The Maypop Kidnapping #2020

The Maypop Kidnapping By C.M. Surrisi The Maypop Kidnapping C M Surrisi s debut middle grade mystery The Maypop Kidnapping is set in a small coastal Maine village filled with eccentric locals When year old Quinnie s beloved teacher goes missing Quinnie le
  • Title: The Maypop Kidnapping
  • Author: C.M. Surrisi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Maypop Kidnapping By C.M. Surrisi C.M Surrisi s debut middle grade mystery, The Maypop Kidnapping is set in a small coastal Maine village filled with eccentric locals When 13 year old Quinnie s beloved teacher goes missing, Quinnie leads a relentless, sometimes misguided search against her mother s orders.
    The Maypop Kidnapping By C.M. Surrisi
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      308 C.M. Surrisi
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    1. C.M. Surrisi

      C M Surrisi has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults Along with her husband, two dogs, and a cat, she lives in Asheville, NC Visit her online at her Facebook page C M Surrisi.

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    1. Another fun tween summer read A nice little mystery full of small town charm and eccentricities, with plenty of moxie and spunk Downeaster style Respectably impressive for a debut The dialogue was fresh and fun Specifically regarding Quinnie She was a hoot Thirteen going on thirty Great story premise and set up Mostly believable action and carry through The climatic resolve was full of punch Kudos for that Characters were quirky enough to be unique and appealing, but not so over the top that the [...]

    2. E ARC from NetgalleyQuinnie lives on a small town in Maine, and she is tutored by Ms Stillford Sadly, her best friend and fellow tutee, Zoe, has moved away When Ms Stillford doesn t show up to meet with Quinnie at the town diner run by Quinnie s dad , Quinnie goes to her house and finds enough things out of place that she is alarmed Later, there is a letter from Ms Stillford sent to the twon sheriff, Quinnie s mom, but Quinnie is still suspicious WIth the help of the new girl in town, Mariella, [...]

    3. Quinnie Boyd s teacher, Ms Stillford, has gone missing and Quinnie is convinced it s a kidnapping Mom is Maiden Rock s town sheriff and the postal worker and the realtor it s that kind of small town and quite possibly the reasonable of the two of them Mom s pretty sure Ms Stillford left of her own volition, even though she doesn t yet have an explanation for it But Quinnie s just not so sure Breaking in to Ms Stillford s place in search of answers is just the beginning of this delightful middle [...]

    4. The characters in this mystery crackle and snap with life At thirteen, Quinnie leads a pretty quiet life in the tiny town of Maiden Rock on the coast of Maine a town so tiny that her crusader mother plays the parts of real estate agent, mayor, sheriff, AND postmaster And, in my absolute favorite detail, her office contains a separate desk for each role But things change when Quinnie s beloved tutor disappears under suspicious circumstances, and no one else seems alarmed Quinnie is determined to [...]

    5. This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I initially sent an e mailed request to the publisher for this book because I thought it looked cute When they told me they were out of physical copies but could approve it on Netgalley I took the plunge and joined up That s right I m a brand new Netgalley reviewer Rah rah team and all that I feel like I m quite on the in crowd now me and twenty thousand other reviewers It took me like half an hour to get it set up so I could read Netgalle [...]

    6. Trouble in Maiden Rock Yes, it s big trouble Ms Stillford, Quinnie s teacher, goes missing Quinnie and her friend Ben suspect almost everyone two old admirers who ve pined after Ms Stillford for decades, a rocker group passing through town, even two nuns from the local convent You ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of the mystery, worrying about Ms Stillford, resenting the new girl Mariella, house breaking and snooping alongside Quinnie The Maypop Kidnapping by C.M Surrisi reminds us that [...]

    7. Fun mystery story about a small Maine town and how everyone knows everyone else or do they Quinnie lives in a town so small her mother is the sheriff, postal worker, and real estate broker When Quinnie s teacher goes missing, she is certain it is a kidnapping The sheriff is not so sure Quinnie starts a search, enlists help from a friend and a new girl, and goes against just abut every rule her mother, and father, make There are clues, suspects, some local quirky characters, and enough intrigue t [...]

    8. The Maypop Kidnapping is an exciting mystery novel for middle grade kids Quinnie and her new classmate Ella know that their teacher, Ms Stillford, has been kidnapped Unfortunately, the Sheriff, who also happens to be Quinnie s mom, doesn t agree The girls must keep their investigation of the crime secret After plenty of twists and turns, Quinnie and Ella solve it all in a thrilling conclusion readers won t expect.

    9. A nice middle grade mystery about a girl named Quinette Quinnie who lives in a small town on the coast of Maine When her teacher disappears, she has a hard time convincing anyone that something might really be wrong She finally does and then she and her friends help to solve the teacher s kidnapping.

    10. The story When Quinnie Boyd s personal tutor goes missing, Quinnie knows she can t just have gone on an unexpected trip Quinnie, along with best friend Ben and annoying new girl Ella, starts poking around town looking for clues, much to the irritation of the town sheriff who also happens to be her mother Quinnie should have known that snooping around where she s not wanted was going to land her in a literal boatload of trouble June Cleaver s ratings Language PG Violence PG Sexual content G Nudit [...]

    11. I had the opportunity to read a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley This is a fun, middle grade mystery to read I enjoyed it, and I believe my fifth grade students would enjoy it, because it s got suspense to it than mysteries for earlier readers Cam Jansen, Nate the Great, Encyclopedia Brown , but it s not over the top with scary violence.The mystery begins when Quinnie s teacher, Blythe Stillford, fails to show up for her traditional first day of school breakfast date at Gusty s Concerned [...]

    12. Everything seems just fine in the tiny town of Maiden Rock, Maine, a town so small that Quinnie s mom is the sheriff, the mayor, the post master and the real estate person Quinnie is tutored instead of having to travel miles to a school, tutored by a retired teacher, Ms Stillford, but her teacher never showed up at the only restaurant in town, their meeting place, for the first day of tutoring.What happened to her She seemed to have disappeared Quinnie is sure her tutor has been kidnapped No one [...]

    13. This is a good solid mystery for the younger teen crowd The narrator has a good solid and entertaining voice and I appreciated the fact that the main characters acted like smart 7th 8th graders and not like hard boiled detectives They act out of well intended impulses and confused emotions They even stop and think about what they are doing from time to time.The mystery itself manages a good balance of having enough seriousness to give it suspense without being so intense that it would be too muc [...]

    14. Sometimes you just want to read something a little lighter Don t you After the created worlds of Ivanovich s War of Princes and Elizabeth s Cogling, it was nice to go to Maiden Rock, Maine, and solve a simple mystery with a 13 year old girl I just love sinking into a good middle grade book It reminds me of being 12 myself that age where you re still a child and you still kind of feel like a child but you also feel so very grown up and ready to make your own decisions Such a pivotal point in the [...]

    15. I absolutely adored this middle grade book It was charming yet full of suspense I found myself completely sucked into the story, compliments of C.M Surrisi s perfectly nuanced writing I loved how it was a mystery yet also effectively explored the equally mysterious complexity of friendships, crushes, and parental relationships.

    16. Awesome middle grade mystery, totally appropriate without being kiddish Quinnie is an intelligent, original protagonist and I enjoyed the dynamic with her, Ella, and Ben.I do wish there was elaboration on Zoe, since her absence came up numerous times But the conflict between Quinnie s friendship with her vs Ella never gets resolved.

    17. Quinnie is such a lovable character I d have followed her anywhere That she took me around the endearing town of Maiden Rock filled with quirky Mainers, mysterious rock stars and slightly suspicious nuns was all the better An engrossing mystery with unforgettable characters.

    18. The Maypop Kidnapping is wonderfully creative There are twists and turns that keep the reader interested and part of the quest to solve the mystery My grandson who is ten was enthralled and can t wait for another book by Surrisi.

    19. This made me interested in going to Maine, this little town sounds like an interesting quaint place A fun, relatively light mystery.

    20. Maiden Rock, Maine is usually pretty quiet during the off season Then Quinnie s teacher goes missing just as a crime novelist and his daughter move to the island.

    21. A skillfully plotted mystery with a come to life setting and characters to love AND a debut novel Looking forward to from Surrisi

    22. What a great mystery book for 5th 8th graders Surrisi has created a novel that will keep readers chuckling and wondering all the way through Quinnie Boyd is a completely likable character with traits that will ring true with other 10 to 14 year olds as she faces separation from her best friend, changing feelings towards a boy she has grown up with, and an up and down relationship with a mom who is just as independent and capable as she is The mystery that Quinnie is determined to solve revolves [...]

    23. As a Maine resident, I spent most of the time trying to figure out where the story was set Based on the time it takes to get to Houlton, I would set it in the Bristol Damariscotta area, and I can t imagine a town that tiny in that part of Maine Downeast, past Machais Sure But it wouldn t be four hours away from Houlton If it were an island, such as Matinicus, definitely, but it wasn t I recognize that, for some readers, who cares It s based on the author s Maine memories Well, for this reader, I [...]

    24. This is a fun, fast paced Upper Middle Grade mystery set in a beachside town in Maine.The characters are well developed and believable Some of them are quirky, and that s what keeps the mystery progressing.The cover art is beautiful I will look forward to reading books by this clever author I borrowed this book from the New Book shelf in the children s section of the local public library.

    25. Kid sleuth with parents that are actually present GET OUT That s a new one While Quinn and friends manage to do quite a bit of covert sleuthing that ultimately unravels this kidnapping they also have to explain themselves afterwards LOVED IT Want the second one STAT but alas book ban This was a good impulse cover buy tho, zero regrets there This book is set in Maine home of my fave adult amateur detective JESSICA FLETCHER

    26. This book took awhile to get into, but the blurb on the front said somebody or other had flown through it to read it, and it had the promises to be good, and once I got into it, it really was super good.

    27. Not bad The setting is very interesting The character is one of only a couple of kids who live in this isolated town after the tourist leave It s a good mystery but not the best book I ve ever read.

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