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Travel Team By Mike Lupica Travel Team The Bestseller Twelve year old Danny Walker may be the smallest kid on the basketball court but don t tell him that Because no one plays with heart or court sense But none of that matters when he is
  • Title: Travel Team
  • Author: Mike Lupica
  • ISBN: 9780142404621
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Travel Team By Mike Lupica The 1 Bestseller Twelve year old Danny Walker may be the smallest kid on the basketball court but don t tell him that Because no one plays with heart or court sense But none of that matters when he is cut from his local travel team, the very same team his father led to national prominence as a boy Danny s father, still smarting from his own troubles, knows DannThe 1 Bestseller Twelve year old Danny Walker may be the smallest kid on the basketball court but don t tell him that Because no one plays with heart or court sense But none of that matters when he is cut from his local travel team, the very same team his father led to national prominence as a boy Danny s father, still smarting from his own troubles, knows Danny isn t the only kid who was cut for the wrong reason, and together, this washed up former player and a bunch of never say die kids prove that the heart simply cannot be measured.For fans of The Bad News Bears, Hoosiers, the Mighty Ducks, and Mike Lupica s other New York Times bestselling novels Heat, The Underdogs, and Million Dollar Throw, here is a book that proves that when the game knocks you down, champions stand tall.
    Travel Team By Mike Lupica
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      Mike Lupica introduces his new middle grade series, Mike Lupica s Comeback Kids.

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    1. Book ReviewTravel TeamBy Jacob Wirth The name of the book is Travel team and the Main character is a young boy that is small for his age His name Danny, he is a big fan of sports and loves to play basketball Danny finds out there are tryouts for the travel basketball team and wants to join, all he does is practice till it gets to dark and his parents tell him to come in for the night Danny would put chairs out there and dribble through them like he was dribbling out the clock at the end of the g [...]

    2. When I read the book Travel Team by Mike Lupica I was shocked because it was best book I have ever read I ve read a lot of books by him, and he is by far my favorite author This was the best book i have ever read Danny Walker was my favorite character because we relate so much We both are 14, get good grades, play sports, and are pretty short Danny doesn t make the travel team the first time because he is too short.His parents are divorced because his dad was at a bar and got drunk and got arres [...]

    3. This book is about a young basketball player named Danny Walker He tries hard to get on the basketball team Danny usually makes the team, until this year When he didn t makes the team, he felt confused He later found out that he didn t make the team because he was to small Danny s dad decides to make a team for him Danny s dad used to play basketball until he got in a car crash They then won a couple of games and eventually made playoffs Danny s dad then gets in another car crash After that, the [...]

    4. Danny is the best basketball player in town, the thing that separates him from all the other kids is hard work and heart He gets cut from the Vikings basketball team and is thinking about leaving the game behind him Danny s dad has not been to his sons house for 5 months, but is willing to commit to a basketball team Although, Danny s dad has not visited basketball for a while, since he was in the NBA He has dedication to his family, and has to prove a lot to his son and his wife The start of th [...]

    5. This was an absolutely stunning book Also being another sports book, I enjoyed reading it throughout the night When I was finished with the book, I looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly midnight IT WAS SO EXCITING Overall, I definitely would recommend it to all those basketball lovers out there.

    6. Mike Lupica Travel Team The theme is to never give up because in the beginning of the book, Danny doesn t make the Vikings, a travel basketball team that he has been on the past 3 years He ends up creating his own travel team and beating the Vikings in the end This is important because it lets the reader understand the theme and that you can accomplish anything if you never give up In the story, Danny Walker, the main character, gets cut from the town travel team because he is too short Danny is [...]

    7. I just read the book Travel Team by Mike Lupica it was 930 lexile and the genre was sports This book was about a boy named Danny Walker and his struggles through life and basketball He had some ups and some downs, but overall he came out okay His dad, Richie Walker, use to play in the NBA and was a Middletown legend He got in a bad car accident though and that ruined his career He was never the same after that Richie married a girl named Ali and they had a son named Danny Richie then left Ali an [...]

    8. I selected this book because I am a fan of basketball I enjoy playing it with my friends and even played organized basketball when I was younger With the enjoyment of basketball I stumbled upon this book in class and thought it was interesting I started to read the book and got really hooked on to it This book is about Danny Walker He is the best player at his school St Patrick s School and he excels at passing and finding the open teammate Danny is just like his father, Richie Walker who was dr [...]

    9. A Review of Travel Team by Mike Lupica Danny Walker was different from all of the other basketball players Danny had known is whole life how small he was compared to everybody in his grade, from first grade on How he had been put in the front row, front and center of every class picture taken That didn t stop him from doing what he loves Basketball In the novel Travel Team by Mike Lupica, the main characters are believable because Danny was the smallest kid in his grade and is one of the best ba [...]

    10. Personal ResponseThis was a really good basketball book I liked it because you never really new what was going to happen next You would think everything would be going good, then out of nowhere something bad would happen This was one of those books where you would start reading it then want to keep reading it, you wouldn t want to just read a couple pages then be done.Plot SummaryThis book is about a young boy named Danny who loved to play basketball It all started when Danny didn t make the tow [...]

    11. Travel Team by Mike Lupica is about a boy named Danny Walker who loves the game of ball but has one set back, his height Danny wanting to make his state travel team but doesn t is left sad Without Richie, Danny s father he has to grow up without a father figure Danny s dad comes back and starts up a travel team with the other kids that didn t make the team Danny has to go through many obstacles getting to know his dad and making up for missed times Danny s father is a tremendous athlete when he [...]

    12. The book travel team by mike lupica is based on a 7th grade basketball player named Danny Danny is a great kid with a big heart who was very skillful at the game Danny played two years for the vikings basketball team but was heart broken after being cut his 7th grade year Danny s father also played for the vikings and was very skillful and one of the best on the team Danny s father and mother ran into some problems and sadly got divorced I can relate to Danny because my parents are also divorced [...]

    13. Mike Lupica s Travel Team is a great story about a kid Danny who has talent but is very short for his age and he gets cut from his travel team His father Richie, who is an ex NBA player, creates a new travel team and Danny is the star player of it The book is a good basketball story of a kid who is the underdog because of his lack of height.

    14. Danny walker is a really good basketball player The only problem is that he is small The famous middle town 7th grade travel team is going bigger this year so Danny doesn t make it His dad comes home and tries to cheer him up His dad then says he will make a travel team just for Danny They go around recruiting players and they start off not very good But throngs hard work they become good.

    15. Travel Team by Mike Lupica is about a short basketball player named Danny Walker who gets cuts from his travel team Danny s dad former NBA player decides to coach a new travel team for Danny but gets in a car accident and is unable to coach the rest of the season Danny decides to step up and lead his team Travel team is a good book if you like sports or underdogs and I recommend it.

    16. It is a great book filled with sadness and surprise It is every bit as good at all the other books in this category.

    17. The book was ok but I still didn t get an understanding for the book I hope whoever reads this book get a better understanding then I did.

    18. Travel Team by Mike Lupica is a book that makes you keep wanting to read and This eye catching novel are for people who are into basketball and a story filled with great character development The main character, Danny, is known for being the smallest kid in his class and grade He is also known as one of the best basketball players in his school, Middletown His passing skills were godly, but his jump shot needed work Many coaches at tryouts overlook him because he s too small, and hopes that hi [...]

    19. Ive just recently read a book by Mike Lupica called Travel Team It was honestly one of the greatest book that i have read in while, the reason that im very interested into this book because it was a about about a boy named Danny was cut from his travel basketball because of his lack of height So that kid never gave up he kept on pushing and grinding everyday This book has a very inspirational and powerful meaning to it, and lastly i would highly recommend this book to any grade level So go out t [...]

    20. I Like how Mike Lupica showed the protagonist in this story He made you really want to root for him and want him to win Lupica showed all the struggles it took for Danny to show you just how hard it was for him and that made you love him Mike Lupica really strustured his characters well and the antagonists too In the finals, he made you hate the other team It was great.

    21. Imagine being cut from the Basketball team for being too small, how would you feel This book s genre is fiction I liked this book because it is a good not giving up story It sends a message that if you quit you ll achieve nothing, you have to keep trying.Danny s father s rival, Mr Ross, is now the coach of the travel team and he only wants tall and strong boys on his team Not making the team upsets Danny because he wants to prove his basketball ability to his father Danny does not want to play f [...]

    22. This book is about a boy named Danny walker who s dad was a professional basketball player He is no the best and definitely not the tallest Danny is cut from his travel team that he was working very hard to make However he pulls together a group of kids who just want to play the game His dad comes back to town and agrees to coach them They get better and better until they finally play the team Danny was cut from and they win My favorite part is when Danny gets cut but he continues to work at get [...]

    23. Mike Lupica wrote this book to be an inspiration to many children all over Danny Walker always grew up being the little guy and was said to have a disadvantage He also got cut from the travel team he had been waiting to play for since he started playing basketball, because his dad played on that team and was their star player When Danny got cut, this was a huge blow to his self esteem, considering his best friend was on the travel team Against all of these odds, Danny was still able to be succes [...]

    24. I read Travel Team by Mike Lupica This book was very good Danny Walker is a very short kid for his age, but that never stopped him However, this year was different though Mr Ross the coach His son is the best player on the team, and also Danny s best friend Mr Ross told Danny he was not tall enough to play on this team Mr Ross never got along with Danny s dad Danny s dad was the best player on their team and even played for an NBA team Mr Walker said that s the only reason his son is not playing [...]

    25. In the book Travel Team by Mike Lupica the main character in Danny He loves basketball but he s really small He is always practicing at his house until dark Also, he uses chairs and defenders and dribbles around them and scores, he puts a lot of work in for basketball One day Danny finds out there are tryouts for the travel team near him He practiced even harder for tryouts, he really wanted to make that team Did he make the team or did he get cut because he was too small I would rate the book 4 [...]

    26. In Travel Team a boy that is small for his age and grade, named Danny, is in love with basket ball and try s to join the travel team After tryouts he finds out he didn t make the team because he was too short His dad ends up making a team for Danny and through a lot of adversity Danny and some of his friends end up beating, the team Danny was originally trying out for, in state.I gave this book a 5 star review because it really encapsulates judging a book by its cover in saying that Danny is too [...]

    27. Plot Danny Walker, a very small basketball player, was cut from his traveling basketball team He was a very good player, but he was to small Danny specialized in passing the ball, he was one of the best passers for his age group It was hard for Danny when he was cut from the basketball team because years ago, his dad, Richie Walker, led the very same team to the National Championship Richie became famous as a kid because that was when ESPN just started to make sports stories They started off wit [...]

    28. Personal Response I liked this book because it was about basketball I like books that are about sports, because I can actually get my nose into them The book was a longer book and it took me along time to read it, but it was a good book Summary I really like this book I liked this book because it was about basketball and in the book when he talked about the basketball games he would talk a lot at a time I like the way it talked about his family and not just his basketball life The way he talks a [...]

    29. Travel Team by Mike LupicaAn inspirational sports novel written by Mike Lupica, Travel Team takes you through the life of a young adolescent boy, Danny Walker Through the many tough obstacles Danny overcomes throughout the book, Lupica is able to display to the reader that having a never quit attitude is the best skill one can posses, not only on the court but off too.Travel Team is not your typical sports story in the sense that it puts you directly in the shoes of an undersized 4 4 teen who ha [...]

    30. This book is very inspiring.The main character is Danny Walker All of Danny s life, he has been told he is too short to be good at basketball Danny is very good at handling the ball and was the point guard of his team When he tries out for the town travelling team, he is told that he is too short to play, and they cut him from the team His best friend Will is also cut from the team for being too slow, but their other friend Ty makes the team Ty s dad is the coach, so it makes Danny and Will mad [...]

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