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Speak Gigantular By Irenosen Okojie Speak Gigantular Speak Gigantular is a startling short story collection from one of Britain s rising literary stars These stories are captivating erotic enigmatic and disturbing Irenosen Okojie s gift is in her unde
  • Title: Speak Gigantular
  • Author: Irenosen Okojie
  • ISBN: 9781909762299
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Speak Gigantular By Irenosen Okojie Speak Gigantular is a startling short story collection from one of Britain s rising literary stars These stories are captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing Irenosen Okojie s gift is in her understated humour, her light touch, her razor sharp assessment of the best and worst of humankind, and her unflinching gaze into the darkest corners of the human experience.InSpeak Gigantular is a startling short story collection from one of Britain s rising literary stars These stories are captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing Irenosen Okojie s gift is in her understated humour, her light touch, her razor sharp assessment of the best and worst of humankind, and her unflinching gaze into the darkest corners of the human experience.In these stories Okojie creates worlds where lovelorn aliens abduct innocent coffee shop waitresses, where the London Underground is inhabited by the ghosts of errant Londoners caught between here and the hereafter, where insensitive men cheat on their mistresses and can only muster enough interest to fall for one dimensional poster girls and where brave young women attempt to be erotically empowered at their own peril Sexy, serious and at times downright disturbing, this brilliant debut collection sizzles with originality.
    Speak Gigantular By Irenosen Okojie Speak Gigantular by Irenosen Okojie Speak Gigantular is a startling short story collection from one of Britain s rising literary stars These stories are captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing. Speak Gigantular Okojie, Irenosen Jun , Speak Gigantular Okojie, Irenosen on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Speak Gigantular Speak Gigantular by Irenosen Okojie, Paperback Barnes Jan , A startling debut short story collection from one of Britain s rising literary stars These stories are captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing. Speak Gigantular New Orleans Review Speak Gigantular, by Irenosen Okojie Jacaranda Books, , pages It is rare to come across a new book where the story or stories told are familiar, but cast in an genuinely uneasy light one that unsettles while managing to be completely plausible, too close to Speak Gigantular Okojie, Irenosen HPB Speak gigantular is a collection of captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing short stories from one of Britain s rising literary stars. Speak Gigantular by Irenosen Okojie review surreal tales Nov , With Speak Gigantular, her first short story collection, Okojie continues her fictional forays into the surreal Animal Parts is set in a Danish town A
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    1. Irenosen Okojie

      Irenosen Okojie was born in Nigeria and moved to England aged eight A freelance Arts Project Manager, she has previously worked at Apples Snakes as the National Development Coordinator and for The Caine Prize as a Publicity Officer for their 10th Anniversary Tour Her short stories have been published in the US, Africa and the UK Her first novel, Butterfly Fish, was published by Jacaranda Books in July 2015 from elisedillsworthagency pag

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    1. A wonderfully weird collection of short stories, surreal, and magical stories told in elaborate metaphors that are never what they first seem stories of loss and love and hatred and bliss and human connection Those stories that were on the right side of weird were really something else and I am super glad to have read this book This is why I started reading short fiction I like weird fiction, I like stories that straddle the line of the real and the surreal and thus I absolutely adored this deb [...]

    2. Being nice for once I give this book 3 stars Weird stories, weirder writing Very uneven, from too complex to simple or clich Lot of the metaphores do not make sense to me.

    3. Awesome and wild collection of short stories from a cool new talent Wonderfully defies description as a read, making it difficult to review though I did enjoy the kid with a tail who made jam with his mum and the London underground ghosts seriously check it for yourself I was fortunate enough to meet Ms Okojie at the Open Pen Summer Party Rather, I showed her how to get to Jamboree in Limehouse s less than intuitive entrance I didn t manage to chat to her after her electric performance because I [...]

    4. I have read hundreds of short story collections, but never encountered anything quite like Speak Gigantular This book is filled with luminous prose and harsh realities cloaked in magical realism There is insight, imagination, and a subtle humour that balances out the persistent thread of darkness connecting these tales.No two stories are alike The difference between one story and the next would be disorienting were it not for the sense of marvel Okojie preserves from start to finish A boy born w [...]

    5. This short story collection is odd.I finished it not an hour ago, and already the stories are starting to slip and slide around my head, morphing into strange black women with jewels for eyes and bloody hearts in their hands.Magic abounds in Speak Gigantular If someone was to make a Black Girl Magic reading list which definitely should be a thing, if it isn t already , this should feature on it And not just because there are ghosts and aliens, because there is a deep sense of the particular beau [...]

    6. Darkness motivates men, mobilises armies Use it You are a warrior Show me your roar People are scared of your power, frightened of what you can do with it Irenosen Okojie has a powerful voice which can upturn ships and mellow down racing bulls The book came to light when the author won Jhalak prize Not too many ratings to its credit, readers are really missing out on a great read The collection of the short stories is in one word unpredictable Cover page The cover page displays a curly haired my [...]

    7. I ve never read anything like this New to the author and new to reading collections of short stories, this book haunts me Especially the last story Vegas I had so many questions about Mammoth but the most gut wrenching story was Animal Parts, which gives us a peek into Henri a boy with a tail The first story Gunk I can t say say I enjoyed this collection but j most definitely will remember all of them.

    8. I m not giving this a rating because I m not sure what I think yet These short stories are surreal and dark, like Amy Bender mixed with Flannery O Connor, but both taken to the extreme Amidst the strange and heart wrenching darkness, though, Okojie s gorgeous use of language shines through Some sentences stopped me cold, they were so creative and beautiful.

    9. I throughly enjoyed this collection of short stories My full review is on my blog mybookinggreatblog 2017 0Here is an extract You may have seen this book nominated for the Jhalak Prize which highlights works by BAME authors of British origin It is to see why it has made the longlist Okojie s debut short story collection is nothing short of exemplary Not one of the stories is similar to the other ranging from topics such as foot fetishes, purgatory in London s underground network , euthanasia and [...]

    10. Great read This is something a little different I very much enjoyed these edgy, dark stories Stumbled on this collection, very glad I did Took it on holiday with me, good for dipping in and out of Okojie is a highly imaginative writer I love her striking, vivid descriptions Not always a comfortable read but certainly a memorable one.

    11. Following on from her Betty Trask winning debut novel, Butterfly Fish, Speak Gigantular is Irenosen Okojie s first collection of short stories And it is almost certainly not like any other short story collection you have ever read.Okojie s writing rarely stays long in the recognisable world of the five senses In these stories, emotions take on physical form Loneliness becomes a pet I pictured it as something like a bearded dragon The hurt and anger of the deserted wife morphs into a humunculus w [...]

    12. I really admire this collection and the quality of the writing brave and captivating, full of wonder and magic So much of it speaks to the gut and the heart as well as the emotions and the brain My favourite story is the devastating Following , which twists an angry knife in the wounds of grief On occasion I was puzzled by certain combinations and contradictions the idea of hurling oneself slowly upwards, for example Sometimes it felt like I was being asked to bend my thoughts into some weird ne [...]

    13. I m a mixed bag on this The stories were all very short, which worked better for some than others, imo Okojie s style is a bit sparse, nothing that I would call lush or sprawling or lofty, and for some reason I found this collection tough to really sink into, but the narratives were constantly surprising and taking completely unexpected turns Footer is the one that really sticks in my brain, because that foot fetish story did not at all go as I expected But really, none of these pulled their pun [...]

    14. This collection of short stories published by jacarandabooks is a real gem The stories are out of this world as they are full of magic and entice you into the surreal world inside the Author s head From a boy with a tail, to a woman who seeks feet worshipers, the book is rich in strange details that have the reader perplexed The writing is unlike I ve ever seen before , and it overwhelms you that a person is capable of weaving such intricately magical tales It took me a while to read it as many [...]

    15. Animal Parts was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award I found it to be an unsatisfying magical realism musing on how awful children are to each other It also explored our desperate need to belong and the damage we do to ourselves while we try to get there I made it about a third of the way through this collection and determined the style of magical realism was not for me, particularly considering the lack of any satisfying conclusion to the rambling tales.

    16. some of these stories were amazing, some were rather iffy definitely a writer to watch as it s obvious she brings much of who she is to her work always intriguing and unsettling to read tales birthed from a social, racial, and cultural perspective that doesn t match ones own

    17. Bizarre, frustrating and slightly confusing Speak Gigantular is a collection of short stories written by Nigerian born Irenosen Okojie The stories have a variety of different subjects and settings, with recurring themes of surrealism, sexual deviance and violence Many of the stories feature young black women living in London, presumably inspired by the author s life experiences, but often digress down a surreal and dark path early in the seemingly innocent plotlines Examples of the story subject [...]

    18. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the first few pages of Irenosen Okojie s Speak Gigantular the prose was beautiful, captivating, at times raw and harrowing, and one of the opening stories, about a boy born with a tail, was intriguing The ending, however, felt like the story had turned round and punched me in the face in as positive a way as that metaphor can allow.The same can be said for much of the rest of the collection As I continued, I grew used to the feeling of having the ca [...]

    19. I picked this up after seeing Irenosen s amazing reading at the last Unsung Live I think it would be easy to apply terms like surreal or magical realist to this new collection of short fiction, but they don t feel quite appropriate for these vivid bursts of imagination.There is a definite influence of Nigerian storytelling here, with the real and the fantastic intermixing in fairly matter of fact ways At the same time Speak Gigantular feels like a very London book Stories concerning the ghosts o [...]

    20. Average rating 3.33 Overall, not something I would read for entertainment I found most of the stories well written for what they were kind of surreal, somewhat stark, often bordering on the edges of magical realism but they weren t quite to my taste I did like how several of them had endings that made me recoil and go WHAT But I often found myself completely disconnected from the female voices in this and their choices ex Outtakes , so that really distanced me from the work.Nadine was definitely [...]

    21. 4.5 stars, rounded up I m not sure I ve ever enjoyed a short story collection this much especially a collection of magical realism To be fair, I don t pick up that many to begin with, but I really thought this collection was fantastic Of course, not all are perfectly written but the majority are and they touch upon really important themes in profoundly unique ways that range from the disturbing to the strange to the sexy I absolutely loved Speak Gigantular and think that people should read it.

    22. I m usually not a fan of short stories but for me Speak Gigantular was an exception A book full of magical realism and hidden meanings, Speak Gigantular is perhaps most interesting for Okojie s management of difficult topics In these strong stories Okojie uses a subtle humour balanced with a great sensitivity to the difficult aspects of human experience Parts of these stories will stay with me forever.

    23. I also received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Beguiling I enjoyed this raw yet lyrical, brutal and powerful, sensual and magical collection of short stories The writing draws you in and while not every story worked for me, I found myself always admiring the quality and craft of the language.

    24. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a really interesting collection, full of surrealism and magic realism, but at the same time being poignant and relatable and so present in the current moment Highly recommended.

    25. An interesting collection of short stories The author s use of language and vivid imagination drew me in, but some of the stories were lacking I look forward to reading of her work.

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