Eastern Cowboy #2020

Eastern Cowboy By AndrewGrey Eastern Cowboy Brighton McKenzie inherited one of the last pieces of farmland in suburban Balti It has been in his family since Maryland was a colony though it has lain fallow for years Selling it for development w
  • Title: Eastern Cowboy
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: 9781632167057
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • Eastern Cowboy By AndrewGrey Brighton McKenzie inherited one of the last pieces of farmland in suburban Balti It has been in his family since Maryland was a colony, though it has lain fallow for years Selling it for development would be easy, but Brighton wants to honor his grandfather s wishes and work it again Unfortunately, an accident left him relying on a cane, so he ll need help Tanner HBrighton McKenzie inherited one of the last pieces of farmland in suburban Balti It has been in his family since Maryland was a colony, though it has lain fallow for years Selling it for development would be easy, but Brighton wants to honor his grandfather s wishes and work it again Unfortunately, an accident left him relying on a cane, so he ll need help Tanner Houghton used to work on a ranch in Montana until a vengeful ex got him fired because of his sexuality He comes to Maryland at the invitation of his cousin and is thrilled to have a chance to get back to the kind of work he loves.Brighton is instantly drawn to the intensely handsome and huge Tanner he s everything Brighton likes in a man, though he holds back because Tanner is an employee, and because he can t understand why a man as virile as Tanner would be interested in him But that isn t the worst of their problems They have to face the machinations of Brighton s aunt, Tanner s ex suddenly wanting him back, and the need to find a way to make the farm financially viable before they lose Brighton s family legacy.
    Eastern Cowboy By AndrewGrey
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    1. This story is about accepting someone for who they are, two guys with very low self esteem, quiet, a little bit of loners, one of them with a physical disability and the other with a stutter.This is perfect for those who don t mind characters with disabilities or like me, are a little fed up with the tall, dark, handsome flawless unrealistic Adonis.This story was very lovely.

    2. As far as I am concerned, Andrew Grey has done it again This novel is the magical combination of a farm in suburbia, a man who surprisingly inherits it but has a few health issues that don t make it easy for him to work it, the fact that he has no idea how to run a farm in the first place, and the addition of a hunky former ranch hand who has been through hell but has a heart of gold The result is the story of two men fighting for the right to lead the lives they want, a wonderful, sweet romance [...]

    3. Not that this isn t a good story, it is The plot was nice enough and the characters were both okay what s one with gimpy leg and the other with the stutter But somehow it felt too bland for me and the chemistry between the MCs wasn t very convincing Also, it was too black and white type of story some goodie goodie, abused characters versus the whiny, lazy, greedy ones like saints versus evil the whole thing became too predictable Truly disappointing and not what I pictured from reading the blurb [...]

    4. Eine Erbschaft ist nicht immer einfach, das muss auch BrightonMcKenzie erfahren Denn die Farm, die ihm sein Gro vater hinterlassen hat, kann er aufgrund eines schweren Unfalls nicht allein bewirtschaften Zur Handlung Brighton und seine Schwester sind nach dem Tod der Eltern bei ihrer Tante und ihrem Onkel aufgewachsen Nat rlich rechnet die lieblose Tante fest mit dem Erbe und ist dementsprechend erbost, als sie erf hrt, dass Brighton der Haupterbe ist Sie setzt alles daran, ihn zum Verkauf zu zw [...]

    5. And do you know what I liked most about this book Brighton s Aunt Vera What a Grade A witch Of course Royce was a close second, and I would have liked to see him fall face first into a pile of manure, but we take what we can get.

    6. The main storyline was fine enough i guess, but personally it was way to empty Brighton s and Tanner s romance was plain boring and I didn t feel any real attraction between them I m a bit disappointed, because I wanted it to be great.

    7. Andrew Grey und ich, das ist immer ein Auf und Ab, was seine Geschichten angeht, aber diese hier war gro artig und ich habe das Lesen sehr genossen.Tanner und Brighton sind tolle Kerle, die beide im Grunde dasselbe Problem haben, denn sie halten sich aufgrund ihrer k rperlichen Einschr nkungen f r nicht gut genug f r den anderen, was nat rlich total unsinnig ist, aber es dauert, bis beide schlie lich den Mut aufbringen, offen und ehrlich zueinander zu sein Auch, was ihre Gef hle zueinander angeh [...]

    8. If there is one thing and there are actually many things that Andrew Grey does well it s character development From the first page we know Brighton McKenzie and some of his family as if they were our small town neighbors We know that Brighton has been permanently injured and his Aunt Vera is unkind and devious.Brighton s grandfather has died and at the reading of the will everyone is surprised that he left his 50 acre farm in the middle of the suburbs to Brighton Vera expected it to be hers to s [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this contemporary M M romance.Brighton is a recently disabled young man, ashamed of his lame leg and how he struggles with pain and has difficultly walking, standing and even sitting, at times His last boyfriend was a jerk who left before Brighton even got out of the hospital, and Brighton fought hard to even walk again When Brighton s grandfather dies, he s startled to learn he s inherited the bulk of his estate, including the farm that s now boxed in by new housing development [...]

    10. Eastern CowboyThe newest work by Andrew Grey brings the farming life to Maryland Brighton, a handicapped young man, inherits the family farm from his grandpa The family has owned the farm since colonial times The question becomes whether Brighton has the physical ability to maintain such a big undertaking Clearly, Brighton wants to try to run the farm since he believes it is what his grandfather would want Fortunately, along comes Tanner the attorney s relative who previously worked on a Montana [...]

    11. Brighton und Tanner sind zwei sehr sympathische Charaktere, die beide auf ihre eigene Art und Weise mit etwas zu k mpfen haben Trotzdem, oder vielleicht auch gerade deshalb, passen sie sehr gut zusammen Tanner mit seiner Unsicherheit bez glich seines Stotterns und Brighton bez glich seines ziemlich verletzten Beines, sodass er sich berfl ssig und als nicht gut genug f r Tanner befindet Klingt eigentlich nach gro em Drama, aber gibt es hier nicht Diese Unsicherheiten nehmen nie zu sehr Oberhand U [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book and especially loved having two MCs that were normal but different Tanner with his stutter and Brighton with his bad leg I especially liked Tanner There s a scene where he sweeps Brighton off his feet and it was so swoon worthy It may sound girly but I really enjoyed their story.I wasn t sure how Brighton was gonna make the farm work but I like how they managed it Brighton also wasn t too much of a martyr with his sacrifices for his family they were reasonable His aunt [...]

    13. This is actually a 2.5 read It was ok, but I gotta say that Brighton s negative self talk got really old, really fast, which knocked this one down in my ratings.

    14. I don t think I ve read about two pathetic men in a long long time i liked the idea I liked how they accepted each other but the pitty parties where to much so 2.5

    15. Brighton and Brianna McKenzie lost their parents when they were younger and wound up living with their aunt and uncle, who used the financial gain taking care of the brother and sister gained them to their advantage, but didn t do much than that It was their grandfather that stepped in and gave them the emotional support they needed When their grandfather dies and leaves the farm to Brighton, it s no surprise to him and Brianna, but a certain fickle aunt is fit to be tied While Brighton racks h [...]

    16. I love Andrew Grey I LOVED the senses series, every one of them, luckily I didn t find them til later so I could read them all back to back and I loved it lol Brighton inherits his grandparents farm from his grandpa when he passes awayHe and his sister lost their parents years ago and was sent to live with their aunt and uncle who by the attitude she has, you can tell they never treated them like family, but like an obligation I couldn t imagine being a kid and losing my parents to stay with pe [...]

    17. Another Happy Grey DayIncredibly prolific as well as talented, Andrew Grey has done a few things in this book that define his work, all pleasurably.1 He has set the book on a farm, but this time outside Balti, on one of the last suburban patches of ground left The farm is the birthright of the family of Brighton McKenzie, whose grandfather willed it to him with certain wishes and conditions Brighton is your somewhat reclusive attractive nerd who is also hampered by an injury sustained in a car a [...]

    18. This was lovely It was not exceptional, but it was a sweet story, and I loved what they did with the farm It was a story about two men, I m the quiet one, and you re the worrywart , who found their place in the world A happily ever after that felt real and will last through all the obstacles that life may throw on their path.Of course, there were longer and detailed sex scenes than I would like in a story like this But in the last sex scene I also recognised something very Andrew Grey They join [...]

    19. 3.5 4 starsI enjoyed Eastern Cowboy I thought the author did a great job keeping the reader interested in this couple I also thought the storyline was believable Brighton needs a hand now that he is expected to run his grandfather s farm and Tanner is than willing to help Tanner is our strong silent hero who is a pillar of strength for Brighton The pair worked well together despite their differences While it s a good read it could have used a bit heat between the pair.

    20. I love heroes that aren t perfect , and this books has two, so it was a must read all of Andrew s Grey are Tanner and Brighton were exactly what the other needed, even if it took them a bit to really realize it, and I liked the business plan Brighton made for the farm It was realistic for a farm that s set in the middle of a city rather than in open space.If you want sweet and sexy, this is the book for you

    21. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK MAY 26, 2016Narrator Derrick McClainGreat narration, so so story Brighton is a bit of a whiner Pessimistic and not an attractive man to me while Tanner is sweet but forgettable.

    22. Andrew Grey is generally a hit or miss for me However I can t seem to stop reading his stories I even gave up completely once Well obviously that didn t stick.I liked Eastern Cowboy I liked the story, characters and the writing.

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