Theodore and the Talking Mushroom #2020

Theodore and the Talking Mushroom By Leo Lionni Theodore and the Talking Mushroom Theodore a little mouse lives with a lizard that can grow a new tail a frog that can swim underwater and a turtle that can close up like a box But Theodore has no special talents of his own When h
  • Title: Theodore and the Talking Mushroom
  • Author: Leo Lionni
  • ISBN: 9780375845512
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Theodore and the Talking Mushroom By Leo Lionni Theodore, a little mouse, lives with a lizard that can grow a new tail, a frog that can swim underwater, and a turtle that can close up like a box But Theodore has no special talents of his own When he discovers a mushroom that says Quirp, Theodore tells his friends that this is the only talking mushroom in the world, and that quirp means that he should be veneratedTheodore, a little mouse, lives with a lizard that can grow a new tail, a frog that can swim underwater, and a turtle that can close up like a box But Theodore has no special talents of his own When he discovers a mushroom that says Quirp, Theodore tells his friends that this is the only talking mushroom in the world, and that quirp means that he should be venerated above all animals The word spreads, and Theodore is bestowed with a crown until the truth comes out When his friends learn that they ve been deceived, Theodore discovers that he does have a special talent running away very fast This tall tale provides an excellent starting point for discussions of honesty.
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    1. Leo Lionni

      Leo Lionni wrote and illustrated than 40 highly acclaimed children s books He received the 1984 American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal and was a four time Caldecott Honor Winner for Inch by Inch, Frederick, Swimmy, and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse Leo Lionni died in October of 1999 at his home in Tuscany, Italy, at the age of 89.Leo Lionni has gained international renown for his paintings, graphic designs, illustrations, and sculpture, as well as for his books for children He was born in Holland in 1910 of Dutch parents, and although his education did not include formal art courses in fact, he has a doctorate in economics from the University of Genoa , he spent much of his free time as a child in Amsterdam s museums, teaching himself to draw.Lionni s business training gradually receded into the background as his interest in art and design grew Having settled in Milan soon after his marriage in 1931, he started off by writing about European architecture for a local magazine It was there that he met the contacts who were to give him a start as a professional graphic designer When he moved to America in 1939, Lionni was hired by a Philadelphia advertising agency as art director Later he became design director for the Olivetti Corporation of America, and then art director for Fortune magazine At the same time, his reputation as an artist flourished as he began to exhibit his paintings and drawings in galleries from New York to Japan.Lionni launched his career as an author illustrator of books for children in 1959 Originally developed from a story he had improvised for his grandchildren during a dull train ride, Little Blue and Little Yellow was the first of what is now a long list of children s picture books, including four Caldecott Honor Books.

    122 thoughts on “Theodore and the Talking Mushroom”

    1. I had high expectations when we checked this one out at the libraryI recognized the author s name among the list of classic children s book authors LOVED the illustrations collages but thought the ending was bizarre the main character has lied and when his friends find out, he just runs away What s the lesson then for children If you run move you will never have to confront friends to whom you ve lied Weird How about apologizing explaining

    2. I always enjoy Leo Lionni books, but this one was bizarre I assume the author was ON mushrooms when he wrote it, as it doesn t seem to have any underlying message and ends abruptly SPOILER Theodore lies, his friends call him on it, and then he runs off What Bizarre I actually looked at other reviews to make sure our library copy wasn t missing pages or something, it was that sudden Not one of his finer works.

    3. I honestly did not like this book I thought it was really strange and did not make a lot of sense to me I don t know if I will use this in my class.

    4. This book was about a mouse named Theodore who did not have any special talents He met a talking blue mushroom, and decided to tell his friends that he could communicate with it His friends thought that what he did was amazing, and gave him wreaths of flowers and surrounded him Then, they found out that he was lying there was a whole herd of talking blue mushrooms near by Theodore ran away and never saw his friends again.This book was kind of sad, but also had some good morals One moral was to b [...]

    5. A young mouse named Theodore feels like he s not good enough for his friends In order to impress them, he tells them that he s found a rare talking mushroom, and the mushroom says that the mouse is to be honored over all other animals However, his plan comes back to hurt him when the animals discover a whole valley of talking mushrooms.This book could be used to discuss friendship, especially conflicts that often arise in friendships having to do with boasting and or envy.It could be used to dis [...]

    6. Theodore and the Talking Mushroom is an interesting tale about a little mouse named Theodore Theodore is surrounded by friends that have great talent The turtle can close up like a box in its shell The lizard can grow a new tale WOW And the mouse, Theodore, feels inadequate The mouse ends up telling a lie so that he will fit in with his talented friends I like this book because it shines a light on moral issues regarding peer pressure and honesty This book can be used with the Four Resource Mode [...]

    7. This was an adorable book I would recommend for any young reader or any parent with a young child The illustrations are what caught my eye to begin with They are almost as if they were made out of paper and pasted on another sheet The expressions the animals have are hilarious and I think they d be entertaining for all ages The book overall has a great message not to lie to your friends The mouse decides to lie and make himself look better, but in the end his friends find out it was fake and the [...]

    8. This book was a little weird I have to admit that it made the list based on the illustrations I thought that story was going to have a moral ending, yet the story did fall a little short I think this could be a story that could be used to gear a health debate about whats right and whats wrong This book could be used as a read a loud and could help students understand that we can always apologize for our actions Overcoming differences, and celebrating success and failure.

    9. Any story that gives me the opportunity to say quirp as often as possible is a story that I m going to read again, and I love Lioni s illustrations particularly when the magical speaking mushroom and Theodore are crowned with flowers but this story ended so abruptly that I was forced to invent a complete ending to placate my outraged husband and expectant children.

    10. Theodore and the Talking Mushroom was great Clear up until the brief, weird, and abrupt ending that left the kids and me scratching our heads in puzzlement Typically cute Leo Lionni illustrations, though.

    11. Theodore is surrounded by cool animals, like a lizard who can regrow his tail and a box turtle Theodore hates that he doesn t have any special abilities so he tells everyone that his mushroom can talk, so he will be just as interesting as the other animals.

    12. This story is great to introduce a lesson on honesty Theodore loses friends because he is not truthful, but in the end he gets his friends back.

    13. To say the ending of this book was unsatisfying would be an understatement We ve really enjoyed Leo Lionni s books in the past but this was was mediocre at best.

    14. This book turned out a little weird, but I guessed that from the title My son liked the mushroom saying quirp quite a lot.

    15. The pictures were beautiful but the message where the lying mouse is never seen again is a bit dark for small children.

    16. Theodore not only lies to his rather boastful friends, but when he is found out, he runs away instead of apologizing and trying to mend the relationship This is a horrible book for kids.

    17. The moral of the story is, if you ever are feeling low and stumble upon a talking mushroom, don t allow it to sweep you up into self aggrandizement.

    18. Everything good about this book is in the illustrations, which are beautiful The story and moral are totally dumb.

    19. Theodore wants to be special so he tells a big lie This lie gets out of hand and Theodore learns a big lession Ages 4

    20. I like the concept of a character learning a lesson about lying to one s friends But the ending seems to fall short Great illustrations as always.

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