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The Haymeadow By Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen The Haymeadow Fourteen year old John Barron is asked like his father and grandfather before him to spend the summer taking care of their sheep in the haymeadow Six thousand sheep John will be alone except for tw
  • Title: The Haymeadow
  • Author: Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780440409236
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Haymeadow By Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen Fourteen year old John Barron is asked, like his father and grandfather before him, to spend the summer taking care of their sheep in the haymeadow Six thousand sheep John will be alone, except for two horses, four dogs, and all those sheep.John doesn t feel up to the task, but he hopes that if he can accomplish it, he will finally please his father But John finds thatFourteen year old John Barron is asked, like his father and grandfather before him, to spend the summer taking care of their sheep in the haymeadow Six thousand sheep John will be alone, except for two horses, four dogs, and all those sheep.John doesn t feel up to the task, but he hopes that if he can accomplish it, he will finally please his father But John finds that the adage things just happen to sheep is true when the river floods, coyotes attack, and one dog s feet get cut Through it all he must rely on his own resourcefulness, ingenuity, and talents to survive this summer in the haymeadow.
    The Haymeadow By Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen
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      242 Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen
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    1. Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen

      Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age After a librarian gave him a book to read along with his own library card he was hooked He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adventure A youthful summer of rigorous chores on a farm jobs as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor and two rounds of the 1,180 mile Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod have provided ample material from which he creates his stories.Paulsen and his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen, an artist who has illustrated several of his books, divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific.

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    1. Personal ResponseI personally loved this book I like how there is so much that I can relate to in this book For example the intense descriptions of the family farm that you come to love that others will hate for their entire life and how you can tell what your neighbors are doing just by the sound of the engines telling exactly what they are using I could not put this book down once I got reading it until it was the end Overall I rate this book with five stars.Plot SummaryIt s the summer just af [...]

    2. Fourteen year old John Barron lives on the land that used to be his great grandfather s ranch He works the land with his father and his father s helpers, but he wishes that something in his life would change He is not sure what One day, one of his father s helpers is critically ill, and he has to stay with him in town near the hospital That leaves only John to take the sheep to the hay meadow for their yearly summer stay Just him, six thousand sheep, four dogs, and two horses He is filled with d [...]

    3. It s not just frigid Northern winters and dogsledding that Gary Paulsen writes about with unique sensitivity and experiential knowledge He speaks of the American West with the same unmistakable affection and familiarity, aided by the fact that he and his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen who contributed The Haymeadow s handsome illustrations , owned homes in Wyoming and New Mexico when this novel was first published in 1992 Gary Paulsen always was an indefatigable researcher, not laying pen to page unti [...]

    4. I read this Gary Paulsen classic aloud to my husband and 13 year old son as we wound our way through Wyoming and Montana in our RV this summer My husband s comment after we finished the book one evening by the campfire was, I know his target audience is teenage boys, but I can t think of an author I like Another great coming of age story by the best outdoor writer of our time

    5. A Wyoming farmer becomes sick, and leaves his summer time sheep duties to his 14 year old son He has a farm hand that usually will take care of the sheep, but he is also ill with cancer and dying There is one hand, who helps John the 14 year old son get the sheep and supplies to the haymeadow He does not give much instruction, and John is faced with many difficult situations He is attacked by a bear, and has a viscous pack of coyotes attack his herd of sheep a few are killed, but not to many, i [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading it It was nice reading something that had a smooth story line, but still followed interesting conflicts I ve always adored books involving survival and nature, so I was excited to see that most of the events were to take place far from civilization with a boy and 6000 sheep I even found the idea of a 14 year old kid taking care of that many sheep alone to be almost comedic In the end, I personally thought it was a great story and I do recommend reading it.

    7. In parts, I laughed so hard my sides hurt The way Paulsen tells the story about the lands, John the boy who knew nothing about was he was tasked to do, but would shortly learn, the family heritage, not to mention the pristine beauty of the surrounding country, makes this book, in my estimation, one of Paulsen s Best.

    8. A novel about a young boy s coming of age in a way Do to changes at the ranch, he is to drive the sheep to the hay meadow for the summer Many things happengood and bad But this boy learns he has become a man in the end Great book

    9. It is a good book, and I d recommend it to people who take care of cattle and stuff like that It s a good way to learn about survival and how to keep things going Gary Paulsen is a good author I hope to read of his books in the future.

    10. The Haymeadow was a very interesting and outdoorsy book I could relate to it except for taking care of 6000 sheep It was probably one of my favorite books to read I like John s love for the outdoors I would recommend this book for any person who likes nature and the outdoors, or a farmer.

    11. My book was phenomenal It was great because I like the adventure of his travel to the mountains I really like books like these because they keep me on the edge I never wanted to put this book down it was that good I rate this book five stars.

    12. Such a sweet coming of age story Made me long for those Wyoming hills and big grassy meadows and the quiet sole solitude

    13. 14 year old motherland boy who has to be a Shepherd for three months all by himself while his father cares for the ranch and sick ranch hand The story deals with the boys education about nature and himself It ends with a bonding between father and son I read this to my son and we both enjoyed it.

    14. Loved this sweet coming of age story about a boy growing up on a ranch and his time alone taking care of the sheep in the hay meadow.

    15. The Haymeadow is about a teenager named John Barron who is forced to spend the summer protecting six thousand sheep,in a haymeadow, in Wyoming In the exposition we learn that his father s farmhand,Tink, has cancer and can t go with the sheep to the haymeadow for the summer John is told that he has to watch six thousand sheep ,all summer, by himself, with nothing but nature around He leaves the next day and gets there in two days time Another farmhand,Cawley, accompanies him there but leaves the [...]

    16. Dusty Phelps 10 25 11Class 1st Zach Bales The Haymeadow Review Gary Paulsen s book, The Haymeadow, was just another book that was complete success His western style books excite its readers, every time Gary Paulsen is a well known author Mostly due to his book, Hatchet The main character, John Barron, is fourteen when his father gives him the task of watching the families six thousand head of sheep up in the hay meadow through the summer He had nothing besides a wagon full of supply, two horses, [...]

    17. The haymeadow is a book about a teenage boy that lives on a ranch that has sheep and horses They use to have alot of land but couldn t make payments and had it taken away so now the people who own the ranch let them live there and have them watch over the ranch and all of the animals and in return don t have to pay to live there and they get to pretty much call it their ranch It is adventurous because after a ranch hand that drives the sheep to a meadow up in the mountains and stays there from s [...]

    18. The hay meadow by Gary paulsen The setting takes place at a small farm in Wyoming where a boy named john has to take care of animals I read this book because my friend told me about this book and he said it was a really good book so i went to a public library and i rented it.The hay meadow is about a boy named john Barron that goes to a small farm over the summer so that he doesn t stop his family s tradition in taking care of animals He s a very interesting kid that doesn t really have a strong [...]

    19. COMING TO TERMS WITH NATURE AND HIS HERITAGEJohn is only 14 the year his father expects him to spend the summer in a distant haymeadow in the Wyoming mountains alone with 6,000 sheep, 4 border collies and 2 horses Unsure if he is up to the demands of prolonged living without human companionship in valley pasturage, lacking both experience and a guidebook, the boy psyches himself up by pretending he would do things the way he imagines the Old Man his great grandfather who founded the spread would [...]

    20. The book begins when john, the main character kind of tells you the back story on how his dad goes every month to visit his mothers grave and how he barely remembers her Also about the farm and how their family farm came to be This tradition is one that has been carried on ever sense the farm was created every year they take tons of sheep just busloads of them and they keep them up there for the summer Though out the story it talks about the adventures with the sheep and dogs like the coyote att [...]

    21. The main idea of this book is that a young kid in is 20 s and has been put in charge to guide and take care of a flock of sheep in the middle of no where The boy has been in charge of the sheep by an older man and the boy has to figure out how to make the sheep stay safe with the little knowledge that he has from the past in school and heard over the years The boy has to been put into a cabin and given a truck and a few pairs of clothes and given a few herding dogs to help While herding one lamb [...]

    22. A 14 year old teeenager named John Barron was asked to take care of 6000 sheep for a summer all by himself He had one gun, two horses,four dogs and 6000 sheep to keep him company He was doing this because his father and grandfather before him had done this This sounds like fun He thought that he needed to do this in order to earn the respect of his father and grandfather He went on a journey His journey was long and treacherous and he needed to learn skills so that he could survive One thing he [...]

    23. Gary Paulsen is the champion of survival coming of age novels This time 14 year old motherless John, is charged by his father with herding a flock of 6000 sheep far up the Wyoming mountains, because the farmhand who usually summers with the sheep has cancer For three months John battles snakes, coyotes, flash floods and even a black bear He finds himself hesitating to kill severely wounded sheep with his gun He also needs to come to terms with his family history, which is not quite like he has a [...]

    24. I liked this book less than I wanted to I typically enjoy adventure stories that deal with overcoming some sort of natural obstacle in order to survive , especially when it has to deal with horses or ranching This was just a little too much survival though Don t get me wrong, it was good to see all the stuff about ranching and all of the hardships that must be faced when caring for sheep on your own, but it felt like it was slam full of one chaotic event after another, leaving no time to take a [...]

    25. John Barron is 14 and is given the job of tending the 6000 flock of sheep in the mountain hay meadow John is worried how will he ever manage it, no one has told him what to do, he will be all alone and isolated but for the dogs, horses and of course all those sheep Shortly after being on his own, one dog cuts his foot bad, his wagon is caught in a flash flood, the sheep are attacked by coyotes and then a bear and their is also a run in with a skunk and snake Through it all John learns to handle [...]

    26. I read this book to help my son with his homework and had a happy surprise What a lovely coming of age story about a boy who is forced into responsibility he doesn t feel ready for I think my high rating might also have to do with the subject matter ranching, the pastoral setting and the reality behind it of dealing with wild animals and the natural world that won t be tamed and must be respected I loved the character of John Barron and the way he idolizes his great grandfather Everything works [...]

    27. This book is about a boy that becomes a responsible young adult He is able to manage an entire farm He learns how to become a farmer becasue he has a lot of help from others He takes care of the animals very well because he knows how to do a good job.I can relate this book to the world because a lot of people have farms and they have to live off of what animals produce.They have animals to produce resources such as cows produce milk.I rate this book 2 stars because I thought i was kind of boring [...]

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