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The Satan Bug By Alistair MacLean The Satan Bug An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here HELL IS ABOUT TO BE UNLEASHED Five strands of high voltage wire yards of bare ground and double barbed wire fences patrolled by armed guards wit
  • Title: The Satan Bug
  • Author: Alistair MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780006157502
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Satan Bug By Alistair MacLean An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here.HELL IS ABOUT TO BE UNLEASHED Five strands of high voltage wire, 200 yards of bare ground and double barbed wire fences patrolled by armed guards with dogs separated Mordon Research Centre from the outside world.Yet behind the locked doors of E block, a scientist lies dead, and a new toxin of terrifying power has vanished
    The Satan Bug By Alistair MacLean The Satan Bug Mar , The first theory is that one of the nasty germs has gotten free and killed several scientists The big fear is that a virulent strain, named The Satan Bug because all life can be killed off by it should it escape, may have been stolen Written by John Vogel jlvogel comcast Plot Summary The Satan Bug Watch Satan Bug Prime Video THE STORY In a top secret, desert based U.S government research facility, the world s most virulent biological weapons are being synthesized One such killer bacteria, dubbed the Satan Bug by its creators, is so deadly that just a few drops in our atmosphere would wipe out all life on Earth within days. The Satan Bug MacLean The menace of the Satan Bug is so large that it is clear that it could never be used Suspense only works if it is plausible that the dreaded event will take place or not Still it s a The Satan Bug Rotten Tomatoes Oct , Movie Info Special Agent Lee Barrett George Maharis joins forces with Ann Williams Anne Francis , a general s daughter, to recover a biological weapon stolen from a The Satan Bug by Alistair MacLean The Satan Bug is a historical thriller about bioterrorism Mordon Research Centre is a secret and well guarded research lab However, one night behind its secured walls, a scientist found dead At first, they were not sure was it murder or suicide until they found out a deadly virus had disappeared. The Satan Bug Xfinity Stream The Satan Bug George Maharis Richard Basehart Anne Francis An ex Army agent George Maharis must find flasks of a deadly virus before a mad millionaire Richard Basehart can use them. The Satan Bug novel The Satan Bug John Sturges YouTube Jul , Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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    1. Alistair MacLean

      Alistair Stuart MacLean Scottish Gaelic Alasdair MacGill Eain , the son of a Scots Minister, was brought up in the Scottish Highlands In 1941, at the age of eighteen, he joined the Royal Navy two and a half years spent aboard a cruiser were to give him the background for HMS Ulysses, his first novel, the outstanding documentary novel on the war at sea After the war he gained an English Honours degree at Glasgow University, and became a schoolmaster In 1983, he was awarded a D Litt from the same university.Maclean is the author of twenty nine world bestsellers and recognised as an outstanding writer in his own genre Many of his titles have been adapted for film The Guns of the Navarone, The Satan Bug, Force Ten from Navarone, Where Eagles Dare and Bear Island are among the most famous.

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    1. Up until recently, my only experience with Scottish author Alistair MacLean s ninth novel, 1962 s The Satan Bug, was via the film that was loosely made from it three years later It has long surprised me that this picture despite featuring two of my favorite performers, Anne Francis and Richard Basehart is a rather pedestrian, somewhat dull affair, and on the whole, a fairly unmemorable experience To be completely honest, it s been quite a while since I have seen the film, and DO need to see it a [...]

    2. Interesting to see that biological weapons were as much of a threat 50 years ago as they are today SPOILER ALERT The actual Satan Bug is largely a MacGuffin here for what is basically a whodunit with a little action at the end, rather than an espionage or political thriller This is also the second MacLean book I know of where the defeated bad guy chooses the honorable path and kills himself by jumping out of a plane rather than face trial not sure if this is some quaint British code of honor fro [...]

    3. One of two books that MacLean wrote under the pseudonym Ian Stuart in the early 60s, supposedly as to prove that his by then established name was not the only thing that made his stories popular Apparently, he was soon found out and the books issued under his name Even so, this and The Dark Crusader are a bit odd ones out among the extremely well known titles of his early bibliography Or maybe I m imagining that Either way, this is a suspenseful and effective thriller, with the theft of The Sata [...]

    4. Not his best work but a fun and easy read The ending or final act, from the second plot point, is a study in how to write a ripping good ending The hero figures something out but the villain out wits him The hero gets an edge the villain is better That repeats at least 20 times until the hero finally gets the edge Excellent.

    5. The movie stops half way thru the book read the book find out why Alister Maclean s books were made into movies.

    6. For a near classic I was expecting Alistair Maclean s tale of espionage, kidnapping, a couple of deadly bugs in colour coded flasks and a secret laboratory facility did keep me reading to the very end but there was too much that was unbelievable The confusion between virus, bacteria and toxin was annoying the words were used interchangeably OK, google wasn t around when this was written but they had encyclopaedias perhaps Maclean thought his readers would not know or care Also, all biologists k [...]

    7. Pretty much by the numbers Alistair MacLean suspense except this time the loner hero is a married loner.But don t worry, Mary doesn t actually have a character She s super pretty, helpful and serves primarily as a hostage She was played in the 1965 movie by Anne Francis, who made a lengthy career out of screaming when grabbed by the bad guy monster whatever She squeezed tapings of Satan Bug in between three episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Brainstorm plot synopsis Scientist Jim Grayam s [...]

    8. It s pretty good I would ve given it 4 stars had it been some other authorIn the beginning it s pretty intriguing It has some great thrills here and there, with a surprisingly believable end of the world plot that you don t see in other books of this sort Characters are pretty cool, there are some nice twists at the end of some of the chapters.Now that I think of it, this book has EVERY SINGLE element of a GREAT spy detective thriller It s just that the components aren t glued together very well [...]

    9. Not as much fun as The Guns of Navarone , which I read a couple of months ago, but still an entertaining read This is really of a detective story than an adventure, with the hero trying to track down a stolen super virus It s a little pedestrian at times, with much of the action confined to rural England, but the thrilling climax makes up for it Even that doesn t quite live up to the promise of the title though.

    10. ActionGood action from start to finish plenty of twist as you figure out the true identity and the real plan Alistair at his best

    11. A perfectly palatable 60s thriller Surprisingly it spoiler alert manages to avoid the cliche of teh Communists did it

    12. In the book, the reader makes the acquaintance of Pierre Cavell, the former head of security at the Mordon I love that name, with its almost subliminal suggestion of death Microbiological Research Establishment, and now working as a private detective Cavell is handed the case of his life when Mordon s current security chief is found murdered on site, one of its head scientists disappearsd eight vials containing deadly botulinus toxin AND the so called Satan Bug a strain of the polio virus that h [...]

    13. This is the first novel that I have read by Alistar MacLean My previous exposure to him was the movie, Ice Station Zebra, which is one of my favorites My father has a pile of these books that he hasn t read in some time, so I borrowed a couple this one and Bear Island The Satan Bug is a great mix of adventure, espionage, and mystery Pierre Clavell, half French half English, served with the British Army during World War II, joined the police and rose to Inspector, and then worked as the head of s [...]

    14. Okay so it s not one of Mr MacLean s stronger novels, but it works It works Yes it s what would now be known as a mashup with all the attending flaws of those books It crosses into different genres Detective, mystery, espionage and thriller and as a result is a bit muddled at times I ve read that with this novel which MacLean originally wrote under the pen name Ian Sturat he was trying to see if he could write a hard boiled detective novel For whatever reason he decided to write under an alias A [...]

    15. The Satan Bug by Alistair MacLean is an old fashioned spy romp, with an agent sent, somewhat circuitously, to investigate and recover a deadly virus from a top secret chemical research establishment It s an easy read although there s a few too many characters and roles to remember, especially at the start of the book and the pace never lets up, with the action sequences following in quick succession There s plenty of bluff and double bluff and our virtually omnipresent protagonist always manages [...]

    16. Private investigator Pierre Cavell is called in to solve the mystery of who robbed the Mordon Microbiological Research Center, a government research lab in England which develops synthetic viruses The thieves took a deadly virus codenamed the Satan Bug, and it s up to Cavell to find them and recover the virus before it s unleashed.Up till this book, I d only been familiar with author Alistair MacLean s World War II themed works such as The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare The Satan Bug was [...]

    17. Top class thriller Alistair Maclean was the master of suspense and thrill I had almost forgotten this book, but after reviewing The Golden Rendezvous and The Last Frontier, I thought I would look up the list of Alistair Maclean books and lo and behold, I found this book which I had completely forgotten I was young when I read this book, I mean a young teenager I was a voracious reader of fiction But this book gripped me and I read it from start to finish filled with excitement and suspense I don [...]

    18. Sometimes the movie is better than the book One of the great thrillers of the sixties is a dud in the book that preceded it A strange mixture of genres part thriller and part espionage novel that begins like a private eye book, THE SATAN BUG is written in an utterly pedestrian style Characters are given unpleasant personalities to create artificial conflict, not a conflict that comes from normal people having conflicting needs or goals It is difficult to understand 40 years later why MacLean s b [...]

    19. I believe this book was originally released under a pseudonym, Ian Stuart I only read it for the first time a year or two back I thought it was good, but not one of MacLean s best Since then, I have discovered a few reviews and it seems that The Satan Bug is highly regarded in MacLean circles.Released in 1962, the novel is about the theft of an indestructible virus that presents a threat to mankind The only way to stop it is with a typically cynical MacLean hero, Cavell Good fun nowadays, but pr [...]

    20. I ve always liked Alistair MacLean s work, and a stolen deadly virus plot is right up my alley, so I dived into the book with great enthusiasm This waned after 100 pages and the hero was still in the vicinity of the crime, still interviewing suspects I had hoped that this book would be a fast paced chase after the bad guy through several locations.It picked up again later in the book, and finishes on a couple of very exciting scenes, which makes up for the slightly dull over abundance of legwork [...]

    21. Someone has stolen an extremely dangerous toxin from a secret lab in England If it gets into the wrong hands, millions of people could die See, that s why I don t write spy novels I make them sound cheesy But this book isn t cheesy It s by master spy novelist Alistair MacLean, one of my faves from the sixties I ll probably go on a MacLean reading jag so everything will sound the same for awhile Sorry.

    22. I read this years ago and reread it recently after channel surfing into the 1965 film starring George Maharis and Anne Francis The movie is entertaining, but Alistair MacClean s book is far visceral and fast paced Maybe transplanting the plot from the cold, wet UK to sunny Southern California is part of the problem In any event, read the book if you like a good thriller.Originally published in 1962 under the pseudonym of Ian Stuart.

    23. I always forget just how quickly his best works escalate, and The Satan Bug is no exception I loved this the first time I read it, and I ve read it easily seven or eight times since Alastair MacLean was one of my favourite authors when I was young, and this is one of his best, particularly of the non war instalments.

    24. I came across this while searching the old book hoard of my uncle I was a child back then It was a torn edition but I adored it and read it in record time as it was one of the first novels I had read Thus, it went a long way in making thrillers and suspense esp those dealing with bio terrorism my favorite genre I love this book especially for this reason.

    25. First MacLean book I ever read, when I was ill with some bad childhood thing, like Scarlet Dengue or similar horrible sounding ailment I liked to pretend that the reason I was sick was because somebody sprayed me with the Satan Bug Great stuff Very exciting, for prepubescents, and utterly devoid of questionable content such as ideology or sex.

    26. Overall a good book Good plot and quiet gripping but ever so slightly draggy Specially towards the end, it really tested my patience This was my first Alister MacLean book So, I m not giving up yet

    27. A nerve agent and a bioweapon capable of killing all life on Earth have been stolen A deranged environmentalists is theatening to use them in twenty four hours Pierre Cavell has just that long to eliminate the threat.

    28. This was a pretty fun mystery featuring a megalomaniac master criminal who always seemed one step ahead of the authorities, but hounded by a brilliant investigator who was also extremely quick on the uptake Enough plot twists to satisfy and a pretty exciting and decent ending.

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