An Arrangement of Sorts #2020

An Arrangement of Sorts By Rebecca Connolly An Arrangement of Sorts He was intriguedNathaniel Hammond Earl of Beverton is working to restore his new estate and aid his tenants But everything changes when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Moira Dennison a bold y
  • Title: An Arrangement of Sorts
  • Author: Rebecca Connolly
  • ISBN: 9781943048014
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Arrangement of Sorts By Rebecca Connolly He was intriguedNathaniel Hammond, Earl of Beverton, is working to restore his new estate and aid his tenants But everything changes when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Moira Dennison, a bold young woman who offers to hire him, unaware of his title, to help her find her fianc Curious and unable to resist, Nathan accepts her offer, keeping his true identity a sHe was intriguedNathaniel Hammond, Earl of Beverton, is working to restore his new estate and aid his tenants But everything changes when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Moira Dennison, a bold young woman who offers to hire him, unaware of his title, to help her find her fianc Curious and unable to resist, Nathan accepts her offer, keeping his true identity a secret, never dreaming of what the future held for him.She was desperateMoira is set on finding Charles now that she has come into her inheritance With her new found wealth and independence, she is determined to locate her betrothed so they may finallymarry With Nathan as her guide, she feels confident in the path before her But when their arrangement forces them closer together, she finds her chosen path may not be as clearas she thought.
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      495 Rebecca Connolly
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    1. Rebecca Connolly

      I was born once upon a time, and I started making up stories right away Eventually, I stated writing them down, and never stopped I have a day job, which gets in the way of my writing, but it pays the bills so I CAN write, so I guess that s okay I am a bookworm, which I think is key to being a writer, and I am always looking for inspiration I live in Ohio, am obsessed with hot chocolate, and I am on track to be the best aunt in the world.

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    1. I purchased this book for Kindle, after hearing the author being interviewed on the MormonChannel for writing clean romance fiction Rebecca Connolly shows promise as a new author I say that because I wanted to finish the book and by the end, I felt I cared about the characters There were a few things that were disappointing First since this was supposed to be clean fiction AND historical fiction, I was uncomfortable with the male and female characters settling right into traveling unchaperoned t [...]

    2. I read this series completely out of order Started with Book Three, then read Book Two, Four, Five and then the first I had actually started the first a long time ago, but had a hard time getting into it After reading and loving the third book, I decided to give the series another try Not sure why I didn t connect with this one when I did with the other, I guess I just didn t care for Moira all that much I don t mind her in the rest of the series, but I didn t click with her here I know a lot of [...]

    3. Can I give this ten stars I loved this book and it goes to my top favorite book list Wow what a fun read, I laughed and giggled and hurt for these two amazing characters What a fun story and a GREAT romance WOw The banter between these two is something very few writers can pull off and Connolly does it beautifully I would have paid 16 dollars for the book do not let the Kindle 2 price make you think this is a silly cheep book I have already bought her other and plan to start it as soon as I can

    4. Such a fun lighthearted readIt took me a bit to get into this one but once I did I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN I absolutely fell in love with the characters and their fun banter The ending definitely will go down as a favorite among endings So cute Fun, clean, enjoyable Regency

    5. This is my first novel by Rebecca Connolly and I thoroughly enjoyed it Nathaniel Hammond is the new Earl of Beverton since his uncle died There s so much to do to restore the estate and help his tenants because his uncle chose to ignore what needed to be done While he and his friends, who had been helping him help his tenants, are at a nearby pub when Moira Dennison comes in looking for Nathaniel She wants to hire him to help her find her fianc , Charles Allenford, who she hasn t heard from in o [...]

    6. A regency romance in its best form Moira is a strong willed woman and Nathan is a sweet gentleman that is intrigued and annoyed by her.For example, throughout the story, they are traveling companions who have to pretend they are married for propriety sake, so when they go to their room for the night, Nathan climbs out the window to go sleep in the stables Moira insists on taking her turn doing the same the next night It makes for a perfect story of falling in love.

    7. I got this book for my love of all things Austen, as the writer professed to be This to me was way off the Austen period, I understood she was raised by an unfeeling, and at time very cruel aunt, but she rebelled in so many ways as to be nonsensical, as Jane would say Travelling alone by horse, and going into public houses, or taverns in search of a man again alone Refusing to wear bonnets or ever tie her hair back, and ride full straddle across the horses back, and cussing in front of a man Plu [...]

    8. Moira Dennison searches out Nathaniel Hammond and asks his help in finding her fianc What she doesn t know is that Nathaniel Hammond is the Earl of Beverton Nathan agrees to help her, but keeps his title a secret.This book was delightful I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved the banter between Nathan and Moira, the stories they came up with each night at the inns, and the way her determination to be independent and his desire to be a gentleman clashed And the chemistry between themwow The romantic ten [...]

    9. SpunkThe heroine is a spunky young lady who is used to doing things on her own and has yet to understand the power in being a lady The hero is strong yet hesitant I wish he would have spoken about the value to being a lady instead of only why it was important for him to be the gentleman I felt this story tipped a bit towards the woman s lib agenda and missed the point that being honored and held in high regard is shown through these tiny actions of gentlemen like holding doors I liked how they w [...]

    10. There is nothing I would change about this romance Sweet without being over the top cheesy and really likable characters

    11. This was a cute fluffy story Decent narration by Jessica Elisa Boyd audible review Totally rated G for sure I enjoyed the main characters Nathan and Moira quite a bit I enjoyed their witty banter and conversations They actually got to know each other and it wasn t just insta lust The storyline and plot was good Traveling around to find her fiancee They had some good talks and she had no clue Nathan was an Earl The story flowed well and was easy to follow along Just a nice light romance story.As [...]

    12. Love, love this book Reminds me of one of my favorite movies Leap Year This is my first book from this author and I m excited to read

    13. Enjoyable Leisurely ReadJust a fun book to read in some down time Nothing deep just a cute love story that will make you smile from time to time.

    14. This book made me laugh I love books where the female flouts conventions of society And she definitely does so And after living with her aunt it is amazing that she has the ability to be happy in life at all I found the banter between Moira and Nathaniel entertaining I was only slightly disappointed in the end I so wanted to see Moira flounce back into the tavern and have her re meeting with Nathaniel there in front of all his friends as had been their first meeting But I guess I can live with m [...]

    15. I wish I knew about how to write a true review so I could fly by on than the seat of by pants Anyway, my primary issue with this book was that it was comprised of at least 75% dialog conversation between the main characters and others There was some inner dialog as well This seemed an odd device to me In the beginning of the book, I was just dropped down into a group conversation that seemed to go on and on without any explanation Then the two main characters took a week long horse ride where [...]

    16. I hope I find books like this one It has been a while since I had stumbled on a truly sweet, naive, classic romantic novel like this one Books like this one were a huge part of why I fell in love with reading.However, this one has a twist I found wonderful and very different from books I read 25 years ago, yikes I m old Anyway, although a gentleman comes to the aid of a lady in trouble, this lady is unique Moira is independent and although scared of what she has decided to do, carries on, no ma [...]

    17. This is a fun story Not anything complicated or deep, but just fun and funny.Beautiful young Moira Dennison has just come into an inheritance, which solves a big problem But then the other problem surfaces, her fianc left long ago to seek enough work so they could marry There haven t been any letters for a long time so Moira s bold idea is to hire someone to help her find him Sounds like a forthright plan and she hires Nathan Hammond to travel with her She thinks he is a commoner, but in reality [...]

    18. After Moira s aunt dies, Moira needs help tracking down her fianc After asking around, Moira finds Nathan and asks for his help, thinking that he is just a former soldier, not realizing she s petitioning a lord What follows is an interesting journey full of quick wit, and humorous moments, as Nathan and Moira travel together as husband and wife.I loved the story, and I loved the characters, especially Nathan s friends who I hope will each get their own books The only complaint I have is that Moi [...]

    19. A fun and interesting plot twist to the clean romance If you enjoy romances, you will enjoy this If you don t, keep moving along, don t grump over genres you don t love anyway.The characters are interesting and the plot varied I love that Moira is outspoken and concerned with people than popularity Her backstory and the chemistry was revealed developed at a good pace And the epilogue I love that the author includes one and the space of time that has elapsed between the conclusion of the book an [...]

    20. Fantastic bookI loved every part of this book I wasn t sure how much I would enjoy it but after reading reviews I figured for the price, it wouldn t be too much of a financial loss I was pleasantly surprised It was well written, characters were true to form the entire book I love it when the female character is written with a brain in her head thank you for that Ms Connolly, and the story line kept me reading from beginning to end Bravo for the author I look forward to other books yet to come

    21. Some people have had an issue with this book not being historically accurate, and the fact that most of the book is just dialogue between the two main characters, but I thought it was well written and wasn t bothered at all by the liberties she took I enjoy a new approach now and again very cute and clean.

    22. 4.5 stars I adored the characters and loved the story I m not picky about historical accuracy I nearly skimmed a couple times which is the only reason it s not 5 stars.

    23. Sometimes you just want to read a light, regency romance But I couldn t get into this one It all seemed so implausible that I couldn t even get swept along for the ride.

    24. I read this book in one night staying up wayyyy to late I really enjoyed the interplay between the 2 characters.

    25. This book went the opposite direction of Ghost Patrol, it spent a lot of time on developing the relationship And there was quite a bit of dialogue, although not as witty as I d hoped Part of the difficulty was the writer felt the need to write in the time period, but since I d had no clue what time period I was in sometime during the 1800s, I m guessing, when women wore dresses all the time, there were horses and coaches and no cars I don t know why historical romance novelists feel the need to [...]

    26. Such clean fun And only slightly annoying.Ridiculously independent heroines tend to drive me crazy, but I rarely found her annoying here There was some good banter between the hero and heroine which one must have for good Regency novels and good back stories, making the characters very relatable I found it very hard to believe that no matter how independent she thought herself, the earl let her sleep in the stables some nights to satisfy her sense of fair play Or that he rarely tried to correct [...]

    27. It s 2 15 a.m and I just finished the intriguing and, at times, hilarious story of Moira and Nathan This is my first book by Rebecca Connolly and, I assure you, it will not be my last This was a clean read, a crazy adventure, and a delightful romance I will be recommending this one to each of my daughters and a few of my granddaughters I am also excited to see that apparently Ms Connolly has also written a story for each of Nathan s whacky group of friends I listened to at least half of the book [...]

    28. Lots of witty reparteeI really enjoyed reading this story I don t read stories with cussing in them and this one has two words The first came early by Moira and Nathan called her on it that s good The second one came 97% of the way through the story by Nathan That into is for those who also like to read clean This story had me laughing out loud most of the time and wiping away a tear at other times Rebecca Connolly is a master at writing dialogue I just wish she d left out those bad words.

    29. If you want to read a series of good books, with fun and witty characters then you need to read Rebecca Connolly s series It begins with an Arrangement of Sorts It follows a group of friends in Regency era who manage to find love in a society full of crazy rules and expectations This book takes you on a journey of two people who hate each other and who come to find that that hate has grown into a great love story.

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