The Curse of the Bridal Chamber #2020

The Curse of the Bridal Chamber By Hunter Murphy The Curse of the Bridal Chamber The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida When Imogene and he
  • Title: The Curse of the Bridal Chamber
  • Author: Hunter Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780990979296
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Curse of the Bridal Chamber By Hunter Murphy The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of theThe indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of the Alabama visitors for the crime.Now the aging amateur crime solver must exonerate her own family, but unearthing a killer among the park s past and present mermaids and employees promises to be no easy task, since so many of them are thrilled that the victim is sleeping with the fishes And a decades old curse that has deposited than one dead body in the Bridal Chamber spring now seems focused on Imogene and her kin, who are wading into dangerous waters indeed Witty and colorful, The Curse of the Bridal Chamber will keep you enthralled until the final surprising revelation.
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    1. Hunter Murphy

      Hunter Murphy is a writer and library staffer from Alabama Some of his literary heroes include P.G Wodehouse, Eudora Welty, Christopher Morley, Eugene Walter, David Leavitt, and Agatha Christie He s a fan of good storytelling, no matter the medium He lives with his longtime partner and their dashingly handsome English bulldog.Imogene in New Orleans is the first in a mystery series featuring Imogene, the boys, and Goose the English bulldog.

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    1. This is the second book I ve read by Hunter Murphy Imogene in New Orleans was a great fun read but I think The Curse of the Bridal Chamber is even better In this book, Aunt Agnes joins Imogene and the boys They visit a mermaid convention in Florida On their first boat tour, a corpse emerges below the glass in the bottom of the boat One of Imogene s family gets arrested for the murder, so the sisters go into overdrive to piece together what happened It s a frantic, hilarious chase full of mishaps [...]

    2. ARC provided by the publisher I d follow Imogene anywhere, but when she and the boys take Aunt Agnes to a mermaid convention in Florida, the fun is outstanding Aunt Agnes is Imogene s older sister, who calls the mermaids women fish Goose the bulldog is so cute I loved the setting too, an old park where Hollywood filmed Tarzan and other movies around the crystal clear water The mystery involves the death of a park employee, a man who mistreated the mermaids and probably deserved to die The old cu [...]

    3. Very enjoyable cozy mystery I saw this book on NetGalley and requested it because of the cover and the fact that it was in FL at a mermaid convention I didn t realize it was the second book in a seriesbut, it actually worked well as a stand alone Fell in love with the characters, Imogene, Billy, Jackson, and Goose the bulldog The Alabama family I live and am from Alabama, so big plus travels to FL for a family vacation They stop at Clear Springs Park and find themselves participating in a mermai [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book and I did I was drawn to the concept of a vacation in real Florida that turns upside down because of a murder This book is a character driven mystery, led by an all star cast including two Southern seniors, a gay couple, and a bulldog named Goose Throw in some mermaids, monkeys, and the setting of some world famous Hollywood films including Tarzan , and you re set for a good time.I don t want to spoil it all, but suffice it to say that one of the main characters [...]

    5. This is exactly what I needed, a fun murder mystery on a lazy summer weekend Imogene and Agnes made me laugh a lot I was interested in the secrets lurking in that lovely park too Plus the bulldog was funny and I have always loved mermaids and old people It made me want to visit a place like Clear Springs

    6. This will be fun, I thought Elderly sisters, maybe a bit cantankerous, the grandson of one of them and his partner, and Goose, the bulldog And mermaids I grew up in Florida, and the park and mermaid shows the book centers around is based on the WeekiWachee Springs that I never went to or maybe once when I was very young but always heard about But while I find mild cantankery amusing, this mystery is way too high on the scale for my taste The sisters argue with each other They argue with park emp [...]

    7. I ve read this book twice now Mermaids, murder, spunky old people, secrets, and a fascinating history of a Florida park This did it for me There are a lot of funny quotes in this mystery Good stuff Thanks to the publisher for this ebook ARC.

    8. When Imogene and her sister Agnes are taken on a vacation to Florida by the boys Jackson and Billy you never know what is going to happen, well actually you do Shortly after arriving at the Clear Springs Park for the mermaid convention, a dead body is found When Billy is arrested for the murder, the rest of the family will do whatever it takes to prove his innocence The problem I had with this book is the rudeness, yelling, anger etc that occurs during this investigation It seems that when I rea [...]

    9. I began reading this book and didn t realize that it was the second book in a series, but it turned out that didn t matter By the end of the first chapter the characters had been well established and I could sit back and enjoy it The further the book got into the characters the funnier and entertaining the plot was I must say, I really like that most of the characters are senior citizens It adds a unique perspective that most mysteries don t have The setting at FL and at a Mermaid convention wa [...]

    10. As an avid reader, there s really not a genre I won t at least try, I review books for the awesome publishers on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Curse of the Bridal Chamber, for me is proof of the age old adage never judge a book by its cover As you can see the book cover is bright and enticing it definitely appealed to my creative side, and I loved all the warm bright colours, plus I m a real sucker for skulls.The blurb on the book seemed tempting, it promised lots of fun, murder [...]

    11. I just don t think that this one was for me As a kid I was an avid watcher of Scooby Doo, and this story hit a lot of the same notes for me in that the good guys run around in circles picking up clues and getting tied up in broom closets while the bad guys creep around in the shadows and pop out of storage sheds to bonk the main characters and run away Unfortunately, this wasn t a book written for children, and the dog is much less endearing than Scooby Doo ever was, although he does share the s [...]

    12. Another fantastic mystery I read this because I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, Imogene in New Orleans Well 2 did not disappoint This book introduces us to Imogene s even wilder sister Agnes, a woman who could have a book written about her alone When trouble comes to the group, in the form of a murder accusation, the sisters confront it head on The result is an entertaining adventure in the Florida woods and spring fed rivers Throw in a mermaid convention, an old curse, and a lot of secret his [...]

    13. Once again Imogene, Billy and Jackson are off on another whirlwind adventure This time they are joined by Aunt Agnes, Imogene s sister, as they head to Florida and a theme park featuring mermaids While on a glass bottom boat cruise in the park, the body of a dead man comes into view Before you know it hypochondriac Billy has been arrested It s up to Imogene,Jackson and Aunt Agnes to get to the real killer The idea of a theme park with mermaids sounds like such fun I almost wanted to tag along, a [...]

    14. Fabulous book and fabulous mystery I laughed all the way through it I wish I had family like Imogene and Agnes They re crazy and fun It s an unusual plot I found the Florida history very interesting The racial past of the park too I had no idea places like this existed in Florida Getting to see it through Imogene s and Agnes s wide eyed made it all the pleasurable Also, I didn t guess who the murderer was I would highly recommend this book to mystery and comedy lovers, and anyone who likes char [...]

    15. This book has great suspense, just when you think you know what is around the corner BAM another new idea of what is going on springs into your mind Even to the last page I was unsure how it would all pan out One bad thing tho, why on earth did that have to happen right at the end, I found that a little deflating, but a nice feel good ending none the less.

    16. A trip to the Weeki Wachee Springs sounds like a great vacation for the whole family but when someone gets murdered, the mermaid springs begin to look a lot less picturesque Elderly sisters Agnes and Imogen and the boys Agnes son Billy and his boyfriend Jackson all get drawn into the mystery of who killed the man whose body ended up in the river while also solving a murder from thirty odd years ago.At first glance, you d think this d be a slam dunk of a mystery It has mermaids, a wonderfully dis [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed The Curse of the Bridal Chamber It revolves around this mysterious Florida spring called The Bridal Chamber When Billy decides to take his partner, Jackson, his mother, and his aunt on a trip to see the mermaids at a convention, they are expecting adventure and an adventure is precisely what they get The convention pulls in mermaids from previous generations who starred in shows around the park Although I did not read the first book in the series, the second book reads well [...]

    18. I was given this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of the Alabama visitors for the crime.Now the aging amateur crim [...]

    19. I liked the idea behind this book, but it just didn t work for me, part of me is hoping that this is not the finished product, it is a very odd book, the first half of the story really jarred with me and seemed really disjointed, with the characters really over reacting at the situations they were in and it just didn t flow, after the 50% point, it was like a different writer had taken over and the story flowed so much better and the characters settled down.However, I really wanted to give the s [...]

    20. I received an advance ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book seemed like it would be a lot of fun Murder At a mermaid convention In the swamps of Florida A pair of kooky old women as amateur detectives This had all the makings of a great summer read, something along the lines of a Dave Barry or Carl Hiassen novel.I tried I really did, but I couldn t finish the book The mermaid convention is just beginning, the old ladies are appropriately saucy, and the dead body shows u [...]

    21. The Curse of the Bridal Chamber by Hunter Murphy is the second wonderful installment to a great series This latest cozy mystery takes readers to Florida I love following Hunter Murphy s group of characters as they travel No matter where they go there s bound to be an adventure Wherever the main character, Imogene, goes, there s a dead body popping up somewhere This time however, Imogene s relative will end up arrested for the murder It will take everything Imogene has as an amateur sleuth to sol [...]

    22. Hunter Murphy selects settings that are unique and he makes them come alive I have read travel logs that are less vivid and enticing As in his debut, Imogene and the boys are hilarious and irresistible What a fun romp I can t wait for the next adventure

    23. I found the The Curse of the Bridal Chamber to be a bit of a bore If I could give a half star rating I would probably give this a 2.5 It never really grabbed my attention even though on the surface Hunter Murphy s story had an interesting premise A young male nurse and his partner take his older aunts in their 70 s to a mermaid convention The nurse happens travels everywhere with his medical kit which happens to be helpful considering the mayhem that happens at the mermaid convention including t [...]

    24. This is the 2nd book in the Imogene and the Boys series and the first one I ve read.Imogene, her sister Agnes, her son Billy, her son in law Jackson and their bulldog Goose, have been invited to Florida to go to the famous Mermaid park, when they arrive they meet some interesting characters who need a good slap in the face and, while on a glass bottom boat ride, notice a dead man floating under the boat, one thing leads to another and Billy is arrested for murdering him.Jackson, Imogene and Agne [...]

    25. Designed as an easy read mystery, I found The Curse of the Bridal Chamber quite a disappointment So much so that I gave up reading it part way through 30% which is extremely unusual for me.The writing style was OK if a little clunky, but I found the various main characters to either be aggressive and unpleasant, or weak and ineffectual people The plot didn t seem to hang together very well and much of the time was totally implausible murder arrest without opportunity, running from police for no [...]

    26. It s not often that I leave a one star review.This book was difficult to get into I kept putting it down for a day or so and trying it again No matter what, there was nothing that captured my attention.I admit I only read 50% of the book, I felt that I gave it than enough time to get exciting, it just never did.From what I read, a pair of sisters, a son and his partner go to a mermaid convention The son is a hypochondriac that travels with his own medical kit He is a nurse and he heard about th [...]

    27. This is the first book that I ve read by Hunter Murphy I was intrigued by this book because I live in Florida and the story takes place in central Florida at one of the springs where Tarzan was filmed The beginning of the story was great, I loved the two elderly sisters and Goose, the bulldog, and it looked like I was in for a madcap ride through the wilds of Florida The story soon became repetitive and boring and I almost gave up on it, but I did manage to finish it only because I wanted to fin [...]

    28. ebook given for free in exchange for an honest review A charming mystery about two funny senior citizens from the South, a bulldog named Goose, and a gay couple I thoroughly enjoyed their trip to a mermaid convention and all the misadventures in this mystery.The characters are in your face at times, but who wouldn t be if one of their family members was accused of murder The investigation does not go smoothly Some of the mermaids and the employees do not like Imogene and her brood snooping aroun [...]

    29. I like mysteries, and love mermaids This book should have been a good fit for me It didn t quite pan out It has two sisters who argue non stop That wears on one s nerves It has a bulldog name Goose Goose is fun It has a gay couple sigh That s another clich thing to do to readers of late It has a legend, and a great deal of telling us what you told us already in case we forgot while the sisters were fighting That also grows old for the reader This book didn t work for me Maybe it can get an updat [...]

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