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Fallen By Claire Delacroix Fallen The Eyes of the Republic are Everywhere When her estranged husband s mysterious death is declared an accident Lilia Desjardins knows that it is a lie She leaves all she knows to risk the dark heart o
  • Title: Fallen
  • Author: Claire Delacroix
  • ISBN: 9780765359490
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fallen By Claire Delacroix The Eyes of the Republic are Everywhere.When her estranged husband s mysterious death is declared an accident, Lilia Desjardins knows that it is a lie She leaves all she knows to risk the dark heart of the Republic only to find that she herself has been targeted by forces unknown.Adam Montgomery will do anything to complete his earthly mission, even if he has to tangleThe Eyes of the Republic are Everywhere.When her estranged husband s mysterious death is declared an accident, Lilia Desjardins knows that it is a lie She leaves all she knows to risk the dark heart of the Republic only to find that she herself has been targeted by forces unknown.Adam Montgomery will do anything to complete his earthly mission, even if he has to tangle with the enigmatic Lilia Desjardins But when his contact is murdered and he must rely on Lilia s silence to save him from the slave dens, Adam knows that his wings were only the first sacrifice required of him.As danger and intrigue surround them, Lilia and Adam realize that they must work together body, mind, and soul in order to save the world.
    Fallen By Claire Delacroix
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      361 Claire Delacroix
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    1. Claire Delacroix

      New York Times bestselling author Claire Delacroix sold her first book in 1992, an historical romance called ROMANCE OF THE ROSE Since then, she has published over sixty romance novels and novellas, and has also been published under the names Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke She has an honours degree in history, with a focus on medieval studies She is an avid reader of medieval vernacular literature, fairy tales and fantasy novels For books written under the pseudonym, Claire Cross, see author show For books written under Claire s own name, Deborah Cooke, please see author show In October and November 2009, she was the writer in residence for the Toronto Public Library, the first time that the library has hosted a residency focused on the romance genre Visit her two websites here delacroixdeborahcookeLike her Facebook Fan Pages here facebook AuthorClaireDfacebook AuthorDeboraSubscribe to her monthly newsletter to keep up to date and receive special offers eepurl reIuD

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    1. First off, let me say that I would classify Fallen by Claire Delacroix as science fiction vice paranormal romance Why Well, the romance is really a side bar in this plot If you removed it, the story wouldn t change all that much with the exception of one choice at the end which doesn t impact the rest of the story BUT, I m not the author s publicist or publisher, so who cares about my opinion In the year 2099, the Earth is a very different place In addition to the countless deaths from bombings [...]

    2. This is both the best and worst book I ve read in a long time The prose is absolutely asinine and artless However, the storyline is so interesting, except for the few overblown bits, that I enjoyed it immensely The sex scenes weren t bad at all, frank and fun, but the whole fight the devil by turning lust to love crap was just pathetic I mean lust is not a negative energy unto itself It doesn t need marriage or Jesus like self sacrifice to redeem it Without the compulsion of lust, how would char [...]

    3. I think the storyline was refreshing from most PR books I ve read in a long time If there was a half star option I d give it 3.5 stars This is a series I will be continuing for sure

    4. Another book that was really good in theory but didn t work for me Unable able to get into it though The plot was interesting and I thought it had a great go but just didn t work for me.

    5. Great story More than expected and intriguing to say the least Love the futuristic feel and the twists and turns Cant wait to read the next book in the series Enjoy

    6. 3.5 StarsLilia Desjardins is convinced that her husband was murdered and has set out to find the truth Her search takes her into dangerous situations and her investigation has not gone unnoticed by the Republic or the handsome police officer Adam Montgomery Adam is an angel who has volunteered to go to earth for a mission and will do what it takes to complete it He is attracted to Lilia and they both soon realize that in order to find their answers they will need to work together It took me a wh [...]

    7. Fallen is the first book in a new trilogy by Claire Delacroix It is set in a post apocalyptic America in 2099, several years after many cities were bombed with nuclear weapons A large portion of the world s population was killed because of these bombs Another side effect of these bombs was nuclear radiation The majority of the population was exposed to this radiation causing birth defects in unborn children People who have side effects due to the radiation are known as shades They are not consid [...]

    8. 3.75 stars re release January 2014FALLEN is the first storyline in Claire Delacroix s aka Deborah Cooke dystopian sci fi futuristic fantasy series The Prometheus Project Following a nuclear holocaust that has left most of America poisoned by radiation, the survivors have been grouped into two distinct categories The Shades those considered mutants by the radiation poisoning and everyone else With the Shades relegated to the Fringe, those in control of the Republic ensure that the Shades know the [...]

    9. Personally, this book was nowhere near being paranormal romance The hero and heroine spend the majority of the book apart Whilst I found the hero s story interesting, and the overall plot once I got into it very absorbing, it took an awful long time to get there.I had several problems The heroine is stupid on several occasions Though she s better in the second half of the book And some of the worldbuilding I thought was unnecessary and took away from the story There are sumptuary and decency law [...]

    10. If you re looking for a fresh twist on the usual Urban Fantasy fare, this might be a good book to pick up Angels volunteer to have their wings surgically removed and to pursue a mission on the Earth, only when their mission is complete can they get their wings back and return to their angelic state.Adam Montgomery is one such angel His role as a policeman gets him in contact with Lilia Desjardins, the newly widowed Nuclear Darwinist whose job it is to find and capture shades , the mutated by rad [...]

    11. This story is a who done it mystery wrapped up in a post apocalyptic package with romance and passion thrown in to spice it up It is complex and I never figured out who the bad guy was until they revealed themselves Claire Delacroix creates a post apocalyptic world using news releases, government press statements and edicts, and short history lessons about how the US got to be where they are in 2099 She pulls in political commentary, religious and moral commentary, and conspiracy theories in ord [...]

    12. In 2099, the eyes of the Republic are everywhere But are they really wearing the pseudoskin or is the Society of Nuclear Darwinists Lilia Desjardins s husband s death was deemed an accident from exposure to too much radiation, but Lilia strongly suspects murder Adam Montgomery is aiding her investigation, but he also has his own assignment and a divine one at that.I had no idea how awesome this would be I was just expecting angels, but decided to pick up the book because it recently won an award [...]

    13. Ok, I give it two stars, but it really only should get one I couldn t finish it It was just too dull I got half way through the book and nothing had changed The heroine was a mix of guts and insecurity that did not flow well Her whole position of hating the establishment was never explained until 3 4 of the way through the book and even then, it came across as awkward and forced The hero was too mysterious, we never really got to know him other than being an angel which I was confused about too [...]

    14. I don t read too many SciFi series and wasn t sure what to expect This story takes place in the future, and I thought started out a little slow That could be due to all of the historical information, including the Republic s rules codes at the beginning of the story which sets up the storyline for the book This book takes place in a post nuclear world where Lilia is a Shade hunter who wants to find out what really happened to her husband, as she didn t believe the details of his accidental death [...]

    15. This was a romantic futuristic dystopian suspense story, with paranormal elements It is set in the future with a different kind of government organization that is oppressive of the people, and restrictive of women s rights The Hero is an angel who has come to earth as a volunteer, working as a policeman The heroine is a scientist who is trying to solve a murder of someone close to her In this society a group of people is treated as slaves and called, shades These are people with genetic mutatio [...]

    16. I m not sure about this book, it markets itself as a romance but I found little romantic about it It also seemed a little muddled between the cyberpunk, steampunk and dystopia The first mention of a corset had me going back a little bit to see if I d missed something but it went on to explain, it was a startling juxtaposition with the rest of the book We are going to make women dress in corsets and Victorian style clothing because we can The romance was incidental to the story, I got the impress [...]

    17. an interesting premise to be sure but needed some serious fleshing out and a lot of the romance angle to win anywhere near 4 stars from me the post apocalyptic word was interesting and multi layered for sure, but there just wasn t enough back story So many things were not explained and you had to muddle through things and do a lot of inferring and conclusion jumping for sure I wish there was maybe a bit of a prologue and perhaps also a few explanations of certain parts of the setting Like when [...]

    18. This book was an odd mix of Victorian values and fashion and futuristic dystopian Society is super conservative with Victorian fashion and strict rules surrounding dress and decorum Yet it takes place in the future where most major cities have been destroyed by nuclear bombs Weapons and armour are very advanced with everyone having a micro computer inserted in the palm of their hand I found this mix odd and a little jarring, almost disjointed at times.The story was quick and action packed Yet it [...]

    19. I bought this book for a dollar I figured what the heck And I liked it It s not the most stellar plot, and the sex scenes were rather irritating I just skipped through them I was not left confused, leading me to believe that Delacroix wrote them in just to sell, and that they contributed nothing to the plot I was right However, it was a dystopia sort of thing, but not exactly More like an anti big government conspiracy theory type of thing In other words, right up my alley I like dystopias and I [...]

    20. In a post apocalyptic world, angels descend to Earth to thwart evil and save humanity The heroine is a scientist looking into the death of her husband, with whom she had a troubled relationship The world has reverted to repressing women, and humans born with genetic defects are classified as non human and used in unnerving ways The hero works for the state police and meets the heroine when she is picked up for entering a forbidden, radioactive area, and there s an attraction, which disturbs her [...]

    21. The Prometheus Project Book OneLilia Desjardins is convinced that the death of her husband, Gideon, was not a suicide She travels to New Gotham to meet with someone who claims to have information, only to find the shade dead The following tragedies pile up to frame Lilia for death and destruction Police Detective Adam Montgomery, a former angel, is trying to figure out the enigmatic woman who presents as the perfect suspect However, he has been with her during several of the murders The two are [...]

    22. It is not something that I would normally read While it is not a bad book, I found parts of it to be kind of slow Since it is classified as a romance book I kind of expected there to be romance between the two main characters but there is not much I felt that their relationship should have been developed.As a reader I also felt that there was not that much background into the futurist society given to explain the different variations in human culture, what the republic was, how it came to be, [...]

    23. Montgomery is a sexy angel who gave up his wings to save our Earth Lilia is a rogue shade hunter who is determined to find out the true cause of her husband s mysterious death When these two get together, the exchanges are full of sexual tension Yet, both of them deny their attraction to each other But feelings can only be denied for so long, even for so long When their missions become intertwined, secrets are revealed, passions are explored, and both characters are sent on the run in order to s [...]

    24. Adam is an angel that chooses to shed his wings to help save mankind Lilia is a shade hunter, but doesn t believe in the role she must play Adam and Lilia realize they must work together in order to uncover the plot that might threaten their world This dystopian novel was a first for me It was a very different concept with angels leading the way I loved the authors detailed writing and character development was incredible I found the world she created realistic, which was a little scary The plot [...]

    25. I must admit this one took me a while to hit my stride and immerse myself into the storyline.With Science Fiction and futuristic not really being my reading bread and butter, but I found enough paranormal thrown in to hold my interest in the storyline And become invested in the characters and story I think it is always a good idea to step outside your normal reading genre every once and a while Looking forward to seeing where this series goes with the next instalment in the series Copy received [...]

    26. The plot of this is so good, it makes it easier to ignore the basic prose First pages of description about the angel submitting to having his wings sawn off are graphic, setting the tone for this post apocalyptic story It this world, nukes have razed cities, creating few habitable areas Off limits radiation zones are forbidden, unless you are born with a birth defect considered non humans There is a murder mystery, steamy romance, political corruption and rebellion against the Republic It is dar [...]

    27. Very disturbing book on many levels The author s view of life in post nuclear war world is very grim and depressing Our hero, an angel who gives up his wings to come to Earth to help, is likeable and our heroine is feisty The action of the book takes place over just a few days not enough time for any kind of relationship to really develop So, the lust rings true, but the romance doesn t I don t think I will bother with the next two in the series.However, even with all those marks against it, I d [...]

    28. This was a DNF for me No chemistry between the hero heroine, and while I liked her take on the future she lost me with the whole women dress in Victorian corset y things There was definitely a Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep vibe and she definitely cribbed a lot from that story Considering that s the only one of Dick s novels I ve read, I thought that was pretty interesting Take a pass.

    29. Dystopian vision of the future, where nuclear incidents have made several major cities uninhabitable, the Republic monitors its citizens closely and people born w birth defects are considered not humans Yet angels volunteer to temporarily give up their wings and come down to do Godly missions, among them hunky Adam Montgomery He falls in love w beautiful, rebellious Lilia, who is investigating the death of her husband A page turner, but darker than I really like.

    30. I have read a lot of Claire Delacroix s medieval fantasy books, but this is the first SciFi story I enjoyed it and will continue with the series.Lilia is a Shade Hunter who has come to New Gotham to investigate the death of her husband Adam Montgomery is a policeman with a secret he is really an Angel come to earth on a mission to save mankind.The Earth is a mess Nuclear detonations in major cities have destroyed the populace Children in utero at the time of the various blasts are born with muta [...]

    31. Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review Travel to the future and meet Angels who give up their wings in order to save the world.Lilia Desjardins just wants to know who killed her husband Adam Montgomery is trying to save Lilia from those who want to stop her Will they find love or die trying to find the killer.

    32. 2.5 I had to grit my teeth to get through the first half of the book Thankfully after reaching ridiculous lows honestly why is there even a romance it started picking up Hopefully now that the world and characters have been established the next books won t drag so much getting to the action.

    33. Very interesting mash of genres dystopian, sci fi, urban fantasy paranormal romance, with Victorian elements overtones.

    34. Fallen is classified as paranormal romance but it could just as easily be urban fantasy Actually, the fantasy elements in this book succeed far than the romance The world building is excellent and I liked the murder mystery too Unfortunately, the characters and the romance were just average I haven t decided if I ll read the next book in the series yet.

    35. Got this book on a book trade It was an easy read a bit confusing cause of the futuristic world.This is an okay book, storyline is so interest you can t put down It s a book about angels and the future world and the anti big government conspiracy theory type of thing Most likely I m gonna read the next book of the series just for fun.

    36. Really of a 3 1 2 stars book Interesting setting, great characters But at times it was hard to follow It was such a complex new world that it took some adjusting Good writing though and interesting characters and plot so going to see what happens in book 2.

    37. So I ll admit I liked the world building A LOT in this book and as far as I was concerned the love story took a back seat to that Not the most original romance I ever read, but I loved the world and am looking forward to reading about it.

    38. From an author who usually writes much softer books This is a hard core post apocalyptic series It takes place in the not so distant future after the world is nuked I enjoyed the first book and am starting the second.

    39. I had a hard time getting into this book The premise intrigued me, but there wasn t enough action to keep me interested I think I ll pass on reading the sequel.

    40. I ve read and loved plenty of Claire Delacroix s historical fiction, but really couldn t get into this Why does the guy on the cover resemble a pedophile

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