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Jimmy Coates: Killer By Joe Craig Jimmy Coates Killer An eleven year old boy discovers he has strange powers and a future that holds mystery adventure and death Bending his knees Jimmy let go of the windowsill and slowly tipped backwards Surely this i
  • Title: Jimmy Coates: Killer
  • Author: Joe Craig
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  • Page: 487
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  • Jimmy Coates: Killer By Joe Craig An eleven year old boy discovers he has strange powers, and a future that holds mystery, adventure and death Bending his knees, Jimmy let go of the windowsill and slowly tipped backwards Surely this is impossible, he thought, even as he could feel himself doing it He pushed out with his legs and the thrust sent him flying backwards into the air Then his fingers lockAn eleven year old boy discovers he has strange powers, and a future that holds mystery, adventure and death Bending his knees, Jimmy let go of the windowsill and slowly tipped backwards Surely this is impossible, he thought, even as he could feel himself doing it He pushed out with his legs and the thrust sent him flying backwards into the air Then his fingers locked on to the cold wire of the fence, poised in a perfect handstand on the top Who are the mysterious men chasing Jimmy across the city Why are they after him What are Jimmy s parents keeping from him and who can he trust And how come he can suddenly do all this really cool stuff Find out in this electrifying debut novel from Joe Craig Young, multitalented and brimming with ideas, this new HarperCollins author is destined to become a firm favourite with children everywhere.
    Jimmy Coates: Killer By Joe Craig
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    1. Joe Craig

      Award winning author Joe Craig writes novels and movies Thanks to his bestselling Jimmy Coates thrillers he is now considered one of the best spy kids authors outstanding at both writing and plotting The Times, London alongside Anthony Horowitz, Charlie Higson and Robert Mucha.Since studying Philosophy at Cambridge University he s been a songwriter, a comic, a public speaking and conversation coach, a semi pro cricketer, and now tours the world entertaining crowds at schools and festivals.In spare moments he eats sushi, plays the piano, watches movies, reads, draws, plays snooker and cricket, invents snacks, cooks, does martial arts training and sleeps He s 33.He lives in London with his wife broadcaster adventurer Mary Ann Ochota , his dog Harpo the labradonkey and his dwarf crocodile Professor Sven His website is joecraig and on twitter, facebook and instagram, he s joecraiguk or joecraig

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    1. I hope anyone who likes action thrillers will enjoy this It s the first one in my series You don t have to read them in order though most people do, it seems.This one has been described by several reviewers as The Bourne Identity for kids and I think that s a lovely, flattering description I started to write it while I was working as a musician and songwriter, but I read the first few Harry Potter books, then saw The Bourne Identity, then read Story by Robert McKee This book is very much the pro [...]

    2. Eleven year old Jimmy Coates discovers his parents are secret government agents and he is a primarily artificial human assassin Disturbed by his new found powers and tailed by agents who want to take him in to complete his training, Jimmy may very well have to kill in order to stay alive.While the pacing and exciting subject might appeal to young readers yay spies , the characters aren t fleshed out at all, and the backdrop of a somewhat futuristic London is only minimally described or dealt wit [...]

    3. A while ago I was having my self an uneventful Sunday I rummaged through my book shelves looking for something new, and I found this strange book I d never heard of it but it looked good I pulled it off my shelf and flipped over to the blurb It turns out he book I m talking about is Jimmy Coates Killer Oh my, I was in for a good read.Jimmy Coates Killer is the spectacular action book written by Joe Craig It revolves around an 11 year old boy who slowly discovers he s part of the biggest scientif [...]

    4. I received a free digital copy for review.I think this is well written for an audience age around 10 14 They will enjoy the action adventure and fast pace of the book So just imagine this girl as a boy, and you ll have the idea of the kind of butt kicking this 11 year old main character is capable ofWhile completely fantastical, this book would be a good springboard for discussion with your children about how dictatorships might begin You can discuss the history of such dictatorships and the how [...]

    5. This book is interesting, there s moments of adventure and violence this boy had went through Jimmy Coates is the main character in this book He s a eleven years old boy He s different from other people because he have the ability to outrun, out jump, and out kick One day, he was doing homework at home when some people show up at his house and try to take him away.It s a mysterious organization that kidnapped Jimmy parent and now after him but he doesn t know why As the venture goes on, Jimmy is [...]

    6. While escaping from the strange men that are after him in London, Jimmy discovers he possesses many unusual talents for an eleven year old boy Jimmy is only 38% human, the rest of him is an assassin machine Can he control the robotic part of his personality And can he find anyone who will tell him the truth

    7. It was awesome I started it and never felt like putting it down It was about this boy who doesn t know who he is One day British spy agents come to his house and try to kidnap him He felt the urge to jump out of the window and did it It turns out he had his DNA tampered with so that he would be a perfect assasin Hope I didn t ruin the book for you It is diffently a must read

    8. horror romantic Nobut exciting and thrilling Definitely yes Actually,Well I didn t think that I would like it someday But I DID like it when i Read the last words I really held my breathd i wanted the second book so badly And I can say in real sense of the word that it was AMAZING and TERRIFIC when you start it I give you my words you cant put it down for even 1 min to do your works there s always some inner voice that tells you keep going so if you want my idea,this is a great book for teens,ju [...]

    9. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 4.25 of 5I wasn t aware that this was a reissue when I requested it, not that it matters it looked interesting And it IS interesting and exciting.The book has had other titles Jimmy Coates Assassin Killer Jimmy Coates Killer and now, simply Assassin All are listed as Jimmy Coates 1 But no matter what the title, this is one action packed thriller that you won t want to put down Jimmy Coates is an eleven year old boy who discovers t [...]

    10. Full of thrills, and none stop action from start to finish Could not put the book down at all, I sat and read the book from cover to cover and I was unable to stop myself from doing so.This book is a must read if you are in the same age range as I am, which is young teens to young adults.It speaks not only to the younger generation but also to the older generations as well.I suggest if you ever come across the book in your day to day life, take a short break and ponder through the many pages of [...]

    11. Genre adventure, SciFiGrade level 5th Reading level easyReadalikes Alex Rider, Cherub seriesJimmy grows up in a normal household until one day, when 11, some ominous looking men appear at the door of his house and try to take him away On that day, as Jimmy escapes and leaves the comforts of his home forever, he discovers that he has hidden powers, that he is only 38% human He also discover that his parents are not his real parents, that they have been working for NJ7, the secret service of the g [...]

    12. When I was a kid we had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a sweet story of a young boy who wins a competition to inherit a magical chocolate factory These days youngsters get to read about half human half machine killers built by the government to assassinate anyone who stands in the way of dictatorship.Although I am too old for this I found it an enjoyable read The character Jimmy must wrestle to control his programming against his human nature and in doing so evades the clutches of an evil pri [...]

    13. As kids books goes this one is pretty good I suppose It s a bit like Jason Bourne for teenagers only Jimmy doesn t quite know what he s capable of yet The genre s not new but the idea that he s fighting to bring down a dystopian government works, there are some clever details which will tap into every teenager s subconscious like the fact that coke is too expensive to import now It s not a page turner, mostly because there are already 4 other books so, you know the outcome Not as good as some I [...]

    14. at first, I had no intention to read this book I mean I was bored, so I went to the bookstore and bought this.but through the story, I can see that this is amazing book I wonder why this book isn t so popularybe I can see it, this book is totally for boys except for the assassin thing around 10 14 year old if your children or brother likes James Bond, then this is a good choice.well, I only read the first though I can t wait to buy the next book I have to wait since I don t have much money left

    15. This book was great I think it was fast paced, action packed, mysterious and exhilarating It makes you ask questions like, Who are the guys who are trying to kidnap Jimmy Why do they want him and How does Jimmy get these cool new POWERS It has been compared to Anthony Horowitz s Alex Rider though in my opinion, it is not quite as complex I think both books are in a league of their own and both deserve to be rewarded for their amazing story.

    16. Disappointed, many reviews said it was like the Jason Steed novels.The only similarity is they both feature young boys and are written by British authors Jimmy Coates suddenly discovers he is half machine and his parents are not really his parents, and he carries on Most prepubescent boys would be devastated And there was no cupid romance like in the Jason Steed books, plus the action was slower I almost gave it a one star but I think some boys will still like it.

    17. 3 stars, but I will march on to the 2nd story soon I love these sci fi related YA stories An 11 yr assassin Kinda youngbut there is to Jimmy than meets the eye Picked it up free via KU I liked it, even knowing it was YA Might be fun to read an adult version of these series.Can t say without giving away what Jimmy isPlenty of on the run action similar to several YA series I have readmeone is always OUT to get them.

    18. I think it was very interesting and mysterious It is about a boy who can suddenly do strange stuff, and finally finds out that he is 62% machine and 38% human It was absolutely unpredictable, because people always compare this book with Alex Rider, and Alex is whole human I think it was very bold for the author to make Jimmy Coates a machine.

    19. Loved this one It gets off to a great start and doesn t let up Jimmy is great character and I can t wait to read the next in the series If you like the Alex Rider or the Percy Jackson books, you ll enjoy this series.

    20. This was an interesting book about a boy that finds out that he is genetically created to be a spy The government then goes after him, his family, and friends.

    21. This was no where near as good as Cherub series, Alex Rider books or even Jason Steed It is closest in style to Jason Steed because of the simplicity of the writing But even Jason Steed had depth and back story than this did I understand that reading these kinds of books means having to let go a lot of unbelievable scenes go like the panther fight in the Jason Steed books, 11 year fights vicious panther and wins with nothing but a claw scratch The scene was unbelievable, borderline ridiculous b [...]

    22. This book is fascinating, and talks about the adventure and violence this boy had went through in the book Jimmy Coates is a young elementary school boy who is different from other people because he was outstanding than other kids One day, some people showed up at his house and tried to kidnap him Turns out to be a crime syndicate that kidnapped his parents, too As the venture goes on, Jimmy discovers the truth about himself that he is not a human human Inly 40% of him is human and other parts a [...]

    23. This is a fast paced, action packed thrill ride The first in the Jimmy Coates series will leave you desperate to read book two, Target.Eleven year old Jimmy Coates is a normal boy, living a normal life That is until armed men burst into his house one evening and try to kidnap him When his mother screams at him to run, something inside Jimmy erupts and he fights his way out of his house From his hiding place, Jimmy watches as these mysterious men take his parents away All Jimmy has to identify th [...]

    24. Assassin is definitely written by a talented author, I just wish it was believable I kept reading even though it needed polish and seemed lifted from the 1980s movie D.A.R.Y.L with very few changes Some of the descriptions and phrases showed true promise, but other things left me shaking my head Jimmy s friend Felix acted like either a hyperactive 6 year old or a developmentally disabled 12 year old Eva seemed insane and barely hanging on The dystopian society needed development earlier on, t [...]

    25. When I first got introduced to this book I had already linked this with a few things firstly there must be a killer Although I had no Idea it was Jimmy himself.When I read the chapters there is always something new and exciting although when I read He jumped out of the window I did not realize he Jumped out the window until Jimmy Coates thought about it When he entered the Base of the MI6 NJ7 I think he found out he was a machine Although that thought really tampered me at first because I though [...]

    26. Joe Craig s Jimmy Coates Assassin is a popular book for kids and maybe teens This book talks about a kid named Jimmy Coates who is not actually human well actually 38% human but is 62% information action unit trained to kill people But the problem is that he doesn t want to kill people So instead of killing Viggo which he was suppose to do, he becomes friends with him and plans to rescue Jimmy s parents and stop NJ3 But will they be able to stop NJ7 I picked up this book because the cover looked [...]

    27. Great idea It s a young adult genre, but I m way past my teens and enjoyed it enormously Excellent plot and some great fast paced action It will appeal to those who enjoy the Alex Rider books, Cherub, HIVE, Max Gordon, etc I enjoyed it enough that I went on to download the rest of the series My only criticism hence the four stars is that I wish the author had not changed viewpoint mid chapter It was easy enough to follow, but it pulled me away from the story for a moment each time it happened.

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