War Without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-42 #2020

War Without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-42 By Robert Kershaw War Without Garlands Operation Barbarossa The German invasion of Russia in Operation Barbarossa was shrouded in the utmost secrecy Using German sources the author has investigated an important aspect of the pre attack deception the deg
  • Title: War Without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-42
  • Author: Robert Kershaw
  • ISBN: 9781885119711
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • War Without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-42 By Robert Kershaw The German invasion of Russia in 1941 Operation Barbarossa was shrouded in the utmost secrecy Using German sources, the author has investigated an important aspect of the pre attack deception, the degree to which the German public and armed forces were themselves caught unawares.
    War Without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-42 By Robert Kershaw
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    1. Robert Kershaw

      Born in 1950 and a graduate of Reading University, Robert Kershaw joined the Parachute Regiment in 1973.He served numerous regimental appointments until selected to command the 10th Battalion The Parachute Regiment 10 PARA He attended the German Staff College Fuhrungsakademie spending a further two years with the Bundeswehr as an infantry, airborne and arctic warfare instructor He speaks fluent German and has extensive experience with NATO, multinational operations and all aspects of operations and training.His active service includes several tours in Northern Ireland, the First Gulf War and Bosnia He has exercised in many parts of the world and served in the Middle East and Africa His final army appointment was with the Intelligence Division at HQ NATO in Brussels Belgium.On leaving the Army in 2006 he became a full time author of military history as well as a consultant military analyst He has written a paper on the military impact of HIV AIDS for Cranfield University and recently was the historical editor for ParaData, an on line archive for the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

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    1. War Without Garlands derives from the German expression Kein Blumenkrieg which the German soldier described the battle on the Eastern front From a total of 19 to 20 million German soldiers that fought in the Second World War, about 17 to 19 fought in Russia.In his book, Robert Kershaw promises us that his account of Operation Barbarossa will based upon the personal account of common German and Russian soldiers Or, as he says it himself Nobody has written a definitive soldier s account of Operati [...]

    2. Given that this book s title is misleading, and that it is poorly edited running a manuscript through a spell checker is not editing , it is a fascinating and illuminating read.This book is essentially the story of the German Army Group Centre s attack on Russia, from the 22 June 1941 to their withdrawal from Moscow in early 1942 with a sideways glance at Army Group South s encirclement of the Russians around Kiev, and Army Group North s siege of Leningrad.Kershaw s style of storytelling he s no [...]

    3. In simple terms, War without garlands should be mandatory read for anyone interested in WWII It is to my knowledge one of few english books on Barbarossa that dispells any doubts about possibilities of German victory in 1941 By relying solely on facts such as loss numbers, logistical ability of both sides and orders of battle at different stages of the German offensive, Robert Kershaw demolishes all specucaltions and fantasies about a possibility of any other outcome than the one that took place [...]

    4. A really great book Kershaw Robert, not Ian puts the weight on the sufferings and crimes of the German soldier and he does so in a spectacular way The text is sprinkled generously with firs hand accounts from post war interviews, letters, official histories, journals etc While the strategic part is somewhat missed this is not the focus of this book I had to pause quite a few times and read quotes to my girlfriend and yay, she listened.he only minor gripe is a weird insistence on repeating explan [...]

    5. Excellent single tome history of Operation Barbarossa from the German point of view, particularly that of the people at the front Letters, diaries, memoirs and interviews are used extensively to provide a narrative of the campaign that is very close to the experience of the common German soldier Conversely, while officers at the front are covered, little is written about decision making back in Berlin The Soviet viewpoint, along with some personal anecdotes, are given enough attention to context [...]

    6. Good Covers not only the military operations but also provides discussions ranging from the camps for Soviet prisoners to personal moral conflicts that the German and Soviet soldiers experience Plenty of direct quotes from the combatants that provide insights about the war, for example before the invasion, a German officer is wondering whether he should bring summer clothing and a sabre because he thought they will only be passing through USSR towards British Asia.Bad Needs editing, plenty of [...]

    7. It follows the first 6 months of Operation Barbarossa through the eyes of German and Soviet soldiers civilians, as well as the commanders of the various armies The book is decidedly from the German point of view, but Kershaw uses diary entries from Soviet soldiers and civilians to give the book some balance The diary excerpts from both sides paint a portrait of the sheer terror and brutality on the Eastern Front Kershaw is also able to shed light on the grand scheme of the invasion and why the G [...]

    8. I have read extensively about the Eastern Front Campaigns of WWII I enjoyed this book mainly because Mr Kershaw focused on the war from a personal level not a high level history of which units or armies did this, move here, etc One can read this book if you don t know much about the fighting on the Eastern front but having already knowledge of this part of WWII gives one an advantage to enjoy the book It was very easy reading and not dry and slow like some history books.

    9. Absolutely awesome, highly recommended Brutal account of war without garlands this book compiles many first hand accounts of war on the eastern front in the initial years There has been a large amount of scholarship in the last 15 years that I would call revisionist in that it gets past the postwar simplistic view of the eastern front and gets into the reality of the hell it was and the strategic suicide it represented for Germany Read the whole thing.

    10. This book tells the story of the Barbarossa invasion from the German solder s point of view It makes extensive use of diaries I actually felt some sympathy for these soldiers even though I knew their purpose was evil Yet their suffering is beyond the imagination It is a good book to read in order to get an understanding of what it must have been like for the common German soldier in this incredible campaign.

    11. Well worth reading The book presents a convincing argument as to why the German invasion of the Soviet Union was doomed from the start If you want to understand the consequences of a faulty world view and how it affects polito military judgement, read this book.

    12. A book that does what it sets out to do Detailed without being obsessive, informative without being pedantic.

    13. the book goes of the campaign trail to personal feelings and sufferings focus on the leadership is lacking overall gives a relatively accurate account of the campaign colored by personal details.

    14. A remarkable and fascinating insight into the personal reactions of soldiers to the 1941 German invasion of Russia.

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