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The Bargain By Jane Ashford The Bargain It s than ridiculous it s damned embarrassing and inconvenient for a scientist with his reputation to be called in to get rid of a ghost But when the Prince Regent summons Lord Alan Gresham to London
  • Title: The Bargain
  • Author: Jane Ashford
  • ISBN: 9780553575781
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Bargain By Jane Ashford It s than ridiculous, it s damned embarrassing and inconvenient for a scientist with his reputation to be called in to get rid of a ghost But when the Prince Regent summons Lord Alan Gresham to London to solve the mystery of a haunting, he has no choice At least the task shouldn t take much time He will uncover the perpetrators of the hoax and then return withIt s than ridiculous, it s damned embarrassing and inconvenient for a scientist with his reputation to be called in to get rid of a ghost But when the Prince Regent summons Lord Alan Gresham to London to solve the mystery of a haunting, he has no choice At least the task shouldn t take much time He will uncover the perpetrators of the hoax and then return with speed to his experiments Or so Gresham thinks, until he finds his calm, logical investigation disrupted by a maddeningly forthright beauty.Ariel Harding has her own reasons for wanting to catch the ghost Yet when she slips into Carlton House uninvited, she never dreams she ll end up locked in a closet with an arrogant, opinionated, yet undeniably attractive scientist or that she ll wind up making a perilous bargain with the very same man They agree to exchange information and nothing But neither plans on the most confounding of scientific occurrences the breathless chemistry of desire.
    The Bargain By Jane Ashford The Bargain Official Path of Exile Wiki The Bargain is a divination card A set of five can be exchanged for a random Pure Breachstone. The Bargain Dec , The Bargain is struck between Hart and Sheriff Burke, who loses the recovered money gambling if Hart will help him get the money back, the Sheriff will let Hart go free Variations of this intriguing moral amoral storyline would be repeated in subsequent Hart features a few were better, and than a few were worse The Bargain got there first. The Bargain Kindle edition by Ashford, Jane Literature I found The Bargain by Jane Ashford difficult to get into it took me two or three tries before I did But once I got past the initial set up of the story, I enjoyed it A ghost is showing up at the Prince Regent s parties scaring the guests An Oxford scholar is persuaded to find her and get rid of her. Into the bargain Idioms by The Free Dictionary into the bargain Also, in the bargain In addition, over and above what is expected For example, The new researcher was an excellent chemist and a good programmer in the bargain, or It was very cold, and then rain and sleet were added into the bargain. The Bargain Regency series Book Kindle edition by The Bargain is a fantastic book There is relatively low angst and the characters are very well portrayed Jocelyn is desperate to find a solution to keep her inheritance and marries a dying soldier, David When his sister, Sally, finds out, she s livid enough to have a mad doctor save his life. The Bargain by Liz Lochhead Scottish Poetry Library The Bargain Liz Lochhead The river in January is fast and high You and I are off to the Barrows Gathering police horses twitch and fret at the Tron end of London Road and Gallowgate The early kick off we forgot has us, three thirty, rubbing the wrong way against all the ugly losers
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    1. Jane Ashford

      Jane Ashford discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was entranced by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England That delight was part of what led her to study English literature and travel widely in Britain and Europe She has lived in New York, Boston and LA Today, she is somewhat nomadic.Jane has written historical and contemporary romances Her books have been published in England, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Denmark, Russia, and Latvia, Croatia and Slovenia as well as the U.S She has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews.Her website is janeashford and her Facebook page is facebook JaneAshfordW If you d like to subscribe to Jane s monthly newsletter go to eepurl cd O7r and sign up.

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    1. If you enjoy a well written Regency that is layered with well developed characters who make you laugh and feel good this is the story to read.Jane Asford is a new author for me and this was the first, but not the last, of her stories I ve read She writes an involving story with a nod to modern readers of Regency while keeping with the s of the times I liked that Sometimes I feel that too many regency authors pack way too much sex into their stories at the expense of the story and totally disrega [...]

    2. Alan maybe a smart man, but to be honest where his woman is concerned the boy is stupid, and never says the right thing, he turned from the fire, checked slightly at the sight of her, then said, Good day You know why I am here, I imagine She allowed her brows to rise a little higher I thought we would marry next week, he went on I have inquired about a special license, and it seems easy enough to procure Under the circumstances, I don t think banns are really I enjoyed this book it kept my atten [...]

    3. If you don t examine this too much, it s a satisfactory story about an actress s daughter and a duke s son, who are polar opposites but also super attracted to each other But that s no way to read anything, so, behold a list of everything I found deeply irritating or disliked.1 Alan, the hero, is openly, almost proudly sexist, and he never changes At the end of the book, Ariel, the heroine, points out that she herself is a woman and she is intelligent and insightful and the very opposite of a sk [...]

    4. ARC REVIEW The Bargain was originally released in 1997 and was re released 2014 It s nothing what I expected and was pleasantly surprised by it I haven t read Jane Ashford before and really enjoyed it It has a little bit of everything I like romance, mystery, adventure It s a tantalizing misadventure between an unconventional couple, the youngest son of a Duke and the daughter of an actress It was an amusing read it s not everyday you read a romance where they are hunting ghosts at the request o [...]

    5. The Bargain By Jane Ashford is an intriguing, suspense filled historical romance filled with unexpected twists and turns throughout which made it difficult for me to pry myself from between the pages I absolutely loved these characters Ariel Harding is a very determined and persistent heroine with a strong sense of independence and a need to uncover the truth behind her mother s death Lord Alan Gresham is a man of science and reason but certainly has no clue about romance and emotions of the hea [...]

    6. Immensely enjoyable.A pleasure to read, this prequel to the Duke s Sons series begins with the Duke s youngest son of the Duke of Langford, Lord Alan Gresham, a reputed scientist, being called by the Prince Regent to Carlton House to put an end to the embarrassing appearances of the ghost of a leading actress, Tess Harding, and the Prince s past mistress Gresham responds to the Prince s demand, but is nevertheless annoyed to be pulled away from his precious experiments.Ariel Harding has her own [...]

    7. THE BARGAIN starts out great, it s funny, sexy and has an intriguing premise Because he has a serious scientific mind, the hero s services have been requested to find the culprits behind a very annoying ghost Ariel is also determined to unmask the ghost because it has been rud it may be her recently deceased Mom s spirit and she wants to find out the truth behind her Mom s death It s not long before these two bump into each other, get locked in a cupboard together, experience all kinds of new ti [...]

    8. Parts of the plot are, well, glaringly absent But it IS a romance, after all However, the combination of all the minor characters makes the work hang together, and I ll grant it three stars for that alone.

    9. Cover The cover is pretty standard for a Regency romance I always love the dresses they show on the covers They are downright beautiful.Title I love the title It fits the book well Of course, the bargain was pretty specific but plans don t always go the way we plan, do they Characters I love Ariel She is definitely a strong independent heroine and those are my favorites Alan is a bit pigheaded and really doesn t understand women at all Of course, this provided me with amusement throughout the bo [...]

    10. I would have rated it higher especially since I really enjoy Ariel as a character , but I felt like Alan didn t really change his views on women I think it would have been a lot interesting if each interaction he had with the many different women in the book taught him about how wrong his convictions about women really were if he d learned how diverse and varied people of the female sex can be, instead of just admitting that there are exceptions to his stereotypes those exceptions being pretty [...]

    11. The Bargain by Jane Ashford is a very entertaining historical romance with well developed characters and an intriguing plot set during the Regency period Not only is there romance, but there are a few mysteries to solve and several perilous situations for our heroes This was my first Jane Ashford novel and it will not be last The story centers around Lord Alan Gresham after he is summoned to Carlton House in London by the Prince Regent to get rid of a ghost that haunts Carlton House Gresham is a [...]

    12. What a BargainI loved the heroine, she is not subdued by any man Her advice to the brothers, regarding women, was funny and direct I felt her sorrow about her mom s passing and the circumstances around it Can t wait to read of her books.

    13. Lord Alan Gresham is a man of science He was born as the sixth son of the Duke of Langford and has made his life and mark in the world of academics Although he wasn t estranged to polite London society, he preferred the quiet of his laboratory and the tranquility of the country That is exactly where he would now be, except for being summoned to Carlton House and given a task by the prince regent, the future George IV One didn t refuse such requests, although he agreed with the greatest reluctanc [...]

    14. This review is of The Bargain by Jane Ashford, a book I won in a contest The Story The book begins at a party at the home of George Augustus Frederick, the Prince Regent of England and Ireland Among the guests at the party is Lord Alan Gresham, the sixth son of the Duke of Langford, a fellow of science at Balliol College and the hero of the book Gresham has been summoned to the house by Prinny to investigate the ghost that is haunting the house the ghost is believed to be Tess Harding, an actres [...]

    15. Ariel is the daughter of a famous London actress, Bess Harding She has come to London from school because her mother died by committing suicide Ariel cannot believe her mother would do that, and she is determined to find out what actually happened.Sir Alan is the sixth son of a Duke He is a man of science who has been called to Carlton House because the Prince is being haunted by the ghost of Bess Harding Alan has been given the task of getting rid of the ghost He does not believe in ghosts and [...]

    16. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI have been a longtime reader of Jane Ashford s Regency romances And I was delighted to see The Bargain reissued as a prequel to The Duke s Sons which premiers in January of 2016, which gives me of her stories to look forward to.Admittedly, there are times when our hero, Lord Alan Gresham is very difficult to warm up to let alone root for in this romance He is a scientist and a man of his times which means his opinion of women s brain power is rather belittling [...]

    17. Actual rating 1.5 stars DNF at 18%.I love historical fiction, England, and the Regency era and I m actually a romantic at heart, though my preferred romance in fiction is of the subtle, sweet variety But as a result, I don t read historical romances that often, which as a whole are often way sensual and explicit than I like Still, I want to give them a chance, and sometimes I do read them After having read A School for Unusual Girls, I was reminded of the best of historical fiction though I m a [...]

    18. Historical English romance with the daughter of a famous London actrice finding love and family with the sixth and youngest son of a Duke.Lord Alan Gresham has a quiet and simple life in Oxford with is serious scientific studies and rarely sees his family, but everything changes when he is required to go to London to stop the nuisance of a crazy haunting in the Prince Regent s house The recently dead actrice haunting, brings Miss Ariel Harding and Lord Alan together again and again until they so [...]

    19. I m not entirely sure how I found this book maybe through a recommendation or a giveaway that I didn t win It was in my to be read list from my local library and the blurb about the book sounded interesting a ghost Woo , so I decided to give it a whirl And, wow Kinda wish I hadn t The premise of the book is the best thing about it a ghost haunting Prinny s home, a scientist and the ghost s daughter out to discover what is going on It sounds fun, right Except that the hero, Lord Alan, is a giant [...]

    20. Good book, interesting plotI enjoy regency, historical novels I truly enjoyed the different take on the hero and heroine, their romance and the problems caused and solved through the difference in their personalities The hero is charged to stop a ghost haunting the residence of the Prince Regent Our hero is the son of a Duke, with several older brothers He does scientific research on light at Oxford, until the ghost of a former lover of the Prince Regent starts haunting royal parties Our heroine [...]

    21. Alan is 22 and a lord and at the Prince Regent s party and very bored The party was at Carlton House and was suppose to be haunted Alan was on a mission for the prince who believed the house was haunted by a dead actress Bess Harding There was a girl at the party who did not look as though she belonged The supposed ghost appeared and Alan went up the stairs chasing said ghost as did the girl It turns out the girl was Bess Harding s daughter Ariel Alan and Ariel end up making a deal she will help [...]

    22. What I liked I really enjoyed Ariel She s really funny and I like how she handles Alan and his brothers The search for Ariel s mother and the ghost is quite odd and isn t as well explained as it should be, BUT if you re looking for a light fun read The Bargain is for you What I didn t like Lord Alan, and the other Gresham brothers think women are complete idiots without the capability of thought or opinion I was generally able to laugh it off, as Ariel is a strong female, but I know some won t b [...]

    23. Good read The hero is a scientist called in to deal with a ghost haunting Buckingham Palace during the Regency The heroine is the daughter of the woman purportedly doing the haunting Her mother apparently committed suicide and the daughter wants to know why The hero doesn t believe in ghosts so he wants to catch the hoaxers and get back to his experiments in Oxford, and he could use information the heroine can get for him The bargain between them is good for both of them the heroine isn t so alo [...]

    24. I rec d this book, The Bargain, by Jane Ashford as an ARC from.I ve not read any of Jane Ashford s books before, but signed up to win this book because I love the cover and the review on the back sounded really good I was excited to hear that I would soon be receiving this book to review I m not very good at writing reviews, but I ll do my best I loved this book The story was fantastic and I recommend it highly I have given this book to my daughter in law to read as well.I found this book to be [...]

    25. My Thoughts Pros I really enjoyed the heroine She s really funny and I like the way she handles our Hero and his brothers The search for Ariel s mother and the ghost is a strange addition and isn t as well explained as it should be BUT if you re looking for a light fun read The Bargain is a GREAT READ for you Cons Lord Alan, and the other Gresham brothers think women are complete idiots like most men of this time period I was generally able to laugh it off, as Ariel is a strong female character, [...]

    26. The Bargain follows the story of Lord Alan Gresham and Ariel Harding Lord Alan, an Oxford scientist focused in the study of light, is summoned by the prince regent to put an end to the haunting of his house Ariel Harding is the Prince regent s house because her mothers ghost is terrorizing the guests Together, Alan and Ariel will find the culprit behind the haunting that has been escalating from apparitions to violent crimes.The book and it s characters are a lot of fun I particularly was quite [...]

    27. A refreshingly original historical romance I loved the realism of the similarities between Ariel and Alan and Ariel s parents The way Bess story is woven throughout is beautifully done and tackles sensitive subjects in a quiet, powerful way Ariel s search for who she is in the world is one that is easily relatable The way Alan s world view is challenged and his character development is done so honestly To me, his studious nature is in perfect relation to his interactions with people I ve known a [...]

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