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The Loser List By H.N. Kowitt The Loser List Diary of a Wimpy Kid watch out Danny Shine and the other kids of Thorn Underwood Middle School aren t bestsellers yet but they re on their way When Danny gets caught trying to cross his name off the
  • Title: The Loser List
  • Author: H.N. Kowitt
  • ISBN: 9780545240048
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Loser List By H.N. Kowitt Diary of a Wimpy Kid watch out Danny Shine and the other kids of Thorn Underwood Middle School aren t bestsellers yet, but they re on their way When Danny gets caught trying to cross his name off the Geek list in the girls bathroom, he s sent to detention Bullies torment him mercilessly until they discover that Danny can draw He enjoys his new bad boy status,Diary of a Wimpy Kid watch out Danny Shine and the other kids of Thorn Underwood Middle School aren t bestsellers yet, but they re on their way When Danny gets caught trying to cross his name off the Geek list in the girls bathroom, he s sent to detention Bullies torment him mercilessly until they discover that Danny can draw He enjoys his new bad boy status, supplying tattoos and graffiti, until he s unknowingly drawn into a theft Turns out the bullies took a comic book from Danny s favorite store Can he steal it back before they get caught and break off with the bullies before he gets in too deep
    The Loser List By H.N. Kowitt
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      237 H.N. Kowitt
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    1. Hmmm.So with all they hype of the Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries books it s hard to sell me on unoriginal copies of the originals The Loser List is just that to me.You ve got a geek , a oddball best friend, the mean girl, and the big guys who beat the smaller, nerdier kids up And to top it off, the main character in this book draws tattoos on the popular kids arms Sound familiar Yeah, it happens in Dork Diaries.Not to mention the super cool kid lingo the entire way through.Now, by the end, the messa [...]

    2. The Loser List By H.n KowittFiction224 pagesThis book is about a boy named Danny who gets his name on a loser list in the girls bathroom Despreate to get his name off this list he sneaks in the girls bathroom but gets caught then ups up in detention He thinks he will get beat up because he is a nerd but it turns out he really starts hanging out with the bad boys This really gets him in a lot of trouble His best friend leaves him, the guys ask him to graffiti school property.I gave this book five [...]

    3. This book reminds me a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid This is about a boy who gets caught trying to cross his name off of a loser list in the girls bathroom and gets sent to detention He get picked on and made fun of until they learn that he can draw This book is a good way to get students to start reading things that they are interested in This would be a good book for late elementary students or early middle school students.

    4. This book is funny because one day Danny was walking and he crost the rong girls path then that girl went to the girls loker room and rote Danny s name on the loser list.So Danny and his friend tride everything to get danny s name of the loser list

    5. I like this book because it has a lot of drawings of what the boy is talking about and he is really funny.

    6. This book is okay I would recommend this book to some one who likes books that talk about someones life.

    7. SPOILER ALERT Have you ever wanted to be popular so bad that you choose the popular kids over your bestfriend then started to realise that you needed him or her that was your bestfriend Well thats wat happen to Danny This book is Realistic Fiction because this can happen in real life To me this was a very good book I liked it so bad that im going to read part two of it So there was a boy named Danny Shine he was 12 years old a 7th grader at the school Gerald Ford Middle School He had a best frie [...]

    8. I liked the Loser List because there was a lot of suspension Everything that goes on in the book foreshadows the what s going to happen next in a unique way I also liked it because It was a story made for middle schoolers like me and I am vividly able to make the connection to the plot In the Loser List Danny does not do what he is supposed to by denying giving a class brat a new pen This false action gets his name on a list in one of the stalls in the girls bathroom, publicly humiliating everyb [...]

    9. A boy who was a not cool at all and one he got really in a bad situation with one of the coolest girl in school She told him to give him his pen but he didn t so she put his name on the loser list When he had his name on there all girls start calling him names and then the whole school knows about him, he tries to go to the girls bathroom and cross out his name of the loser list I really like this book because once he tries to cross out his name he got caught and he went to detention he started [...]

    10. Danny wanted to be a popular and cool boy in school, but one day he finds out that their is a list that has all the names of the kids that are losers, so the other day Danny finds out that he is one of those students and tries to scribble on his name, after he tried doing that they caught him and he went to detention , then he thinks that girls like bad boys and he tries to be one I think that the theme of this story is You can always overcome problems like these

    11. the book was great it is just about how the character is a nerd and then at end everyone likes me now in school.But before anyone like the character he was a nerd and no one very liked him He was on the loser list.

    12. I read this book when i was in 4th grade and i recently found it inside of my backpack and started to read it again I would recommend this book for people who may or ay not be scared of going to a new school that s why i first read it it is a cheesy book and its simple so its easy to read The book is about a kid who gets put on a loser list and tries to get rid of it, but the problem is the list is inside of the girls bathroom When he goes he gets caught and put into detention Then he befriends [...]

    13. this book was very interesting I liked because it was funny and reminded me of other middle school books and movies what was interesting about his book was that how we went into the girls bathroom and got caught and how he became friends with some bad kids And how they stole a very rare comic book and how he lost his best friend and how he was trying to impress this girl at school This book made me think if think if my middle school was like there in the book I also liked this book because i cou [...]

    14. I didn t hate this but I didn t really like it at all either This is a book my brother gave me for Christmas or something a few years ago and that I thought might be an interesting between read, and it was It s a good story about doing the right thing and knowing who your friends are, but it also advocates manipulating people and gossip So, it s okay, but if you really look into it in depth the lessons kind of fall apart

    15. The loser list a kid with not so good of a life as you by H.N Kowitt The loser list was a very funny book because of one of the pages when he was covered in all mud with very few clothes on to cover himself.I personally did not like this book it was very long and for a long period of time their was nothing going on I would recommend this book to Luke because when he funny part came up he would start laughing so hard.

    16. he gets a new pen and a bullie wants it he doesnt give it to her she says shell put him on the loser list he soon find him self appesing bullies by giving them tatoos they help him get his and his friends name of the loser list.

    17. I got it for free at a book fair so I read it It was okay, but it was almost an exact copy of the diary of a wimpy kid.

    18. The book was about that when he goes to the cafeteria he always get bulled by axel because axel thinks he his all that, but kid of his friends always says to axel stop showing of that you can fight, but no you cannot fight And axel always check the backpack to everyone because he wants something from the backpack like good food and like candy My opinion on this book is that never judge how they look or how they feel about you and them I thought this book was funny and mean because they was throw [...]

    19. Imagine a pan balance Now imagine on one pan of the balance, there is a weight labeled popularity On the other pan, there is a weight labeled true feelings This pan balance continuously rocks back and forth, from the popularity weight being heavier then to the true feelings weight becoming heavier Now, the balance steadies at points, with an obvious heavier weight indicated This is the story of Danny Shine in The Loser List by H.N Kowitt, the stereotypical middle school geek With his derogatory [...]

    20. Summary of the Novel Danny Shine is a young boy in school struggling with who he is and where he belongs Danny and his best friend Jasper are what you would call geeks , but they enjoy the same things As they fight to fit in they find them selves on the girls bathroom loser list Danny comes in contact with Axl and after spending a detention with each other, Axl realizes Danny s a good artist and he has him drawl on him Once Danny and Axl become friends, Danny drops Jasper as his friend to fit in [...]

    21. The Loser List Review by Navpreet Singh The Loser List is a book written by H.N Kowitt I thought this book was really good, it reminded me a lot about Diary Of Wimpy Kid.This book was about how a student at Gerald Ford Middle School ends up having his name on The Loser List The main Characters in this book are Danny Shine a geek Asia O Neill, which happens to be Danny s crush, Jasper which is Danny s best friend, Axl and his Skull Gang , Danny thinks there just bullies, and Chantel, a mean mascu [...]

    22. Jake s Review I really liked the illustrations and the way the book looks like it is journal I think the book is suited for an older boy who likes girls, because I thinks girls are gross I think it s cool that he gets to go to comic book stores all the time The book is funny but I think mom thought it was funnier because she kept snorting while reading it I didn t like the bullies because they were really mean and they took advantage of Danny and stole stuff I would like to read books like thi [...]

    23. If you like funny characters and friendship I think you might like this book The genre is realistic fiction because the characters seemed like real people and what happened to them could happen in real life This is a good book because it s funny and it made me want to read of it The setting of this book is at the comic con and at Hank s school Hank met the bully at school and tried to return the comic book he stole to the comic con Hank wanted to return the comic that the bully took, but the pe [...]

    24. The Loser List The Battle for Middle School Status Rating 4 of 5 starsAuthor H.N KowittFormat PaperbackDanny Shine wasn t at the top of Gerald Ford middle school s social ladder, but he certainly wasn t a bottom feeder either that is, until he has an argument with one of the tough girls As pay back, she retaliates by adding his name to the Loser List posted on the girl s bathroom wall His status falling rapidly, Danny chooses a desperate measure sneak in to the girls bathroom and erase his name [...]

    25. I picked both of these titles up at the last Book Warehouse Sale to add to the growing collection of Wimpy Kid read alike books in my library The Wimpy Kid books were by far the most popular, most highly circulated titles in my library last year Close behind are the Big Nate series by Lincoln Pierce and Dork Diaries by Rachel Russell The main character in these books is Danny Shine and he is a geek He loves anything at all that has to do with comics either reading, drawing, trading or buying the [...]

    26. When Danny runs afoul of class bully Chantal, he imperils his social standing, and that of his friend Jasper s, because she posts their names on the loser list on the girls bathroom wall In a comedy of errors to remove it, Danny ends up in detention and starts running with low life Axl and his friends At first, this improves Danny s image, which is all important in his quest to get Asia to like him, but when Axl steals a valuable comic strip from a store that Danny frequents, things get even wor [...]

    27. The Loser List is about a kid named Danny Shine In one of Danny s classes Chantl, one of his enemies, wants his pen and try s to take it She threatens to put him on the loser list so everyone will think he is a loser Danny had never heard of it so he says that he will just erase it Chantl told him that it was in the girls bathroom so he couldn t After class he goes to the lunch room with his best friend Jasper Jasper is a geek like him Danny says that he doesn t know why people say he is a geek [...]

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