For the Love of Money: A Memoir #2020

For the Love of Money: A Memoir By Sam Polk For the Love of Money A Memoir Part coming of age story part recovery memoir and part expos of a rotten money drenched Wall Street culture Salon Sam Polk s unflinching account chronicles his fight to overcome the ghosts of his
  • Title: For the Love of Money: A Memoir
  • Author: Sam Polk
  • ISBN: 9781476786001
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • For the Love of Money: A Memoir By Sam Polk Part coming of age story, part recovery memoir, and part expos of a rotten, money drenched Wall Street culture Salon , Sam Polk s unflinching account chronicles his fight to overcome the ghosts of his past and the radical new way he now defines success.At just thirty years old, Sam Polk was a senior trader for one of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street, on the verge Part coming of age story, part recovery memoir, and part expos of a rotten, money drenched Wall Street culture Salon , Sam Polk s unflinching account chronicles his fight to overcome the ghosts of his past and the radical new way he now defines success.At just thirty years old, Sam Polk was a senior trader for one of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street, on the verge of making it to the very top When he was offered an annual bonus of 3.75 million, he grew angry because it was not enough It was then he knew he had lost himself in his obsessive pursuit of money And he had come to loathe the culture the shallowness, the sexism, the crude machismo and Wall Street s use of wealth as the sole measure of a person s worth He decided to walk away from it all.For Polk, becoming a Wall Street trader was the fulfillment of his dreams But in reality it was just the culmination of a life of addictive and self destructive behaviors, from overeating, to bulimia, to alcohol and drug abuse His obsessive pursuit of money papered over years of insecurity and emotional abuse Making money was just the latest attempt to fill the void left by his narcissistic and emotionally unavailable father Vivid, picaresqueriveting NewYorker , For the Love of Money brings you into the rarefied world of Wall Street trading floors, capturing the modern frustrations of young graduates drawn to Wall Street Polk s raw, honest and intimate take on one man s journey in and out of the business really gives readers something to think about CNBC It is compellingly writtenunflinchingly honestabout the inner journey Polk undertakes to redefine success Forbes.
    For the Love of Money: A Memoir By Sam Polk
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    About "Sam Polk"

    1. Sam Polk

      I am a former hedge fund trader, the author of the book For the Love of Money, cofounder and CEO of Everytable, a social enterprise that sells fresh, delicious meals at prices everyone can afford, and the founder and Executive Director of Groceryships, a nonprofit that helps low income families struggling with food related illnesses like obesity and diabetes.For The Love of Money is about my awakening to a new definition of success, one that includes an intentional contribution to the world On Wall Street I pursued my personal ambitions And while I haven t forsaken those, I have come to understand that fulfillment comes from doing work I care about, that improves the world, and helps people who need it.My mission is to help foster inclusive capitalism that works for everyone I believe that businesses are for solving problems, but they ve become something that creates problems by externalizing costs and funneling all their profits to those at the very top I want to be part of creating a new economy that harnesses the dynamism of capitalism and also fosters the connectedness of a true democracy in which every vote and every voice counts the same.I graduated from Columbia University in 2002 with a BA in English and hold the Chartered Financial Analyst CFA designation My writing has been published in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, and CNBC.I live in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter, and soon our son.You can find me on Facebook at facebook thesampolk

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    1. It took thirty years for Sam Polk to learn a valuable lesson there s never enough to fill the void Never enough money, never enough sex, never enough praise, never enough accomplishments If you have a hole inside, nothing on the outside call fill it Not that Polk didn t spend about a decade trying After graduating Columbia, he rose up the ranks of investment banking But there was always something just out of his reach One year he earned a bonus of nearly 4 million dollars, but his old insecuriti [...]

    2. An interesting look at the hedge fund world from an outsider perspective While this was less of an analysis of the industry itself and of a personal memoir of someone who doesn t fit the typical trader perspective, it s unflinching honest and heart made it a compelling read The book was a little unevenly paced spending time on the author s childhood than his years in high finance but other books have already provided a window into that world It s sad to be that so often ambition seems to be a [...]

    3. I borrowed this book thankfully didn t pay for it based on the reviews and my interest in finance I hoped it would be along the lines of Michael Lewis books, but instead it seems to be a rather boring autobiography The first half of the book barely mentions finance as it takes you through the author s extremely depressing childhood struggling with domestic violence, being an identical twin, not being the right weight etc.If you like reading about the lives of individual traders and their entire [...]

    4. Great MemoirI couldn t put it down This book is so inspiring, and makes you think about what your greater purpose is.

    5. From Wall Street trader to social entrepreneur, sinner to saint Sam Polk in this fascinating memoir of his, writes about all the ups and downs, achievements, losses, disappointments, mistakes, and the lessons he learned through them in 30 years of his life From this book we can learn how, what we experience as a child affects us so much as an adult He spent most of his life trying to make his dad trust in him and be proud of him, but after failing each and every time, he thought it was him who w [...]

    6. Couldn t make up my mind on this book The first half of the book was so depressing that I didn t think I would finish.This is the true story of a fat kid who was bullied as a kid, was verbally abused by his father, was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and addicted to porn all before age 21.Even after all this he made it to the top of Wall Street and was a multi millionaire by 25 Even with this and a beautiful popular girlfriend he was still miserable.Fortunately he finally realized that money wou [...]

    7. I have always found that in all my reading there was at least one character that I could find redeeming I couldn t find one in this book This was fast reading, but I was filled with suchdisgust for Mr Polk Obviously, he never read memoirs such as Glass Castle or any number of books where people had such tragic lives I know people that grew up in foster homes and had horrible experiences Woe is me got quite boring I just wanted to scream at him to GROW UP I have no compassion for this author at a [...]

    8. Could not put it down Up all night reading, teared up a few times This is a story of self growth and redemption by a painfully honest man He overcame childhood traumas and multiple addictions with great effort, and finally discovered his true self Excellent writer with vivid imagery, very informative and interesting.

    9. Entertaining, witty, and jam packed with great stories This memoir was dramatic than most novels Each story in his life tied in well with each other, making for an easy and intelligent read A great look into the world of Wall Street and what it takes to make it.

    10. This book kept my attention but I m bothered that the author exposed his family members dirty laundry and that he seems to think that seeing the light when he was 30 excused his extreme jerkiness up until that point in his life.

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this man s coming of age I was half expecting the book to be really corny, but it wasn t It was gritty and I ended up feeling quite a lot of respect for Sam by the end Nice one, Sam Hope you write .

    12. A fascinating readA few of my favorite insights P172 Talking to his therapist, Linda, Fantasies come from a wound If you feel powerless, you ll create a fantasy where you have absolute power What you really need is not to achieve the fantasy, but to heal the wound P212 He discusses his porn addiction, how he came to realize it influenced his view of and treatment of women parents, talk to your kids about sex P215 Porn wasn t just teaching me how to treat some women it was teaching me how to trea [...]

    13. The story of Sam Polk s upbringing amongst a dysfunctional family that results in destructive actions in his teens anger, bulimia , college drugs, alcohol , and as a quick rising star on Wall Street is an entertaining, quick read with insight into the lure of money, power, and prestige for our millennials I respect the author for the difficult task of opening up to share his deepest feelings and the issues that have shaped his life I understand his decision to leave the high powered greed of Wal [...]

    14. The storytelling is good It paints a hero s journey But you get the sense that the narrative was sculpted by selecting facts to fit E.g Sam says he quit his job out of a principled stand against greed but what happened was he asked for a larger bonus and was told no and given pressure to resign He paints a story of how he had grown so much as a person by that point but he starts out the book by saying how envious he was of his coworker Derek right before he quit his job.Also the book is 90% abou [...]

    15. Short memoir from a reformed investment banker The author reveals a lot of personal information as he acquires insight about his family and his life Not for everyone, but I thought it was a good book.

    16. I just couldn t get past all the fbombs on this one He s a great writer and though I have a pretty high threshold for language, I finally had to set it down.

    17. Read the whole memoir in a single day This book is an absolute page turner Polk leaves no facet of his life untouched, further drawing the reader in and forcing them to face their own realities.

    18. I read this in a day It was a riveting memoir about wealth addiction, and addiction in general The author tells the tale of overcoming multiple addictions, personal growth, and walking away from a lucrative Wall Street career because of his addiction to money Recommended

    19. Loved the personal connection I felt with Sam as he talked about different experiences in his life as he became a top earner on Wall St and his eventual realizations about power, money, and what really matters.

    20. Sam Polk begins his life on uneven ground with a volatile home life His parents use physical and mental force against their children Sam is not shown a traditional loving home life HIs father shortchanges his children and leaves them all with various issues that deeply divide and penetrate well into adulthood Polk gives us a very honest assessment of his deficits rife with eating disorders, random drug use, drinking, porn addiction, stealing, and fights some ok because he was a wrestler Somehow, [...]

    21. Easy read can be finished in one day I had expected that this book would be educational, along the lines of the The Big Short by Michael Lewis Instead, it was a far personal and intimate story of the life of one former Wall Street trader In short, Sam Polk never received the kind of love that he needed from his parents and he escaped by allowing his addictive personality to find temporary solace in food, alcohol, drugs, sex money Throughout his young life, he traded one addiction for another u [...]

    22. I thought this would be an interesting look into the life of high rolling investors, traders, etc and what their lives are like It first starts with the author s childhood and shows how he turned in to the man he was Made me very thankful for my own stable loving family It wasn t a surprise that he turned to drugs, sex, alcohol I found the most amazing thing in this story is how he found he way out of those destructive ways He made it seem like he just decided to stop those pursuits at different [...]

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