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The Power By Frank M. Robinson The Power The Power is a science fiction classic from the s After the book s initial publication it was produced as a TV special starring Theodore Bikel and later as a George Pal film starring George Hamil
  • Title: The Power
  • Author: Frank M. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780312866549
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Power By Frank M. Robinson The Power is a science fiction classic from the 1950s After the book s initial publication, it was produced as a TV special starring Theodore Bikel and later as a George Pal film starring George Hamilton and Suzanne Pleshette It is the tale of a mutant superman in hiding and the terrifying search to find him.
    The Power By Frank M. Robinson
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    1. Frank M. Robinson

      Frank M Robinson was an American science fiction and techno thriller writer he got his start writing for the old pulp fiction magazines He wrote several novels with Thomas N Scortia until Scortia s death in 1986.Born in Chicago, Illinois Robinson was the son of a check forger He started out in his teens working as a copy boy for International News Service and then became an office boy for Ziff Davis He was drafted into the Navy for World War II, and when his tour was over attended Beloit College, where he majored in physics, graduating in 1950 Because he could find no work as a writer, he ended up back in the Navy to serve in Korea, where he kept writing, read a lot, and published in Astounding magazine.After the Navy, he attended graduate school in journalism, then worked for a Chicago based Sunday supplement Soon he switched to Science Digest, where he worked from 1956 to 1959 From there, he moved into men s magazines Rogue 1959 65 and Cavalier 1965 66 In 1969, Playboy asked him to take over the Playboy Advisor column He remained there until 1973, when he left to write full time.After moving to San Francisco in the 1970s, Robinson, who was gay, was a speechwriter for gay politician Harvey Milk he had a small role in the film Milk After Milk s assassination, Robinson was co executor, with Scott Smith, of Milk s last will and testament.Robinson is the author of 16 books, the editor of two others, and has penned numerous articles Three of his novels have been made into movies The Power 1956 was a supernatural science fiction and government conspiracy novel about people with superhuman skills, filmed in 1968 as The Power The Glass Inferno, co written with Thomas N Scortia, was combined with Richard Martin Stern s The Tower to produce the 1974 movie The Towering Inferno The Gold Crew, also co written Scortia, was a nuclear threat thriller filmed as an NBC miniseries and re titled The Fifth Missile.He collaborated on several other works with Scortia, including The Prometheus Crisis, The Nightmare Factor, and Blow Out In 2009 he was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame

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    1. April 2017 Review This came up in a topic because there is a new book out with the same title by Naomi Alderman every time I see that title, I think of this old book with fond memories I m going to reread it It s been close to 20 years Hope it s held up.It did, although the very beginning takes a leap that some might not be able to cross What makes a superman Psychic powers This is a conclusion that they leap at in the first few pages without any real reason Given what the group is doing, it mak [...]

    2. I ve got this awful habit of starting my reviews by mentioning that I acquired the book in question while thriftily scouring a resale shop, and I m not going to stray far from my simple intro in this instance, because I happened to purchase this particular book at such an establishment as well To anyone who s been kind enough to suffer through the banality of one of my reviews, you re going to get this old song and dance again, but I feel it always must be mentioned since I never know who is goi [...]

    3. This is one of those books and I am sure everyone who reads a lot has them that you read from time to time, dip in and out of and generally read it as the seasons change than as a determined reading experience Well this and a few others are mine they sit around with book marks in various chapters never seeming to move for month to month both book and book mark till one day I think ok I am at loose end and I pick it up to read inadvertently stumbling over the key plot line and thats it I am hook [...]

    4. Oddly the synopsis here holds what I would call the major spoiler about this book.A small group of people stumbles on evidence that someone with amazing psychic power may existd start to be removed Except one of them while his life is switched, changed, and ruinedrvives and continues to search.They made a movie of this and gave what might be called a , happy ending The book is different it has one of the most chilling endings I ve ever read.This book is a little hard to find, but I d recommend i [...]

    5. Over the weekend I discovered a new to me used book store The store is named Berkshire Books It turns out it s been there just over ten years, but I don t often get on that road and when I do, I tend to be looking the other way, so I just never saw it before Soooo, I popped in to see what s up The store is pretty poorly lit and has that old book musty smell Now, to my taste, that s bad and great There s no place to sit because there are books everywhere and I do mean everywhere To be honest, exc [...]

    6. What I remember of this book some kind of evil telepath starts killing a bunch of people one by one The main character seems to be immune or at least able to resist his powers of suggestion enough to survive view spoiler I don t know why I didn t realize it sooner, but of course that means the protagonist is also a superhuman telepath hide spoiler Although the book didn t do much for me, it was still a good effort If telepathy and the whole superhuman angle that seems to be a staple of a lot of [...]

    7. Read this as a teenager The story remained with me for many years.On a plane a couple of months ago, I sat next to someone about my age and we talked about books He said there is a book that stayed with him for years and did t remember the name From the description it turned out to be this one I have now re read it and it is still good.

    8. Very 1950 s SF Thriller Crime Drama story A few twists with some predictability as to where the story is going.

    9. We ve all got one A favorite book.I was eleven years old when The Power showed up at our house, probably late 1956 My father was personnel manager read HR at a big book bindery in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts So we got all kinds of promotional books in the mail.I remember two things particularly about The Power The beginning and the end.The Beginning Bill Tanner is on a committee investigating the possibility that a superman exists Someone a notch up on the evolutionary scale for man The superm [...]

    10. team of academics pairs with the Navy to find a superman they somehow are convinced exists apparent telekinetic movement of a cocktail umbrella in a drink confirms that The Power resides among them cue cat and mouse chase.publisher s summary three s in addition to the back cover material so much text surrounds this 1957 Bantam paperback edition of the 56 release readers digest ads, treasury of SF editions, order form of Bantam sf titles, ad for John O Hara novels and Bantam at large, its flagshi [...]

    11. For over 40 years, I ve loved a nowadays little discussed film by George Pal called The Power It made a big impression on me as a kid, and even as an adult, I found it to be a taut and interesting science fiction thriller with strains of Hitchcockian suspense Recently, I stumbled across the original novel by Frank M Robinson and discovered that many of the things I loved about the film were straight out of the book even the scene that seems to have been designed to allow Pal to exercise his old [...]

    12. This book falls into one of my favorite sub genres, the psychological sci fi thriller Not the blockbuster thriller where there are hundred million dollar effects exploding in your face every minute The kind of thriller where most of the suspense comes from within the protagonist s mind as he wonders what is happening and how he can untangle himself from a difficult situation The narrative is fast paced, cinematic, even Hitchcockian The text is sharply written and the reader quickly becomes immer [...]

    13. Another great book by Robinson Different from the Dark Beyond the Starts, but what s similar is the theme of not knowing who we ourselves really are

    14. Good book, one of my favourites.Not dated in any way I ve re read it a couple of times.As many people have remarked, the ending is really good.

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