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Company Town By Madeline Ashby Company Town Meet Hwa One of the few in her community to forego bio engineered enhancements she s the last truly organic person left on the rig But she s an expert in the arts of self defence and she s been char
  • Title: Company Town
  • Author: Madeline Ashby
  • ISBN: 9780857665362
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Company Town By Madeline Ashby Meet Hwa One of the few in her community to forego bio engineered enhancements, she s the last truly organic person left on the rig But she s an expert in the arts of self defence, and she s been charged with training the Family s youngest, who has been receiving death threats seemingly from another timeline Meanwhile, a series of interconnected murders threatens theMeet Hwa One of the few in her community to forego bio engineered enhancements, she s the last truly organic person left on the rig But she s an expert in the arts of self defence, and she s been charged with training the Family s youngest, who has been receiving death threats seemingly from another timeline Meanwhile, a series of interconnected murders threatens the city s stability serial killer Or something much, much worse
    Company Town By Madeline Ashby
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      424 Madeline Ashby
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    About "Madeline Ashby"

    1. Madeline Ashby

      Madeline Ashby is a science fiction writer and strategic foresight consultant living in Toronto She has been writing fiction since she was about thirteen years old Before that, she recited all her stories aloud, with funny voices and everything Her fiction has appeared in Nature, Tesseracts, Escape Pod, FLURB, the Shine Anthology, and elsewhere Her non fiction has appeared at BoingBoing, io9, Tor, Online Fandom, and WorldChanging She is a member of the Cecil Street Irregulars, one of Toronto s oldest genre writers workshops She holds a M.A in Interdisciplinary Studies her thesis was on anime, fan culture, and cyborg theory and a M.Des in strategic foresight innovation her project was on the future of border security Currently, she is represented by Monica Pacheco of Anne McDermid Associates.

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    1. Reading this is like going through my own personal evolution, one story stage at a time I had to throw out practically all of my expectations at different stages of the novel Hell, I even thought this was going to be a YA ish SF, but no, it s a lot than meets the eye It starts out as a biology twist to a cyberpunk premise, where the biology only character, Hwa, is an anomaly to all the tech around her Turn her into a bodyguard, have her look into strange murders, and then, above all, keep addin [...]

    2. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 05 25 I was so excited to finally get my hands on Company Town, a book which had been on my to read list for years going back to the days since it was first announced by Angry Robot While the original publisher s sale followed by the novel s move to Tor resulted in a significant delay for its release, I have to say the wait was absolutely worth it I was already a fan of the author, having read her seriously imaginative and seriously twisted no [...]

    3. With this book and Lavie Tidhar s Central Station review show coming out, I feel like cyberpunk is making a bit of a comeback And that makes me happy A version of a segment of this story was previously published in the Upgraded review show anthology as Come From Away I wrote I suspect this story is actually an opening to Ashby s upcoming novel, Company Town the blurb and character names match I look forward to reading the full book As it turns out, it s not actually the opening segment, but as I [...]

    4. Company Town is the story of Go Jung Hwa, the half Korean, all Newfie daughter of an embittered ex K Pop star working as a bodyguard for the sex workers union, on an oil rig city off the coast of Newfoundland Whew that was enough to sell me Hwa suffers from Sturge Weber Syndrome that leaves her with a port wine stain across her face and body as well as leaving her prone to seizures Most would have had the necessary implants to cure the disease but she s financially unable Instead, as a purely or [...]

    5. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Sadly, I wasn t impressed with Company Town I ve been looking forward to this book for about 2 years and it turned out to be not really the type of story I enjoy these days, and it had problems with pacing and transitions and overall knitting the story parts together.Hwa is a half Korean woman who works as a bodyguard She was born with a syndrome that leaves her with a disfigured face, a large birthmark stain, and a t [...]

    6. Company Town is a very busy and insanely ambitious novel It stuffs about a dozen different hot button SFnal concepts each one usually enough to support a story on its own into a whacked out futuristic serial killer thriller The world building in Company Town is so mind blowingly dense it literally burrows its way into the characters bodies and hollows them out from the inside I don t know how to describe what a crazy mess this book is and still convince you to read it the plotting is so frantic [...]

    7. Hwa is an enigma in that she is one of the only fully organic, or non enhanced people living in New Arcadia, a town on an oil rig in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada She is poor, and her face and body is marked with a stain that makes her both stand out and invisible at the same time in an era where almost anything can be fixed by implants and enhancements But when the town of New Arcadia is sold and the town becomes the property of the Lynch family, it turns out that Hwa [...]

    8. 4.5I am not going to tell you anything about the book I read it blind on a recommendation and think it was better for it it you enjoy science fiction with intense action and mystery give it a go.I really enjoyed this unique little science fiction read Great characters, a world that was fresh and exciting, and a mystery that I didn t figure out till it was revealed The relationships each of the character had with each other was so different it was a touch off putting at first but soon became norm [...]

    9. I m of two minds Ashby s ideas are potent and her worldview is fascinating, frequently ripping free of the page and lodging in the back of my head but there s an issue with the connective tissue of this book, and that issue grows to the point where it threatens to swallow the good Fortunately, there s enough good to keep the ship upright, and I found myself tearing through the book because I was genuinely curious how all these disparate, discombobulating threads would somehow find their way back [...]

    10. When I first saw the industrial grunginess of the image on the cover for this book, I knew I had to read it When I finally got my hands on the book, I was not disappointed I had read Madeleine Ashby s vN so I knew I d be in for something different and possibly strange This book was filled with characters and moments that could have gone one way, but the author chose to handle in an interesting and at times, unsentimental way The main character, whom I fell in love with, Go Jung Hwa, is a half Ko [...]

    11. A most addictive read My goodness, where do I BEGIN with THIS precious little find I can honestly say that I picked up this book mostly because I presumed how wrong I was that this would be a short, quick, simple read And then it started to become crystal clear that this is instead a pretty sophisticated tale, one with so many wonderful levels to the story At its heart, I guess it s a sci fi Steampunk mystery, and holy s , it s a good one But it s so far from the average one we might pick up the [...]

    12. Company town is a sci fi thriller or a serial killer thriller or Something else, yes that s what it is a lot of things happens in a future time in Canada, Newfoundland Like in Infomocracy the companies govern the cities but not by voting, they actually buy a city.In this world the world is so broken and polluted all human beings need to be edited, augmented to be healthy, to be able to live a normal life Hwa is not, she is the only organic person in this city and when new owner of city Lynch com [...]

    13. 4.5 stars I just really, really enjoyed this book It s a rich world, and the heroine is an awesome, kick ass feminist There s so much going on that summary feels daunting at the moment, but just let it be said, it s full of fantastic ideas, some real world politics, and futuristic tech.

    14. This book was highly anticipated and talked about a year before its publication I know because I marked it early for my to read file When I saw the Kindle version on sale last month, I could wait no longer And once on my pad, I couldn t resist starting it.Company Town is a fast, action packed, near time, dystopian story It takes place on an energy rig off the east coast of Canada Yes, it s nice to have a fresh venue for this sort of thing Here, we are not talking about a platform but a whole com [...]

    15. This review took an exceptionally long time to write, even though it s not as detailed as some of my other recent reviews There are several reasons for this First, work has been insane, and I ve hardly had time to just sit back and relax I m either working, single parenting, or sleeping Second, I had to give this one a little thought after finishing it as I didn t really have an initial clear cut impression of it And, in some ways, I still don t Third, I liked the book enough that I didn t want [...]

    16. Madeline Ashby s Company Town takes place in New Arcadia, a city built atop an oil rig off the east coast of Canada Populated by technologically augmented humans with Newfoundland accents, the story follows Go Jung Hwa, a bodyguard for legalized sex workers When the rig is purchased by the affluent Lynch family, the aging patriarch approaches Hwa with a job offer protect his fifteen year old son from a litany of death threats Soon after she takes the job, a number of her friends from the sex tra [...]

    17. Go Jung hwa Hwa is a bodyguard for sex workers in the city of New Arcadia New Arcadia is a group of towers surrounding an old oil rig of the coast of Canada that has just been purchased by the Lynch Company The company s owner, Zachariah Lynch wants to employ Hwa as protection for his youngest son Joel because she is free of all biotech and thus not hackable Being without enhancement is very unusual at this point in history and Hwa s lack of it is because of a combination of a congenital birth d [...]

    18. Audiobook Thank you Madeline Ashby, Thank youThank you for giving us a butt kicking female protagonist we can believe in I have read plenty of books with a great female lead My favourite book of last year had one I know they can be done I was starting to feel like some kind of chauvinistic arsehole hating on all of these stories this year with a capital K Kick arse female lead Really though, I just hate tropes.It was starting to feel like the biggest trope of recent genre fiction was the brainst [...]

    19. MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI absolutely loved this book It was not what I thought it was going to be, it was even better The first line of the book got me right off the bat Hwa wondered if today was the day should would finally get to finish that sorry son of a bitch once and for all.In the beginning we meet Hwa, she is a bodyguard to the prostitutes on the rig She makes sure nothing happens to them Okay, I might have to put in some mild spoilersHwa, along with many other people, live [...]

    20. What an intriguing book Ashby has put together one mind blowing read that combines a noire thriller with science fiction and bildungsroman.Crazy action scenes, full of martial art check Smart dialogue check Engrossing crime mystery check Cyberpunk with genetic enhancement, invisibility suits, changellings, time travel elements check.The world building is fascinating and concentrated into one microcosm It seems the author followed the old crime thriller tradition of having characters restricted t [...]

    21. Company Town, while a book I definitely wanted to read, is not a book I had intended to read right now This is how it came to me Me spots book on living room table, evidently purchased by Dad You read this yet Dad No.Me takes book Let me know when you want it back drops smoke screen 100% accurate retelling.I m quite surprised this is a selection for Canada Reads It s very science fiction, and not literary acceptable science fiction by a juggernaut like Margaret Atwood Madeline Ashby name checks [...]

    22. 3.5 A man without a past and a woman without a future In the future Ashby envisions, bioaugmentation has become so universal that Go Jung Hwa, unedited and suffering from Sturge Weber Syndrome, is effectively unique, a black swan whose interaction with the world is not fully saturated by augmented reality Hwa is just trying to live her life, working as a bodyguard for the local sex workers union and teaching them self defense on the side when her duties bring her into contact with Daniel Siofra, [...]

    23. Au ergew hnliche Ideen aber leider etwas konfuse Umsetzung Also das Cover ist schon sehr genial gemacht und das war es auch, was mich auf dieses Buch aufmerksam werden lie Der Klappentext klang nach einer guten Mischung aus Science Fiction und Krimi und auch ein bisschen Cyber Moral und ich war sehr gespannt, wie die Autorin das alles umsetzen konnte Der Anfang war ehrlich gesagt sehr verwirrend f r mich und ich konnte mich nur langsam in dieser kleinen Welt auf der Bohrinsel in Kanada zurechtfi [...]

    24. I m going to be honest I struggle with science fiction and YA, and this book is rooted in both If this was not a Canada Reads contender, I don t think I would have powered through to the finish line Though I didn t love the book s execution, Ashby is a creative talent with some great ideas, and I enjoyed many elements of the book.Hwa is a bodyguard for the United Sex Workers of Canada in a place called New Arcadia, and accompanies the girls to their appointments Hwa is a a badass she s a tough, [...]

    25. Company Town is a fun, wild, out of this world ride for fans of Terminator and sci fi in general I wasn t sold on the synopsis of this book, but several of my friends seemed to really enjoy it, so I decided to give it a go and I m very glad that I did In the beginning, we meet Hwa, who lives in New Arcadia, an oil rig offshore of Newfoundland, Canada Hwa works as a bodyguard for prostitutes, but is soon convinced to leave this position to become the personal bodyguard of Joel Lynch, the teenage [...]

    26. d just like that, Madeline Ashby has instantly made it onto my list of must read authors.Company Town has all the trimmings of things I love There s a good dash of sci fi with some near future razzle dazzle cybernetic augmentation, genetic engineering, Singularity conspiracy, and a nice heaping of serial killer mayhem to round it all off The setting is wonderfully impressive and forms the basis of that kick ass cover the titular Company Town is a city sized oil rig off Newfoundland that has just [...]

    27. This book was fantastic The story moves quickly and the main character is one of the most interesting women I have encountered in quite some time The premise and plot development are imaginative and fresh You are immediately pulled into the story from the opening line There are enough ethical questions looming under character and plot driven momentum to ensure this book can t be easily dismissed once you re done It has a great Canadian feel as well Though as a Newfoundlander I find it difficult [...]

    28. What happens when an award nominated writer of gripping, fresh SF turns her hand to a stand alone SF Thriller In this case, the result is a compelling, pacey, and thoughtful novel.The main character is distinct a disabled Korean woman who is a total badass , the setting is fascinating an off shore company town oil rig , and the premise powerful our heroine, an escort s escort, is tapped to protect the city rig s heir apparent against a threat that seems to come from another timeline.Company Town [...]

    29. Another of those fairly eye opening near future sci fi novels that makes you wonder just how far from this kind of technology and world we really are Hwa was a terrific, kick ass, and fully realized protagonist Heart clutch Ugh, her relationship with her mother Unique setting, tons of action, bio technology pretty much exactly what I d expect from Madeline Ashby at this point Thanks to Tor and NetGalley for the review copy

    30. I waited so long for this book I was so nervous to read it But I finally took the plunge.I read it in 12 hours.I loved it I loved it More thoughts ladybusiness.dreamwidth 20

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