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Cleversticks By Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell Cleversticks Ling Sung dreads going to school There are too many things the other kids can do that he can t When he discovers everyone admires his ability to use chopsticks Ling Sung is empowered
  • Title: Cleversticks
  • Author: Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell
  • ISBN: 9780517883327
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cleversticks By Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell Ling Sung dreads going to school There are too many things the other kids can do that he can t When he discovers everyone admires his ability to use chopsticks, Ling Sung is empowered.
    Cleversticks By Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley Cleversticks is a book about a boy that finally finds what he is good at Ling Sung could not tie his shoes,paint, or button his jacket like some of his classmates That was until he used his paint brushes to pick up something Using his Cleversticks was his special talent Cleversticks Bernard Ashley, Derek Brazell Cleversticks has been added to your Cart Add to Cart Buy Now Buy Used . FREE Shipping Get free shipping Free day shipping within the U.S when you order . of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Or get business day shipping on this item for . Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley, Derek Brazell , Paperback Jul , His books include Cleversticks, Little Soldier, and Aftershock He lives in London Editorial Reviews Ashley s point, that all children are good at something, is well made and should be reassuring to young listeners Brazell s colorful mixed media illustrations reflect an urban environment with a fully international cast of characters. Cleversticks Cleversticks Charlie Bears USA Cleversticks dictionary definition cleversticks defined cleversticks definition Noun plural cleversticks slang A clever clogs or smart aleck.Origin clever sticks
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      115 Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell
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    About "Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell"

    1. Bernard Ashley Derek Brazell

      Bernard Ashley lives in Charlton, south east London, only a street or so from where he was born He was educated at the Roan School, Blackheath and Sir Joseph Williamson s Mathematical School, Rochester After National Service in the RAF Bernard trained to teach at Trent Park College of Education, specializing in Drama He followed this with an Advanced Diploma at the Cambridge Institute and has been awarded honorary Doctorates in Education by the University of Greenwich and in letters by the University of Leicester During his career as a teacher he worked in Kent, Hertfordshire, Newham and Greenwich, with thirty years of headships in the last three He is now writing full time His first novel, The Trouble with Donovan Croft recently re issued by OUP , was published in 1974 and won the Other Award, an alternative to the Carnegie Medal for which he has been shortlisted three times Nineteen further novels have followed, gaining him a reputation as a gritty writer in sympathy with the under dog In Margaret Meek s view he gets inside children s heads, who say that this is what it s like for them.Of Tiger Without Teeth Philip Pullman wrote in The Guardian A commonplace setting, an everyday situation, ordinary characters Bernard Ashley s great gift is to turn what seems to be low key realism into something much stronger and resonant It has something to do with empathy, compassion, an undimmed thirst for decency and justice In a way, Ashley is doing what Play for Today used to do when TV was a medium that connected honestly with its own time, and what so few artists do now using realism in the service of moral concern Johnnie s Blitz Barn Owl , drew on his wartime experiences as a child in and around London while Little Soldier Orchard sums up his writing a pacy plot with an emotional turning point, a theme that concerns him, and characters that grip as real people It was shortlisted for the Guardian young fiction prize and for the Carnegie Medal His latest novel is Flashpoint a thriller, the third of the Ben Maddox stories.Bernard s picture books include Double the Love Carol Thompson illustrating from Orchard, Growing Good Bloomsbury , Cleversticks, and A Present for Paul Harper Collins Tamarind published The Bush, illustrated by Lynne Willey His popular stories for young readers include Dinner Ladies Don t Count Puffin , Justin and the Demon Drop Kick, and I m Trying to Tell You both Happy Cat Television work has included Running Scared from which he wrote the novel , The Country Boy BBC and his adaptation of his own Dodgem which won the Royal Television Society award as the best children s entertainment of its year.Stage plays are The Old Woman Who Lived in A Cola Can Edinburgh Festival and tour , The Secret of Theodore Brown Unicorn Theatre for Children in the West End , and Little Soldier published by Heinemann A strong family man, Bernard is married to Iris Ashley, a former London headteacher, and they have three sons Their eldest, Chris, also a headteacher, co wrote with Bernard the TV series Three Seven Eleven Granada , and his latest Wasim books were published in 2007 by Frances Lincoln David is a London headteacher and an expert on children s reading and Jonathan is an actor, writer and director whose writing for theatre includes Stiffs and who was writer and voice director in Los Angeles and London on Primal and Ghosthunter for Playstation 2.Bernard and Iris have four grandchildren, Paul, Carl, Rosie and Luke.

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    1. The book captures accurately the story of frustration and then identity assertion of a little boy who is exposed to the school environment and the ways children seek to stand out and demonstrate the abilities they have learned The culture here is depicted as a matter of expressing own and unique ways that make part of our everyday activities Our main character, for instance, reveals his unique way to eat using chopsticks unique in the sense no one other than him does that in the classroom Everyb [...]

    2. Cleversticks is a book about a boy that finally finds what he is good at Ling Sung could not tie his shoes,paint, or button his jacket like some of his classmates That was until he used his paint brushes to pick up something Using his Cleversticks was his special talent and was something the other students could not do This book goes well with my topic because I liked how using chopsticks was a special talent Ling Sung could claim I feel like many Asian immigrant students feel discouraged at fir [...]

    3. This is a story about a little boy named Ling Sung Ling Sung does not enjoy going to school because he fears he cannot do the things that the other children are able to do For example, Ling Sung is unable to tie his shoe laces like Terry can, nor write his name like Manjit can One day, Ling Sung finds a few paint brushes and pretends to use them like chopsticks just like he does at home Ling Sung s teacher soon realises his talent and applauds him Soon, all the children begin to use paint brushe [...]

    4. Ling Sung is the main character in this book by Bernard Ashley Ling is having a difficult time finding his niche and where he fits in All of the things Ling s classmates could do, he could not Ling could not tie his shoe, he could not button his jacket correctly, he could not write his name, but there was one thing Ling found out he could do that no other student or his teacher could do, eat with chopsticks Ling began to show his peers and teacher how to eat with chopsticks As a teacher I would [...]

    5. Ling Sung has decided he doesn t like school It seems like all the other kids can do things that earn claps, like tying shoes and writing their names, but he can t do anything Then one day he picks up two paint brushes and uses the ends as chopsticks to eat his snack His teacher notices and everyone claps Soon Ling Sung is teaching everyone how to use chopsticks, and in turn, he is willing to let others teach him things too.If kindergarten teachers are looking for a multicultural book about fitt [...]

    6. I would not use this book for my class, so I will write the book talk for the pre K 2 gr.Have you ever wished you could do something special Something that would make your friends and teachers clap and cheer How many of you have not been able to do something that one of your friends could do like a cartwheel or ride a two wheeler or read a book by yourself How did that make you feel Well Ling Sung feels the exact same way, until he discovers something he can do that is totally clever Teachers Th [...]

    7. Basically, this is a story that every kid can relate to Everyone has a unique talent for or ability to do something In this case Ling Sung improvises a pair of chopsticks from the handles of two paintbrushes and impresses his classmates, who then try to imitate him What gave me the heebie jeebies a little was the thought of using unsanitized paintbrush handles that everyone s grubby hands have touched to put food into your mouth And the teacher was doing it too If only there had been a picture o [...]

    8. Cleversticks by Bernard Ashley, illustrated by Derek Brazell publ in 1992 Great for preschool and up Special little book that I d heard about multiple times over the past few years, had to finally pick it up to read Special little book about a little boy who feels quite left out at his school because many of his classmates are recognized for their special abilities like tying shoes and writing their name until he does something so natural to him that he doesn t realize it is special.

    9. I really enjoyed reading this book The theme is everyone is good at something A little boy just started Kindergarten and he is feeling left out because everyone knows how to do certain things and the teacher is complimenting them on what they can do He finally does something that the other kids can t do and the teacher compliments him on it and he teaches the rest of the class how to do it Good book, you should read it.

    10. A young Chinese boy has a frustrating experience going to school for the first time He s not clever in any of the ways the other kids are writing ins name, tying his shoes, etc But when he picks up two paintbrushes and uses them like chopsticks, he finally has a tLent everyone can admire Easy reader in picture book format.

    11. about a young Chinese boy who doesn t like school because he doesn t fit in and can t do things others his age canLing Sung ends up teaching the class how to use chopsticks and everyone is amazed at what he can do

    12. Great read for students of all elementary school grade levels This can lead into some great discussion about how everyone has their own special talents as well as weaknesses This is also good for having students encourage and point out strengths of other students.

    13. This is the story of a little Asian boy who thinks that everyone at his school has some better talent than he does When Ling realizes that people admire his use of chopsticks, he becomes confident in himself I would recommend this book for k through 2nd.

    14. Great story about a child that feels like he doesn t have any special talents, until he realizes otherwise I would use this story to discuss culture in the classroom.

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