Ashes of the Fallen #2020

Ashes of the Fallen By Brent Roth Ashes of the Fallen Sequel to The Dragon s Wrath A Virtual Dream Volume Ashes of the Fallen takes off exactly where A Virtual Dream left off with Sigurd thrust right back into the action as he finds himself in confli
  • Title: Ashes of the Fallen
  • Author: Brent Roth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ashes of the Fallen By Brent Roth Sequel to The Dragon s Wrath A Virtual Dream Volume 2, Ashes of the Fallen takes off exactly where A Virtual Dream left off, with Sigurd thrust right back into the action as he finds himself in conflict with Goblins, Beasts, and other Players As the state of the game progresses and other players become aggressive, Sigurd is forced to respond Dragon s Breach, AlliesSequel to The Dragon s Wrath A Virtual Dream Volume 2, Ashes of the Fallen takes off exactly where A Virtual Dream left off, with Sigurd thrust right back into the action as he finds himself in conflict with Goblins, Beasts, and other Players As the state of the game progresses and other players become aggressive, Sigurd is forced to respond Dragon s Breach, Allies, Enemies, and even Pets are changing and growing every in game day
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    • BEST E-Book "✓ Ashes of the Fallen" || UNLIMITED (KINDLE) ✓
      199 Brent Roth
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    1. Brent Roth

      Brent Roth is a fictional character in The Dragon s Wrath and was a tongue in cheek joke of a Pen Name lending to the first person narrative Now that I ve realized the mistake and the issues that might cause, it s sort of too late Ah well About me I started writing when I was a young adult but never thought about publishing or even letting others read my work Ultimately, after a series of events and a few years down the road, I decided to publish a book to see how the process worked and if people would actually enjoy my work.I would like to think, that most people did.So here I am now, writing books My background is relatively storied and diverse, as I ve walked a lot of different paths, worked and lived the highs and lows, and have been at the bottom and the top I ve traveled the world, spent numerous months in third world countries, and consider myself fairly cultured and generally experienced at life It s from those experiences that I draw inspiration for a lot of the things I write about, and it also serves to keep me grounded going forward.Originally a History Major while working odd service jobs, I turned to being a small business owner while studying Accounting, running a restaurant for a couple of years until I eventually decided that wasn t for me That led me to relocating and studying Linguistics at the University of California, San Diego and enjoying the good life, while preparing for a life in the service That didn t work out, thanks to my health.So with the Navy no longer an option, I ve decided to focus on being the best writer that I can be I m still a budding Author, but I believe I ll be around for quite some time.Any who, thank you for reading this little informal biography of mine, and I hope you enjoy my current work and the future ones that are on the way

    585 thoughts on “Ashes of the Fallen”

    1. This book is the reason i enjoy litrpgs It provides me with a realistic MMORPG experience Character isn t too overpowered nor is he underpowered It has a good story and some enjoyable fights.

    2. Action I am really enjoying this book Besides being entertaining I think it also makes you think about the way one would be tempted to live in a virtual reality instead of real life It would be easy to consume yourself with the fantasy life and fantasy characters.

    3. Certainly better than the first in my opinion I still don t like too much the fighting style or the fact that basically the MC has a 100 levels advantage due to the Hyper Realism settings Anyway the ending was even 4 stars for me so keep up the good work.

    4. Good bookI found this one is very realistic The transition from one to two is very believable and the drives of how players can be very good.

    5. Somewhat better than the last one, but still an easy read The effect of the game and time spent now shows in our main character which hopefully will continue Raid view spoiler Especially the raid and the anger and revenge should have psychological effects on Sigurd at some point And not just getting the berserker traits in game hide spoiler

    6. Outstanding This series is the Pinnacle of the litrpg genre If you have any interest in litrpg, please check out this series.

    7. It was a really good book, the story is very interesting and I really like the MC But the initial ingame character development was a little slow at the beginning the reason being maybe to set good foundations for the unfolding story The end chapters I felt the rage and desperation of the MC, and was thrilled I couldn t stop reading.I hope the next book to be action packed, and introduce new characters, but if it stays the same setting the MC with developing intelligent NPC characters against th [...]

    8. Solid 4.5 stars in my bookGreat fun Very entertaining and addicting A lot like playing an mmorpg although I haven t played in years If you ve ever played one you will quickly relate to the story Could hardly put it down I really liked how many of the absurd capabilities of the traditional fantasy characters are smoothed out and made rational by setting them inside the game Additionally, the oh so tantalizing possibility of falling in love with an ai is explored artfully in this setting I eagerly [...]

    9. AngstyOnce in a while I like an angry, slightly crazy MC this one definitely hit the spot the Fantasy and adventure elements are still there, as well as all the other stuff I usualy enjoy with this genre, such as building up creating and growth themes The angst levels are dialed up, though it s not angst for angst sake, but real angst the kind that resonates with RL, and makes you think a little, and empathize The contagious kinde best kind I like the read Looking forward to the third book.

    10. Good follow up storyI was impressed with the way Brent s first story grabbed my attention and drew me in The second continues and gives some insight into his protagonist, but avoids getting too angst ey Some writers take the character development too far I don t CARE at all if a main character did not get invited to a birthday party in the second grade.Sometimes you just got to chop some goblins and cleave some orcs to keep me reading Brent sure did that in spades I pulled an all nighter to fin [...]

    11. Loved itI love the book It is better than I thought it would of been The only problem is the length of the book If you made book three to 400 pages then it would be even better but I finished this in 3 hours It would make it better but one thing I m looking forward to is the MC netting another player with a god level magic That s will be a badass fight Overall not really in grammar issues and a great read.

    12. Rough but goodThe books are engaging and habit forming I m looking for the third book now As a disabled person I could empathise with the protagonist s desire to live in game and create his own domain as he sees fit Fun, especially if you were are a player in an MMORPG I rated it four because of the excessive violence The author didn t need to go to the level he did to establish the growing savagery of our main character and the changing world he inhabits.

    13. Well well wellThe first book was as the author has described in the end of this Focusing on set ups, full of adventure This one though Finally showed us what kind of series is really are I was stolen from the real world while reading it, didnt care about anything else Just like the author wantedI can understand why Sigurd is doing this I can feel i would be like him Kinda scaryKeep going, you have got yourself a fan here

    14. Good LITRPGGood LITRPG to read Started up back at the first dungeon he was running It left out most anything about the girls who were in the meeting in the first book but for one spot where he may have talked to the blind girl And he still has to work out how much information has been released about his starting setup and who released it.

    15. A bit better than the first one, adding some complexity to the main character Not a lot of real word parts any Also what happened with Valerie Not a lot of appearances from her Getting interesting

    16. Very well written It s an interesting foray into the genre, but once again I am glad the game showcased in this game is not real Pretty sure the world would crumble to nothing as we sat in our cubes Can t wait to start Vol 3

    17. Definitely a worthy follow up on the previous book It s written okay, and does not fall into the trap that the hero is invincible He makes mistakes, and he is not nice, and somehow that makes him real.I will definitely read Volume 3.

    18. So awesome Spoiler Loved it The direction he is taking and the action involved in this book was awesome I also liked the main character s interaction with Selene and his confusion over the feelings of her death The mental warfare is awesome too

    19. This novel is a little bit better in that there is less arrogance in the main character, but still the book ends abruptly for no reason other than to cut off a book in the most inelegant way possible.

    20. Good Fun I have just been getting into the LitRPG genre and this is a great addition from what I have read Can t wait to read the next volume.

    21. AwsomeAnother great book I can t wait for the third book to come out If you liked the first book in the series you will love this one.

    22. Good Read A LitRPG story The story picks up from the first book Dungeon delving Town building and character growth continues with little time in the real world.

    23. Go read them allGreat series Forgot to rate this one I look forward to rereading these when book 4 comes out I gave it a 5 because it was a fun fast read Best read in order.

    24. Fantastic fantasyReally interesting concept of writing a book based on characters that are in a role playing game The characters seem real and the book is great.

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