The Truth of the Matter #2020

The Truth of the Matter By Andrew Klavan The Truth of the Matter Never give in Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber with a year of his life erased from his mind Charlie West has been on the run He has one desperate hope of getting his life back trac
  • Title: The Truth of the Matter
  • Author: Andrew Klavan
  • ISBN: 9781595547149
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Truth of the Matter By Andrew Klavan Never give in Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber with a year of his life erased from his mind Charlie West has been on the run He has one desperate hope of getting his life back track down the mysterious agent named Waterman But in fact, reaching Waterman and recovering the secrets lost in his own memory will only increase his danger Because a t Never give in Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber with a year of his life erased from his mind Charlie West has been on the run He has one desperate hope of getting his life back track down the mysterious agent named Waterman But in fact, reaching Waterman and recovering the secrets lost in his own memory will only increase his danger Because a team of ruthless killers is rapidly closing in on him, determined to stop him from finding the answers And the truth of the matter is incredibled deadlyan he could ever imagine Action sequences that never let upwrung for every possible drop of nervous sweat Booklist review of The Long Way Home
    The Truth of the Matter By Andrew Klavan
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    1. WOW SO THAT HAPPENED.All you need to know about this book is that it will 1 dramatically speed up your heart rate, 2 make you freak out for the character s life at least 1,734 times, and 3 cause you to get NOTHING DONE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.Ahem Yes I need book four right now, please xD4 stars

    2. UGH I have been shattered again In the best sort of way Book three the truth of the matter This is where Charlie finds out everything Everything about his past, everything about the terrorists, everything about the year he forgot I LOVE THIS ONE I love it so, so much It s intense and breathtaking and raw and it puts Charlie in tough situations I really appreciate how Klavan doesn t glamorize violence and action It s not some big, exciting thing that every teenage guy should long for Instead, it [...]

    3. ThisBook Last Thing I Remember Like WHAT How is that even possible But it is, and it s true I LOVED this book It is completely and unbelievably awesome And Charlie is like, the awesome st person ever I NEED THE LAST BOOK NOW I have a feeling this whole review is going to be about how I loved this book The Truth of the Matter is like my favorite book of all books Well it is tied for first But I m serious everyone NEEDS to read this series It is like one of the most amazing series eve [...]

    4. More tension More memory s More running This kept me flipping the pages so fast A few things about character got a little repetitive Like I m pretty sure he just copy and pasted the description of some people But, other then that we were good It had a strangely satisfying ending But I m looking forward to reading book four

    5. BEST HOMELANDER BOOK SO FAR Explained sooo much Also really appreciated how much it spoke of God and how God was Charlies strength love love love

    6. Charlie West is a feisty protagonist, who s missing a year of his life and running from mystery killers a group of terrorists he just escaped from He can t recall what s happened in the last year, so he s on a hunt to fill in the memory gap When he tracks down the only clue he can remember, a guy named Waterman, he begins to get some answers, but the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the danger he finds himself in And when Waterman dies with questions still unanswered, he s left in a sea [...]

    7. The Truth of the Matter is about a young man, Charlie West trying to stop the mysterious terrorist group called the Homelanders, and find out what happened to his memories Desperate for answers, he finds a man who he has heard could help him, and he goes by the name of Waterman Waterman begins to help Charlie get his memories back, but before he can help him any, he is killed and Charlie once again is left to fend for himself Charlie eventually finds himself running for his life again, and while [...]

    8. More like 3.5 stars This was my least favorite of the series so far Not because it wasn t a quick and interesting read, but I just found it kind of frustrating Plus, this was the first time I really felt the young adult aspect, which I never really dwelled upon before All of the missing time is explained, but at least for me, there weren t really many surprises there I would have rather gotten all that out at once at the start of the book and then moved on with the story, but instead the flashba [...]

    9. Review on review R1FGE088The Truth of the Matter was a thrilling ride I loved it It was very interesting to learn about what was really going on in Charlie s life and, I have to say, I was surprised by some of the things revealed There was so much action in The Truth of the Matter that it held my attention throughout I don t think there was anything I didn t like about this book it s my favorite of the Homelanders series so far The ending left me itching to pick up The Final Hour book four as [...]

    10. Honestly, This installment in the Homelanders series was quite bad It always seemed to go slow, too many boring past times and not enough action like the books before hand basically promised Just all I have to say is that I didn t enjoy the book, and will put down the books ahead of me.

    11. A struggle to get to book 3 but one has to get the answersYes its a good romp typical of a tv drama series and readable

    12. Fun book but the story has a whale of a cliffhanger I cannot wait until August when the final book in this series is released

    13. Readers will be at the edge of their seats with the action packed and suspenseful book, The Truth of the Matter by Andrew Klavan.Charlie West s life on the run began when he woke in a terrorist torture chamber with the past year erased from his mind Now he s on the run from the police, who thinks he killed his friend, and the terrorist group He seeks a mysterious agent named Waterman to uncover the secrets of his past, but finding him may lead him to greater danger than he thinks Will he uncover [...]

    14. It is no use to focus on changing the past it is already set in concrete Put your focus in pouring the concrete to create your future This compelling quote from the main character s mentor, Sensei Mike, in a way sums up the entire book Charlie, the main character, is somewhat up to speed with everything that he had missed in his time of forgetfulness His primary objective is to get his life back together and prove his innocence correct by exposing the truth about the fascist terrorists that are [...]

    15. Charlie West goes to bed one night a normal high school kid and wakes up a year later, not remembering any of that year, in the hands of a terrorist organization called the Homelanders He then goes on a suspenseful journey running from not only the terrorists, but also the police He searches for a man by the name of Waterman to help him to hopefully remember the past year of his life This book is basically Charlie remembering the past year of his life and connecting all of the pieces that were l [...]

    16. charlie West found watterman the person that supposedly has all the answers and when he does they take him back to an abandoned building deep in the woods to a facility for the top secret organization where he finally gets his memories back.when he does he finds out that he s the one who actually wanted to do and infiltration and get framed for Alex s murderw knowing that he is the one responsible for all of his pain and suffering he sets out to take down the organization called the homelanders [...]

    17. I thought this 3rd book of the Homelanders series was very good and cleared up a lot of grey area information It did not suffer from middle book syndrome as there was a lot of action and adventure with Charlie Klavan continues to impress me with his suspenseful endings as I find myself breezing through the last 3 chapters of each book much quicker as I am eager to see what happens I will definitely be reading the 4th and final book of the Homelanders series Would highly recommend to readers of a [...]

    18. Charlie is still on the run In this book, he is desperate to track down a secret agent named Waterman in hopes of finding out details about the year of his life that he cannot remember However, the closer he gets to the truth the danger he finds himself in This is the third book in the series and it was just as thrilling as the others The pieces to the puzzle are finally coming together.

    19. This book is definitely the best one in the series so far The story really picks up in this one and a lot of questions are finally answered This book was much gripping than the first two and highly entertaining This is turning out to be a fun series and I m excited to read the fourth and final book now.

    20. This book is a mix between a adventure and a mystery I can picture every scene in my head as I read along The characters are so well developed they feel like really people When you read it you need to set a timer because you won t be able to stop reading it There were several bomb shells in this book you will have to read it to find out It is action packed and very interesting in some parts But not everything in this book fantastic, some of the chapters were a little lengthy and are run on The b [...]

    21. Sometimes you read a book that is a literal thrill ride There is very little, if any, stop to the action Usually my experience is that such books can tire me out, and make me just want a break Usually I like a narrative with information, and some details Constant action, if done correctly, can enhance a story and have you on the edge of your seat If done poorly, however, it can destroy a story, as it seems to take the place of the story Andrew Klavan, in his Homelanders series of books, finds th [...]

    22. Summary Charlie West was an average highschool student until his life flipped He went to sleep and when he woke up one year later as a member of the Homelanders, a terrorist group An entire year had gone by and he didn t know what happened He is a fugitive on the run because the police arrested him for the murder of charlie s best friend, Alex This book is the third installment of his journey to find the truth and to prove his innocence After being chased out of his hometown, Charlie went to fin [...]

    23. The Truth of the Matter is the book in this series that finally gives us the answers we have been wanting during the reading of the previous two books We get to learn why Charlie joined Waterman, who is trying to stop the Homelanders We also get to witness Charlie getting all of his memories back All of the puzzle pieces are now back in order But now that Waterman is dead, and the terrorists are hot on his trail, Charlie struggles with what his next move shall be If only there was someone out th [...]

    24. The Truth of the MatterBy Andrew KlavanISBN 9781595547149Thomas Nelson Publishersc 2010Juvenile Fiction YA Action and AdventureAm I the good guy or the bad guy That s a pretty heavy question for a high schooler to ask himself even one who s been through a horrific year of battling Homelander terrorists starting with being convicted of murdering his best friend.Charlie West knows the facts He just can t remember why he s a wanted man From the publisher Charlie is certain that if he could just reg [...]

    25. Charlie West is your average American teenage guy, doing typical teenage things going to high school, having a girlfriend and hanging out with friends When Charlie s best friend is found dead, unbelievable things start happening and Charlie finds himself agreeing to be a part of a plan to infiltrate a group of terrorists In this, the third book in the Homelanders Series, Charlie is still on the run He is seeking for answers and help because he cannot remember the last year of his life He is desp [...]

    26. Charlie has found the man he has been looking for Waterman Waterman takes Charlie to his base and gives him a shot which gives him some of his memory back but throughout the book Charlie has these memory attacks and he can t stop them After the shot Waterman put Charlie in a cell but then the Homelanders attacked the base and Charlie was locked in the cell Charlie finds Waterman but he is dead but he is pointing to something it is a device with a controller Charlie picked up the controller and h [...]

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