The Dark Beyond the Stars #2020

The Dark Beyond the Stars By Frank M. Robinson The Dark Beyond the Stars For two thousand years the starship Astron has searched the galaxy for alien life without success Now just as the ship is falling apart the only direction left to explore is across the Dark a one
  • Title: The Dark Beyond the Stars
  • Author: Frank M. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780312866242
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dark Beyond the Stars By Frank M. Robinson For two thousand years, the starship Astron has searched the galaxy for alien life without success Now, just as the ship is falling apart, the only direction left to explore is across the Dark, a one hundred generation journey through empty space.The ship s captain immortal, obsessed refuses to abandon the quest He will cross the Dark, or destroy the ship trying.OnlyFor two thousand years, the starship Astron has searched the galaxy for alien life without success Now, just as the ship is falling apart, the only direction left to explore is across the Dark, a one hundred generation journey through empty space.The ship s captain immortal, obsessed refuses to abandon the quest He will cross the Dark, or destroy the ship trying.Only Sparrow, a young crewman uncertain of his own past, can stand against the captain, and against the lure and challenge of the dark beyond the stars
    The Dark Beyond the Stars By Frank M. Robinson The Dark Beyond Destiny Wiki Guide IGN Nov , The Dark Beyond Archer s Line Ghost From the spawn of the first level, go up the hill you ll see a large pipe with two white stripes and a yellow stripe in Anchor of Light Temple of Crota In This Wiki Guide. The Dark Beyond Destinypedia, the Destiny wiki The Dark Beyond is a story mission that takes place on the Moon. The Dark Beyond Destiny Wiki Fandom The Dark Beyond is a story mission in Destiny and takes place in Ocean of Storms, Moon. Beyond the Dark Oct , Eight depictions of horror twisted into one feature film with unpredictable turns at the end of each segment Set in an unknown sinister world where psychotic killers, mysterious creatures, demons and the undead do exist Be prepped to go to an evil place somewhere Beyond the Dark Written by Matthew Douglas Grzeszak The Dark Beyond the Stars A Novel Made into an excellent movie with George Hamilton, and the late Suzanne Pleshette and late Michael Rennie Klatuu in The Day the Earth Stood Still The Dark Beyond the Stars harkens back to classic space opera in its story of a generation starship long before made famous by writers including Robert Heinlein. Great Dark Beyond Wowpedia Your wiki guide to the
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      317 Frank M. Robinson
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      Frank M Robinson was an American science fiction and techno thriller writer he got his start writing for the old pulp fiction magazines He wrote several novels with Thomas N Scortia until Scortia s death in 1986.Born in Chicago, Illinois Robinson was the son of a check forger He started out in his teens working as a copy boy for International News Service and then became an office boy for Ziff Davis He was drafted into the Navy for World War II, and when his tour was over attended Beloit College, where he majored in physics, graduating in 1950 Because he could find no work as a writer, he ended up back in the Navy to serve in Korea, where he kept writing, read a lot, and published in Astounding magazine.After the Navy, he attended graduate school in journalism, then worked for a Chicago based Sunday supplement Soon he switched to Science Digest, where he worked from 1956 to 1959 From there, he moved into men s magazines Rogue 1959 65 and Cavalier 1965 66 In 1969, Playboy asked him to take over the Playboy Advisor column He remained there until 1973, when he left to write full time.After moving to San Francisco in the 1970s, Robinson, who was gay, was a speechwriter for gay politician Harvey Milk he had a small role in the film Milk After Milk s assassination, Robinson was co executor, with Scott Smith, of Milk s last will and testament.Robinson is the author of 16 books, the editor of two others, and has penned numerous articles Three of his novels have been made into movies The Power 1956 was a supernatural science fiction and government conspiracy novel about people with superhuman skills, filmed in 1968 as The Power The Glass Inferno, co written with Thomas N Scortia, was combined with Richard Martin Stern s The Tower to produce the 1974 movie The Towering Inferno The Gold Crew, also co written Scortia, was a nuclear threat thriller filmed as an NBC miniseries and re titled The Fifth Missile.He collaborated on several other works with Scortia, including The Prometheus Crisis, The Nightmare Factor, and Blow Out In 2009 he was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame

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    1. SF Sab told me she was reading a book where this guy wakes up with amnesia and starts having lots of gay sex in space Doesn t that sound like a great story I thought so Sadly, it s only a small part of this one There s a lot of casual, same sex fooling around, but it s in a culture where gay doesn t have any meaning and sex has no taboos attached, so there s no sense of tension It s barely even gay I wanted of an exploration of the sexual politics of the spaceship s closed society, a society wh [...]

    2. My favorite science fiction books are usually idea driven By this, I mean that characters are introduced only to move the story along Authors that come to mind are Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds, Greg Egan etc.At the other end of the spectrum are authors like Robert Charles Wilson, Frank Herbert and Ursula K LeGuin who start with a what if scenario and study how it effects the lives of the people in the book While I don t dislike these kinds of books, I generally tend to forget them rather qu [...]

    3. First Read Wow This is an AWESOME book I could not put it down, and ended up reading its 408 pages in a day and a bit This novel has everything going for it Great writing, great story, believable characters, the right amounts of tension, action, drama, thought provoking ideas and revelations I definitely recommend this Second Read I knew where the book was going, so I didn t get many of the benefits this time around, but I still enjoyed it a lot

    4. Generation ship stories are a fairly well known sub genre of SF, starting as a logical explanation for how humanity would be able to cross the great distances between the stars without violating the laws of physics, tucking in for a journey that might conceivably take thousands of years A lot of the times those stories can be subdivided into a few other distinct types There s the ones where the people on the ship don t realize they ve been on a ship for years and years and have evolved new cultu [...]

    5. Good hard SF Moby Dick meets Star Trek with a dash of Wandering Jew.The basis premise is flawed, though The Dark is pictured as the starless void between two arms of the Milky Way which the multi generational explorers must cross to find a richer area to search But that s exactly where the earth is The less crowded neighborhood between the arms may be the best place to look Like Star Trek, Robinson commits the error of picturing it as having an edge with lots of starts on one side and a black vo [...]

    6. I was in my pre teens when I read this BUT I thought it was so great that I still remember it now There s so much food for thought about the existance of other life in the universe and just how small the human race really is And there s a whole lot of gay bi sexuality going on and none of the characters thought it was anything unusual This storyline was also the first time that I realized that all these societal norms we all understand as normal don t actually mean anything Lock a handful of us [...]

    7. I loved this book My hang ups included two rape scenes one aftermath and one short yet overt scene and a weird reproduction ritual Nevertheless the author investigated viewed these in a way I did not expect from 1990s sci fi The book was also incredibly inclusive, especially for being written in 1991.Also I m now thinking about belief in a whole new way, and the overall adventure and mystery of this book was superb Still not sure how I feel about the ending, but hey, I m definitely thinking abou [...]

    8. One of my favorite SciFi books ever I ve been waiting for it to come to the kindle for years so I could re read but finally gave up and got the dead tree version.Plot wise it s not epic It s strength is character development and one of the best plot turns I ve ever read.The author telegraphed it loud, you knew it was coming, and it was still amazing.

    9. Frank Robinson returns to Sci Fi with a complex, intriguing space opera concerned with the nature of man and of being human which harkens back to The Power Great plot, great characters, surprise ending, great read To hard SF fundamentalists It ain t hard SF Get over it

    10. I was recommended this book off a list of sci fi, fantasy, and horror novels that have gay characters in them Pretty much every character in the novel was bisexual, which is fine, but I was expecting the main character to be gay, so that was mildly disappointing This has nothing to do with my review, it s just an FYI in case you re hoping the novel is about the experiences of a gay character in space.As for the book itself, I felt annoyed with the way it was written most of the time because it s [...]

    11. There seem to be two main subgenres in SF action packed or meditative.This work belongs to the second and has many merits but, after reading a couple of them, I really begin to think they hardly make for good reads their quality may differ here it is definitely high but in the end they always end by being gloom, bleak, depressing the evil innate in human society is usually a relevant theme.In this book plot is tight, writing fine and always to the point a perfectly believable social structure is [...]

    12. I would give this book 5 stars except the author s voice at times was difficult to follow The content and pace of the story was great, a little slow at first but it picked up near the end I cant exactly put my finger on why the author s voice was strange at times, but it just was Other than that this was a terrific book The ending was absolutely fantastic.I loved the author s take on what humans would be like in an isolated environment for generations and how they maintain their link to the ance [...]

    13. After tearing through The Power, I had to read all of Robinson s major works and came to TDBTS next Fantastic Just the kind of sci fi I love visual, suspenseful, atmospheric, epic conflicts, questions of cosmological import, and characters with whom you can deeply identify Robinson uses imagery ingeniously to convey the irony on board the Astron Nothing is as it first seems, and the layers of truth are expertly peeled away to reveal mysteries and surprises in a thrilling way The ambitious scope [...]

    14. D une simplicit couper le souffle, un ode la vie et la mort aussi Je mettrais ce livre dans le rang des essais philosophiques, la science fiction n est que le support une analyse d un huis clos de l humanit en marche vers sa disparition, son h g monie ou encore sa faiblesse sont abord s tour tour les th mes de l ternit face la mort, de la communaut face l individu et vice versa, des rapports de pouvoir, du pouvoir de la procr ation, de l absolu face au quotidien, et tout cela sans une seule pris [...]

    15. To be plain, I loved his style The pacing was good, the plot interesting, and he used just enough words to get the story to the reader No wonder this guy has had movies made of his books I haven t read anything else by him, but I probably will and soon Recommend this one to anyone who likes science fiction, stories about deep space exploration, love, loss, sociological studies, human history, or just a good yarn to keep you up all night

    16. I first thought this would be yet another run of the mill science fiction book No, it is not It nicely ties in with my inquiry of do we really need want to know the truth that s been running around in my mind latelyLove his writing style The question of what is isn t humanity genetic manipulation seeing threads of personalities It is rich.

    17. Good, but it took me forever to read this novel There were passages that bored me to no end and others thrilling But overall, while it was a well written book, the plot development however, was waaaay too slow for my tastes.

    18. A truly excellent sci fi book in my estimation.This is a sci fi novel in the spirit of the best and reminded me in a few ways of Frank Herbert s Dune The story is good, but the underlying discussion of loneliness, humanity, the mind, morality and evolution make this one of the best books I ve read.I d seen some reports that this book is full of gay sex It s not Not all of the characters are entirely heterosexual, and it is clear that Robinson has created a future where sexuality isn t the issue [...]

    19. Probably the best book I have read in 2017, and it only took me three days because it kept calling me back The author does a great job at making you feel invested in the welfare of the generation ship and its crew The characters were well rounded and not two dimensional and the twists were unexpected I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci fi.

    20. Actual rating 3.5 stars An above average sci fi tale of the generation starship variety, wherein humans travel to other stars the sloooow way No magical FTL Faster Than Light technology here It s also vaguely reminiscent of Disney s The Black Hole movie, which also has a starship captain who may be bonkers.The Astro is the first and only Earth vessel sent out in search of intelligent life Many years have passed, and not a single E.T has been found if our amnesiac protagonist is to believe what h [...]

    21. The generation ship Astron is on the threshold of crossing into the void between stars on its way into the deepest reaches of the unknown Its captain is an ancient man who is determined to fulfill the ship s mission even if it means sacrificing everyone along the way Enter Sparrow, a young man on a unique journey of personal discovery I love stories that capture the isolation of deep space This book has fascinating and sympathetic characters who bring the desolate space around them to life I enj [...]

    22. Sparrow has an accident while exploring a newly discovered planet and awakes on the Aston, a starship that is on a mission to discover alien lifeforms The ship left Earth over 2,000 years ago and has searched the universe for generations while finding no signs of life The mysterious Captain has been at the helm for the whole journey while the crews come and go, with their numbers slowly dwindling as resources become and scarce.Sparrow has no memories of his life before the accident and sets ou [...]

    23. This book is a really compelling read with highly relatable characters, and a finely crafted plot that hits home at every turn I did find myself struggling quite a bit with the repeated visits to the argument about the existence of life in the universe outside of Earth This argument is visited in great detail several times through the book, often without any new developments in idea, or in the characters At a certain point, it became so exhausting that I was actually ready to give up on reading [...]

    24. I had never read a book by Frank Robinson, and I have a special affinity for generation ship themes In terms of world building, the ship, the sense of wonder, and the creativity I would give this three stars However, his use of both literary and religious allusions to drop hints about the characters was refreshingly original Also, this book chimed in at just over 400 pages and I must say that it probably could reached 5 stars had 100 pages been simply cut out Alas, they were not I know what you [...]

    25. I loved this book I was eager to hear what was going to happen next, it reminds me of the Heinlien Juvenile books.As usual, William Dufris narration was spot on.I did have a couple of complaints about the book, one of which is a spoiler marked as such.The book features way too much homosexuality This mental disorder adds nothing to the story and is repulsive view spoiler The alien ship at the very end felt so tacked on Sparrow sounds excited about it, but for all he knows the aliens are the reas [...]

    26. This book started off as an amusingly similiar tale a clumsy and forgetful scientist trying to figure out how things worked in a world that he continually struggled to remember the details about He was cautious, sarcastic, and witty Alas, it didn t continue It s clever, and a good read, but there are a lot of inductive leaps happening as you go backwards and forwards in time, and it s not easy to catch up.

    27. As an avid sci fi reader, this is the first novel I read about a generation ship And, like the generation ship, the starting part is a bit slow and it drags toward tha middle I like that part though that there are hints that Captain Michael and Sparrow has something in between them that was not revealed untill the end part of the book There are a lot of whys at the beginning and answers were revealed like a rolling juggernaut in the end.

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