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Destiny's Captive By Beverly Jenkins Destiny s Captive In national bestselling author Beverly Jenkins Destiny series the Yates men play hard and live hard And when they find that special woman they fall hard Noah Yates fully believes in the joys of a h
  • Title: Destiny's Captive
  • Author: Beverly Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780062231130
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • Destiny's Captive By Beverly Jenkins In national bestselling author Beverly Jenkins Destiny series, the Yates men play hard and live hard And when they find that special woman, they fall hard .Noah Yates fully believes in the joys of a happy family and a good wife But that s not the life for him No, he would much rather sail the wild seas in search of adventure, not tied down But then the unthinkableIn national bestselling author Beverly Jenkins Destiny series, the Yates men play hard and live hard And when they find that special woman, they fall hard .Noah Yates fully believes in the joys of a happy family and a good wife But that s not the life for him No, he would much rather sail the wild seas in search of adventure, not tied down But then the unthinkable happens he finds himself literally tied down To a bed By a woman.And Pilar isn t just an ordinary woman She s descended from pirates And after giving him one of the worst nights of his life, she steals his ship Now Noah is on the hunt, and he ll stop at nothing to find this extraordinary woman and make her his.
    Destiny's Captive By Beverly Jenkins
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      334 Beverly Jenkins
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      Beverly Jenkins is the recipient of the 2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the 2016 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for historical romance She has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award in Literature and was featured both in the documentary Love Between the Covers and on CBS Sunday Morning Since the publication of Night Song in 1994, she has been leading the charge for multicultural romance, and has been a constant darling of reviewers, fans, and her peers alike, garnering accolades for her work from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Salon, and NPR If you would like to be notified when Beverly has a new release, you can sign up for her newsletter at beverlyjenkins.

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    1. A delightful historical romance, Destiny s Captive was a lovely read With thrills, dark secrets, diverse settings and tons of sweet romance, this book was wonderful.I really liked the different settings in this book Set in the 1870s, we got a look at Cuba at the beginnings of another revolution, Florida, and California It definitely made the book interesting and a different type of historical romance.Pilar was a great heroine She was very strong, resilient, and independently minded, but also kin [...]

    2. Definitely another great read by the wonderful Beverly Jenkins This story is about the final Yates brother Noah Noah is a troubled young seamen who meets very Beautiful Cuban girl by the name of Pilar Pilar and her family are Cuban rebels That means they do whatever they have to do to survive to the next day if that means steel Rob swindle they ll do it hopefully no one gets hurt in the process Palaro and her family needed a ship to transport guns to the rebels and the only ship that was availab [...]

    3. Descended from a long line of pirates, when Pilar Banderas steals adventure seeking Noah Yates ship, it s not greed that propels her theft but a desperate effort to protect the beloved women of her family, who are her sole responsibility Laugh and cheer as Pilar shows arrogant Noah what it really means to be heroic Bonus On the gorgeous cover of this romance novel, the heroine is ripping the hero s bodice Katharine Ashe bookish articles pira

    4. Pilar, has been a rebel fighting for freedom since she was fifteen years old She comes from a family of thief s and forgers, they have done what is necessary to survive but when her father is wrongly accused and hanged, she knows that the fight for Cuban Independence is up to the rebels to convince change in the government When she decides to start gun running, she finds the perfect ship for it and the owner doesn t suspect a thing Noah Yates, loves the sea, and despite being taken captive at a [...]

    5. I hate to be the one to NOT like a Beverly Jenkins book I mean she is the GODDESS of AA romance novels Literally Her book, Through the Storm, I read back in high school and since then I have been the ultimate fan Besides the fact of giving such rich characters in Raimond and Sable, Ms Jenkins had dropped GINORMOUS golden nuggets of AA history a staple that holds true in just about all of her historical novels Things that you don t get taught in HS due to ignorance or laziness Unfortunately, this [...]

    6. Another awesome read from Beverly Jenkins Noah was battling some serious demons, and when we found out what they were, I was shockedd ready to cry for him Pilar was the perfect woman for him, and slowly but surely brought him into the light As usual, a really good story, filled with lots of interesting history.Good to see the rest of the family in this one I m so glad that Alanza and Max finally got together, and she could get her scream on, LOL Sad to see this family saga end, but I m hopeful t [...]

    7. A very great historical romance read Noah and Pilar were such a badass and amazing couple When Noah called PilarMi pequeno pirata ,my heart fluttered Despite the issues that Noah and Pilar dealt with, I am happy that it all worked out in the end I really enjoyed this series and I look forward to reading from Mrs Jenkins 4 5 stars

    8. AdventureActionRomanceHistoryNoah s tortured soul was finally soothed by Pilar the pirate who stole his ship and his heartother success for Mrs Jenkins AMAZING ending to the Destiny Serieslooking forward to the next historical romance.

    9. 3.75 stars Buddy read with Eri Being a big historical romance buff that I am, I heard so much of the greatness of Beverly Jenkins novels Destiny s Captive is my first Bev Jenkins book, and I m happy to say that it won t be my last The only thing I didn t like about this book is that conflict in the end view spoiler where Noah got shot and they discovered who s done it, hide spoiler the whole incident felt like an afterthought to me, like it s written just so that Noah and Pilar s journey to HEA [...]

    10. I probably should do a no star review because anyone reading this needs to know 1 romance novels are not my cup of tea 2 this is probably an excellent example of one, and it is MY FAULT for not being able to recognize that So, that said, I read this simply because I m trying to expand my reading by not reading white, male authors Beverly Jenkins is held up by many fans as a master of her genre, so I picked this one simply because it involved pirates And.I got through it The story came alive for [...]

    11. I am now a Jenkins junky so whatever I say may very well be bias.This book, well this whole trilogy actually was very impressive It covered slut shaming, rape, mental emotional illness, etc It was amazing I am most definitely over the virginal this and that of most of Beverly Jenkins books but this one offered a new dimension when she included the aforementioned subjects Pilar is a cuban pirate, who is 25 and single which is old time speech for forever alone Noah Yates is the youngest of the han [...]

    12. review to comePilar Banderas have been fighting for her island s independence since she was a child Her rebel father died for the cause and Pilar is doing everything she can to keep her poor family afloat She makes a trip to Havana, Cuba to steal a boat to do her business for the gunrunners She eyes the beautiful Alanza and captures it immediately She just didn t expect to run into its dangerous and handsome owner Noah Yates is furious that a tiny female pirate stole his boat and his belongings [...]

    13. Noah is the youngest of the Yates clan and very different than his older siblings A tragedy in his young adulthood has changed the artistic, sensitive, sweet man into a wandering sea captain who is most comfortable living his life on the open seas.When a band of marauders kidnap him and steal his ship he has only two things on his mind find his vessel and exact revenge on the one who dared cross him that way That the culprit is a woman doesn t change a thing Having searched high and low for this [...]

    14. This final book in the Destiny series was darker than the other two, but delivered an enlightening wrap up to the Yates family History, romance, diverse settings, cultural differences Beverly Jenkins brought all that and to the book Noah s and Pilar s unikely romance is definitely a Yates male habit, but this one was truly unexpected and seemingly headed for disaster But leave it to the masterful writer that Ms Jenkins is, to find the common thread that binds the relationship fragile at first a [...]

    15. Well, I have to admit although it was good, it does not hold a candle to the previous two in this series I thoroughly enjoyed the older brothers and their wives Noah and Pilar are no exception, but the story just doesn t have the same level of excitement that I became used to Danger yes Intrigue yes Intensity, not so much I m still glad that I read it Beverly Jenkins remains one of my favorite authors regardless.

    16. no stars because I did not finish It did start out promising, even though the writing was flat Unfortunately as I continued on, I found the dialogue cliche and the characters animated and cartoonish.I could not get into the book I felt nothing about the characters.

    17. If I could, I d give it three and a half stars, but alas refuses to give me that option Okay four stars because once again the heroine was an unconventional one a gun smuggler, a thief and captain of her own ship Pilar is Cuban, fighting against the Spanish and could relate to her because being from Latin America I can relate to her Noah s story was also worth four stars for me He went through hell and faced his demons, eventually, head on The part of the book when he went back to the island whe [...]

    18. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone, in fact I read 2 first, enjoyed it so much that I immediately purchased the other two Nonetheless, I d suggest reading them in order due to the story arc involving Alanza Yates, the family matriarch who built the Destiny ranch that builds through each book For readers unfamiliar with Beverly Jenkins, this trilogy is a great place to start For fans, this is a wonderful series of books The stories are set primarily in California, in and near S [...]

    19. Third and finale book in the Destiny series This book focused on the youngest Yates brother Noah Noah is a sea captain and businessman The joys of family life with a good wife are not for him until one fateful day The day the Cuban beauty Pilar enters his life Pilar, in disguise,along with her men take Noah by surprise Noah comes to and finds himself tied down, to a bed, by a woman Pilar, a descendant of pirates, sets Noah adrift and sails off with his beloved ship Noah, picked up by another shi [...]

    20. Another beautiful story of the power of a good womanThe harrowing details of Noah s life when he was shanghaied, I knew were going to be tough to learn but I loved that they weren t swept under a rug I m always impressed with the depth of character portrayed in these titles without compromising the plot or the richness of the setting I always learn something new in our history from Beverly Jenkins and it was great to learn about a moment in history tied to my roots as well Soon after Spain lost [...]

    21. I liked the beginning of this book b c it had all the elements I love from Jenkins historical romances, but towards the end, it started to feel rushed and the time spent developing the characters from the start seemed missing towards the end And when it came to Noah s big secret about what happened those 1st three days of his captivity, it kinda felt like it was glossed over and just dropped considering what a traumatic experience it was and what it must have been like to hide that shame and tra [...]

    22. The reader Thomas Penny was so bad it made the writing seem awful I was hoping the plot would be exciting than it was, especially because it started out so good with a rebellion and a stolen ship It left me wanting to know about the history of Cuba and Spain, which I wish had been discussed a little in the book I love the diversity of this book because I always associate romance novels as being very white and probably British because that s basically all the romance I ve ever read when I read [...]

    23. Oh yea I liked this one I have had some reservations about Beverly Jenkins storytelling but I really enjoyed this one and Destiny s Surrender the first book I had read of hers So apparently I just like this series Not to mention there was some really good dialogue all throughout I verbally laughed and gasped multiple times The few qualms I have would be the fact that I would have liked back and forth between them before they got together Along with much swashbuckling She s a rebel pirate for g [...]

    24. Beverly Jenkins has become a favorite of mine As I ve read through the Blessings series and the Destiny series, I ve realized that she s not afraid to enter real life ups and downs into her stories In Destiny s Captive you get a story full of love, triumph, struggle and pain In most historical novels that I ve read, the man is the pirate but this book turns that tale on its head Pilar, the heroine, is a pint sized pirate that fights for the people even if it means robbing the handsome Noah Yates [...]

    25. I just finished the first 3 novels of the Destiny s Series by Beverly Jenkins.Book 1 Destiny s Embrace was my favorite of the 3, but I enjoyed reading all three Mariah s character was like Cinderella The transformation from the abusive, unloving and highly mistreating mother I laughed heartily at the parade of suitors that came to ask Mariah for her hand in marriage.Book 2 Destiny s Surrender was a action packed romance with Billie as the main character I rooted for the honest, gun toting heroin [...]

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