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Closer to the Edge By T.E. Sivec Tara Sivec Closer to the Edge The fourth and final book in the USA Today best selling Playing With Fire series from Tara Sivec Cole Vargas has battled the demons that have plagued his nightmares but winning the heart of the woman
  • Title: Closer to the Edge
  • Author: T.E. Sivec Tara Sivec
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Closer to the Edge By T.E. Sivec Tara Sivec The fourth and final book in the USA Today best selling Playing With Fire series from Tara Sivec Cole Vargas has battled the demons that have plagued his nightmares, but winning the heart of the woman he destroyed is going to be the fight of his life When Cole returns home wounded from his latest mission, his only thoughts are of the woman who still owns his heart and geThe fourth and final book in the USA Today best selling Playing With Fire series from Tara Sivec Cole Vargas has battled the demons that have plagued his nightmares, but winning the heart of the woman he destroyed is going to be the fight of his life When Cole returns home wounded from his latest mission, his only thoughts are of the woman who still owns his heart and getting strong enough to stand on his own two feet in front of her, to beg for her forgiveness Olivia Lafierre had her own nightmares to deal with since Cole said good bye to her Broken and alone, she lost everything the day Cole left and is still paying the price for loving him When the two are thrown together before either are ready, secrets will be revealed, friends will become enemies and past mistakes will push themoser to the edge.
    Closer to the Edge By T.E. Sivec Tara Sivec
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      446 T.E. Sivec Tara Sivec
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    1. 5 StarsThis final book in the Playing With Fire series is stunning There s not much I can say without giving too many spoilers But I will tell you that it is an incredibly emotional and absolutely heartbreaking story There is a touch of mystery and suspense like the rest of the series And of course there s some romance and a few steamy scenes But don t be fooled It will kick your ass or your heart.Can be read as stand alone, but is so much better if the series is read in order.

    2. OMG THE TITLE CLOSER TO THE EDGE ANOTHER MARS SONG youtube watch v mLqHD ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB I don t remember one moment I tried to forgetI lost myself yet I m better not sadNow I m closer to the edgeIt was a a thousand to one and a million to twoTime to go down in flames and I m taking youCloser to the edgeNo I m not saying I m sorryOne day, maybe we ll meet againNo I m not saying I m sorryOne day, maybe we ll meet againNo, no, no, noCan you imagine a tim [...]

    3. 4.25 Stars This was a fantastic conclusion to this series and my favorite overall What I loved about this story is how Tara very creatively brought the circumstances of the past into the present day telling of the story without a lot of back and forth I wouldn t call this a second chance love story but an unfinished one that unraveled very nicely It contained all my favorite components including that gut wrenching feeling as I was reading and longing for the truth to be relieved This series had [...]

    4. 3.5 YELLOW DOOR HEARTS This story is about Cole Olivia Why don t I remember Cole or Olivia from the other books I guess it s either been too long or they didn t make a lasting impression on me I thought it would come rushing back once I stated reading but only little bits and piece seeped through Cole s family is beyond dysfunctional I couldn t deal with a family like Cole s Caroline is cray cray He s trying to win Olivia back He up and left her without a word to seek revenge in the Dominican af [...]

    5. my favorite book of this series perfect way to endso many twists and turns, so many emotions beautiful story telling and edge of your seat suspense.Click here for my complete Scandalicious Book Review scandaliciousbookreviews.c

    6. Fabulous 5 stars Great ending to a great series.Cole and Olivia had everything A wonderful relationship full of love but underlying guilt broke it all apart Cole went away leaving Liv broken and alone Add a somewhat nutso family into the mix and Olivia has been through hell the past year.Now Cole must try to put the relationship back together, to mend the heart he broke Secrets and revelations will create heartache than Cole ever thought he would have to mend This was another great book by Tara [...]

    7. This was definitely my favorite book of the series I could not put it down, and read it in one day Cole and Liv had a beautiful life together before he left her unexpectedly to take revenge on the man who killed his two friends What happened to her while he was away broke her down Now he s back, and he wants to fix all the mistakes and hurt he made and caused her but he needs her help to heal too.I loved watching these two connect back together, trying to pick up the pieces and learn with Cole a [...]

    8. Well how the hell do I follow this I was almost going to give this a 2 rating cause I couldn t believe that Tara Sivec was doing that but she turned it round and I have to admit the adrenaline was pumping as fast as I was turning the pages Quite a story, one of hope and one of new beginnings and at times incredibly sadbut does this story of Cole and Olivia have a happy ending or does it have a happy beginning Does Liv become his yellow door read it and see you wont be disappointed.

    9. Nice end to a great quartet This book stars Olivia, who was Parker s nurse when she was in the hospital in the first book the same hospital that Cole s parents run The two of them hit it off and actually grew to be best friends And our male lead goes to Cole, another SEAL from the team Both have come from troubled pasts, but found their way to each other Olivia never knew who her dad was, and her mother was an addict who overdoed right when Olivia turned 18 She spent her whole life taking care o [...]

    10. What A Book I feel like I just ran a marathon and can t get my breath I couldn t put this book down once I started Therefore, have lots of time on your hands to be able to start this book because you will be burning up the pages trying to figure everything out Olivia and Cole will have you wrapped up in their story Cole left Olivia to finish a mission The problem he never told Olivia why he was leaving Fast forward months and you have him returning with an injury He still wants Olivia, but he is [...]

    11. This book was really good, and I loved the heroine was so strong in the face of some truly heartbreaking events that would have broken a weaker person As for the hero, ugh I wanted to slap his selfish ass The first time he left her while it was wrong, I could have understood somewhat When he did it the second time due to some familial interference was when I wanted her to leave him for good The way he left her and the reason why made me want to slap the hell out of him In a way I wish that she w [...]

    12. I wish I could give this book stars This is such a fabulous book Tara Sivec can write a book and she has you all over the place and just when you think you figured out the story, you find out that you are completely wrong This book is heart wrenching and at the same time heart warming The women in her books have so much strength and courage I loved the entire Playing with Fire series but this book, in my opinion was the best and it is definitely a great choice to end the series Cole and Olivia [...]

    13. Another good book from this series.Cole and Olivia were great together,Cole had to go away to get peace and revenge for his two close friends he lost,Olivia did understand this once she knew the facts but it didn t make the terrible things she had to go through alone any easier was nice to see the others from the previous books in this book.Lovely ending and the bonus scene was funny and a good way to introduce Lucky,Hoss and Zues who will be in the CageVec series,which I will read when released [...]

    14. This may be the worst of the series All angst all the time And so very similar to the earlier books Can two people have terrible things happen to them, caused by people they love and trust It became so tiresome.Per the previews included in the bundle, there will be 3 in the same style, and I can t decide whether to read them If they are as good as the 3rd book, then I m all for it If they are like the first or last, then I m not.

    15. wow this was for me the best book in the series Cole and Olivia was great They had a past and was hoping they had a future to the story took its twists and turns like the other books but this one was better I even cried during this book it was so emotional but it was great xx

    16. This was my favorite of the series It was fast pace and kept you so hooked I couldn t wait to see what happened It s gut wrenching and heart warming Tear you apart and put you back together Loved this series

    17. 4.5 starsWhat a great ending to this series, I have loved all the booked All of T Sivec s books are so well written and I always devour them I can t wait to read of her books

    18. My eyes are puffy and my head is aching from too much crying What a storyanks Tara you nver failyou made me cry and laugh with your books

    19. I m at a loss for words This is a beautiful, gut wrenching story that will stay with you for a while after finishing it Kudos to Tara Sivec you never disappoint.

    20. This book was just not for me I enjoyed the rest in this series, so maybe it s me Maybe I m just less willing to believe the unbelievable than I was when I read the others.This is a story of Olivia and Cole Cole leaves Olivia to go back to a warzone to find the man responsible for the lives of his friends Of course, he doesn t discuss any of this with Olivia, because then there would be less conflict The story begins when he comes home and attempts to win Olivia back.While Cole was gone, Olivia [...]

    21. Wow this story is Cole and Olivias This story was heart wrenching and so emotional that it will bring tears to your eyes These characters are amazing and I was in awe of Olivia s strength Yes Cole made me mad but you can t really blame him when he has so many people around him who just lie to him and have his entire life This is one of those books you wont put down and it is so worth it.

    22. This story pulls at you heart strings than one way Cole who left the one person who could sooth all his demons to correct a wrong find to him and his fallen brothers now has to face the woman he broke in ways than one.They both have fences to mend before they can move forward.

    23. 5 AMAZING READ ALL NIGHT NO MATTER WHAT STARS I started this book last night after my kids went to bed This is the first book in probably 2 years that I started and read all the way through and did not care that I was up until 3am finishing the book I COULD NOT STOP Okay, so now that you know how I feel about this book, about the book The first book in this series had me in serious suspense and it delivered on the unexpected my favorite kind of book This oneere was so much information revealed [...]

    24. Closer to the edgeThe fourth and final book in the USA Today best selling Playing With Fire series from Tara Sivec Cole Vargas had retired from the Seals and was living the good life with the women of his dreams She chased away his nightmares, they were building a life together and both were looking forward to forever but one phone call brought his nightmares back Believing that he was doing the right thing, he pushed Olivia away Told her that it was over because he truly believed that he would [...]

    25. Book 4 had the best storyline the strongest couple but fell short in the sex romance department I loved how brave Olivia was, taking care of her addict mother every day, something that built her desire to be a nurse Even when Cole s mother forces her out of her nursing career her dreams are washed up Olivia still exists when most women would just give up Cole is determined to go back to the Dominican Republic finish what he started a few years ago, get revenge for the death of his two best frien [...]

    26. Cole has fought in wars He has lost dear friends He has been physically injured in battle None of these things compare to the guilt induced pain he feels for leaving the love of his life behind to complete a very personal Navy Seal mission Has he lost her forever Can he ever forgive himself Will she ever forgive him Olivia thought she had it all Her perfect job , great friends and a home with the love of her life When life falls apart on her, can she be strong enough to pull through Will she sur [...]

    27. I am very happy that I braved through the whole series to get to this book The first two, for me, were just sad I didn t like the writing, there was a lot of telling and not experiencing, besides the whole CIA and SEAL thing that was nice but very badly executed On the third book, Worn me Down it was better, much better Still not so great, but way better than the first Maybe it s because this book made me really cry but this was so much better It s not that I really connected to the characters b [...]

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