The High Middle Ages #2020

The High Middle Ages By Philip Daileader The High Middle Ages Audio CD set in two volumes Lectures minutes per lecture Why the Middle Ages Demography and the Commercial Revolution Those Who Fought The Nobles The Chivalric Code Feudalism Those Wh
  • Title: The High Middle Ages
  • Author: Philip Daileader
  • ISBN: 9781565853928
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The High Middle Ages By Philip Daileader 12 Audio CD set in two volumes 24 Lectures 30 minutes per lecture.1 Why the Middle Ages 2 Demography and the Commercial Revolution3 Those Who Fought The Nobles4 The Chivalric Code5 Feudalism6 Those Who Worked The Peasants7 Those Who Worked The Townspeople8 Women in Medieval Society9 Those Who Prayed The Monks10 Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Movement11.12 Audio CD set in two volumes 24 Lectures 30 minutes per lecture.1 Why the Middle Ages 2 Demography and the Commercial Revolution3 Those Who Fought The Nobles4 The Chivalric Code5 Feudalism6 Those Who Worked The Peasants7 Those Who Worked The Townspeople8 Women in Medieval Society9 Those Who Prayed The Monks10 Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Movement11 Heretics and Heresy12 The Medieval Inquisitions13 Jews and Christians14 The Origins of ism15 Aquinas and the Problem of Aristotle16 The First Universities17 The People s Crusade18 The Conquest of Jerusalem19 The Norman Conquest20 Philip II of France21 Magna Carta22 Empire versus Papacy23 Emperor Frederick II24 Looking Back, Looking Forward
    The High Middle Ages By Philip Daileader
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    1. I ll be honest My mother in law is obsessed with The Great Courses and she lent me these CDs many months ago Maybe a year ago And there is no conceivable way I could give them back without listening to them The guilt That being said, they are actually interesting You should read the other reviews to get an idea of the good and bad My overriding thought is that humans put themselves into such strange little boxes of convention Many of the tortures of daily life they endured are completely useless [...]

    2. Who among us don t love the High Middle Ages I know I do The world is changing and what we thought we knew about the world has changed When I grow up I want to be just like Daileader the lecturer , nerdy, informed, open to new interpretations, and able to explain a complex topic to a general audience I find good books or lectures about this time period hard to find This one is worth the listen.Don t be an antiquarian his word when learning Pieces fit together and there is a context that needs co [...]

    3. A pretty interesting course A lot of very interesting facts, very interesting perspectives At times it felt too me like a bit too much focus on the ideas, literature and religious and too little on the material conditions of people Still, much better than other history courses which focus much on the kings and personalities Very interesting perspective and data, and my chance to gather information on my little pet theory that the middle ages are called the dark ages and generally spoken of ba [...]

    4. In a series of 24 30 minutes long lectures, professor Daileader provides a very accessible introduction to the period of High Middle Ages Each of the lectures focuses on a specific topic that in professor s opinion qualifies as significant for understanding the period The lecture set itself is divided in three main sections dealing respectively with social, religious cultural and political aspects.My major point of criticism is based on the fact that the title of this set of lectures is simply i [...]

    5. A little too brief, but as an introduction it was very good It seemed to focus on reasoning and mindset then actual events Then William the Conqueror conquered England, but let s talk about the sophistication of the English government at that time The one line I liked the most was that England later became a constitutional monarchy because the during this time the monarchy was so strong, while France later became such a strong monarchy it could only be reformed through revolution because at thi [...]

    6. This lecture series was not as good as his Early Middle Ages one It spent way too much time on the groups of people Nobles,Church,Peasent Merchants and Religious aspects of this period and not enough time on the political and broad overview portions He also doesn t really bring the time period into scope with the its neighbors so it focuses way too much on Europe without bringing in the influences of its powerful neighbors A good series none the less and if I had listened to it first I would of [...]

    7. Just finished this and it was excellent The speaker again stresses the importance of demographics and he makes a very convincing case It was during the High Middle Ages 1000 1300 that the population boomed It doubled during the period, which is a marked contrast to what happened to the two periods before This population growth resulted in the revival of urban life in Europe and the commercial revolution of the High Middle Ages.He argues that population increased due to several factors that he de [...]

    8. For me this deserves 5 starts It is remarkable because Daileader engages the history of society in a way that he does not in other of his audio courses In other courses he tended to summarize great works of literature I wasn t typically interested in the summaries because I have read the books myself The broad discussion of the what and why of the Middle Ages was very satisfying.

    9. Fascinating overall, although the portions about royal marriages and dynastic succession didn t interest me as much as, say, why chivalric romances were written, or even how the royal bureaucracy in England was advanced than on the continent Fortunately Daileader moves briskly from one topic to the next, while still giving enough information to satisfy my interests.He is also lucid and entertaining without being patronizing For example, his explanation of scholasticism is easier to grasp than s [...]

    10. The information is presented clearly and interestingly The only thing that was somewhat distracting was that the speaker has a way of sighing drawing a breath every few seconds If you can get past that, you will learn a lot and enjoy learning it I was amazed to find out all the languages that a medieval historian has to know Latin, French, German and a few others I can t remember That was something I had never thought about before It made me appreciate those who research medieval history all the [...]

    11. Nicely done A fine lecturer, well informed and with twists of dry humor I have listened to his set of cd s on the Early Middle Ages, as well as this set on the High Middle Ages Both are worth listening to, if you like history and medieval studies This is one of the best of The Great Courses selections, in my book.

    12. I enjoyed this lecture series than the Early Middle Ages by the same professor This seemed focused and I just found the material interesting.

    13. This was a great series of college lectures Daileader clearly explains many interweaving issues of medieval life, from conquests, economics, cultural influences, epidemics, religions, and .

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