X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography #2020

X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography By Ray Davies X Ray The Unauthorized Autobiography X Ray The Kinks lead singer and songwriter tells the story of his life and career to a nameless writer hired by the Corporation to be the rock singer s biographer offering a vivid account of London
  • Title: X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography
  • Author: Ray Davies
  • ISBN: 9780879516642
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography By Ray Davies X Ray The Kinks lead singer and songwriter tells the story of his life and career to a nameless writer hired by the Corporation to be the rock singer s biographer, offering a vivid account of London, the swinging 1960s rock scene, and such fellow musicians as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, and others Reprint Full description
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      Ray Davies Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography book, this is one of the most wanted Ray Davies author readers around the world.

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    1. The Kinks after two duds the hits started They had 13 UK top ten hits between 1964 and 1970 including 3 No 1s and 3 No 2s A much loved band In America, not so much 4 top ten hits, no number ones I revere the great singles acts and in the 60s The Kinks were the number three group after Beatles and Stones Number four was The Who, the competition was fierce in those days Not only were the hits almost all great, the flipsides often were too Here is the roll callYou Really Got Me proto metal, definit [...]

    2. I always get rankled when I hear people especially professionals whatever that means Saying that So and So is the greatest writer, or artist, or singer, or Tea cozy collector, etc of all time , based solely on their own personal tastes and assumptions, rather than saying logically and correctly that So and So is THEIR PERSONAL FAVORITE Jai Alai referree, ad infinitum.That being said, Ray Davies, IS THE GREATEST BRITISH SONGWRITER OF ALL TIME Simple as that His unauthorized autobiography , so cal [...]

    3. This may be the unhappiest rock memoir I ve ever read.First, a confession I love the Kinks The Beatles will always come first, but the Kinks will likely always be closer to my heart The Beatles are a miracle, rising to perfection the Kinks are a goddamned gift, that sometimes wearying companion who, nonetheless, is The One, capable of reaching you in ways that go deep into your soul Or perhaps I should say in Days that go deep into your soul Anyway, so here s Raymond Douglas Davies c 1997 He is [...]

    4. Here is a book that turned out to be every bit as good as I hoped it would be This is the story of one fascinating and complex man, Raymond Douglas Davies rebel, oddball, head case, and perhaps a pop music genius as well He begins by introducing a technique that is simultaneously distancing and revealing the story is not being told by Davies, but by a young writer hired by The Corporation to do a biography of him Davies gets to play with the idea of himself viewing himself, of Ray Davies the pop [...]

    5. I found this to be difficult to read and mostly boring The first 20 30 pages set up a pointless frame story around the actual biography The fictional wrapper adds nothing to Mr Davies life story The interesting bits the actual anecdotes and stories are much enjoyable to read He doesn t delve into the music much, which is frustrating He ll make a comment along the lines of a while back we had recorded insert name of classic Kinks record that shouldn t be an afterthought Many songs are mentioned [...]

    6. Ray Davies is one of the great songwriters of his generation No I should say one of the great songrwriters of the 60 s The fact he is not really part of the 60 s scene, although he was Well now it gets complicated.On the other hand this is a very interesting memoir work of fiction from Mr Davies What s fascinating is you can see his mind at work No way was he going to write a straight ahead memoir Not his style And surprise, it s a really good book.And let me re phrase my opinion of Ray Davies H [...]

    7. Quite enjoyable romp through the mind of Ray Davies In trying to understand the confusion and dreams of the actors in the 1960s this is a good non sugary portrayal of the times in a semi fictional, semi autobiographical story While not high art what of the Kinks was it has a kind of Werner Herzog ecstatic truth to it which is also true of the Kinks music Even though I didn t finish it, I appreciated reading it

    8. Read This when it came out years ago, written in a strange style but interesting nonetheless, Ray Davies was definitely a bit money obsessed

    9. R.D was not one of the last independents He was one of the last innocents One could feel overwhelmed reading X Ray, and I think that s part of the point Ray puts the reader in the position he was once in young, na ve, surrounded by older, worldlier people spouting forth with all sorts of truth and nonsense You have someone who at heart is a largely innocent person, who still believes in simple, good things, and he is thrown into a debauched world that for the most part whirls around as he stands [...]

    10. There was a good autobiography in here once the reader got through the annoying and unnecessary author of the book Ray Davies has a vaulted opinion of himself and it shows in his conceit of intertwining this distracting character throughout the pages If one is an avid Kinks fan there is some good information contained herein, but searching for it is like sloshing through mud to find a diamond.

    11. Occasionally too ambitious for it s own good like a lot of classic Kinks , and a little self indulgent, this is still a nicely different and fascinating autobiography Ray is an entertaining and probing prose writer as well as songwriter and gets to the heart of his work, his life, and what pushed him and guided him.

    12. ExcellentThis is unlike any autobiography l have ever read fascinating, absorbing, and brilliantly unique I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

    13. X Ray is a or less straightforward autobiography by Ray Davies, lead singer and songwriter for The Kinks As a diehard Kinks fan who has everything they recorded up till Preservation or so, I found it a fascinating read, though hampered at times by a fictional framework story Davies constructs around the myth of his character The framework involves a corporate drone in some near future who is given the task of interviewing Davies by his corporate overlords the corporation for some reason or othe [...]

    14. This was perhaps the most unusual autobiography I have ever read, not that I should have expected anything else from Kinks frontman Ray Davies, who has in the past couple months mesmerized me with his lyrics After my yearly trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in June, I became obsessed with the Kinks which may actually be explained by Ray Davies s fashion choices in the early 1970s The lyrics captivated me, and I wanted to learn everything I could about this oh so British songwrite [...]

    15. I would have thought that the man who wrote and sang of characters lazing on sunny afternoons, obsessing with lust, class, and fashion, nostalgia, falling unashamedly for transsexuals, and confessing a simian nature would have provided his readers a glimpse of that same wry, quirky, satirist It takes 30 pages for the narrative to begin and then, it speaks through a dark, humorless victim, using a very awkward and self conscious device.And the book ultimately made me very sad RD seems so disillus [...]

    16. This memoir from Ray Davies, front man of The Kinks, is based around a fictional storyline where a reporter working for a corporate run government known as The Corporation is trying to track down and interview the reclusive singer songwriter This fictional Orwellian approach frames what is basically his recounting of his life, from childhood up to the early 1970 s Davies is a remarkably complex fellow, as I assumed from his songwriting He portrays himself as a dramatic character that happens to [...]

    17. Knock,knock Ray How many people have you got in there Okay, at least two, maybe An unauthorized biography gave me a clue right off the bat that this wouldn t be just another rambling memory Well it did ramble, but in an innovative way A very complicated and high strung musical wizard I always loved the Kinks and now I know why Genius seems to come at a cost, but his gave us an unique style and sound.I don t discount his brother Dave as a major ingredient to this mix, either I too wish I could f [...]

    18. Saw a former student recently who said that every time he heard a Kinks song he thought of me, since I was such a fan of Ray Davies Kind of surprised he knew and remembered this.wonder if he remembered any of the curriculum I was actually supposed to teach Hum Anyway, his comment threw me into another Ray phase I guess I m never really out of that phase , and picked up this book to read the second time had read probably 15 years ago As Pete Townshend has said about Ray Davies, he s the poet laur [...]

    19. I got sort of tired going back and forth between the narrator s narrative and R.D s narrative, keeping track of who was who, but it was a creative approach This book actually made me appreciate the quirkiness of Dave Davies a bit , as well as Ray Davies views on England and America But I was hoping to hear a bit about his life after Muswell Hillbillies, and after finding out that Two Sisters was based on he and Dave Davies no longer listen to the song and get the same sad reaction I used to Ah w [...]

    20. When I picked up this book, I expected a fairly typical autobiography of a rock star, but I should ve known better Ray Davies of the Kinks never did anything like anyone else, and this book is no exception Instead of telling his story in a straightforward manner, Davies creates a fictional interviewer, with his own backstory, who sets out to interview the aging rock star known as Ray Davies The book starts off slowly, but once it gets going it s thoroughly engaging and entertaining It s sometime [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this excellent alternative autobiography by Kinks frontman Ray Davies It should be of no surprise to anyone that Davies is an excellent storyteller, and writes with a style that truly expresses his wit, charm, bitterness, cynicism, and sense of humor His choice of fictional structure only serves to be even revealing of its author than had Davies choose a conventional path I did not want the book to end, and can only hope that Ray Davies will one day write a sequel to this very e [...]

    22. Rather than write a conventional autobiography, Ray Davies former singer songwriter bandleader of The Kinks wrote this novel 1st published in the early 90s set in a dystopian near future A young man working for the Corporation interviews an old Ray Davies, all the while wondering to what extent Davies is lying to him In addition, there s a psychic bond between interviewer subject, time travel, or something.

    23. RD s unauthorized auto biography has elements of Philip K Dick influenced paranoia, Orwell s dystopian society and mid century film noir Unusual narrative structure introduces fictional interviewer assigned to dig up info on RD The set up is great but at times turns into straight ahead rock n roll road stories Still essential if you like the Kinks even a little bit.

    24. Only Ray DaviesOnly Ray Davies could have written this auto biography It is told in the form of a novel, and includes the death of the author before the conclusion of the story The story covers the early years of the Kinks, and of course Ray corrupts the corporate archivist sent to interview him Very cleverly done.

    25. I almost stopped reading this book after the first two chapters, THEN, it grabbed me and I could hardly wait for the next chapter to begin It definitely is different in that it is told within the genre of science fiction Parts kind of reminded me of Philip K Dick with time travel and reality confusion As I was reading the chapters, I couldn t get the songs out of my head He is a mad genius.

    26. My full and detailed review is at my site rnrchemist 2014 0A wholly unique and entertaining take on Ray s life story up to 1973, at least Only Ray could come up with a way of writing a memoir like this, and it s well worth it for any fan to read this.

    27. This autobiography is unlike any you will ever read Has an intersting way of meandering back and forth between fiction and reality, to paint an amazingly awesome portrayl of Ray Davies experience in the music industry.

    28. Very clever, as is Ray illustrates very well with Ray s nostalgic vision, the postwar environment that spawned the explosion of British music Intelligent, perceptive, the work of a writer, but still doesn t let the reader get that close.

    29. Read this a second time and had to change my star rating from 3 to 5 Appreciated it having recently seen Ray Davies in concert and indulging in yet another epic Kinks kick First time around I think I was put off by the fictional narrator schtick, but I softened a little this time around.

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