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The Reign By Lynne Stringer The Reign As Sarah tries to live with the knowledge that she and Keridan can never be together she accepts a pledge of allegiance from the graduating class of agents But this allegiance will be tested when an
  • Title: The Reign
  • Author: Lynne Stringer
  • ISBN: 9781921632723
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • The Reign By Lynne Stringer As Sarah tries to live with the knowledge that she and Keridan can never be together, she accepts a pledge of allegiance from the graduating class of agents But this allegiance will be tested when an unexpected visitor arrives on Verindon a visitor with a shocking secret How will this affect Sarah s reign The Reign is Book 3 in the Verindon Trilogy.
    The Reign By Lynne Stringer
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      257 Lynne Stringer
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    1. Lynne Stringer

      Lynne Stringer has been passionate about writing all her life, beginning with short stories in her primary school days She began writing professionally as a journalist and was the editor of a small newspaper later magazine for seven years, before turning her hand to screenplay writing and novels Lynne currently works as a professional editor and proofreader She lives in Australia with her husband and young son.

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    1. 4.5 stars.Some very unexpected twists in this who else loved what happened in middle that made for a very satisfying conclusion This ended in way I would have never predicted but really enjoyed Sarah s life is completed transformed after she spots her earth mother in the crowd Expect betrayals, romance, love, commitment, self sacrifice and destruction I would have liked to see a bit of Ardon especially some of Keridan s reactions to him being fleshed out and I also would have loved an Ardon Sar [...]

    2. This is the third novel in the Verindon trilogy.This story has one almighty twist So I can t say much about the story line No spoilers.Sarah is still feisty and her character has typical traits of ranting and sulking when things don t go her way but she knows what she wants and will fight for it until the end.This was a fitting end to the trilogy and I was satisfied with the way the story went.Stringer focuses on equality for all when a new set of eyes rules Verindon they can see that the way li [...]

    3. For me, the mark of a good novel is that I m still thinking about, and even missing, the characters after I ve finished the book This was definitely the case for me with The Reign This is the third and final book in the series, so it s necessary to have read the other two books before launching into this one.I found it a little slow at the beginning, but as with the others in the series, once the action got going, it stayed going for the rest of the novel This book is a great read for teenagers [...]

    4. The Reign is the third and final book in the Verindon Trilogy, and it is best to read The Heir and The Reign first In fact, if you haven t read the first two and want to, you might be not reading this review while it doesn t contain spoilers about The Reign, the whole plot of The Reign is kind of a spoiler for the earlier books.All three stories follow Sarah, a teenage American girl who finds out she s actually the heir to the throne on a far off planet, and her best friend and teenage crush are [...]

    5. The Reign is a fitting and exciting conclusion to Lynne Stringer s Verindon Trilogy At the end of the Crown Sarah has been crowned as Overlord of her native planet and her scheming uncle has been exposed and brought to justice yet Sarah is still as far from being united with her great love agent Keridan as ever He will soon be assigned a bonding partner and Sarah herself is under increasing pressure to choice a suitable consort from a list of eligible nobles Will Sarah be able to change the rigi [...]

    6. In the last book, Sarah must choose a consort to bond with and help her rule the planet Her life is once again threatened and in a surprising twist, she must leave the planet to find evidence of a traitorous plan against not only herself, but against the entire Verindal population Her life takes a sudden and drastic turn and she finds herself being the defender instead of the defended.This one was really exciting It s so fascinating to explore a world so different from our own I found myself ask [...]

    7. The Reign, by Lynne Stringer, is a gripping novel which takes readers on a veritable roller coaster ride of sci fi adventure Sarah is the Overlord of the planet where she has lived for only a short time Her position and title is her birthright, but there are those who do not respect her as the newly appointed leader of their world Thankfully she is under the protection of some the finest and most faithful guards who will risk anything to ensure her safety But when someone from Sarah s past shows [...]

    8. I really enjoyed The Reign the third book in the Verindon Series I found that the writing was tighter in this book than the previous two, and that the pace picked up The tension was consistent throughout and kept me turning the page.The plot complications were interesting and believable If you liked The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series, you would most likely enjoy this one Feminist themes are woven throughout, but than that a sense of partnership and equality is espoused through the narrat [...]

    9. I think this is my favourite book in the Verindon series It answers so many of the questions I have been asking even since The Heir I did have my own thoughts about where this book might go, and while I did get one thing right I could by no means could guess where this story was going Wonderful surprises and a beautiful ending.

    10. A satisfying conclusion to a great sci fi romance adventure An interesting and engaging path the plot takes, including some jaw dropping twists.This is a series I will look back on, and think fondly of the characters.

    11. The Reign by Lynne Stringer is a science fiction romance story Sarah was adopted and came to love her Earth father Her mother left them when she was young Her father was heart broken and never recovered from his grief He put a good face on for Sarah but then he died Sarah was whisked away to the planet Veridon where she was hailed as the overlord She had special agents as her guard This book is part of a set but you can get the gist of the story here She loves the agent Keridan It is forbidden f [...]

    12. Just finished the conclusion to this Verindon series, and it was so great I loved that it was unpredictable for me I loved the cause they were fighting for, and how that all played out The ending was perfect I m so glad I bought the books and got to sit in this world for a while Great characters, beautiful setting, really good morals I so appreciated the lack of graphic sex, drugs, and foul language, I can t even tell you , great plot The author really made me care about the characters, they fee [...]

    13. I received this book through a First Reads giveaway The author was kind enough to not only sign it but to personalize it This is an interesting other worlder love story It is a moralistic plot without being preachy It was engaging moved quickly and did not have plot holes The protagonists are compelling I would suggest that you read the books in order as plot elements found in the first two books are important to the third.

    14. so ends the adventure of Sarah and Keridan, and their persecuted lovespite the first two chapter, this last one didn t catch me that much, even though finding out Hajitis was in love with Sarah was kind of stunning the finale was too much foregone I must say, I would have preferred another kind of ending, maybe realistic according what has happened between the Vendals and Verindons

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