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Sword Quest By Nancy Yi Fan Sword Quest This prequel to the New York Times bestseller Swordbird is a richly layered novel full of adventure bravery heroism and a fascinating bird world created by teenage author Nancy Yi Fan
  • Title: Sword Quest
  • Author: Nancy Yi Fan
  • ISBN: 9780061243356
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sword Quest By Nancy Yi Fan This prequel to the New York Times bestseller Swordbird is a richly layered novel full of adventure, bravery, heroism, and a fascinating bird world created by teenage author Nancy Yi Fan.
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    • [E-Book] á Sword Quest | by ✓ Nancy Yi Fan
      126 Nancy Yi Fan
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      Nancy Yi Fan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sword Quest book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Yi Fan author readers around the world.

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    1. Find this review and fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.The review Sword Quest is the prequel to Swordbird, and tells the life of the dove Wind voice before he became the legendary Swordbird Nancy Yi Fan was about 14 when she penned Sword Quest, and, in a nutshell, Sword Quest is about, wait for it bird Jesus It s a stronger story than Swordbird by far, but still very cliche and juvenile, sorry to say.The story is set in a world of birds, where various species rule over their own [...]

    2. Wind voice, a half dove, is a slave of the giant archeopteryx empire His mother was a dove, and he never knew his father The king of the archeopteryx is permanently power hungry and Wind voice is the only one standing firmly in front of his goal a beautiful sword said to bring peace to the fighting world Can Wind voice and his powerful friends get to the sword before the archeopteryx king and deliver peace to all birdkind Read this wonderful and exciting book to find out I liked it very much bec [...]

    3. Sword Quest was written by Nancy Yi Fan, a twelve year old Chinese American girl, and it s about one bird s quest for peace in a time of war I really enjoyed it because it reminded me how important peace is, which is very fitting considering Peace Day is only a few weeks away It s sequel is Sword Bird, which I also own but haven t read.

    4. Although the beginning was a little confusing, this is a really good book.And cake makes my stomach hurt o.k, that was randombut oh well

    5. This a lot better then some books I ve read by adults Nancy yi fan is talented author I would definitely read agian.

    6. I visit the goodwill in my area to look for books every once in a while, and that is how I first came across Sword Quest The copy I found is missing a dust jacket, and the false gilding on the spine is what first caught my attention I always have loved books like that they feel magical, in a way, like they could be a valuable tome in some fantasy land As I reached for it, I noticed the little bird outlined on the spine, a symbol that has some personal meaning for me This was one of those rare mo [...]

    7. I liked this book It s not unlike the Warrior series It was a little too predictable for me, though I do still want to read the next one and see where it goes This book ends at a good ending It s not a cliff hanger at all, so I m curious as to what happens in the next book I would recommend this book to anyone twelve to sixteen Any older and you will probably get bored.

    8. When archaeopteryxes conquered most of birds territories, a legend spread within them a legend of a hero that will find a magical sword and bring peace to bird kingdoms When archaeopteryx Maldeor decides to find this sword first and use it to gain power, Wind voice starts his own quest protect the sword from Maldeor and save it for the hero On his quest Wind voice and his companions face many obstacles, and not till the very end Wind voice realises that he is the hero, that he had became a hero [...]

    9. Nancy Yi Fan wasn t as good as I remember I know, I thought it was all awesome and all but I just changed I guess But seeing as my book is like that I m condemning myself, so But the plot was OK I just sort of didn t like the way the prequel was handled I d like a sequel better I don t like having to be stopped and pushed backward chronologically.

    10. I didn t really enjoy Sword Quest I blame juvenile, cliched writing It reminded me of the story of Jesus, only with birds and a quest for a sword.

    11. I have fond memories of this novel as a kid Though now looking back on it, the story of Wind voice does remind me of the story of Jesus as other reviewers have pointed out.

    12. Lovely story I really liked the plot better in this prequel compared to the original story Not that the original story wasn t good It s really great in fact If you haven t read Swordbird, do check it out, though you don t have to read it to understand Sword Quest, as it stands alone very well.I like how this story focuses on Swordbird s life before he became a bird god, and how he was a slave bird different from the other bird species I loved him as a main character I also loved the message of p [...]

    13. This is a prequel to Sword Bird This first book was written by a young 12 year old girl Excellent She is now 14 and now has this second book I came across a couple sentences that sounded like a young girl, but the adventure was wonderful and a great fantasy for those that love them It has been check out by several students that have asked if she has written other books The story takes place in the forest Several species of birds have lived in peace for many generations until now One group wants [...]

    14. This book was SO very very bad One of the things that I love about challenges is they send me on searches for books that I d never find on my own In this book s case, that would not have been a bad thing It was written by a 12 year old girl, and it read that way If I hadn t needed it for the Wobble challenge, I d not have bothered with it As it was, it was a 2 hour waste of time, but thankfully, not any than that.

    15. WOW NACY YI FAN IS SOOOOOOO CREATIVEe re wrote Jesus s story BUT in a bird versionHOW LAME IS THAT well now we know That Swordbird is actually THE BIRD S JESUS, and now his quest is to get the sword the story is 0 stars the only reason I did put 2 stars is because of Swordbird s friends and the adventure and the places, but the story is really AWFUL

    16. I actually started reading this book and did not like it It starts with bigger birds stealing from and killing littler birds Than it talked about eating other birds Than they tried to roast a bird alive and almost succeeded Definitely something I will NOT recommend.

    17. Loved the book but hard to read at times The author tends to jump around a lot kind of making it hard to keep up As you get half way through it you kind of get the feel of how the story flows Not as great as her other book.

    18. A prequel to Sword Bird, this book tells how Wind voice, the half dove, who with his companions, defeats Maldeor, the one winged archaeopteryx, finds the magical sword, and becomes the hero to save the world of birds.

    19. Read my Swordbird review and you ll probably get the gist for this one too.And a dove really How obvious is that UrrrghI didn t have fond memories of this book at all.

    20. I m reading Sword Quest it s ar really good book.I m a the part when Yin Soul looks for a hero and after two years he found one.I like this book alot i ve only in the beining of thye book I got it today.Also I read Sowrdbird a nother book nancy wrote which is like Sowrd Quest.

    21. A wonderful book that has you thinking about nature all day long Strangely this is of a prequel to Sword Bird even though it is the second in the series, but it is amazing

    22. Completely forgot about this series which is part of the coolness of but yeah apparently this is the prequel, don t really remember much but enough to rate it 3 stars.

    23. I like Swordbird book 1 , but this is the prequel so to speak I love the characters and their indomitable spirits Great read.

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