La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language #2020

La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language By Dianne Hales La Bella Lingua My Love Affair with Italian the World s Most Enchanting Language Italians say that someone who acquires a new language possesses it In my case Italian possesses me With Italian racing like blood through my veins I do indeed see with different eyes hear with diff
  • Title: La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language
  • Author: Dianne Hales
  • ISBN: 9780767927697
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language By Dianne Hales Italians say that someone who acquires a new language possesses it In my case, Italian possesses me With Italian racing like blood through my veins, I do indeed see with different eyes, hear with different ears, and drink in the world with all my senses A celebration of the language and culture of Italy, La Bella Lingua is the story of how a language shaped a natio Italians say that someone who acquires a new language possesses it In my case, Italian possesses me With Italian racing like blood through my veins, I do indeed see with different eyes, hear with different ears, and drink in the world with all my senses A celebration of the language and culture of Italy, La Bella Lingua is the story of how a language shaped a nation, told against the backdrop of one woman s personal quest to speak fluent Italian.For anyone who has been to Italy, the fantasy of living the Italian life is powerfully seductive But to truly become Italian, one must learn the language This is how Dianne Hales began her journey In La Bella Lingua, she brings the story of her decades long experience with the the world s most loved and lovable language together with explorations of Italy s history, literature, art, music, movies, lifestyle and food in a true opera amorosa a labor of her love of Italy.Throughout her first excursion in Italy with non parlo Italiano as her only Italian phrase Dianne delighted in the beauty of what she saw but craved comprehension of what she heard And so she chose to inhabit the language Over than twenty five years she has studied Italian in every way possible through Berlitz, books, CDs, podcasts, private tutorials and conversation groups, and, most importantly, large blocks of time in Italy In the process she found that Italian became not just a passion and a pleasure, but a passport into Italy s storia and its very soul She offers charming insights into what it is that makes Italian the most emotionally expressive of languages, from how the pronto Ready Italians say when they answer the telephone conveys a sense of something coming alive, to how even ordinary things such as a towel asciugamano or handkerchief fazzoletto sound better in Italian She invites readers to join her as she traces the evolution of Italian in the zesty graffiti on the walls of Pompeii, in Dante s incandescent cantos and in Boccaccio s bawdy Decameron She portrays how social graces remain woven into the fabric of Italian even the chipper ciao, which does double duty as hi and bye, reflects centuries of bella figura And she exalts the glories of Italy s food and its rich and often uproarious gastronomic language Italians deftly describe someone uptight as a baccala dried cod , a busybody who noses into everything as a prezzemolo parsley , a worthless or banal movie as a polpettone large meatball Like Dianne, readers of La Bella Lingua will find themselves innamorata, enchanted, by Italian, fascinated by its saga, tantalized by its adventures, addicted to its sound, and ever eager to spend time in its company Dianne Hales is a widely published journalist and health writer She lives with her family in Marin County, California You can find out about Dianne at her website becomingitalian or labellalingua and on Facebook.
    La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language By Dianne Hales
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    1. Dianne Hales

      Ever since I was a girl, I had only one career goal to write for a living And so I have than a thousand articles for national publications, 15 trade books, 24 editions of the leading college health textbook.Along the way I fell madly, gladly, giddily in love with Italian Years of passionate study led to LA BELLA LINGUA My Love Affair with Italian, the World s Most Enchanting Language, which in turn led to many delightful consequences Most unexpected being knighted by the President of Italy My research in Florence led me to intriguing clues about the real woman in Leonardo da Vinci s iconic portrait, Mona Madame Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo My new book, MONA LISA A LIFE DISCOVERED, tells the story of Florence s most famous but long ignored daughter a woman of the Renaissance, wife, mother and muse I hope you enjoy getting to know her.

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    1. This is a really good read for those that have a similar fascination with the Italian language But wait, there s to it than that its a really comprehensive history lesson about the Italian Peninsular, its people, culture, art, food, music, inventions and of course, the language that is woven throughout all timeIts so damn good i ve read it three times just the sort of history entertainment i like you can pick it up and start anyplace always something fascinating pops out Brava

    2. this is a memoir of how one non italian woman spent 25 years becoming fluent in italianor that s what i expected it s really a lot about the development of the italian language the way the language unified the disparate regions throughout the italian peninsula brought them together as a country how much of this is bright shiny revisionist history, i am unqualified to say i didn t dislike this book, but it was very different from what i expected just look at the cover doesn t it look like it s g [...]

    3. I flew through this book in a weekend, and I plan on reading it again.For anyone who has been enchanted by the always beautiful, often frustrating Italian language and tried to grasp its basics as well as its intricacies, Dianne s tales will not only ring true but also comfort you.From obscure word etymologies to entertaining anecdotes, La Bella Lingua will keep you turning pages, nodding along in agreement, laughing, and even learning I picked up quite a few new words myself.And the writing A s [...]

    4. The author s love for Italian is almost off putting in its intensity While she has some interesting stories about Italy and the development of the language, she also retails stories as truth that have been disproved, or at least disputed, without comment And the detail of the language descends into long pages of trivia at times It also rankled slightly that her knowledge of Italian is clearly much richer than her understanding of English and of language in general, so that she disparages the lat [...]

    5. I chuckled on Page 2 On Page 14, I laughed out loud It s not a funny book per se, but it certainly has its moments La Bella Lingua is as charming, quirky and vibrant as the Italian language itself.Here are some samples Business can remain unfinished a long time in Italy A researcher tells of requesting a book from the catalog of the Vatican Library only to receive a notice stating, Missing since 1530 Page 28 On our first visit, when Bob disappeared in search of parking, I informed the concierge [...]

    6. When I first glanced at Dianne Hales s book, in which she tells the story of how she fell in love with Italian and her adventures in the process of learning it, I saw another flower in the Garden of Italian Delight There are so many other books with the personal stories of American women who fall for Italy and go there to actually make their declaration of love, starting with the esteemed Under the Tuscan Sun about buying a house in Italy to the currently popular Eat, Pray, Love about, among oth [...]

    7. This book took me by surprise as I expected to like it than I did In it she explores Italian life and culture from a number of different angles the evolution of the language, art, culture music, film But the overriding impression I get is how satisfied with herself she is thus, I struggled to finish this book rather than add it to the growing list of books that I am reading when I don t have anything else at hand.I ve enjoyed this time of book in the past, most recently, Living in a Foreign Lan [...]

    8. If I had not spent a year and a half in Italy, I would not have found this book very interesting It was humorous sometimes for me because I am familiar Italian quirkiness and the beautiful Italian language, but it was a little hard to follow her train of thought at times Also, I believe the author is obsessed w sex and anything having to do w it, as most poets author s quotes she used were somewhat suggestive, if not directly of an erotic nature body parts, etc Weird I would only recommend this [...]

    9. After hearing about La Bella Lingua by someone who was learning the Italian language, I expected to love this book For me, the bright spots were in all the little stories about Italy, the culture, the language, and the history The writing and construction were sort of hectic to me, and the author s random personal anecdotes didn t connect well enough with what she was trying to tell That being said, if you have any interest in Italy and have spent time learning Italian then you will enjoy this b [...]

    10. Enjoyed this book and I think I learned at least 5 new Italian words or phrases per page The author helps translate some of the hardest ideas and themes of the Italian language and lifestyle Love the chapter about Dante and his importance to Italians and the language Wasn t really into the chapter on opera, but I m not really a fan of opera in general so that doesn t help Some parts get a little too detailed and mention too many significant people in a genre, making it confusing to figure out wh [...]

    11. This is unlike many American living abroad tales Rather than write about herself, the author writes of her innamorato She confesses she has fallen madly, gladly, giddily in love with the world s most luscious language She invites you along as she describes her immersion in Italy and the Italian lifestyle She also shares everything she loves about the peninsula s art, history, cinema, gastronomy, and literature The reader becomes as enchanted as she is.

    12. We get it, you like Italian, but I m bored and its not fun reading a book where every couple pages a few phrases I don t know are thrown in, presumably for the sake of throwing them Non so se continui a leggere

    13. This is a charming history of the Italian language and culture the author includes stories on literature, word origins, history, and food How can you not love a language where the polite form of you treats everyone like a princess, and vulgarities include a reference to Helen of Troy

    14. This book is sort of about language but language is of an entree into a wide variety of topics including music, politics, food, art, history, so on and so forth I found it relatively enjoyable and learned a few new words My issues with it are that she asserts certain things are factual that are not and also that she is SO sure that Italian is the best language To call a language the best is just silly and ethnocentric You can love Italian without asserting it s superiority but I guess the title [...]

    15. To resist writing passionately about anything Italian is to lie And while careful research melded with precise facts earn her an A for thoroughness, Dianne Hales expository descriptions of everything from language derivations to food, opera and art betray the very esssence of Italian and its organic nature, from its Umbrian Etruscan origins to the modern day vernacular Her staid style and prim manners place her readers forever on the periphery of this luscious, select topic the multi layered Ita [...]

    16. Since I m taking an Italian class I thought this would be the perfect time to finally pull this book off the shelf and read it I had no idea what I was in for The cute little cover should be changed to something serious and textbooky because this is basically a history of the Italin language It s also a love letter to everything Italian, including food, art, literature, gestures I took my time reading over the Italian words, pronouncing them in my head or enthusiastically outloud, scaring my cat [...]

    17. The author is correct, this is a book demonstrating her love affair with the Italian Language That doesn t tell the whole story though It is the story of how she got deeper and deeper into the Italian culture, psyching it out from the language as it developed from Latin though various dialects to become a unifying effect as Italy was created Apparently it all goes back to those books by Dante and Boccacio which I should have read a long time ago and included writings and art by Leonardo da Vinci [...]

    18. Even though I am Italian language lover myself, I was wondering if it was possible to write a book about the language without it turning out either boring or into one of those left big city to cultivate olives in Italian village type of books Ms Hales managed to do that Learning the roots and evolution of the language is a fantastic way of learning the history, literature, art, cuisine and culture of Italy itself I feel like the author has made a very good research before writing the book and sh [...]

    19. I read this book during my vacation in the Italian south Ms Hales light hearted romp through the history of Italian language and culture certainly added to my enjoyment of being there I am an Italiophile anyhow so a lot of the aspects she talkes about food and art in particular weren t especially new to me However, I don t mind reading about Italian art again and again Not at all I would consider this book a great primer for all things Italian If you like Italy but haven t given the culture much [...]

    20. I ve never had a particular penchant for Dante or Petrarch or Boccacio but after flinging myself into this beauty, I might give the Divine Comedy or Decameron the old college try I must admit that at times La Bella becomes tiring in its relentless praises of Italy and the Italian language and it would be nice if the language and the culture was given a balanced appraisal Regardless, reading Hales is still a constructive way to pass the time And who knows With her peppering of Italian phrases on [...]

    21. As a student of Italian Language and a traveler hoping to visit Italy in next year or so, I picked up this book with hope to learn a little bit in depth about the country s history, traditions, and perhaps pick up a useful phrase here and there I was not disappointed The book was well written it s interesting, educational, yet funny, especially during parts when the author describes her first attempt and mishaps in Italian conversation I would recommend it to everybody with an interest in Itali [...]

    22. Read it twice and enjoyed it even the second time If you have a passion for Italy and all its loveliness and its quirkiness, you would thoroughly enjoy this book Bravissima Dianne La Bella Lingua My Love Affair with Italian, the World s Most Enchanting Language

    23. If you have a chance to learn Italian and importantly to live in Italy, be surrounded by all typical Italians and then unfortunately move somewhere else, the book will bring back all the beautiful memories, from the sound r to the flirty style of speaking, from the history to the typical pizza, from some sophisticated stuffs to the amazingly simple things that you ve experienced in Italy.

    24. This book captured my attention, primarily because of my love for the Italian language Hales uses the main aspects of Italian life food, music, love, and art to beautifully describe the history of the Italian language As an intermediate to advanced speaker of Italian, it was a great study in Italian idioms that you cannot learn by reading a text book I would definitely recommend this book for someone interested in etymology.

    25. I didn t think I needed to read any books about Italy or Italians but I was wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Hales 25 year adventure becoming fluent in Italian Along the way she gives a history of Italian language, food, film, opera, literature and art history relating everything back to the language Being an Italophile and Italian student myself I could relate to her foibles and was amused by the ephemera she brings to light Especially the chapter on Italian cursing.

    26. I d give this book one and a half stars if I could I didn t hate it, but it was somewhat of a waste of time As advertised, it s a personal account of Dianne Hales s love for Italian The trouble is that personal accounts are really boring, and this one is no different She gives a shallow history of Italian, for which I am grateful, but it s all fluffy and forgettable.

    27. A fun tour de force of the Italian language, encompassing Dante, Italian unification, opera, food, cursing, and I enjoyed meeting the author unexpectedly while volunteering at a gala at the Italian Cultural Institute in SF I told her I d been reading her book on Bart just an hour before She got a kick out of it and was very gracious.

    28. A fascinating and informative read about Italian language, history, and culture Hales writes a beautiful love letter to Italy A great read for anyone interested in learning all about the history and evolution of Italian culture and language.

    29. A good overall history of the development of the Italian language I went into the book thinking it was going to be focused on her experience of learning the language, rather than this history I was expecting of a Under the Tuscan Sun book rather than a history book, but I enjoyed it.

    30. The book was interesting and had some humorous moments, but it started to feel like a textbook and less like the lighthearted linguistic memoir I had hoped for If you are looking for a history of the Italian language, this is a book for you.

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