Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend #2020

Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend By Mark Collins Jenkins Vampire Forensics Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend Mark Jenkins s engrossing history draws on the latest science anthropological and archaeological research to explore the origins of vampire stories providing gripping historic and folkloric context
  • Title: Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend
  • Author: Mark Collins Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9781426206078
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend By Mark Collins Jenkins Mark Jenkins s engrossing history draws on the latest science, anthropological and archaeological research to explore the origins of vampire stories, providing gripping historic and folkloric context for the concept of immortal beings who defy death by feeding on the lifeblood of others From the earliest whispers of eternal evil in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, vMark Jenkins s engrossing history draws on the latest science, anthropological and archaeological research to explore the origins of vampire stories, providing gripping historic and folkloric context for the concept of immortal beings who defy death by feeding on the lifeblood of others From the earliest whispers of eternal evil in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, vampire tales flourished through the centuries and around the globe, fueled by superstition, sexual mystery, fear of disease and death, and the nagging anxiety that demons lurk everywhere.In Vampire Forensics, Mark Jenkins probes vampire legend to tease out the historical truths enshrined in the tales of terror sherds of Persian pottery depicting blood sucking demons the amazing recent discovery by National Geographic archaeologist Matteo Borrini of a 16th century Venetian grave of a plague victim and suspected vampire and the Transylvanian castle of Vlad the Impaler, whose bloodthirsty cruelty remains unsurpassed.Jenkins navigates centuries of lore and legend, adding new chapters to the chronicle and weaving an irresistibly seductive blend of superstition, psychology, and science sure to engross everyone from Anne Rice s countless readers to serious students of archaeology and mythology.
    Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend By Mark Collins Jenkins
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    1. Takeaway tidbit The vampire s very existence was an infernal parody of the resurrection, and its chief means of sustenance was a diabolical twist on Christ s words Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath eternal life As that shows, the book is a mostly western exploration except for a very small section that mention other myths in passing and fails to take into consideration that vampire myths predate christian perversions and even gothic folklore, and probably originated in Africa for [...]

    2. While the subject of Vampire Forensics was well researched and interesting, the overall reading experience suffered from the convoluted narration Lacking in perspective and boundaries, it was excessively detailed and focused too much on historic minutia There was no clear red threat to follow as the author aimlessly wandered from one lore to another, occasionally skipping ahead or returning to an already closed subject without much of a warning.The tone of the narration was irritating to say the [...]

    3. found this exploration into the myths and legends of vampires underwhelming, in a word.I expected the book to delve into the historical and literary evidence for vampires, and to a certain extent, that is what the author does However, the exploration jumps around, and at times the author doesn t explain how one factor myth legend story indicates the existence of, or belief in, vampires.In the last chapters, the author enumerates yes, it is essentially a list of various traditions in distant regi [...]

    4. This book was OK But no than that.If you want a well written, coherent account of the origins of the vampire myth or even a discussion of the various walking corpsey type myths available then look elsewhere You won t find it here.This book reads like a blog published as book an accumulation of short pieces written on similar topics, and then published as a book It s interesting to read, but if it had been organised, it would have been a better book Not only does it jump about in time, but als [...]

    5. My rating for Vampire Forensics is mostly based on the loads of factoids that I will take away from this book Although I enjoyed it immensely, there are a few things that the potential reader should be aware of First, the book is slightly disorganized The topics jump around the timeline and from one location to the next with very little warning In addition, not only do the chapters stand alone with little connection to the others, each section of a chapter has only a tenuous connection to what c [...]

    6. Screw it I ve been reading this book for two weeks now, and even though I love the topic vampire folklore , and even though I ve ruthlessly skipped the boring bits, I can t get through it.It s too bad, because I wanted to like this I enjoyed the beginning enough that I put it on our Staff Recommends wall and pulled it down today in shame On the surface, what s not to like Vampire Forensics purports to be a non fiction history of the vampire myth, and unlike some of the schlocky entries on that [...]

    7. Written by historian Mark Jenkins, Vampire Forensics is an insightful non fiction novel that explores the vast history of vampires In the book, legend and lore are examined through the lens of history, archaeology, anthropology, and forensic science.I have been studying vampires personally and professionally for years I care to count and have read virtually every non fiction vampire text I could get my hands on that being said, this book revealed very little that I hadn t know already It was a [...]

    8. There were too many cool bits of knowledge that I will pull away from this book to really mark this lower but for the discerning reader, there are probably significantly better tomes on the fanged menace Yes, reading about the fear of the dead and the numerous ways that different cultures have dealt with this fear mostly through the removal of some body part, often the head, with dismemberment cremation to follow was great to learn It was interesting as he crossed cultures for Mark Collins Jenki [...]

    9. With all this spring snow I was up to three am and so finished There are many interesting things and people are sure crazy but it was too gory I got a laugh out of vampires being for aristocrats and werewolves being middle class So where does that leave zombies They are blue collar I meant to do an NE question on that so you all could be amused too but its a wonder I am online at all with this snow so piled up.I think in some of these cases that people were NOT dead but were buried too soon One [...]

    10. I ve skimmed over half the book I might pick it up again I might not.Here s the problem.If you ve read The Vampire A Casebook or any other book about vampires, you know everything that this book is talking about.Honestly, I also would have thought that some one working for Nat Geo would have gotten Mary Shelley s relationship to Clare Clarmont correct.So I went back and finished it There are better vampire studies out there It s slightly intersting for the bit about Venice, but the last bit seem [...]

    11. A messy and hurried book, full of inaccuracies some amusing , that feels like it was thrown together to try and cash in a bit too late on the teen paranormal craze.It has no real structure or argument It begins with random references to vampire novels, the requisite going on about Vlad Dracul as if he was actually Dracula, and then proceeds to random accounts of every belief about undead or death rituals that the author can think of, tenuously linked to vampirism While the vampire related materi [...]

    12. Well That was interesting And that s pretty much it.The book is brimming with information not only on vampires, but on all kinds of undead on general I must say, though, that the information doesn t feel well connected, the author goes back and forward, back and forward and not everything feels cohesive and properly edited But let me tell you, with this book you ll have lots of Did you know facts for that next awkward silence I never knew the origins of vampires could be traced so far back into [...]

    13. A very interesting, all encompassing tale of the walking dead throughout the lands of time I highly recommend for people who are truly interested in where today s vampire, zombie, ghost, et cetera stories, myths, and legends originated This book will get you to the roots I also suggest Matthew Beresford s book in accordance with this one, since his is also very well written and if anything a little less tedious than this one.

    14. Good read if you are interested in the history of where the vampire idea arose.I found it a quick, engaging read, and I don t read many non fiction books.If you or your friends have an obsession with or even kind of interest in read this, it s well worth the time spent.It s practically Halloween anyway

    15. What a great find This book tries to uncover the origins and myths surrounding vampires and our present fascination with them What was most interesting to me was how various illnesses can mimic what people think of as vampire behavior The author really ran the world s cultures looking for vampire myths and legends Very well written, entertaining and educational.

    16. Very interesting, but a tad too unorganized I concur with my fellow reviewers who stated that there was no such thing as a red thread I especially enjoyed the parts about Dracula naturally.

    17. i recommend this book to those who are interested to find out about the origins of the vampire lore despite its scholarly approach, i find it readable and easy to digest it would have been interesting for me though if the author included some photographs.

    18. This book it s like a modern version of Montague Summers s Vampires and Vampirism 1929 except that most text has been translated to english and the chapters are arranged in reverse order This one starts with literature and ends in the past while Summers version starts from history to literature I understand that it s not a novel but of a science book since they both research history and myths but it still bothers me how Vampire Forensics reads like a plagiarized version of Vampires and vampiri [...]

    19. I am a massive vampire fan, so this was a nice book to read, tracing the origins of the vampire through history, from stories whispered around campfires to the massive success of Dracula and beyond The writing was ok but there were some parts that I had to read twice to grasp their meaning Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend to vampire geeks who want some good old true life vampire stories in their mind.

    20. I loved this book until I got to page 100 chapter 4, then it lost me completely If you re looking for a good read about the folklore and its spread through different cultures and its impact on history, this isn t the book for you If you re looking for a well researched and dense read about the possible misunderstood cases of vampirism, then you may be interested in picking this up Overall, kind of disappointed

    21. Insightful and completeWonderful history, a breeze to read I would highly recommend this book Author really did his research I thought ideas well versed in vampiric folklore, but found that my library was missing some important chapters after reading this book I raise my glass of wine.wait, I never

    22. First I would like to say that though this book wasn t quite what I expected and not quite what I bought it for it was nonetheless very interesting and quite informative It can be confusing due to lack of organization and a meandering, wandering approach to writing.I wanted something along the lines of a record of vampire myths, what they did, how to stop them, etc What I got was much involved and often completely overshadowed the vampires and monsters themselves, getting confusing in places b [...]

    23. There s a good mix of historical accounts, science, mythology and various opinions to make this book very engaging, compelling and entertaining to read A little light on conclusions, however, the evidence is laid out in a way for us to draw our own conclusions I kind of liked that Some of the earliest influences of the literary vampire is discussed Polidori s The Vampyre , de Fanu s Carmilla , Stoker s Dracula and even the penny dreadful king Varney the Vampire gets a mention I particularly enjo [...]

    24. I ve liked vampires for a long time maybe it began with Twilight yes, I like Twilight the books, not the movies , or with the Argeneau novels or some other source too far back in the past to be properly remembered I loved, loved, loved Dracula and it s the older versions of vampire tales that really interest me, back when they indicated horror than paranormal romance So this book immediately caught my attention.I loved the beginning a sort of trip through the evolution of the vampire figure in [...]

    25. This is a fascinating look at the origins of vampire lore from all around the world or a similar manifestation I ve always considered myself tolerably well read on vampires, but I was surprised how widespread belief in vampires or an equivalent was, and how long such legends have been around This book goes into the various legends, especially the most famous Slavic based vampires, the stories behind them and explanations as to why the seemly terrifying phenomenon occurred Fair warning this is no [...]

    26. The earliest written evidence of vampire oupir or upir, as it happens appears in the margin of a manuscript called the book of the prophets, a copy of a work whoe original dates to 1047 Mark Collins Jenkins overview of the history, variations and origins of the vampire was a fascinating read Although much has been written about Vlad Tepes and his inspiration to Bram Stoker when writing Dracula, Jenkins ventures further back, to Rome, where he makes the connection between dragons, wolves and were [...]

    27. While this makes for an interesting read, it is a light read, which is not really what I was hoping for when I picked it up It could be that I was spoiled by my professors in college, meaning they expected quotes to be used to support arguments, sections essays or chapters to be grouped around a central idea, and paragraphs to have a central idea and for them to flow from one to the next as you covered all arguable points of your topic in a logical and strong manner None of which this book does [...]

    28. Vampire Forensics is an entertaining book filled with factoids that attempts to explore the history of vampires Mark Collins Jenkins cites folklore, literary characters e.g Dracula , anthropological, archaeological, medical e.g rabies, plague victims, funerary practices and other scientific research in his search for the origins of the vampire legends The organizational structure of the book is somewhat erratic making the path to the origin of the vampire legend somewhat obscure This is not a ch [...]

    29. This book was interesting, but it wasn t coherent at all The author jumped from one myth to another, without considering time lines or origin It first started talking about vampires in pop culture, then went to Vlad the Impaler, to grave diggers in the 80 s, then myths and religions in the 1300 s, back to settlers in America during the 1700 s Each part was interesting like I said, but I also think it was almost overly detailed and the author s main part kind of derailed until you got to another [...]

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