The Queen of Patpong #2020

The Queen of Patpong By Timothy Hallinan The Queen of Patpong For American travel writer Poke Rafferty life finally seems to hold some semblance of stability He and his longtime love Rose have gone through with their much deferred marriage ceremony their ado
  • Title: The Queen of Patpong
  • Author: Timothy Hallinan
  • ISBN: 9780061672262
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Queen of Patpong By Timothy Hallinan For American travel writer Poke Rafferty, life finally seems to hold some semblance of stability He and his longtime love, Rose, have gone through with their much deferred marriage ceremony, their adopted daughter, Miaow, a former street child, has become a loving if sometimes difficult part of the family, and the three of them live in relative comfort thanks to Rose s hoFor American travel writer Poke Rafferty, life finally seems to hold some semblance of stability He and his longtime love, Rose, have gone through with their much deferred marriage ceremony, their adopted daughter, Miaow, a former street child, has become a loving if sometimes difficult part of the family, and the three of them live in relative comfort thanks to Rose s housekeeping business and Rafferty s writing.Then a nightmare figure from Rose s time as a Patpong dancer barges into their world, shattering the peace they ve worked so hard to obtain His appearance threatens everything they cherish their love, their home their very lives As a foreigner who s seen some of the worst Bangkok has to offer and survived confrontations with Thailand s most powerful and dangerous elements, Rafferty feels equal to most of the challenges Bangkok can throw at him But now his only hope is to discover the whole truth of Rose s past a journey down the dark and twisting road that turned a shy, awkward village teenager into the queen of Asia s most lurid red light street Patpong Road And just when Rafferty thought life was looking good, reality comes crashing in as he learns that the secrets from Rose s former life are almost impossible to accept and even harder to survive.The Queen of Patpong is a terrifying, heart breaking, electrifying story of peril, love, and, ultimately, redemption in modern day Thailand and the most ambitious, affecting novel yet from thriller master Timothy Hallinan.
    The Queen of Patpong By Timothy Hallinan
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      375 Timothy Hallinan
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      I m a thriller and mystery novelist who divides his time between Los Angeles and Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand, where I ve has lived off and on for than twenty years As of now, I ve had seventeen books published by major imprints.My newest, THE HOT COUNTRIES October 2014 , is the seventh in a series of Bangkok thrillers about an American travel writer named Poke Rafferty and his small interracial family It is currently getting some phenomenal reviews, I m happy to say In April 2016 Soho Crime will publish KING MAYBE, the fifth in a series of mysteries featuring a Los Angeles burglar named Junior Bender The first, CRASHED, came out in November of 2012 and the second, LITTLE ELVISES, was released by Soho Crime in Jannuary of this year The series has been bought for television by the brilliant comic Eddie Izzard.My books have been nominated for the Edgar, the Shamus, the Macavity, and many other awards HERBIE S GAME won the 2015 Lefty Award as Best Comic Mystery of 2014 They ve been translated into six languages and have made Top Ten and Notable Books list in both North America and Asia.

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    1. If you have not read the prior books in the Bangkok Series, put your copy of The Queen of Patpong on your night table until you have caught up.I ll wait ok, read the first three Great So, in this fourth volume of the series the focus is on Rose s back story Rose is, of course, the wife of Poke Rafferty, the primary character in the series Of course, Hallinan writes thrillers, so there is plenty of action to begin A dark force from Rose s past is in town, wreaking havoc A dust up or two in, Rose [...]

    2. The fourth in Hallinan s Poke Rafferty series and the first one I ve read I ve been missing out.Poke is a travel journalist living in Bangkok, married to Rose, a retired bar girl with both now adopted parents to Miaow, a precocious prepubescent rescued from the Bangkok streets with hormones and attitude both kicking in in full measure A very scary ex lover resurrects himself from Rose s past, a neat trick since she thought she d killed him Part of the story takes place in the present, as Rose s [...]

    3. The Queen of Patpong is the 4th book in the Poke Rafferty series I have enjoyed very much the previous books but this is my favorite book so far in the series.There are many reviews with a synopsis of the plot I am late to reading this series So I will relate what made this book one of my best reads of 2017.First, overall the series is about the love of family Poke, a travel writer, living in Bangkok has married Rose who was a bar dancer in the red light district of Patpong They have adopted a s [...]

    4. PROTAGONIST Poke RaffertySETTING Thailand SERIES 4 of 4RATING 4.5One of the most fun things about following a series is the anticipation of waiting for the next book In some cases, fun may not exactly be the right word for a favorite series, it may be accurate to say torture In the case of Timothy Hallinan s Poke Rafferty series, I find that the torture begins immediately after I complete the last word of the current novel He always defies expectations, even so in the case of THE QUEEN OF PATP [...]

    5. We had a heat wave in the Northeast U.S this week, but I didn t mind I felt completely simpatico with the characters in Timothy Hallinan s new Poke Rafferty thriller set in Thailand Hallinan did such a good job getting us inside his characters and their lives, I felt as though I d just spent a week in Southeast Asia In this latest offering, Hallinan describes how one comes to live the life of a bar girl in Patpong, Bangkok While undoubtedly fiction, it sounded plausible enough to describe the ex [...]

    6. This is a highly entertaining book I could not put it down even though I sometimes dreaded turning the page Hallinan s pace never lets up He creates a wonderful sense of place I could see and hear and smell his locations And, his language shines with spot on metaphors I have recently read John Burdett s Bangkok 8, which I also enjoyed Yet, I found Hallinan deeper, subtler and realistic He has a different view of the bar girls than Burdett When I finished Bangkok 8, I felt that the girls didn t [...]

    7. First line Old cigarette smoke, cheap perfume, sweat.Okay, this slightly nudged out the Craig Johnson for best book read this year.I was trying to stretch it out because Tim says the next Poke won t be out untilnext year But I hit the halfway point this morning and I read straight throughuntil I finished it Best Poke yet.An old flame of Rose s, one she thought she had killed years before, shows upto let Rose know he intends to finish where he left off The middle third ofthe book is Rose s backst [...]

    8. THE FOURTH WATCHER Timothy HallinanPosted on August 17, 2010 by BethTHE QUEEN OF PATPONG, A POKE RAFFERTY THRILLER is a title that is something of a misnomer It is the fourth book in the Poke Rafferty series by Timothy Hallinan, but while it is definitely a thriller it isn t really a Poke Rafferty book The book belongs to Rose, Poke s wife, a former dancer in a bar, whose outstanding beauty made her the queen of the red light district of Bangkok And that isn t quite right either Would any woman [...]

    9. A great thriller, but what is even important is the humane treatment of the Bangkok sex workers as real human beings Thank you for doing so, Mr Hallinan.

    10. Timothy Hallinan delivers another gripping page turner in his latest Poke Rafferty novel, The Queen of Patpong There s a new man in Bangkok pure poison, evil to his core who has it in for Rafferty s wife, Rose And in typical Rose fashion, she s too stoic and independent to tell Rafferty just what the hell is going on.The novel switches between Rafferty and Rose s present day danger and Rose s private history, which we learn was both tragic and heroic Readers will come away from The Queen of Patp [...]

    11. This fourth installment of Timothy Hallinan s Poke Rafferty series, set in Bangkok, is such a stunning, magical thriller that it will be a real challenge to do it justice here But I ll give it a try.American travel writer Rafferty, former bar dancer Rose, and their adoptive daughter, Miaow, have at last become a family They are enjoying dinner in a restaurant one evening, when a dangerous, evil man from Rose s past whom she thought she had killed in self defense suddenly appears, threatening the [...]

    12. Poke Rafferty s settled in Bangkok, and for an ex pat, he s a surprising insider Poke s familiar with the underbelly, and the belly of the underbelly too He s assembled a family a waif named Miaow and Rose, the former and legendary Queen of Patpong This is Rose s backstory a frightening, courageous journey to adulthood, facing terrible challenges yet never losing her essential integrity I can t get enough of Timothy Hallinan.Read him You won t be sorry.You ll want .Can t wait to host Timothy Hal [...]

    13. This book was easy to get into, the characters and setting are interesting and pretty uniquebut, man, is it dark Not dark in the sense of gloomy and tortured, just dark in the sense that reading about the reality or something similar of women on the streets of Bangkok isheavy I find myself curled up in bed thinking, ugh, what nightmares is this going to bring tonightor even physically cringing at the situations of extreme poverty and degradation that the characters face And yet I keep reading pr [...]

    14. A thriller and suspense with the strength of a family unit at its core, The Queen of Patpong is as rich as the culture and people that make up its multiflavored cast From the bright lights and seedy streets of Bangkok s dangerous Patpong Road to the quiet country life of a young girl, this story takes the reader on a journey to a far off place to find out that love is the same regardless of how far from home you may roam.VirginiaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance and MoreFull Review coffeetimeroma [...]

    15. I put off reading this because of all the reviews that said it was not a Poke Rafferty book Yes, it focuses on Rose, but it most certainly is a Poke book And while it tells the story of Rose it s still very much the fourth tale of the characters i.e Miaow is dealing with growing older and being a grade ahead in school, Arthit is reeling from his loss of Noi, etc This book is amazing, Rose s story is gut wrenching, Poke is an incredible husband father You ll laugh the chile scene is fantastic , y [...]

    16. This is one of those books that Jim got that I meant to pass on to a friend, but ended up reading to the end Although it s tagged as a suspense mystery, the mystery itself is fairly pedestrian In fact, the heart of the story isn t a mystery, but a tale of how girls in rural Thailand end up living as prostitutes, victims of the greed of those around them and their own poverty and powerlessness I was completely caught up in all the characters, but especially in the history of Rose, once Kwan, who [...]

    17. A literary novel and a thriller rolled into one Fabulous was the word that came to mind when I finished The Queen of Patpong It has some of the most suspenseful scenes I ve ever read in a thriller, and the sociological aspects of the story are heartrending Hallihan has excellent descriptive power and knows his subjects and their environment well My full review.

    18. Very enjoyable The setting is the same as John Burdett s Sonchai Jitpleecheep series, but my personal opinion is that Burdett s series started strong but went downhill, to the point where I no longer had any interest I have higher hopes for this series, since this is the fourth book.This was the first in the series that I ve read, but I ll be going back and starting the series from the beginning, since I d like of the characters back stories.

    19. Great story and superb writing Having lived in Thailand, I appreciated the local color The transformation of Kwan to Rose is a novel within a novel You feel the despair and pride of the bargirls, making their way in a tough world Apt and riveting ending.

    20. An amazing, grim , transporting workThe most powerful aspect of the book is the sympathetic treatment of the sex workers There is good and evil portrayed in the book but the thickness of the context takes you for the ride Tastes, smells, noise amazing.

    21. Terrifying and great.What it is like to live and work in the sex bars of Bangkok.And the men who patronize them.

    22. I was lucky enough to discover Timothy Hallinan s Poke Rafferty series with its first installment, A Nail Through the Heart Nail was an excellent book, but The Fourth Watcher surprised me with how much better it was I didn t figure Hallinan could top that, but Breathing Water did Having been fooled a couple of times, I expected a lot from his newest, The Queen of Patpong, and he confounded me again It s that good.The love story of Poke and Rose is a consistent thread throughout the series It s n [...]

    23. I have thoughts about this book, but nothing coherent.First things first it s an easy read If you re looking for a beach read, go for it I got through it in, like, two days and I m a slow reader The book doesn t lag, which is a testament to something Hallinan is an inheritor of some of the best bits of the pulp tradition it s sleek thriller.At the same time, he s pushing against the boundaries of the thriller genre, and those are the most interesting parts There s really two books here, uneasil [...]

    24. With the publication of The Hot Countries in October 2015, Timothy Hallinan s Poke Rafferty series will be seven books long The Queen of Patpong, which is the fourth Rafferty book, is one that I particularly like because it fills in Rose s backstory so completely that it is easy to see how she became the strong woman that she is today.Rose, a former Thai bar girl, by this point in the series is married to Poke and they are living rather comfortably and happily with Miaow, the little homeless gir [...]

    25. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.My first taste of Hallinan.Having been a gaijan in Japan for three plus years, I enjoyed the experience of Poke Rafferty, a white man living in Thailand.Thailand is third world compared to Japan I d heard of the vigorous sex trade over there Japanese businessmen, white Americans supposedly all head over there , but this novel laid it all out poor farm girls go to the city and turn tricks to support their poverty stricken families back in the village.The queen is Poke s wife, [...]

    26. QUEEN OF PATPONG is named for the wife of Poke Rafferty, a writer and the usual protagonist of Timothy Hallinan s Bangkok thriller series Unlike the other books in the series, this story focuses on Poke s wife, Rose The story gives readers a full picture of Rose s life and it ain t pretty.Although the book starts from Rafferty s point of view, it switches over about a third of the way through to Rose s viewpoint Not only does this give readers a deeper look into Rose s past, but Hallinan manages [...]

    27. This one is primarily Rose s story, her past set convincingly in a powerful contemporary frame Over the course of four novels, the author has built a thrilling, exotic locale full of vibrant characters to rival any crime fiction set in conventional worlds of London, New York, LA, or San Francisco.

    28. I m coming late to the Tim Hallinan party, but I just finished THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, the fourth in his Poke Rafferty series Hallinan readers suggested taking the Poke Rafferty books in order to get a sense of how Poke s life progresses as this adventure travel writer ends up in Thailand, gets married to Rose, a former sex trade worker, and adopts a little girl named Miaow Never one to follow directions, I started with QUEEN with no regrets I m a confirmed fan of both the series and Hallinan A te [...]

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