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Cock By Mike Bartlett Cock When John takes a break from his boyfriend he accidentally meets the girl of his dreams Filled with guilt and indecision he decides there is only one way to straighten this out Mike Bartlett s punch
  • Title: Cock
  • Author: Mike Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9781408127438
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cock By Mike Bartlett When John takes a break from his boyfriend, he accidentally meets the girl of his dreams Filled with guilt and indecision, he decides there is only one way to straighten this out.Mike Bartlett s punchy new story takes a playful, candid look at one man s sexuality and the difficulties that arise when you realise you have a choice.Cock premiered at the Royal Court TheatrWhen John takes a break from his boyfriend, he accidentally meets the girl of his dreams Filled with guilt and indecision, he decides there is only one way to straighten this out.Mike Bartlett s punchy new story takes a playful, candid look at one man s sexuality and the difficulties that arise when you realise you have a choice.Cock premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on November 13, 2009.
    Cock By Mike Bartlett
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      435 Mike Bartlett
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    1. Mike Bartlett

      Michael Bartlett is a British playwright Mike Bartlett was born on 7 October 1980 in Abingdon, Oxford, England He attended Abingdon School, then studied English and Theatre Studies at the University of Leeds In October 2013, Mike won Best New Play at The National Theatre Awards for his play Bull, beating plays from both Alan Ayckbourn and Tom Wells source

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    1. 3.5 5 The premise is interesting, and in this time of sexual fluidity becoming prevalent in society, Cock opens a dialogue that is needed The problem with Cock is that none of the main characters are very likeable Bartlett has written a smart, hip play with narcissistic stereotypes the bitchy queen who can cook, the brittle, cold, calculating female, the emotionally, indecisive gay boi who needs to grow up and become a man, and the wise, old elder who sets everyone right We ve seen them all col [...]

    2. Hugely disappointed I know nothing about the author but this play was performed by Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott, two amazing actors who support GLBT rights and imagine how upset I was when, I personally, found this play homophobic, misogynistic and biphobic Also this is labelled as a comedy but again, I did not found it funny.

    3. Had read this play awhile ago, but reread it as I am going through all of Bartlett s published plays This is one of his best, and wish I d been able to see the original UK production starring Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott I understand Bartlett s staging directions he requires no furniture, props or miming of such , so that the play is in essence a cock fight , but it seems odd that people continually talk about sitting or drinking or handling objects, and then apparently don t do so And as three [...]

    4. First, I have to confess that I m not a huge fan of plays, well, reading them anyway I love seeing them on stage, but have a really hard time reading them That being said, I listened to a discussion on the Literary Disco podcast of this one and it piqued my curiosity I loved this play Basically, it s a play about sexuality The only named character, John, is in a dilemma He s fallen in love with a woman, W , after being in a gay relationship with M for about seven years In the end, there s one aw [...]

    5. I m not sure what relevance the title has on this play other than ticket sales If we were to name it Angst doesn t sound as shocking, does it.Cute coming of age story about John, a twenty something struggling with his homosexuality bisexuality The other characters his boyfriend, simply named M his girlfriend, W and the boyfriend s father, F hash it out over dinner in a Shakespearean fashion.A bit on the naming of the characters John seems to be the everyday man John Doe , generically named but c [...]

    6. The second half is where the rubber hits the road This is an artfully constructed examination of sexuality and choice Although it is probably most effective if performed in a heartfelt, realistic style, it is written in a way that puts certain aspects of relationships under a microscope in a way that would probably seem utterly unrealistic to most viewers Still, that s generally how good art operates I commend Mike Bartlett for writing a genuinely interesting meditation on a somewhat over expose [...]

    7. Great play I appreciate the minimalism and the expressive freedom it gives actors directors to create a show they want to do.For those that missed the metaphor, J is acting like a cock a rooster and a dickhead and is about a cock fight It complements Bartlett s other play, Bull, which is about a Bull Fight, also among millennials.

    8. Usually don t like plays in this type of format, but the dialogue flowed so naturally and the characters felt very genuine I could relate Some of the dialogue rang very true Really easy to get into.

    9. I really wanted to love this I did I love King Charles III so I expected to love this too but I thought it was terrible I couldn t wait for it to be over while I was reading it.

    10. i read this play because one of my best friends just got cast in it, and it was so good, y all very quick synopsis heretofore gay man must decide between boyfriend and new female lovery took me a couple of hours to read was a little tough to hang with at first because i m not used to reading plays at all but by 5 pages in i was able to pick up on the writing style and then i just couldn t put it downis play is interesting, and beautiful, and great, and heartbreaking, and real, and short all thin [...]

    11. I d probably give a very different review of this if I hadn t listened to the audio of the Royal Court production with Andrew Scott and Ben Whishaw first I first listened to it because they are my two favourite actors, and I was completely captivated Their performances are stunning, Ben radiating vulnerability and indecision with the slightest noise as John, and Andrew stealing the show with his utterly unique vibrancy as the sadistic and heartbreaking as M I m still overwhelmed by them And the [...]

    12. The worst thing about this and any other piece of art is that it has the genre label of comedy yet I didn t laugh No piece of art should have that label and not live up to it, that is the first no no.The second worst thing, which turned out to be just blatantly annoying, is the grammar No punctuation is used The issues I had with the grammar made it very difficult to read because Bartlett s way of writing is very different from what I am used to I believe this has something to do with this being [...]

    13. The crass language used liberally in this play is unpleasant I listened to the BBC radio play which is a recording enacted by my favorite British actors The message can be communicated in a decorous manner This isn t the type of play a professor in a Gay Studies class should assign to his or her students I don t understand how something written in such crass manner could have gained popularity At least D.H Lawrence, a British novelist, wrote details about sexuality in a manner that even my fresh [...]

    14. Me puse a escuchar y leer la obra al mismo tiempo lo cual fue una gran experiencia.Una historia sobre decisiones Puede ser un poco repetitiva y no tan relevante pero las actuaciones fueron muy buenas lo cual vale la pena, sobretodo Andrew Scott y Ben Whishaw Puede ser en varios puntos una comedia pero tiene gran mensaje El personaje M simplemente te saca grandes carcajadas.Algunas escenas fueron un poco inecesarias lo cual hizo que no la amara Pero en s , fue muy buena.

    15. Very interesting play Occasionally teeters into people don t talk like that territory, but that could be forgiven when considering the pretensions of the character of M Some thought provoking considerations about sexuality, and our perceptions of it.

    16. Read this one based on a recommendation from the pod cast Literary Disco I m giving it 3.5 Stars It was a well written play and I like literary devices he employs to indicate pauses and overlapping speeches Not sure it work at the very end, but I would go see this play if someone staged it.

    17. An actor s dream Endlessly interpretive, dialogically complex, with possibilities for emotional, dramatic climaxes this play is undeniably one of the best modern play s I ve read It is one I will study, and learn from, as I progress as an artist.

    18. On the page it s kind of flat particularly in the first few sections I gave it 3 Stars instead of 2 because I have hope that it ll be incredibly powerful when brought to life.EDITEDIt was much better than I initially supposed it would be.

    19. This is an irrelevant and self indulgent exercise in form It has no substance Bartlett draws selfish characters in a nondescript world that is both vague and cliched It is sad that plays like this get published or produced The dramatic form deserves than this.

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