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Covenant of Grace By John Murray Covenant of Grace None
  • Title: Covenant of Grace
  • Author: John Murray
  • ISBN: 9780875523637
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Covenant of Grace By John Murray None
    Covenant of Grace By John Murray
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    About "John Murray"

    1. John Murray

      John Murray was a Scottish born Calvinist theologian who taught at Princeton Seminary and then left to help found Westminster Theological Seminary, where he taught for many years.Murray was born in the croft of Badbea, near Bonar Bridge, in Sutherland county, Scotland Following service in the British Army in the First World War during which he lost an eye, serving in the famous Black Watch regiment he studied at the University of Glasgow Following his acceptance as a theological student of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland he pursued further studies at Princeton Theological Seminary under J Gresham Machen and Geerhardus Vos, but broke with the Free Presbyterian Church in 1930 over that Church s treatment of the Chesley, Ontario congregation He taught at Princeton for a year and then lectured in systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary to generations of students from 1930 to 1966, and was an early trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust Besides the material in the four volume Collected Writings, his primary published works are a commentary on the Epistle to the Romans previously included in the New International Commentary on the New Testament series but now superseded by Douglas J Moo s commentary , Redemption Accomplished and Applied, Principles of Conduct, The Imputation of Adam s Sin, Baptism, and Divorce.Murray preached at Chesley and Lochalsh from time to time until his retirement from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1968 He married Valerie Knowlton 7 December 1967 and retired to Scotland where he was connected with the Free Church of Scotland Writing after a communion season at Lochalsh, Murray said, I think I feel most at home here and at Chesley of all the places I visit There had been some consideration that upon leaving the seminary, Murray might take a pastorate in the newly formed Presbyterian Reformed Church, but the infirmity of his aged sisters at the home place necessitated his return to Ross shire, Scotland.

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    1. To be perfectly truthful, I am not dying about John Murray as a theologian The first two volumes of his collected writings and Redemption Accomplished and Applied are good, but he made certain innovations to Reformed covenant theology that had fatal consequences further down the line Owing to the fact that he was an advocate of exclusive psalmody and other traditional opinions, I find a certain reluctance among the antiquarian Reformed to criticise him However, I believe that his recasting of c [...]

    2. A short and careful study of the covenants in Scripture, arguing that a covenant is not a joint compact, but a sovereign bestowal of grace initiated by God.

    3. Wonderful book, I just wish it was longer Murray examines biblical covenants, building the case that they should not be primarily seen as contracts or agreements, but as sovereign bestowments of grace and promise where a relation is established He shows that this theme runs through the biblical covenants, from Noah to Christ The laws and commands that accompany these covenants are not to be seen as conditions for the covenant to be established, but as responsibilities within the covenant, as a r [...]

    4. Murray sets out to correct misunderstandings of covenant in biblical theology, dealing especially with the Hebrew term berith, in this helpful but short polemic What was interesting, at least for me, was the striking difference he has with Klinean theology as outlined in Kingdom Prologue While Kline views the Noahic covenant as dependent upon Noah in an almost thoroughly Pelagian context , Murray sees it as entirely gracious According to Murray, covenant, through out the biblical narrative, is t [...]

    5. An insightful summary which is all it aims to be, namely a pamphlet of God s covenantal dealings with sinful man This work was insightful in showing a similar pattern to which the Noaheic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and the New Covenants converge Namely, showing the covenant pattern to be a sovereign administration of grace and of promise of intimacy with God, as opposed to framing it according to a contractual basis The variation of the covenant administrations comes not in their substance or variation [...]

    6. A short 32 page cover of the Covenant of Grace by John Murray An excellent read buy multiple copies and hand it out as gifts He gives a brief introduction to the terminology, an overview of Noahic, Mosaic, Davidic covenants, and ends with the New Covenant, its contrasts to the Old Covenant This is all told within the view that the purpose of the covenants has always been a restored relationship between God and His people I ll let Murray himself sum it up, go buy the book to read the rest At the [...]

    7. A concise history of the development of covenant theology, and a discussion around defining the term It is not, Murray says, a mutual agreement or contract, but is rather unilateral Although there must be a response in gratitude from the beneficiary, the covenant is all of God s sovereign grace, initiated and administered by God Covenant breaking is therefore relational unfaithfulness, not contractual failure Murray guides the reader on a whirlwind tour through Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and t [...]

    8. Well well well, Murray started something with this little thing He makes a number of good observations and critiques but never gets around to a positive thesis He played a necessary role, and was right to see that run of the mill federal theology was lacking, but I m not sure he was all that helpful in correcting it.

    9. Simply put, this is the best concise outline of Covenant Theology available It is accessible to the lay person and a valuable resource to the student of theology This is a must read for those interested in understanding the underpinnings of reformed theology.

    10. I wish this was longer, and a positive thesis developed It is great as far as it goes in showing the pure legal contract view of covenant found wanting However, it leaves some major questions unanswered.

    11. Is it fair to call this a book More of a pamphlet I ve gotten context on what became of Murray s views on covenant since I read this, but at the time I found it difficult to follow.

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