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The Finder By J.E. Lorin The Finder At the age of sixteen August Goodson developed a strange and mysterious power overnight he can find people Victims of murder suicide kidnapping accidents and rape August can find them all usuall
  • Title: The Finder
  • Author: J.E. Lorin
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  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Finder By J.E. Lorin At the age of sixteen, August Goodson developed a strange and mysterious power overnight he can find people Victims of murder, suicide, kidnapping, accidents, and rape August can find them all, usually dead, but sometimes still alive Nine years later finds August volunteering his services to the police He s still smarting from the loss of his long time love Dante, whoAt the age of sixteen, August Goodson developed a strange and mysterious power overnight he can find people Victims of murder, suicide, kidnapping, accidents, and rape August can find them all, usually dead, but sometimes still alive Nine years later finds August volunteering his services to the police He s still smarting from the loss of his long time love Dante, who cheated on him with his best friend, and harbors a deep crush on the incredibly handsome, and oh so straight, Detective Luke Williams But there are bigger concerns on August s mind a serial killer is loose in the city, one whose victims are a little too much like him for comfort When August finds a living victim who may be one of the serial killer s, he s drawn even deeper into the case Will he make it out alive, or will he soon be the one in need of finding
    The Finder By J.E. Lorin
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      228 J.E. Lorin
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      Author of sci fi and fantasy themed gay romance novels Lives in North County San Diego.

    237 thoughts on “The Finder”

    1. The blurb completely drew me at the mention of August having a psychic gift of finding people He finds victims of murder, rape, kidnappings, suicide, and people who are lost or have been in accidents He unfortunately finds of the dead than the living It s been nine years since he came into his gift at the young age of 16 and is now a volunteer consultant for the police department using his gift to help I am a sucker for a psychic book I love them even when the psychic is evolved in helping a h [...]

    2. At first sight, this book screamed my name It begged me to read it, so I did it.It was entertaining enough but not the best paranormal story I ve read August Goodson is a 25 young man who developed the ability to find dead or nearly dead people when he was 16 For me, that s enough to be sucked into a story Paranormal is always my go to genre Obviously, I can t forget to tell you that August works as a consultant for the police and he has a crush on the very hot and very straight Detective Luke W [...]

    3. I found this book by a new to me author, J.E Lorin by accident Saw it on an author s recommended tweet and I was interested with the blurb.Well, for me The Finder was a SATISFYING read I loved the romance that it moved slowly but surely, and it helped that August and Luke had known each other for years since August worked for the police I enjoyed the mystery, even if the identity of the serial killer wasn t as surprising but the motive was pretty believable I liked the supporting characters too [...]

    4. Slow Burn and BeautifulThis book is exactly the kind of book I love Paranormal, mystery, cops, danger and love There was real and authentic character development and a genuine plot that fit perfectly with the world created Well done I would love to see from this author in the same vein I borrowed this in KU and I am returning it so I can buy it.

    5. 4,5 give me stars What would you do when at any time people could reach out to you and demand your help, immediately or you d have to face the consequences Never knowing if and when you were needed and what to find when you were, but most often the gruesomest of crimes This has been the reality for August since he was sixteen.Picking up books by authors who has very few published books is always a gamble, but this one paid off I loved this book a lot So much that I read it cover to cover in one [...]

    6. Whomp Whomp WhompIm not saying the story was bad but Im also not saying this story was good This would have been a DNF for me but I had to prove myself right on who the killer was And HEY I WAS RIGHT Here s the thing There was no connection btwn the MCs, no lingering looks, no butterflies, just a MC who basically described his day like I was reading Dear Diary There was WAY TO MUCH internal monologue There was just way TO MUCH STORY that didn t need to be in there Like the end we find out who th [...]

    7. 4 stars Very good book It kept me engaged I loved the fantasy aspect, plus you have cops What can you ask for This is definitely a suspense 1st, romance 2nd I didn t particularly mind because I like to mix it up It s a slow burn and not much heat However, the mystery part of the story made up for lack of bedroom time lol Secondary characters were interesting as well Nicely done.

    8. 4.3 StarsAnother book I m pleasantly surprised by The mystery was a bit typical, if the procedural aspect WAY different, and I had the killer pegged upon the character s introduction I didn t know the why of it though, so that kept me intrigued as did the slow building romance between the MCs.With his abandonment and trust issues, Auggie is slow to realize his crush is not completely one sided, and even with the OMG you almost DIED trope earlier on than I expected he s still wary I don t blame h [...]

    9. Unexpectedly fun and satisfying I say unexpectedly only because I d never read this author before and because I m glutted on gay, psychic MCs Turns out that August is a fairly memorable dude, and I really enjoyed following his POV Lorin s style is solid and devoid of highly distracting errors Thriller suspense elements well done Sweet friends to lovers progression Comfort care vibe Optimistic tone despite some dark subject matter Not a difficult whodunit in regards to the attacks, but that s not [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsI liked this It kept me entertained view spoiler I wished we learned about Finn I liked that storyline I also needed a LOT less Cherry HATED her I would have loved to have seen Finn and August use their abilities TOGETHER Showing memories, finding victims, solving crimes Yep That would have been awesome hide spoiler This was too long It could have been shorter, but it was still a good read It started to get a little sappy view spoiler after the abduction hide spoiler and it really pull [...]

    11. This book was incredible J.E Lorin is a new author to me and am looking forward to discovering and There was so much to this fantastic book, it truly blew me away There was so much to August than I initially thought His character was completely fleshed out and there was even to him as the book goes on Luke was amazing not only as a good guy, but a good cop Seeing these two together made me feel so good, even when things happened, knowing the absolute love between the two seriously made the [...]

    12. Augie was a bit of a jerk Luke was one dimensional There was very little passion or intensity to their relationship and I just wasn t convinced they were romantically in love so don t read this for the romance The mystery and the psychic storyline were mildly interesting simply because I had a difficult time caring about Augie If he had been likeable I would have been invested Not what I was hoping for

    13. Great YA NA read CLICK HERE FOR PROPER BLOG REVIEWThe Finder is J.E Loran s third novel and although I don t read much YA NA these days this one caught my eye and I m really glad it did The amount of genre s this book encompasses is rather vast and all of them are valid too It s not often you come across a book like this, but when it works it makes for excellent reading It s also a very well written book and aside from the main storyline its sub plots really make this book I had no idea where it [...]

    14. I loved reading about psychic MC, over when the psychic ability was used the whole time The MCs were likable August with his unhappy past that actually gave him depth instead of an excuse to be emo, and Luke who s like a dream man with his outer and inner beauty LOL The side characters existed to complement the MCs, not to be intrusive or steal the screen.The mystery was rather weak I could guess who the serial killer was early in the story , but since the story wasn t about investigating murder [...]

    15. If you like mystery, romance and a weird mysteries power then this book is a definate read I Loved this Book It s now one of my favorites.The back cover drew me in and the book did not disappoint me one bit I loved all the character s, but August and Detective Luke Williams were my heartthrobs I ve never read a book by this author and I sure would love to see a follow up to this one Plus, I ll keep my eye out for another from JE Lorin.

    16. 2,25 starsI didn t hate this book I think even dislike would be going too far But I didn t really like this either The book as a whole was like a glass of room temperature water You ll drink it if you re too lazy to get up for a refill, but you d really prefer an ice cold bubbly one The reason I even finished this book was probably just the anticipation of the story picking up and a hope for a surprising twist Then, when the killer was exactly who I thought it would be from the first mention of [...]

    17. 2,5 STARSWell, I do love psychic stories, so I was expecting to love this one While I did enjoy it, I have to say it had some problems that made it into a so so book for me.First the good August s ability was interesting and I found I liked the way he collaborated with the police The other thing I really liked was Finn The story itself was a little longer than it needed, with some scenes and explanations that could have been easily avoided The mystery was fine at first, but I discovered the iden [...]

    18. FantasticWell written, medium who hears ghosts who done it story It s not sappy or filled with sex, but it is there The characters are endearing and full, the pace was spot on and the storyline kept me flipping the page from the moment I started until it ended Highly recommended

    19. 3.5 stars I thought this was an breezy paranormal romance by a newish author For those who enjoy JL Merrow s The Plumber s Mate psychic mystery series that starts with Pressure Head , the main character s psychic ability is very similar, where he is able to sense lost people, although the main difference is that these lost people call to him, where as Merrow s Tom is like a dowser, and he is able to sense things that are hidden or secret.This is the author s third book, and I would think of the [...]

    20. In the opening pages of J E Lorin s The Finder, readers learn that August Goodson, the main character, has a psychic talent This undesired and often vexing skill has been problematic since it manifested itself at 16 years of age Readers who see his abilities as a fantasy device or readers who believe such abilities exist will both find the novel enjoyable Even the police who accept August s help are dubious Yes, August works with detectives searching for victims of killers The novel is detective [...]

    21. I couldn t put this book down I loved the characters, especially August, and I loved the writing It was really well developed and engaging I ll certainly be reading from this author

    22. Being sort of psychic can be a real pain in the ass When I ran across J.E Lorin s The Finder, I was hoping for a nice mix of Odd Thomas with a little Victor Bayne What I got, instead, was 100% August Goodson, and I liked him plenty, all on his own merits.Auggie is a talented man He runs his own business, has since he graduated from high school It turns out that he can fix pretty much anything he lays his hands on, and he s made a successful go of repairing all sorts of broken things, from vacuum [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book The main character was likable, the romance was interesting, and the author really created a world of interesting characters with distinct personalities Admittedly, the love interest was a little perfect, but considering everything else that was going on, I m good with that.Augie starts the book very broken by circumstances and his special psychic gift However, he s a sweet guy and you can see why the people around him are so eager to see him move past the abandonment [...]

    24. Loved itWell written Good characterization, excellent world building Strong storyline I liked all the secondary characters The bad guy was chillingly creepy Some interesting twists, and a nice HEA I recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal.

    25. When you tell a person who likes to read that you don t, you might as well be saying you no longer speak the same language Williams frowned at me like I d just admitted to clubbing baby seals for sport It was a delight to blend mystery, police procedural, psychological thriller, and the paranormal with romance Recommended.Both lead men are well written The protagonist Finn is fun because he s flawed, focused, gifted with an unusual talent that s as much a curse as it is a blessing, and awkward s [...]

    26. I just finished The Finder by J.E Lorin and wow What a great read This is a brand new author for me and the book description sounded like something I d enjoy so I bought it It s kind of a gay romance with a serial killer twist The blurb is as follows At the age of sixteen, August Goodson developed a strange and mysterious power overnight he can find people Victims of murder, suicide, kidnapping, accidents, and rape August can find them all, usually dead, but sometimes still alive Nine years late [...]

    27. lots of good stuff in this oneso much of this is really good the characters, especially Augie but also Cherry, Luke and even Oliver They re all individuals and very human in different ways The relationships between them are the same kind of right Listening to Augie and Cherry argue, they sound like real friends who been through a lot together, yet still have edges that sometimes rub The hurt, the anger and the love all rang true Augie s and Oliver s initial antipathy and the way it played out al [...]

    28. I really enjoyed The Finder The narrative is like a friend telling you about what happened to them not much embellishment, or paying much attention to every detail describing in detail people or rooms for example, coff Harry Dresden coff or remembering everything with crystal clear clarity, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the book It was a real change from what I ve been reading lately Oh, and I love the cover I admit it was the first thing that called to me about this book XDAll characters [...]

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