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The Tides Between By Elizabeth Jane Corbett The Tides Between In the year on the eve of her departure from London Bridie s mother demands she forget her dead father and prepare for a sensible adult life in Port Phillip Desperate to save her childhood fif
  • Title: The Tides Between
  • Author: Elizabeth Jane Corbett
  • ISBN: 9781925652222
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tides Between By Elizabeth Jane Corbett In the year 1841, on the eve of her departure from London, Bridie s mother demands she forget her dead father and prepare for a sensible adult life in Port Phillip Desperate to save her childhood, fifteen year old Bridie is determined to smuggle a notebook filled with her father s fairy tales to the far side of the world.When Rhys Bevan, a soft voiced young storyteller anIn the year 1841, on the eve of her departure from London, Bridie s mother demands she forget her dead father and prepare for a sensible adult life in Port Phillip Desperate to save her childhood, fifteen year old Bridie is determined to smuggle a notebook filled with her father s fairy tales to the far side of the world.When Rhys Bevan, a soft voiced young storyteller and fellow traveller realises Bridie is hiding something, a magical friendship is born But Rhys has his own secrets and the words written in Bridie s notebook carry a dark double meaning.As they inch towards their destination, Rhys s past returns to haunt him Bridie grapples with the implications of her dad s final message The pair take refuge in fairy tales, little expecting the trouble it will cause.
    The Tides Between By Elizabeth Jane Corbett
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    1. Elizabeth Jane Corbett

      When Elizabeth Jane Corbett isn t writing, she works as a librarian, teaches Welsh at the Melbourne Welsh Church, writes articles for the Historical Novel Review and blogs at elizabethjanecorbett In 2009, her short story, Beyond the Blackout Curtain, won the Bristol Short Story Prize Another, Silent Night, was short listed for the Allan Marshall Short Story Award Her historical coming of age novel, The Tides Between, was published by Odyssey Books in October 2017 Elizabeth lives with her husband, in a renovated timber cottage in Melbourne s inner north She likes red shoes, dark chocolate, commuter cycling, and reading quirky, character driven novels set once upon a time in lands far away.

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    1. Book Reviewed by Nia on whisperingstoriesThis book is one of the most beautiful things I ve ever read.The immediate appeal to me was that it revolved around Welsh folklore and even had snippets of Welsh in it best yet, totally correct Welsh and not the usual Google Translate booboos , but it s so much than that.It s set in the steerage of an emigrant ship headed from London to Australia, poorer people from the UK are heading out for what they hope will be a better life with opportunities, they [...]

    2. Told from three viewpoints, Elizabeth Jane Corbett s debut novel is a fearless yet endearing exploration of the day to day existence of a small cast of characters, each with their troubles, who are incarcerated along with numerous families in the steerage deck of a ship bound for Australia The Tides Between is an ironic tale in some ways, for the duration of a voyage that spans half the globe, the epic journey that unfolds is one situated at the hearth of human existence.Corbett writes with a de [...]

    3. This was real life, not one of her dad s fairy tales In 1841, fifteen year old Bridie Stewart, her pregnant mother Mary and stepfather Alf Bustle are part of a group of emigrants leaving England for Port Phillip in Australia aboard the Lady Sophia It s a new start for Alf and Mary, but Bridie is still mourning her dead father Mary wants Bridie to forget her father, to cast aside childhood and to prepare for adult life in Port Phillip Bridie, against her mother s wishes, has hidden in her baggage [...]

    4. The Tides Between is the fabulous debut by Elizabeth Jane Corbett I enjoyed getting to know Bridie throughout the book I found the storyline to be quite unique, weaving magical tales with the beauty of learning how to redeem oneself I was captivated from the start until the very end I had no problem finishing it in just a few hours.I most definitely will be looking forward to by Elizabeth Jane Corbett in the future 5 stars.I received this book from the author This review is 100% my own honest o [...]

    5. The Tides Between by Elizabeth Jane Corbett is a multi layered coming of age novel I was interested in reviewing this book when I read the description and saw that fairy tales are involved Obviously, from my blog name, I am a lover of fairy tales This isn t your typical fairy tale, but a very realistic story that incorporates fairy tales in a fascinating way Ms Corbett tells the story of Bridie, who along with her mother and step father, is on an immigrant vessel travelling from London to Austra [...]

    6. Things are changing quickly for 15 year old Bridie Her beloved father has died, her mother quickly remarried their border, Alf Bustle and is pregnant Now, Alf has decided to move the family from their London home halfway across the world for opportunities in Australia Bridie s mother and Alf are hoping that the voyage and leaving London will help Bridie forget her father, move on and grow up However Bridie Refuses to give up the memory of her father, especially his stories which is why Bridie d [...]

    7. The Tides Between is an immersive, well crafted and beautifully written story with great characterisation and vivid prose I felt every surging wave and creak aboard the Lady Sophia, the vessel on which almost all of the novel takes place The journey from England to Australia is difficult, conditions are cramped, and morale is low.Enter Rhys, a dreamer and storyteller, well versed in the fairy tales of his homeland of Wales He brings with him stories of witches, magic lakes, bards, dragons and cu [...]

    8. I loved the way the author wrote this story it was very well done but there wasn t much that kept my interest outside of seeing if it improved I do hope there is a number two just cause the ending wasn t something I d see has a full end and hope to see the characters mature and also see if a secret in it does come out into the open

    9. My Rating 3.5 She fancied herself part of a timeless chain without beginning or end, linked only by the silver strong words of its tellers The Tides Between is a YA novel by Elizabeth Jane Corbett set in the 1841, a time when emigration was the only choice for many.Bridie Stewart is fifteen years of age As she boards the ship that takes herself and her family to Australia, Bridie can only think of her father, who has passed away and the fact that she is leaving him behind She clings to a book th [...]

    10. A historical YA novel set in 1841 on a ship bound for Australia, The Tides Between is an accomplished coming of age story told lyrically, with plot intrigue and finely drawn characters It is hard to believe it is the work of a first time novelist The authorial voice is strong and assured, and the reader soon gives themselves over to the this transformation tale of a fifteen year old Bridie, on her journey a geographical journey to colonial Australia, a personal journey to womanhood and an emotio [...]

    11. The Tides Between is a novel in the tradition of a grand adventure, a true coming of age story that leaves the reader pining for , yet deeply satisfied at the same time The flowing narrative that combines fact with legends and fairy tales is at once engaging while the inclusion of words and verse in Welsh adds greatly to the atmosphere.This is a novel that allows complete immersion into the fictional world created The research done in order to tell this story is clearly extensive, with no detail [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this great book, it was such an engrossing story I felt I was traveling on the boat with them, I could hear the creaking of the boards and the thwack of the sails in the wind The characters were so well written they felt real to me Corbett captured the essence of a young 15yo on the brink of womanhood beautifully I loved seeing Bridie grow from an unsure, immature girl into a young woman who was open to forgive and learn Alf was another favourite character, who, seen through [...]

    13. Review on my blog I really enjoyed this, a wonderful use of fairy tales and oral stories toTell the story of the characters.

    14. This book tells the tale of a group of poorer passengers on board a ship to Australia This may sound unlikely to keep up you reading, for the location is confined, but the author has woven a fascinating story The main characters of the book are a grieving girl and a welsh couple who are trying to escape the bigotry of small villages.The welsh man is a story teller, and his wife is his assistant The stories he tells in the book weave in well with the plot line I really really enjoyed the read of [...]

    15. A compelling and emotional journeyThe cramped journey to Australia is brought to vivid and claustrophobic life in this historical story I can t wait to read about Bridie and the others.

    16. First of allI love that cover I was instantly drawn in to it It is so beautiful The story follows a few people on a journey to the new world to start new lives away from England There is Bridie who s father just passed away and she is clinging to his memory and fairy tales There is Alf who just married Bridie s mom and is trying to show that all he wants is what is best for the family Then there is Rhys who is traveling with his preggo wife and is trying to escape his past Birdie needed a swift [...]

    17. Oh my goodness, Friends, this book Some books take you on wonderful journeys Some books introduce you to characters that become a permanent part of your memory But others become so ingrained on your heart that you feel adrift when you turn the last page.Welcome to The Tides Between.Elizabeth Jane Corbett s debut novel is absolutely captivating an impressive feat for a debut The Tides Between covers the story of fifteen year old Bridie, who is immigrating from London to Australia in 1841 with her [...]

    18. This is a passionate novel For me it was a grower, and that s the kind of book I savour most Bridie is a vivid central character, created from within and in greater depth and detail than Rhys and Alf, who are also followed from time to time in close third person As the book begins the passion is Bridie s, and its intensity doesn t drop But she s not its only source The author s love of story and magic permeates the narrative and draws us in, overcoming this reader s resistance These are not my f [...]

    19. The Tides Between is a young adult historical fiction novel Set in 1841 it is about Bridie and her family who are emigrating to Australia from London The story takes place on The Lady Sophia, a ship bound for Port Phillip near Melbourne Fifteen year old Bridie, her pregnant mother and her step father travel in steerage low cost travel for the poor , where they meet others looking forward to a new life down under.Bridie s father died less than a year ago her family believe Australia will offer ne [...]

    20. The story The Tides Between is led mainly from the point of view of a young teenage girl, Bridie Stewart Set in 1841, the story follows Bridie as she and her family set to emigrate to Port Philip This means that most of the story takes place aboard the ship, the Lady Sophia, amongst all its passengers heading for the new world.The character Bridie is someone who another young teen, like myself, can easily empathise with and relate to In an attempt to juggle the demands of the oncoming responsibi [...]

    21. I read The Tides Between because the author is a former colleague and I was excited that she d written her first novel I loved The Tides Between because it is a beautiful and nourishing tale Although in many ways it s a simple story, set almost entirely on the emigrant vessel carrying many apprehensive and hopeful travellers, at the same time it draws out the complexities of life The honest, relatable characters plunged my heart into the story and the authentic, raw details of life in steerage i [...]

    22. This was such a beautiful and poignant story, with Welsh tales seamlessly woven in I really connected with Bridie as she sought to hold on to her Dad s memory in the face of her Ma s anger and what she saw as her new stepfather s attempts to replace him She bonds with a Welsh storyteller, Rhys, and the two of them use stories to ward off their fears during the arduous and traumatic journey to Australia in an 1800 s migrant vessel I am looking forward to reading what happens next for Bridie and R [...]

    23. The Tides Between takes place almost entirely on board a sailing ship bound for Australia, carrying emigrants from the old countries to the colonies It s set just in the period after transportation as a punishment has ended, so there s no great certainty that all will be well when the passengers arrive, but none of them have much to keep them home except perhaps for young Bridie Stewart, who doesn t want to leave the memory of her father behind One of the great attractions for me in this novel i [...]

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