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Risk By Dick Francis Risk When he wakes in a pitch black room with his hands bound Roland Britten accountant and champion steeplechase jockey knows he s entered a nightmare of someone else s making Wracking his brain to figur
  • Title: Risk
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780425211038
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Risk By Dick Francis When he wakes in a pitch black room with his hands bound, Roland Britten accountant and champion steeplechase jockey knows he s entered a nightmare of someone else s making Wracking his brain to figure out who s out to get him and why, he comes up empty, but somehow manages a death defying escape It isn t long, though, before he s recaptured Now, with his life at stake,When he wakes in a pitch black room with his hands bound, Roland Britten accountant and champion steeplechase jockey knows he s entered a nightmare of someone else s making Wracking his brain to figure out who s out to get him and why, he comes up empty, but somehow manages a death defying escape It isn t long, though, before he s recaptured Now, with his life at stake, he must take every risk to outsmart his well disguised enemy and save himself
    Risk By Dick Francis
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      361 Dick Francis
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    About "Dick Francis"

    1. Dick Francis

      Dick Francis CBE born Richard Stanley Francis was a popular British horse racing crime writer and retired jockey.Dick Francis worked on his books with his wife, Mary, before her death Dick considered his wife to be his co writer as he is quoted in the book, The Dick Francis Companion , released in 2003 Mary and I worked as a team I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover Mary s family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family I am Richard, Mary was Mary, and Dick Francis was the two of us together Series Sid Halley Mystery Kit Fielding Mystery

    800 thoughts on “Risk”

    1. Risk is one of the better titles in the Dick Francis catalogue, one that I recommend to readers as yet unfamiliar with his opus as a showcase of his abilities as a storyteller As usual, it is told in first person by a likable character that looses no time in getting under the reader s skin and gaining his sympathy How s this for an opening line Thursday, March 17, I spent the morning in anxiety, the afternoon in extasy and the evening unconscious Read on to find out how the fortunes of Roland Br [...]

    2. What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But than that, Fr [...]

    3. Why I love Dick Francis booksl of them.Learn about some profession, lovely men as heroes, who can take a lickin and keep on tickin , plot twists galore, genuine good guys among some real villains, who get what they deserve in the end.Sadly, I have now read all of them.

    4. Most Dick Francis novels begin with a strange happenstance stumbled onto by an intrepid hero who soon finds himself beat up and bound, fighting to survive, before he solves the crime and gets away with the girl This one began with a hero who wakes to find himself locked up, without knowing why The hero, Roland Britten, is an accountant who rides racehorses as an amateur During his incarceration, he goes over his entire life trying to figure out who locked him up He finds he s been put in a sail [...]

    5. I didn t find this as compelling as other Francis stories I ve read In others, Francis combines some aspect of horseracing with a couple of other things, like computer viruses and glass blowing in one I think I ve always been able to pick out two areas where Francis did some research and wove some details about the non horse racing topics into the story This one was about an auditor accountant, and while I caught a sliver of an interesting tidbit about accounting, I didn t get anything else In a [...]

    6. One of the first Dick Francis books I ever read as a kid the absolute first was Dead Cert , and still one of my favorites The hero of sorts is an accountant to those involved in the racing world, and a bit of an amateur jockey himself Toss in a dash of romance, an inexplicable kidnapping, and the challenges of coping with long term confinement in a small space this would be a substitute for the usual man v nature portion of Francis novels , and you have yourself a decent little mystery Also, the [...]

    7. My friend Louise always tells me she loves Dick Francis novels, so I finally checked one out A great read Well woven plot Very likable characters, and I loved the setting Who knew an accountant who doubles as a jockey could be so interesting My one complaint was the three longish stretches where the Roland was held captive The description, while intense, started to make me wish we d wrap it up soon and get him out of there so something else would happen Other than that, a real goodread I ll prob [...]

    8. AudiobookHad a vague memory that I didn t care for Dick Francis but I picked this up in audiocassette from th elibrary s withdrawn pile and it was quite good An enjoyable cozy about an abducted accountant amatuer jockey, with just enough racing to be inteestig but not overwhelm the story Who knew It was also very well narrated.

    9. RISK ExFrancis, Dick 16th bookThis thriller involves the kidnapping aboard a ship of an amateur jockey and accountant Roland Britten Schoolmistress Miss Hilary Roland helps him out, asking an unusual favor in return.Wonderful book but I m grateful I don t get seasick Loved Hilary.

    10. A solid, quick read, and an interesting if sometimes silly plot The only downside is that Francis can t seem to decide if his bad guys are bad or not They ll kidnap, abuse, cheat, steal, lie, defraud, etc, but when a single murder would have let them get away with things completely, they back offStill, an entertaining book.

    11. I do love Dick Francis Easy to ead with lots of detail that doesn t bore, rather colours the story to make it believable and rivetting.

    12. I have reviewed this novel and the other Dick Francis novels and put them in a FREE EBook.You can get your copy at ianrodwell limited eBo

    13. A very solid and make you think mystery I m certain I ve read Dick Francis in the past, but I can t remember which ones Anyway, I m glad that Risk is my new first novel with this author Read it

    14. Quick easy read Liked Hilary Margaret Pinlock, perhaps for the name as much as anything Not a huge DF fan horse racing and its world of little interest Nonetheless this held my interest for a couple of hours and I am a sucker for denouements too.

    15. From the start to finish this is another great Dick Francis novel Just a great read that is fast paced and keeps you guessing I do recommend this book

    16. SatisfyingI always like the characters in Dick Francis s books and this is no exception Lots of research and well written.

    17. Usual good Dick Francis quality, with a cool twist on how it starts A little frustrated with the conclusion but not painfully so.

    18. Dick Francis is simply epic This is the perfect book to spend and afternoon with preferably in front of a fire with a cup of boozy tea.

    19. Roland Britten had a way with numbers, was an accountant by profession, and always lived by the law by choice and inclination In course of practicing his profession, Britten made quite a few enemies, who had been sent to prison for embezzlements discovered by him He was well aware of his adversaries, but had never imagined that they would perpetrate any harm That was until he was abducted from a racecourse soon after he won the Cheltenham Gold Cup Britten had a passion for horse riding and he wa [...]

    20. In Risiko heisst der Held Roland Britten, seines Zeichens Steuerberater aus Leidenschaft und Amateur Jockey aus Passion Am Tag seines gr ten Triumphes, an dem er als krasser Au enseiter berraschend das Gold Cup Rennen gewinnt, wird er entf hrt und findet sich mit einem scheu lichen Kater auf einem Schiff wieder mitten im Mittelmeer Mit Geduld und K hnheit und der Hilfe einer ganz besonderen Frau, der Schuldirektorin Miss Pinlock, gelingt es ihm, seinen Bewachern zu entkommen Aber kaum ist er zuh [...]

    21. Endurance is like tax You re silly to pay than you have to, but you can t always escape it I recall, back when I was younger, that Dick Francis was featured often in Reader s Digest selections I think my uncle also has a copy of his novel Since I never had the passion for the sport of kings, I simply ignored him and read classics I admit, I hadn t read him until two days ago But now I m not surprised why a lot of people like reading him His prose flows it s simple, with little eclat, but it s [...]

    22. I ve always liked reading Dick Francis books, but had forgotten that I really didn t enjoy any of the very few recordings I ve heard Other than the fact that I can read while doing something else, I prefer the written books This reader also doesn t lend much to the book This book has very flat women They have no depth and just do things with no warning It actually made me wonder if that is how men think of women, as people who wear things and do things for no reason At one point, the main charac [...]

    23. Racing related thrillers Roland Britten, accountant and amateur jockey, awakens one morning to find he can t move his hands because he is tied up with netting, held captive where no light penetrates and no amount of yelling will get any attention But why He knew that this was the latest in a series of events that had begun when he decided to ride in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, a race second only to the Grand National in the lives of British steeplechase riders As an amateur jockey, Roland had pleas [...]

    24. Great likable main character and plot that grabs you immediately The kidnappings were very suspenseful.I m demoting the book a star because the love interest Jossie didn t do it for me OK, she s pretty but annoying and catty and childish Ugh.If he had fallen in love with Hilary instead, this book would have gotten 5 stars.Hilary was awesome I m sure he doesn t ever marry Jossie, she is all wrongfor him There is a whole lot of improbability in this plot, but most of it is forgivable in the name o [...]

    25. Accountant and amateur jockey Roland Britten finds himself restrained, in pitch darkness, unable to sit up completely, with a loud rumbling nearby that he can t identify The answers come to where he is, but not why He manages to escape only be to taken again a few days later Throughout, he works to figure out who put him there and why and how to stay alive Re read in 2012 While most Dick Francis books start relatively slow setting up the scenerio, this one seems to start at full speed and stay t [...]

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