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Mosquitoes By William Faulkner Mosquitoes Mosquitoes centers around a colorful assortment of passengers out on a boating excursion from New Orleans The rich and the aspiring social butterflies and dissolute dilettantes are all easy game for
  • Title: Mosquitoes
  • Author: William Faulkner
  • ISBN: 9780871401670
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mosquitoes By William Faulkner Mosquitoes centers around a colorful assortment of passengers, out on a boating excursion from New Orleans The rich and the aspiring, social butterflies and dissolute dilettantes are all easy game for Faulkner s barbed wit in this engaging high spirited novel which offers a fascinating glimpse of Faulkner as a young artist It approaches in the first half and reaches in tMosquitoes centers around a colorful assortment of passengers, out on a boating excursion from New Orleans The rich and the aspiring, social butterflies and dissolute dilettantes are all easy game for Faulkner s barbed wit in this engaging high spirited novel which offers a fascinating glimpse of Faulkner as a young artist It approaches in the first half and reaches in the second half a brilliance that you can rightfully expect only in the writings of a few men It is full of the fine kind of swift and lusty writing that comes from a healthy, fresh pen Lillian Hellman, New York Herald Tribune
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      William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize winning American novelist and short story writer One of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, his reputation is based mostly on his novels, novellas, and short stories He was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriter.The majority of his works are based in his native state of Mississippi Though his work was published as early as 1919, and largely during the 1920s and 1930s, Faulkner was relatively unknown until receiving the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature, for his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel Faulkner has often been cited as one of the most important writers in the history of American literature Faulkner was influenced by the european modernism, and employed the Stream of consciousness in several of his novels.

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    1. Rating 3 of fiveI was underwhelmed by Faulkner s second novel Not that it s a bad book, it s justwell, I can t say it better than this Joyce s masterwork ULYSSES which I don t much like inspired Uncle Bill to put in a lot of sex talk, including gasp explicitly lesbian desires Maud Martha, bring the sal volatile and loosen my stays, the wimminfolk are runnin amok See the whole sorry mess at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.

    2. Even with a whiskey chaser this is not exactly a page turner The characters seem like rejects from a Tennessee Williams play who ve forgotten how to talk Faulkner is so in love with the sound of his own voice that he can t seem to write character dialogue He also repeats himself repeats himself in a fashion that I m sure he meant to be Homeric, but which is simply annoying And speaking of all things Homeric, has this guy got a crush on James Joyce or what I understand that Ulysses was all the ra [...]

    3. Unpopular opinion Mosquitoes is actually my favorite Faulkner novel It may not have the same gravity of human experience as his other works, but in it we find Faulkner as comedian attempting to explore and express his views on serious art And he does a fantastic job Hugely entertaining and genuinely insightful, it s repeatedly the Faulkner novel I most look forward to reading again and again.

    4. I m giving this book a five star rating because at first and superficial glance it will make me look smart because I liked a book by Falkner finally I m supposed to because I live in New Orleans, right I don t know if it was a bad book because it took me five months to read as all the characters were so hateful and unbearable to be around for long periods of time or if it was a good book because Faulkner got me engaged enough to want to torture and kill all of the sniveling pieces on that boat.I [...]

    5. Analyzing Faulkner is a bloated, rubbery thing, and when it gets to the point where the study of an artist becomes an industry only slightly worse than an author becoming an industry it s time to step back and just read their goddamn books I know little about Faulkner and don t really need to to enjoy his works I ve been reading them spottily and out of time but decided to hunker down after reading the biggies and read all of them in order Pleasantly surprised at both Soldier s Pay and Mosquitoe [...]

    6. As a disconnected and individual book, this one wasn t very good However, in the context of Faulkner s artistic development particularly juxtaposed with Soldiers Pay , Mosquitoes is a very interesting read Here, the young writer maintained his social interest in the characters inhabiting his world but compounded them with a much elaborate and ambitious intellectual project At times, sure, this came off as overly engineered and trying to hard, but the fact that he was even interested in aping Eu [...]

    7. A largely overlooked semi masterpieceThis was one of the easiest and most pleasant books by William Faulkner that I have ever read It contains the typically unforgettable, i.e singular Faulknerian characters, is influenced heavily by Joyce s emphasis on sexual themes, and features some of the most devastatingly sardonic humour in it I have ever come across In parts, it is also rather blatantly misogynistic The storyline of Mosquitoes centres around a yacht expedition of various artists, cads and [...]

    8. To be honest, it has been awhile since I ve read this book But I felt the need to put up on my list with the other amazing works of fiction I ve read lately I am a pretty big Faulkner fan, but I grew tired with the similarities between most of his better known books.Mosquitoes is a breath of fresh air after reading Faulkner s other works not because he isn t an incredible writer, but because it is Fitzgerald like than it is Faulkner like I vividly recall the characters eating grapefruits for br [...]

    9. This is my first five star review and I have read some really amazing books Faulkner sets himself apart via his mastery of language, story telling, dialog, and character development.He never misses a step About a chapter and a half into the read i thought, This is why my mother thinks I can t write And I am OK with needing to work to aspire to Faulkner.

    10. There are a few really beautiful parts to this book But mostly I was bored Because perhaps the only thing boring than people talking about art is reading about people talking about art And maybe thats the point Because the only real artist in the book doesn t talk about it He just does.

    11. This is a good book Not Faulkner s best book by a mile But a good book nonetheless Some glimpses at the brilliance to come are littered throughout a Felliniesque tale of Bohemians and the idle rich aboard a boat in New Orleans Characters aside from the two young girls, the old biddy, the older perv, and the sculptor are a bit interchangeable For the life of me I will not ever remember the difference between Ayers, Fairchild, and the Semitic Man , but no worries What you re getting here is Faulkn [...]

    12. A definite step backwards from his first novel This one still contains some beautiful images and prose, but far too much pedantic talk about art and aesthetics which is part of the point mosquitoes being parasites, and none of the artists portrayed in the book producing a bit of art during the course of the book with one exception , instead using their reputations to sponge off the rich and TALK about artendlessly This is notable for what is perhaps one of the first modern novels to contain the [...]

    13. This novel has so much potential There are beautiful images abounding, and fascinating insights into artistic philosophy That being said, without much of a plot to hold it together and with a fair dash of prose experiments on Faulkner s part, Mosquitoes is a supremely difficult read It s almost as if the reader is alternately drowning and then coming up for air each time Faulkner offers a reprieve in the form of one of his skillful passages the foray into New Orleans swamps is replete with gor [...]

    14. This is Faulkner s second novel, and like most of his early writing, it is accessible than some of his later, experimental and modernist work The writing here is much nuanced than in his first novel, Soldier s Pay, and there are strong hints of what is to come in terms of style, but it is an entertaining narrative that reveals incredible talent for characterization and especially description The story of a boat excursion is also a meditation on the role of art in society and in life, and make [...]

    15. Though slagged as Faulkner s worse novel by the all knowing academia, I actually found it to be a good read It was far, far superior to Faulkner s first, Soldier s Pay This reads much like Faulkner in his prime More a novel of ideas than anything else, it introduces us to some of his future favorite words like fecund Sadly, ratiocination and apotheosis have yet to surface As Faulkner himself references, this may perhaps be his ode to Balzac And as another Facebook review noted, this does have t [...]

    16. Not the easiest book that I have ever read, but enjoyable nevertheless Mrs Maurier invites a number of artistic New Orleans folk to join her and some others on a cruise on her private yacht Thus confined, numerous conversations, many of an elevated nature, occur along with much flirtation Serious conversations in which the author explores the meaning of art are interspersed with sensuous descriptions of frustrated amorous adventures Though not an easy read, it made me want to read of Faulkner s [...]

    17. Drags in places Not just because of Faulkner s long passages of stream of consciousnessough that is here too But just because there s not really a story here Faulkner is working out a lot of how he sees art and its purpose And how he sees womenless than flatteringly An interesting early novel Better than the first one, but it s a big jump from this to The Sound and the Fury, two books later.

    18. I loved this book It s been a while since I ve read it, but I thought it was just wonderful.I suspect that this was near autobiographical to a young Faulkner, as most early works are, and therefore giving the reader personal insight into the man much like Portrait was to Joyce.The relationship between benefactor and artist, from the perspective of the artist, is laid out perfectly by all those blood sucking mosquitoes.OK, it s no Absalom Absalom, but it s pretty damn good.

    19. Was pretty scathing towards the rich, artists and what would today be called hipsters Calling out the frivolity of their lives and prescribed roles they are called to fulfill Ultimately though it just felt uninspired It plodded along, which after having lived in New Orleans, definitely gave a sense of the hot heavy summers, which sap everything out of you.Not one of his best known works for a reason Pass on this.

    20. La mia prima 1 stella di quest anno, e spero anche l ultima Non so nemmeno perch ho perseverato a leggere un libro che chiaramente non mi piaceva fin dall inizio Forse perch volevo dare una chance a Faulkner, ma questo sar il suo primo e ultimo libro che leggo.Non mi importava niente di questi ricchi e annoiati artisti e mecenati riuniti in una crociera sul lago Un libro noiosissimo e confusionario.

    21. Definite improvement over his first novel The book contained the most humor of any Faulkner novel, which made it strange due to my past experiences with his writing He starts to dabble with a bit adventurous writing techniques that would become his halmark later on All and all a pretty enjoyable read.

    22. A lot better than it gets credit for Reminiscent of Waugh and early Huxley There are some brief Joycean moments that don t really work, but that prefigure successful experimentation in later Faulkner novels Not as good or ambitious as Sartoris, but far accomplished and coherent than Soldiers Pay.

    23. This is the only book I ve read by William Faulkner, and to my understanding it is quite different from his other works, but I enjoyed it as a story The characters serving as caricatures were consistently entertaining and the feelings evoked by the writing itself helped me to understand why Faulkner is considered such a quintessential Southern writer.

    24. Faulkner cracks me up with this wry light social commentary of southern gentility and how the spirit of beauty and life survives despite the characters accepting their stations in society Loved the buzzing thread.

    25. This is the first William Faulkner novel I have read, and I wish to read many Mosquitoes was slow to start in my opinion , but as I struggled on wrapping my brains around the euphemisms the writer employs I became captivated with the party of characters on this yacht trip he describes Mrs Patricia Maurier starts out being this haughty old lady who is overconfident in her observations of art and artists, and she transforms into this crushed old lady who is only just realizing that the people in [...]

    26. Segunda novela escrita por Faulkner, muy distinta a la primera La paga de los soldados Ahora no estamos en una peque a ciudad de un entorno rural, sino en el espacio cerrado, casi opresivo, de un yate Una acaudalada mecenas, Mrs Maurier, viuda, organiza un crucero por el lago Pontchartrain al que invita a unos cuantos artistas e intelectuales les acompa an varios amigos de la anfitriona, pertenecientes a la alta sociedad local y cuatro chicos j venes dos hermanos gemelos, sobrinos suyos Pat y Th [...]

    27. I can t really say that I usually enjoy Faulkner s work, but it always fascinates me to the point of acknowledging that reading it has been worth it I m not quite sure Mosquitoes has been worth it There were plenty of moments of Faulkner s quintessential delightful searing hatred, but I can t say this is among my favorites of his Talliaferro was by far my favorite part perhaps because he s some weird caricature of a proto pickup artist horribly inept, self pitying and an utter failure at seducin [...]

    28. Definitely not one of Faulkner s finer novels but still a lot better than most books you ll find out there Mosquitoes takes us into the world of 1920 s New Orleans when at the time it was a southern cultural mecca of the arts This book is filled with satirical views of the personages found in the city during that time in Faulkner s life These artists fill the air of the city with useless talk like mosquitoes on a lake.Some of the philosophical conversations we read about on the boat are a bit to [...]

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