Between the Raindrops #2020

Between the Raindrops By Susan Schussler Between the Raindrops Jonathan Williams seems to have it all As a famous actor at the prime of his life he has an endless supply of money and countless females vying for his attention But Hollywood has another darker si
  • Title: Between the Raindrops
  • Author: Susan Schussler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Between the Raindrops By Susan Schussler Jonathan Williams seems to have it all As a famous actor at the prime of his life, he has an endless supply of money, and countless females vying for his attention But Hollywood has another, darker side, full of clamoring paparazzi and relentless journalists, not to mention the women who are simply trying to use Jonathan s celebrity to boost their own social statuses.Jonathan Williams seems to have it all As a famous actor at the prime of his life, he has an endless supply of money, and countless females vying for his attention But Hollywood has another, darker side, full of clamoring paparazzi and relentless journalists, not to mention the women who are simply trying to use Jonathan s celebrity to boost their own social statuses But he s learned to adjust accordingly, never trusting anyone around him.cially women All that changes, however, when he meets twenty year old college student Sarah Austin online Chatting anonymously with her over the Internet and on the phone, he quickly falls for her As their relationship deepens, he realizes that he must confess his identity But he struggles with guilt over bringing an innocent woman into his frenzied celebrity life Memories of a car accident caused by the paparazzi haunt Jonathan and cloud his every thought Will Jonathan find in Sarah the love he desires Or will celebrity prove too big of an obstacle to overcome Between the Raindrops is a story of fame, tragedy, and above all, love.
    Between the Raindrops By Susan Schussler
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      110 Susan Schussler
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    1. Susan Schussler

      Susan Schussler writes realistic love stories full of twists and turns Growing up in a large family, she discovered early that every story has multiple points of view and she writes her novels with this in mind Schussler lives in Minnesota with her husband and three sons And though she hates to admit it, when she s not writing or on the lake, you may find her catching up on celebrity news Visit her at SusanSchusslerDiscover about Susan Schussler s book characters on her blog, A Life Outside the Books atschusslerscharacters The place where her characters go to vent their thoughts.

    872 thoughts on “Between the Raindrops”

    1. Absolutely loved being part of this great story I read it in about 3 days and could not put it down I couldn t stop reading it, which often ended up in reluctantly putting it down at 4am even when I had lectures the next day I just couldn t stop wondering what will happen next I thought I have read a somewhat similar story prior to this one, dealing with what it is like being a celebrity and going through the ups and downs of having privacy for things as important as relationships But this book [...]

    2. I thought that the overall plot of the story was nice, I mean who wouldn t want a hot movie star to fall in love with your personality over the internet and then come whisk you off for a fairy tale ending However, that is about where the positive review ends After the initial romance and pretty good sex scene the book starts to ramble with little mini climaxes every other chapter that have no real significance to the overall plot It is almost as though the entire second half of the book is just [...]

    3. I only got through 25% and I couldn t take it any and it s been sitting on my kindle ever since I ll probably finish it someday because I hate leaving books unfinished and this seems to have a pretty decent GR rating but this book read like a bad fanfiction about one s favorite celebrity falling in love with you blegh

    4. Hard to put down, the pages flow into a story that takes you away into the dreamy life of Sarah Austin, a young woman with a steady group of loyal friends all finding their way in young love.A perfect book for an escape Although there are cautious undertones about stalking and paparazzi, the overall feel of the book is about budding love and commitment despite the odds.Read this as a treat to yourself Read it with an open mind, to be entertained and to let go Great for a vacation or weekend to y [...]

    5. There were too many details about the things that didn t matter, like food and clothes, and not enough details about the important things, like the conflicts and relationships And I skipped a scene for the sexual content.

    6. AlrightIt s a good story, just the writing wasn t that great, and it was long in some parts and was too jumpy in others.

    7. I absolutely loved this book It is an amazingly sweet story about a college senior named Sarah who meets a guy named Will online They both had dating trust issues so getting to know each other anonymously online worked for them The problems start when the two meet in person for the first time, because the Will is really the famous actor, Jonathan Williams and him being famous brings all kinds of problems into Sarah s world She is still in college and in reality dating a famous actor bites This s [...]

    8. This novel is an excellent portrayal of two young adults in a relationship grappling with issues from completely different backgrounds Their common thread of seeking the best characteristics in true love led them to victory over impossible odds of outside betrayal, lies, and greed The author grabbed my attention with the beautiful cover, which represents in art the desperate and deep love the main characters share The raindrops drenching the profound and innocent love pose told me this was not j [...]

    9. Note to self Third person, dual POV HFN There is a book 2 Things I liked Will asking Sarah if she knew who he was when she woke up after her accidentThings I didnt like Will suggesting they take a break until they can be together I m sorry but breaks just don t make any sense to me I have to agree with Megan and Alli a break is just an excuse to cheat If you truly want to be with someone you will make it work despite the distance, if you can t or don t think you should talk every day you don t b [...]

    10. saw this book as a give away and decided to read it I liked how the book started with Will s POV and how it gave the background as to why he is the way he is now However, as the book progresses, it does become a little extreme but at the same time I can understand why he does what he does I like how Sara enters his life and how they got to know each other before they ever met If they would not have had the 3 months getting to know each other, then things would seem like it was moving too fast bu [...]

    11. I loved this book There is something incredibly sexy about a guy who would do anything to protect the woman he loves The scene at the cabin was super visual and so good When Jonathan told unconscious Sarah all his crushed dreams I was bawling The story was funny, sad, inspiring and unpredictable I love these characters.I want to know when the movie is coming out, because this book is going to be made into a movie I think Theo James or Liam Hemsworth could play Jonathan Williams, and Shelley Henn [...]

    12. Between the Raindrops5 stars Absolutely loved reading about Sarah abd Jon aka Will This story was captivating and had me from the beginning, I couldn t stop reading I highly recommend this book, you won t be disappointed I can t wait for the next chapter to see what is going on in the lives of Sarah and Jon This book is definitely a must have, buy it today This book has suspense and lots of love.

    13. This book I loved in the beginning and couldn t put it down Then somewhere in the middle got a bit frustrated with Sarah Then towards the end was loving it again Really mixed emotions about this book but will look forward to Between the Line Was glad that this book finished with no cliff hanger even though there is a follow on Who wouldn t want to hear the words I can t live my life without you

    14. Better than average contemporary romance with an average girl and a movie star Some books leave you hanging, but this one does a nice job to cover quite a bit of timeline but still leave room for a sequel I enjoyed that there was no cliffhanger Some of the requisite bumps in the road to romance that these stories require were a little unbelievable but this didn t hurt the story I will buy the sequel.

    15. I usually don t like books that revolve around celebrities, but this one was really good I am so glad that I was won this book was so good It was a cute, well written love story There were a couple of surprising twists in the story I can t wait to continue reading of Will and Sarah s journey

    16. Very cute story Internet communication sparking a relationship between Midwest college student and a famous actor whose identity wasn t known Will have to read next book to see how it all turns out.

    17. I won this book from a Giveaway I absolutely loved this book Once I started, I couldn t put the book down It is a great love story and left me wanting I can t wait to read the sequel.

    18. 3.5 starsWon this book in a giveaway and i enjoyed this book but it felt like there should have been to it Very cute book though.

    19. Loved the Minnesota setting Characters were interesting When I finished the book I still wanting to know about them.

    20. The storyline sounds like I should like itbut I just got bored reading it, even with the dangerous stalkers Perhaps their physical relationship was lacking tension.

    21. A little slow read but overall good storypretty good but seemed to drag on a little bit I would recommend this book if you want an easy read.

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