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Fearscape By Simon Holt Fearscape The Vours Evil demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night the darkest hour of the winter solstice It s been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours and the winter solstice is app
  • Title: Fearscape
  • Author: Simon Holt
  • ISBN: 9780316035705
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fearscape By Simon Holt The Vours Evil demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night, the darkest hour of the winter solstice.It s been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours, and the winter solstice is approaching once again It will be another night of unspeakable horror for those unlucky enough to be taken by the Vours, because this time, she won t be able to stop them TheThe Vours Evil demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night, the darkest hour of the winter solstice.It s been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours, and the winter solstice is approaching once again It will be another night of unspeakable horror for those unlucky enough to be taken by the Vours, because this time, she won t be able to stop them The Vours have imprisoned Reggie in a psychiatric hospital, where she is subjected to a daily routine of unfathomably sadistic experiments Her life is a living hell, but she won t give up They attacked her brother They killed her friend And Reggie will never stop fighting back.Fearscape, Book 3 in the Devouring series, ends this chilling trilogy with a thought provoking and deeply frightening story that will leave you with lasting terror.
    Fearscape By Simon Holt
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    1. Simon Holt

      Simon Holt s writing career began with a horror fanzine in high school the publishing of which overheated the school s photocopier Undaunted by detention, he s continues to pursue writing ever since Holt supported himself as a hostel night clerk and a handbag salesman before becoming a full time novelist A comic book collector and amateur musician, he makes his home in Chicago.

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    1. After waiting for this for months, I finally received it in the mail just this afternoon It takes me only a few hours to read a short novel, soI ve finished it already.My first reaction O_oAfter it sunk in I was upset Because it didn t turn out the way I was hoping, even though the ending made perfect sense Also because Simon Holt if he really exists, and isn t just a line of writers under a pseudonym seems to have fallen in what I call the sci fi writer trap speeding along with his twisting and [...]

    2. Reggie goes into Fearscapes Ooga Booga Booga Eh You ve seen one, you ve seen em all, in my opinion They stopped being creepy after the 1st book, and yet, we are subjected to reading about them over and over and over again After reading the second book, I was bored with it By this book it was full on annoying Yeah, yeah, maggots and ooze Grotesque creatures, squishy walls, and puppies with no eyes Boooooring Move on.I liked the 1st book, and I honestly wish I d left it at that.I hate it when no [...]

    3. Wow, I mean, wow This book was a major letdown I can t believe Holt thought this was a good idea Forget everything I said about Reggie, this book showed the person she really is, and I didn t like it What happened to the Reggie from the other two stories This one was an irritating, egotistical mess Her attitude did a 180, and she became the female protagonist I hate Not only did she act like a total smart ass but she never listened to what Aaron or Machen had to say She was so impatient and want [...]

    4. I have been a fan of this series from the very beginning The Vours are the ultimate villain unattainable, relentless, neverending and innumerable Reggie seems at first to be quite the unlikely hero against such horrid villains but as you get to know her , you begin to comprehend how incredibly strong she is She has spirit and hope inside her that can really and truly stand the test of anything The beautiful thing about this spirit of hers is that it doesn t come from herself so much as her love [...]

    5. The Devouring 3 Fearscape is a thrilling page turner that I didn t put down until I finished it front to back The Devouring 2 left us with Reggie being taken to a mental ward A cliffhanger extraordinaire that had me anxiously awaiting Fearscapes release A quick side note on the Vours The Vours are evil demons that have existed since time began they can only take possession of a human body on Sorry Night , the night of the winter solstice A person who is possessed by a Vour retains all of the mem [...]

    6. Wow what a series I love that feeling of finishing the last book in a series and having everything wash over you.This is hands down the best YA horror series out there Possibly best horror series in general.Fearscape picks up where Soulstice left us on a cliffhanger, where else Reggie is in dire need of help after being kidnapped by the Vours and so Aaron, Quinn and Machen set of on a quest to find her.Reggie has been enslaved by the Vours, and is forced to go into fearscape after fearscape in a [...]

    7. Yet another conclusion to a book series Review coming soon Where we left off in Soulstice, Reggie was finally able to break Quinn free of the Vour s hold on him Unfortunately, Reggie also get s sent to Home, a mental institute run by Dr Unger, and Vours.Reggie is forced into people s fearscapes in order for Unger to conduct research.All the while, Aaron, with the help of Quinn and ex tracer Machen, plan on freeing Reggie before it s too late.I had forgotten how much I loved this series It must h [...]

    8. The quality of the writing in this series varies greatly from chapter to chapter Maybe what they say is true, and there were several writers working on this But while in the previous two we got some vivid, well written chapters in between mediocre ones, this book seemed much imbalanced Don t get me wrong, there were still some chapters that made the book worth reading and not just so we can know how the series ends.Personally, what I find terrifying is not so much the concept of scary monsters, [...]

    9. Frankly, as a conclusion to the series, it was a let down and unsatisfying There is no true resolution to the issue of the Vours and even less to Reggie s personal situation We are left not knowing whether she will become one of them or not And she ends up with Quinn Not that she should have ended up with Aaron, but after what she tells him, and then just shacks up with Quinn, just b c they bonded over their traumatic experiences Sure, there is time for her and Aaron, but that just made me furio [...]

    10. OMG BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES So creepy and demented.I LOVE IT XD Love all the gruesome discription, simon holt is and artist with words, painting a horrible and cruel picture 2 thumbs up

    11. I am going to this book because i love creepy, weird stories This is the best book ever.

    12. Honestamente creo que me esperaba un poco m s del final de la saga, pero no ha estado totalmente mal, el problema es que al leer el primer libro lo sabes todo de los voradores y los siguientes dos es mas de los mismo, solo cambian los tes en las salidas del miedo Me gusto la forma como se desarroll el desenlace con algunos hechos inesperados y con un poco de romance que no hab a visto venir, en este aspecto me esperaba algo diferente a como ocurri.El final en si no ha sido totalmente inesperado, [...]

    13. At first I never put much attention to this book because I haven t read the first two books in this trilogy But when I started to read it, just to give a try, I never expected that this would stick to my heart and I realized there is a bond between me and this book This book is just beyond radical Reggie is now sixteen, and it s been almost a year since she ate the Vour of Jeremiah in Macie s basement Her dad, who s thinking she and Aaron have gone completely nuts for inventing stories about the [...]

    14. I m not entirely sure how I feel about this book.For the record, I loved the other two, and this series continues to be my favorite However, this book kind of threw me for a loop I found a similar occurrence in Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series It was depressing, and there was just no magic No WOW factor that the previous books had, and the characters lost any traces of their previous personality What is it with the last book in a series failing miserably I liked the crazy fearscapes Reggi [...]

    15. After the cliffhanger ending in Soulstice, Fearscape opens up with an unrelenting pace and the gruesome, creepy happenings that I ve come to expect from Simon Holt Much like its predecessors, this third book in the series is it the final one finds Reggie traipsing through fearscapes, but this time, there s so much to the story.The world that Holt built in The Devouring really feels like it s coming full circle here and there are many answers than questions Everything that Reggie has gone throu [...]

    16. OH my gosh I was about to cry I made my brother stay near me when I read this I can t talk about the book and what happens in it because really you can read the book and find out This book makes me want to talk about my fears and how I might react to them Can I really be that strong AM I lying to myself when I say I can t face my fear AM I telling the truth to myself when I say I can concur my fears and go on This whole book reminded me about my worst fears I fear animals like a normal person I [...]

    17. What can say except that this series has been really really good so good I couldn t stop reading this book After that cliffhanger ending from Soulstice I just couldn t get my hands on this one The story takes a darker turn as Reggie is in a dangerous situation I was so angry at her father for putting her where she is, it gave me such a sense of triumph when he was finally proven wrong I really enjoyed reading about the various Fearscapes Reggie dives into They re scary, and well written to give [...]

    18. Like all horror sequels, this one is a bit watered down than the others simply because the horror factor that existed in the original, the thing that made the books scary, is something we re already used to We ve been desensitized to it over the course of three books That s not a matter of storytelling It just happens It s very hard to maintain true horror through multiple sequels because of that And that s across the genre, not just in FEARSCAPE.The tension was still there, though The notion o [...]

    19. I m not sure if I was just too distracted to enjoy this book or if it actually fell short Don t get me wrong, it was still awesome and an excellent read, but I wasn t quite enthralled as I was with the first two which I read in a matter of hours this one, over the course of two weeks There was less time in the actual fearscapes contrary to the name of the novel and I think that was a big part of it There is talking and planning than actual action unlike the first two in the trilogy And then, of [...]

    20. I m giving this book five stars, because it was really good, BUT I think I put enough emphasis there it was the most idiotic thing to pair Reggie with Quinn I mean, what the hell I have waited three books, THREE for Aaron and Reggie to get together, and you know what I got SQUAT Ugh Reasons why Quinn and Reggie should NOT have been paired together Quinn was a freaking VOUR and tried to KILL Reggie Reggie didn t even like the real him She liked the Vour him, and because he was cute They only conn [...]

    21. More reviews can be found at my blog Nomalicious ReadsA LITTLE SPOILER AHEAD WATCH OUT.Simon Holt, you wound me.Seriously why WHY I think Mr Holt is out to get me My woes aren t over the story really, it was just as chillingly creepy and awesome as the two novels beforehand My wounds over Fearscape is something really, really silly.The romance.You could read the synopsis of this, or the previous two books and think what romance well its there just to piss me off Don t get me wrong, I love Quinn, [...]

    22. When we last left Reggie, she had been taken by the Vours to a mental institution, where they experiment on her and her ability to enter the fearscapes of those possessed by Vours Reggie s best friend, Aaron, has been searching for her, training to fight the Vours and rescue her once he finds her Aaron must also team up with Quinn, an ex Vour that Reggie helped to rescue The Vours are up to something, and the three of them need to figure it out before Sorry Night, when the Vours will take advant [...]

    23. One of the best series enders Most series end off horribly, but not this one This one was as great and fast paced as the first two.I want to start of saying that when I read the first couple pages, I was astounded to how much Aaron has transformed And I also want to say how much I love his transformation It made me just love Aaron to pieces He was so much confident and brave you can t not love him I also knew that he loves Reggie after reading the first couple pages And I WISH really ad that th [...]

    24. I m upset this is the last book I wish it could keep going At least until a cure to alter Reggie s altered DNA Reggie is this book was my heroine My role modelwith all the suffering she went threw and still wanted to save people from there fears even if it meant hurting herself and reaching insanity From being almost killed to being trapped for six month in a mental institute being tortured she never quite kept pushing and fighting back I felt such relief when Aaron and Machen saved her Her thre [...]

    25. The Devouring Book 3 The FearscapeThe book that I am currently reading is The Devouring The Fearscape written by Simon Holt This book is a horror book because it s filled with blood and pain between all the characters with very descriptive writing The most important characters in this book are Reggie, Aaron, and Quinn Reggie is a 15 year old girl who unleashed the the vours with her friend Aaron After her brother, Henry, is possesed in book one she must find a way to save him After digesting a v [...]

    26. Fearscape was a perfect ending to an amazing trilogy.Like its formers, the book draws you into the strange, scary world of Simon Holt The Devouring series is by far one of the best series I ve read for teens ever I absolutely love how eachpage makes your head spin with ideas, and how great the imagery is Its phenomenal how Simon Holt can make your blood run cold and make you fear what s in your own head From time to time while I was reading Fearscape, I just kept thinking It can t get much worse [...]

    27. Well, Simon Holt certainly seemed to loose his edge here, didn t he God I don t even know how to deal with this really, I ve decided on 2.5 stars, but I m rounding up Solely due to the decent actions scenes Other than that just ugh the fearscapes that I liked so much in the first two books just got annoying here I get it Reggie b awesome, stop shoving it down our throats already then there was the superpowers again, UGH anyone read graceling by book three that s how bad Reggie s superpowers get [...]

    28. This book is sure to give you the chills The perfect read for a cold winter night To be stock living your greatest fears is a horrifying concept I love scary and this series doesn t despondent The vours are sure to get inside your head and stay there long after you close the book But, if you scare easy I would not pick this book up It sure knows how to get your heart racing A most read for those like me how grew up loving R.L Stine A most read for all horror fans And I absolutely love the main c [...]

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