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Kade By Cheyenne McCray Kade None
  • Title: Kade
  • Author: Cheyenne McCray
  • ISBN: 9780312386689
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Kade By Cheyenne McCray None
    Kade By Cheyenne McCray
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      274 Cheyenne McCray
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    1. Cheyenne McCray

      Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author who is a rare native Arizonan but refuses to be put behind glass as an endangered species In her spare time she loves to torture characters whether they re misbehaving or not and kill off deserving individuals She also totally gets off on blowing things up All fictionally, of course She d rather chew glass than write sweet and sugary Give her a hideous demon or particularly nasty villain to slay any day.Cheyenne enjoys creating stories of love, suspense, and redemption in some cases She enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in Hopefully they ll find their way out, but stranger things have been known to happen.If you would like to find out what odd and unusual things Cheyenne is up to these days, cruise her website any time, take a look at the bizarrely normal yet strange FAQs, and even drop her a line or two You might even learn a few things about that kinky author, Jaymie Holland Just don t tell Cheyenne s mom

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    1. Kelsey Nichols has built a fortress around her heart after a bitter divorce, until the sexy blue eyed cowboy and Intelligence Officer Kade Owen walks into her life Will her resolve be enough to resist the charming cowboy Kade Owen, is hot on a trail of a body smuggling syndicate and has his eye on the sexy blonde reporter Kelsey He will go all out just to win her heart, and he does a darn good job of it too.KadeThis is a great read and has a nice balance of romance, suspense and plenty of heat b [...]

    2. I almost decided to skip this book because though I liked the first two in the series, I wasn t hooked into the series And with so many other books to buy and read I debated passing on this one I m glad I didn t I enjoyed this book quite a bit.Series Note Third book in the Armed and Dangerous series This one may be read as a standalone.Additional Note This book series is a rewrite of the Wild series that McCray wrote for Ellora s Cave epublisher years ago This book was apparently originally the [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this one I loved Kade and Mandy Here is my issue unless I am wrong here The names of some of the side characters were wrong Dee seemed like it was Skylar from Zack s book , Jack was Zack, the dog Apple was Blue and the Dee Skylar ranch was the Flying C not the Flying M Now am I wrong cause the interviews that Mandy did the characters seemed the same just the wrong names Aside from that I really did enjoy the book Probably would have been my favorite of the three if it weren t fo [...]

    4. I think I went into this book with expectations that were a little too high While I wasn t blown over by the previous two books in the series, I did like them Kade s story fell flat for me, though Kade was a good hero tough and capable and sexy, as well as sensitive, loyal and caring Kelsey was a little too woe is me for my liking Her constant insecurities about her weight and Kade s feelings were annoying and I just didn t like her enough to pull for their happy ever after.

    5. I normally don t look at reviews of books I m reviewing while I m reading or writing my review But when I was at gathering info to put this review together, something in a review there caught my eye and I ended up reading most of those posted there I learned a couple of things by doing some additional research and I questioned another couple of things by the reviewers at.A few of those reviewers were ticked at the fact that the books in McCray s Armed and Dangerous series are rewrites of novels [...]

    6. 4th book in series I think this book should be a stand alone not part of this series It has nothing to do with the series characters Its about Kade Owen a border patrol agent and Kelsey Nichols a reporter for a San Francisco newspaper She meets Kade at the airport as they are leaving for AZ He notices her sitting waiting for their flight She also notices him but tries not to show her interest They end up getting to know a little about each other and he has already fallen for her She is coming ou [...]

    7. Kade Armed and Dangerous is the third book in Cheyenne McCray s series about the U.S Border patrol along the Mexico Arizona border While the books are romantic suspense, they gravitate heavily to the romance and allow the suspense to be the underlying storyline throughout the entire series I won t lie I judge a book first by its hero And Kade Owen is irresistible Kade is an intelligence agent with the U.S Border patrol and a single father devoted to his son He is my kind of alpha hero strong an [...]

    8. Kade Armed and Dangerous is the third book in Cheyenne McCray s series about the U.S Border patrol along the Mexico Arizona border While the books are romantic suspense, they gravitate heavily to the romance and allow the suspense to be the underlying storyline throughout the entire series I won t lie I judge a book first by its hero And Kade Owen is irresistible Kade is an intelligence agent with the U.S Border patrol and a single father devoted to his son He is my kind of alpha hero strong an [...]

    9. Kelsey Nichols is a journalist for a San Francisco based magazine, She is flying to Arizona for her next assignment She is writing an in depth story about the ranchers whos lands are being used by people to cross over from Mexico When Kelsey was a small child her family was killed when their small private plane crash landed Ever since then Kelsey has had a very hard time getting on a airplane But this trip was made easier with the help of a sexy stranger He helped take her mind off of her fears [...]

    10. Synopsis After a bitter divorce, reporter Kelsey Nichols has erected a border around her heart too strong for any man to cross She s not ready for a relationship of any kind with any man But when Kelsey meets Kade she can think of nothing but being in his powerful arms and in his bed Intelligence Agent Kade Owen is hot on the trail of a notorious smuggler when the sensual blonde reporter comes into his life Once he gets a hold of Kelsey, nothing will stop Kade from winning her heart My Review A [...]

    11. This book had so many editing mistakes it drove me crazy Original names from the previous release kept overlapping with new names and there was one full chapter where all the names from the previous names from the original book were used instead of the new names from the re issues names from Zack and Luke were changed back to original EC release names Drove me absolutely crazy and kept confusing me I will trade this book in and keep all my original EC releases of this series I will probably read [...]

    12. This was an enjoyable story The only ding I have against it is the conflict with the bad guys near the end The heroine is a reporter who chooses to place herself in danger in order to get a story No story is worth that risk To compound the silliness of her decision is the fact that she s pregnant and so she also places her unborn child in jeopardy She has this thought How can I leave my man to face these evil men alone What Her man is a trained law enforcement Border Patrol official who has a jo [...]

    13. This story is a real favourite of mine, and I was so happy to see it released on kindle As no matter how many times I read it, I always enjoy it This is also my favourite of the four novels in the Armed and Dangerous series, and although set in Arizona and around the border to Mexico It does not feature any of the characters from the previous stories As this actual story is set around a border patrol agent Kade who works in intelligence and a journalist Kelsey from San Francisco who arrives in [...]

    14. Let me start by saying Cheyenne McCray is on my auto buy list Now for the review I was disappointed with this book I LOVED Zack and Luke I never read them when they were originally released and shorter versions than the Armed and Dangerous Series With that being said, Kade, had way too many typos There was an entire paragraph that repeated from earlier in the bookaracters were referred to by their OLD names in the OLD series at timesry confusing Sorry, but she missed the bar on this one The son [...]

    15. The writer created a sexy, interesting character in Kade I could almost envision this law enforcement man and the world he lived in Wasn t crazy about the child, who the writer made a bit too young thinking for his stated age of ten and, in my opinion, added nothing to the story other than as a connection between Kade and Kelsey And speaking of Kelsey, one has to wonder why Kade choose her Its a mystery but that seems to be the allure of romance story why pick him her factor Kelsey went looking [...]

    16. I loved this book from cover to cover I was pretty sure I had all the bad guys picked out early on, but I have to admit I get surprised by one at the end, which I love when I can t figure it all out I love the chemistry between Kade and Kelsey and that she didn t just fall at his feet from the beginning, but he had to work hard to get her to open up to him In my opinion, a good book is one that brings out a myriad of emotions, and that is exactly what this one did I had adrenaline pumping, and t [...]

    17. This one s a romantic suspense that is heavy on the getting to know you phase of romance and interesting reasons for the suspense I must say, I was immediately intrigued and taken by the hero of this book he has many qualities that make him pretty much irresistible Kade Owen is an intelligence agent with the U.S Border patrol and a single father who is devoted to his son He is the kind of alpha hero who is not only strong and confident but also charming and sensitive a great combination of chara [...]

    18. 4.5 star Another great addition to the Armed and Dangerous series Kade is a total hottie and so sweet to Kelsey in this book I could ve taken a little back story with Kade s ex wife, but it that was not enough to annoy me Also Kelsey s a hole father is mentioned several times, his attitude along with her idiot ex husband almost cause her to not pursue her feelings for Kade We didn t get a lot of background on either one of them Again not enough to make me not like the story I am really looking [...]

    19. I love Kade Kade is a sweet, sexy cowboy that knows what he wants Kelsey Kade knew that Kelsey needed space, but also knew how to get under her skin and push her just enough.Kelsey is a reporter ready for a change After a family tragedy and a jerk of an ex husband Kelsey is not ready for romance, but she just cannot stay away from one sexy blue eyed cowboy.This book has a nice family feel that is for adults There is sex, adventure, family, and friends It was nice that some past characters made a [...]

    20. Actually book 4 Kelsey Nichols doesn t want any man in her life after finally getting rid of the creep of an ex husband, so why is she so intrigued by this handsome cowboy and his family.Kade Owen has been a confirmed bachelor for 5 years now mostly because he s never found anyone to interest him like the curvy blonde he s been watching since the airportis was an amazing story and I completely enjoyed all the dips and turnsyou just never know who to trust,.onto the next

    21. SHE DID IT AGAIN Cheyenne McCray is by far one of my favourite authors The scenes she creates are so captivating and the stories lines are fun I did not want to put this book down not even for a second She has this way of making you get lost in the book, the sensual scenes are so hot it s intimidating The Series is fantastic and i would recommend it to anyone that just wants a couple of hours to escape.

    22. While I very much enjoyed this book, I kept feeling like I had missed something important, because other than being set in the same area as the first two books in the series, it didn t seem to have anything to do with them.Even after having read book 4 in the series, I have no idea why this book is included in the series, why it s considered book 3, or what its relationship to the other 3 books is It can definitely be read as a stand alone book.

    23. Ugh, I had to force myself to finally finish this book I think I started it 3 months ago I think that thing that bothered me the most about this book is that they had a 8 year old boy talking like he was 4 Drove me nuts Kade was pretty hot and the story could have been okay But Kelsey ruined it for me She was just a cheese bag On a better note, it has a great cover and they did have some pretty hot sex

    24. I enjoyed this book Kade is a well written book about a Texas Marshall searching for a coyote dealer Kelsey enters his life and turns things upside down I have not read the prior books but intend to since this one did not disappoint I recommend this book to those who like romance with suspense and tough as nails guys.

    25. I felt this book was easily a 3.5 to 4 star until I hit approx page 256 At that page, even taking into account all the emotional devastation the heroine had been through, not unlike my own the author must have known my ex husband personally , it fell to a 2 star for me Hesitancy and caution is one thing, stupidity is another.

    26. If I was Mary Murphy I d be screaming until my throat ruptured maybe even after that This book just like the other Armed Dangerous series was HOT HOT HOT As well as every book that I have read by Cheyenne McCray I am never going look at a champagne bottle the same ever again Thank you

    27. Kelsey relocates to a ranch to investigate illegal alien activity, staying at Kade s family ranch At first she holds Kade at arm s length but eventually gets seriously involved with him She is endangered as she finds out about the UDA situation, ande she and Kade have a condom break

    28. I absolutely loved this bookI couldn t wait to finish it but at the same time I am so sad it is done.Just the right amount of mystery, romance and amazing sex scenes I highly recommend this book to all my fellow erotic romance readers.

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