsea HandlerNew York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy turns on the lights for a bawdy and hilarious look at women and sex Returning to her comic roots and the tell all tone that readers loved in Baby Laughs and Belly Laughs, this expos from the former Playboy Bunny, MTV star, and prime time TV sensation is perfect for fans of Sarah Silverman s Bedwetter and Chelsea Handler s Are You There Vodka It s Me, Chelsea Delivering the perfect mix of poignant insights, laugh out loud confessions, and spicy secrets, Love, Lust Faking It will be an instant favorite but it may find its way to your nightstand instead of your bookcase.
    Love, LustFaking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance By Jenny McCarthy
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    1. Jenny McCarthy

      Jennifer McCarthy is an American model, comedian, actress and author She first appeared in Playboy magazine in October 1993 and was named Playmate of the Year in its June 1994 issue She later began a career in television and film and has recently started writing books dealing largely with her pregnancy and motherhood of a child with autism.

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    1. I love it when dysfunctional people give life and relationship advice The author of this self help book for women, for instance,has been married three times and cheated on his 2nd wife with his 3rd wife This book s author is an ex alcoholic and stand up comic This book cover, I believe, speaks for itself Naturally, these people know everything about healthy relationships And so does Jenny McCarthy a former Playboy model and a divorced woman Of course, I don t read such books for advice Thanks, b [...]

    2. I ve only read Jenny McCarthy s Belly Laughs The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth before this, and although I knew I wasn t going to get a whole lot of useful information out of it, I at least expected it to be funny Belly Laughs had its moments and I enjoyed reading her account of her first pregnancy, as useless as it was to me personally This book however, was NOT funny and it contains even less useful information.After reading this book I got the sense that Jenny is a sad, lonely, a [...]

    3. This book kind of sucked The good chapters were those where McCarthy actually wrote about her life her past relationships, her sex life and growing up The rest of the chapters which comprised about 1 2 of the book were what I consider fluff McCarthy had conversations with other women relationship experts, a self help specialist and printed these QAs as entire chapters As if that weren t bad enough, other chapters just contained information hijacked from the internet Especially bad was the chapte [...]

    4. Not finished yet but this is one of the worst books I have ever read I read her pregnancy and baby books and was entertained but the content and writing reminds me of something a high school kid might write I hate not finishing books so I m keeping at it but I m really glad I borrowed it and didn t actually spend money on it.Update I am marking this as read because I just can t finish it but I don t want it on my to read list since I might in a moment of weakness think it is a good idea to pick [...]

    5. I went into this hoping for some humor After reading Belly Laughs The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth a couple years ago while I was pregnant, I was hoping to continue the humor and giggles.Instead, there are lots of supposedly humorous anecdotes about Ms McCarthy s love life, Hollywood life, and general life experiences, including about getting a boob job, botox, and being harassed and physically assaulted at school I couldn t really find the last one humorous at all, and even though [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading this book because it had a lot of good life lessons in there What put me off was the swearing Yes, it starred the letters in the swearing ie F ck but it could have done without them But it was actually quite interesting I found that the situations in there are good to learn in any case It taught about self worth, self love which is not to be confused with narcissism and being happy with who you are I m glad I bought it because if I ever feel that I am not worth something [...]

    7. Let s be honest the only reason I read this book was because of the cover I got through it in less than 24 h because you can skim through most of it and not miss anything If you read it to learn about McCarthy, you ll be disappointed If you read it because you need a big laugh, you ll be disappointed If you read it hoping to find relationship advice, you ll be disappointed It s a collection of random thoughts bundled up as a set of essays with failed attempts to pull out a life lesson or two and [...]

    8. This one was a disappointment for me I ve been kind of interested in Jenny McCarthy since her relationship with Jim Carrey and the birth of her autistic son, which has revealed a deeper side to her However, I think one of her other books, especially the ones about autism would be a better fit for me I was expecting this to be funny, but it kinda fell flat for me She just seems like she is trying too hard While this is a quick read I read it in a couple of hours , that s virtually the only good t [...]

    9. This book is part essay, part interviews with professionals, and part just Jenny giving sort of advice It was kind of one of those pointless books that didn t give me a whole lot of insight into Jenny I am still glad that I read it though, because a few of the people interviewed have written books that I want to check out It s a quick read, and there is some incite, just don t go into it expecting a whole lot I wasn t really expecting it to be a self help book or so preachy I thought it would be [...]

    10. I thought Jenny McCarthy was supposed to be funny This is not funny And I m just not into 90% of the population already know that self help Not into it enough to stop reading this book after section one, and if you know me you know I am not one to give up on a book There was however an interesting quote on the back of the book jacket Author comedienne Chelsea Handler wrote, Even though this book is not as funny as mine, you should still buy it I agree with the first part.

    11. It was just okay for me I really didn t know where the book was going Initially I thought that it was a classic comedian s collection of funny short stories But then the author would change the tone and style of the book into a QA format Then she would repeatedly quote another author to the point where I thought the point of this book was to get us to buy and read that book It had its good points, it had its funny points but all in all, it was just okay.

    12. One star was too generous I hated this book I wanted to read something real This was absolute crap She was trying to be funny but came off crude and disgusting Don t waste your time I m just glad I borrowed it from the library.

    13. From Comedienne McCarthy, who has written serious books on raising a child with autism in recent years, returns to lighter fare in this fun and funny guide to dating and relationships McCarthy tackles everything from first loves to STDs, boob jobs to bootie calls, masturbation to abusive relationships Some chapters are just for laughs, like when McCarthy recounts suiting up in a trash bag to help a roommate confirm she has come down with crabs, while others are serious in tone, such as when Mc [...]

    14. I have never read a Jenny McCarthy book but I do find her highly entertaining and humorous However, neither of these two attributes shine in Love, Lust Faking It Had this not been written by Jenny I do not think it would have been published The chapters felt like articles in one of those girly magazines which I do not read because they are mostly advertisements and offer no true insight to things.Chapters are brief and say little to nothing about the topic at hand Jenny makes it seem like there [...]

    15. Back in January I had myself a wee obsession with Jenny McCarthy s books and kinda read 4 of them within a week or so and this was the last of them that I read, and really enjoyed, maybe not as much as the other books I ve read by her but I still liked it.I really enjoyed reading about her life post divorce and coping with being a single mom too her young son Evan I also learned a lot about her life before she became famous which was hilarious especially when she talked about her exploits as a B [...]

    16. I would give this 1 1 2 stars Some parts were OK and some were just plain bad The chapters about her past boyfriends were pretty boring and basically a great big umwhy did you even consider dating this guy Some chapters were not necessary at all, such as a list of compatible astrological signs and another listing aphrodisiacs I also could have done without the chapter written as a letter from her vibrator.The chapters I did find some substance in were basically the ones about truly needing to lo [...]

    17. This is definitely a book for adults Jenny talks about everything under the sun and does it in such a funny way I laughed the entire time and was also shocked to read how tough her life has been Love is serene it s fearless it s complete If you re looking to someone else to fill you, you can be sure that what you re looking for is something other than love Nothing outside you can ever give you what you want Did you know that pigs orgasms last for thirty minutes That s insane If reincarnation is [...]

    18. I didn t know what to expect with this book since I have never ready anything by Jenny McCarthy I guess I assumed that she was not still the silly and crazy woman she always was on TV, which is the only exposure I have had for her I really enjoyed this book because, if the stories can be believed, I liked the honesty she presented with most of the chapters She was almost too honest in certain parts, explaining the boob job she got and how that went to finding out that she was the real problem wi [...]

    19. I didn t go into this book expecting much I ve read a couple of her other books and wasn t super impressed with either but I was actually sort of shockingly pleasantly surprised It s a quick read, for sure, with the same style of short, point and shoot style chapters as her previous books, covering everything from vibrators self love and yes, darlings, we take that literally in these pages to Buddhism, and finding tools to work through relationship problems I d actually really love to see her do [...]

    20. What I Can Tell You I absolutely loved this book but then again I have loved Jenny since Singled Out on MTV Jenny is brutally honest and candid in her account of her life There were times and I don t do it often that I had to laugh out loud it was like uncooked spaghetti , sex was like a pap smear If you are looking for honesty well except for the Brad Pitt story, or maybe not and a no holds barred approach to first love, non sexy photoshoots, tween teddy love, lady bits, sex, cheating, sex with [...]

    21. Loved this book There are a lot of funny moments, but some serious ones which I thought about for days after My favorite quote is actually at the very end, and profoundly impacted me Basically, what I m saying is that I m raising the bar in terms of my future guy only because my own bar will be raised before I ever meet him I intend to know who I am, love myself, feel okay on my own, and not need anything from my partner to make me feel better Can t wait to meet him Hope he doesn t have a mullet [...]

    22. So, this wasn t terrible It wasn t amazing either I picked up the book because, well, the title caught my interest It was actually pretty funny Definitely an adult book and one that I found my self nodding my head to because I could relate A couple chapters would have been fine to just leave out They threw me off and I felt like they were very detached from the book itself I had a little disappointment when I was finished with it I wish she had added a bit to beef up the book Not bad, not great [...]

    23. I should start by saying that I am a fan of Jenny McCarthy and I ve read her some of her other books before this one Which is a good thing because this one isn t my favorite It was alright and there were some parts that were really funny but overall it was just alright Jenny s other book, Bad Habits, is so much better and a hell of a lot funnier I like Jenny s own stories better than the other parts of the book I wouldn t suggest this as your first exposure to Jenny s writing, I would suggest re [...]

    24. I did not read any reviews on before picking up this book It s a good thing I didn t, because if I would have read them before picking up the book, I probably wouldn t have read it and I think I would have missed out If you re looking for a mind blowing revaluation about relationships, you re probably in the wrong place But if you re looking for an enjoyable quick read I found Jenny McCarthy s Love, Lust Faking It a comical adaption of her experiences and what she discovered along the way It act [...]

    25. Meh Jenny McCarthy gives some decent life lessons in this book, but it s nothing that I haven t already heard or experienced before Honestly, I didn t think this would be a self help book, but it isa self help book for Jenny McCarthy She does have some funny anecdotes Her chapter on crabs had me cracking up But overall this book seemed like a giant infomercial for Byron Katie s book The Work and McCarthy s twitter account It s a fast read, so thankfully I didn t waste too much time on it.

    26. I m really glad I didn t buy this book I was hoping for something along the lines of Chelsea Handler s humor, but this was just dumb I m sure McCarthy is a nice person, but she seemed kind of obnoxious and this book was all over the place She s no expert on love and relationships, and her opinions were strange She was also pretty negative about women s bodies, which I don t like I would compare this to being in high school and getting confident advice from a friend who s had sex before but still [...]

    27. Jenny McCarthy tricked me I was hoping on a memoir type of book of her relationships and thoughts on love And I ll admit it, the celbrity gossipy part of me wanted the inside scoop of her relationship with Jim Carrey.This isn t even a book It s a transcript of interviews and transcripts of self help gurus and her girlfriends.It was also strangely sad Jenny McCarthy is beautiful, smart, rich, famous, and hilarious If she has such raging insecurity and doubt in herself what hope do the rest of up [...]

    28. Jenny McCarthy has written great books Belly Laughs is a must read for moms And I was hoping this one would follow the same formula While her stories and perspective of love, lust, and faking it were at times insightful or hysterical the advice in between fell flat I enjoyed the story of her Playboy audition and some of her very bad dates, but non Jenny fans probably won t appreciate this one as much.

    29. 1 Please don t judge me for choosing this book.2 Please don t read this book.McCarthy has no thesis just the broad theme of love The chapters are short and uninformative McCarthy s research consists of brief, shallow interviews with friends and her therapist, and her data comes from her Twitter followers Early in the book, McCarthy makes reference to Chelsea Handler Jenny, you are not smart nor funny enough to compare yourself to Handler.

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