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Undeniable By Emma L.Smith Undeniable Sometimes in life you re given an opportunity to take a road that the heart cannot deny Kate feels like her life is going nowhere She might love her job but her love life is circling the drain Her mar
  • Title: Undeniable
  • Author: Emma L.Smith
  • ISBN: 9781310277337
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • Undeniable By Emma L.Smith Sometimes in life you re given an opportunity to take a road that the heart cannot deny.Kate feels like her life is going nowhere She might love her job but her love life is circling the drain Her marriage is falling apart and she s not even sure if she wants to save it any Her new boss is egotistical and annoying and frustratingly sexy She knows she should be fighSometimes in life you re given an opportunity to take a road that the heart cannot deny.Kate feels like her life is going nowhere She might love her job but her love life is circling the drain Her marriage is falling apart and she s not even sure if she wants to save it any Her new boss is egotistical and annoying and frustratingly sexy She knows she should be fighting for her marriage but she finds his pull undeniable.Cole is feeling the pressure His father has expectations that he feels he has to live up to Until Kate is thrust into his life and he has to make a decision to fight for the woman he loves or to give in to his father s demands and risk losing everything.Reader s warning Contains themes of infidelity and scenes of a sexual nature
    Undeniable By Emma L.Smith
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      I have always wanted to be a writer Well apart from the brief time when I was four and wanted to sell pots on the market.No matter where my life has led me, books have always been a constant in my life They have guided me through the many mysteries of the human heart and mind Not everything I ve read has been good and not everything I ve written has been that way either However, I power on through regardless and hopefully one day I ll write something that will touch the soul of just one person.I hope you like what I write and I d love to hear from you.I m accepting volunteers for beta reading so let me know if you have the patience to work with someone who s mind is always on the next thing and never on the here and now.If you like what I write then please tell the world on your blog, your website, sky writing, fireworks display, anywhere really

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    1. Kate has been married to Daniel for years, and they ve grown apart Daniel is unambitious and is happy to sit around the house all day, which grates on Kate s nerves.KateHer boss s son, Cole, starts working at the same company as her with a view to making some improvements, and it s not long before sparks fly He also grates on Kate s nerves, but in a completely different way With some flirty texts and banter, it s not long before they get intimate, and this story follows their journey.ColeThey re [...]

    2. Received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI didn t know what to expect, i must admit Boring marriage, boss likes her but, wow.I was hooked on the writing from the beginning as it is wonderfully written, no wasting time Both characters are likeable, feisty, have attitude, charisma and are dealing with family situations Kate, a Boring marriage, but she still feels loyal to the marriage, sorry for her husband Cole, his father, his boss, a love hate relationship as he can t do as he pleases as [...]

    3. ARC for honest review This was breath of fresh air a light read dare i say it but there was enough detail to keep you very interested and not to much that it droned on and I just couldn t put downI absolutely loved the main characters, strong, feisty and damn stubborn they both new what they wanted.There was Cole strong determined Alfa male oozed sexiness and totally loyal to the family business and the over baring father to a fault, that craves his father s attention and acceptance.He had alway [...]

    4. I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review, so here it is This is a great story with a happy ending and I loved it It started a little slow for me but picked up quickly Cole works in his fathers company where he is being groomed to take over one day Kate works there too and when Cole and Kate are put together to straighten out a department, sparks fly between them Kat is stuck in a disappointing and loveless marriage and wants out but she is not sure what to do Cole wants [...]

    5. I received a copy for a review The book is exactly what I expected It s cute, it s romantic, it ll make you tingle Undeniable starts out strong with the first chapter, but then I found myself getting bored At first I thought it might be the length of the first chapter, but that doesn t usually bother me It starts good, but then it drags I got bored, I was looking forward to the end of the chapter I also got worried the whole book would be boring After getting through chapter one, every worry I h [...]

    6. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this book It was such an unputdownable read An unusual storyline that I hadn t come across before, but I was intrigued and wanted to read something a bit different Kate is in an unfulfilling marriage to Daniel and has been for 10 years Circumstances brought them together, and a sense of duty and being content with things as they were kept Kate from leaving him Right from the start you can see how hard it is for K [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book Kate and Daniel have been married for quite a while, though the marriage hasn t been great and they have grown apart Daniel is a bit of a sloucher, with no ambition, and is happy to live life with Kate supporting them Kate has worked hard, is ambitious but also feels that she has to stay with Daniel out of misplaced loyalty Cole is the son of Kate s boss who has been working for the company abroad for 6 years, and returns home and she finds herself promoted to his assi [...]

    8. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review The story started a little slow while introducing you to Kate and her back story with Daniel I was a little worried about how I would feel about where the story was goinggorgeous bosses son, Cole, comes into the picture trying to sweep her off her feet all while knowing she is married I am not one for promoting infidelity but by the time she made the choice to betray her husband and make love to Cole you understand her situati [...]

    9. I m not normally a romance reader, thats not to say any of the books I read don t have a love story in them but they are usually fantasies, dystopian or somewhere inbetween Saying that every now and then I can t resist a good romance book and this one is great Kate is fantastic, and I adored her friends and family You couldn t help but relate with her even if you ve never been in that position before as the way she thinks everything through is so real I adored Cole and in many ways he was as rel [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for my reviewThis book was so good I was hooked in the first couple of pages At first I thought this was going to be some book when the woman is mistreated and leaves her husband and falls for the really cute guy at the office who has been pining for her for almost 7 yrs and just wants to be with her because he secretly loves her and would do anything to have her and show her how valuable she really is O wait that is exactly what this book was about and I loved e [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from the author for review.This is the second book I ve read from this author and she didn t disappoint I was hooked from start to finish.The story is filled with passion, angst, lovel those things that make for a good romance You ve got a woman in a dead end marriage, a man who over achieves to please his father s demands The instant attraction just grows and grows and it s a page turner for sure.There are some moments that just really hurt my heart as broken marr [...]

    12. Received a copy from Emma for my honest review.Yeap, i honestly love this book I love the characters Although the story line is quite predictable for me.Kate is such a kind hearted, great, and independent woman with a shitty life, stuck with a lame useless husband and living in a horrible sexless marriage comes to meet a gorgeous, swooning, inteligent, and well presented guy who s secretly in love with her for years named Cole.Both Kate Cole family and friends has diversed, intresting characters [...]

    13. Quick and easy read Kate is stuck in a dead end marriage to Daniel and trying to hold on when she meets Cole Gorgeous, intelligent and totally infatuated with Kate, he makes his romantic intentions clear to her from almost the beginning Kate struggles to make the right decision between Daniel and Cole while Cole is dealing with familial obligations and an overbearing father.It feels funny to say this, but for me this was kind of a feel good book The tension and obstacles weren t inflated and dra [...]

    14. I was given an ARC copy in exchange for a honest review.I really enjoyed this story At first it was a little slow but it definitely didn t dissapoint It had a great story line with a beautiful and tear jerking ending.I hate to give out spoilers but 10 years in a unhappy marriage and finally realizes she is worth , loved it I loved all the characters, well except Cole s sister, I was happy he slapped some sense into her, literally Kate s sister, Lucy on the other hand, I loved her This was such a [...]

    15. I received a copy from author for honest review so here it is I liked this book a lot It start a bit slow and to be honest I hated idea of Kate being married and that she will fall in love in other man but well it turns out that Daniel , her husband, just isn t right for her , and ColeOMG almost perfect man.Anyway , it was light read and I highly recommended this book to anybody who love good love story with happy ending.

    16. Thanks once again to the author for giving me a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review For the past 10 years, Kate Arnold has been in a marriage which has slowly been disintegrating She doesn t really know what to do any because she doesn t feel the passion nor the love she used to for her husband any The struggle of trying to keep up the pretense of being in a happy marriage takes its toll on her However, everything changes the moment she meets Cole Ryder, the son of the boss [...]

    17. I guess the best way to do this review is in two parts The first one hundred eighty pages had me completely enthralled and loving this book I totally fell for Kate and Cole and I rooted for them even though she was married to Daniel I felt completely involved with each of the characters because they were well developed I often felt as if I was in the room with them witnessing everything as it happened It s been a long time since I had that experience so I was extremely excited Then the second ha [...]

    18. I received a copy of Undeniable for an honest review I enjoyed this book It was a fast, light, and easy read, although somewhat predictable I was interested to see how a story involving infidelity would play out The author certainly did not leave any room for empathy with the deadbeat husband The characters in the book were for the most part one dimensional all bad or all good Kate was beautiful, intelligent, sexy, ambitious, kind, etc Daniel, her husband of ten years, did not have one redeeming [...]

    19. I received and ARC from the author for an honest reviewI ve always wanted to say that I want to start off by saying that I was emphasis on was never into the whole I m not happily married, and now I m falling in love with someone else thing Emma Smith, TOTALLY changed that for me I loved this book I loved Kate and, well duh, COLE Cole s sister got on my nerves, but we all know someone like that, huh But Kate s sister was AMAZING And honestly, it s hard to find good male characters now a days, bu [...]

    20. I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was ok t bad, not totally great It was an easy quick read Finished it in a few hours At first I was suspicious of Cole, I couldn t believe he didn t have a hidden agenda and he was so genuine I kept expecting a oh so that s what s wrong with you moment and it never came I wanted him to have a little turmoil What can I say about Kate The last couple chapters I wanted to strangle her The end made me angryr a couple days I couldn t bel [...]

    21. This book was just good I mean I liked the characters and their love story but I feel that she could have done with them It has love, it has lies, it has romance But it fell kinda short for me I think she could have made this a longer one and really extended about the characters And the ending well.I understand it but I didnt agree with it But that just my opinion I felt that Daniel was a total loser wimp and Cole was P whipped That can be unattractive and Kate, well she was alright.

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