My Years with Ayn Rand #2020

My Years with Ayn Rand By Nathaniel Branden My Years with Ayn Rand Previous Praise for Nathaniel Branden Relentlessly revealing the myth of Ayn Rand gives way to a full sized portrait in contrasting colors appealing and appalling potent and paradoxical it takes a s
  • Title: My Years with Ayn Rand
  • Author: Nathaniel Branden
  • ISBN: 9780787945138
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Years with Ayn Rand By Nathaniel Branden Previous Praise for Nathaniel Branden Relentlessly revealing the myth of Ayn Rand gives way to a full sized portrait in contrasting colors, appealing and appalling, potent and paradoxical it takes a special kind of nerve to write such a book Norman Cousins, author of Head First and The Healing HeartAyn Rand s Atlas Shrugged is one of the most influential booPrevious Praise for Nathaniel Branden Relentlessly revealing the myth of Ayn Rand gives way to a full sized portrait in contrasting colors, appealing and appalling, potent and paradoxical it takes a special kind of nerve to write such a book Norman Cousins, author of Head First and The Healing HeartAyn Rand s Atlas Shrugged is one of the most influential books of the twentieth century its popular impact ranked second only to the Bible in a major poll Millions know Rand as one of this century s great thinkers, writers, and philosophers, yet much about the private Ayn Rand remains shrouded in mystery.Who was Ayn Rand My Years with Ayn Rand charts the course of the clandestine, tempestuous relationship between the enigmatic author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead and Nathaniel Branden her young disciple and future pioneer of the self esteem movement In this book, discover the real Ayn Rand through the eyes of the man who became her soul mate and shared her passions and philosophical ideals.Their tragic and tumultuous love story began with a letter written by Branden as an admiring teenage fan and Anded, than twenty years later, with accusations of betrayal and bitter recriminations My Years with Ayn Rand paints an unforgettable portrait of Ayn Rand whose ideas, even today, can generate a maelstrom of controversy.
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    1. Nathaniel Branden

      Nathaniel Branden started reading Ayn Rand s Fountainhead in the summer of 44 as he was introduced to it by his sister and her giggling friends He met Rand in California where he attended college for psychology She responded to his fan letter Atlas Shrugged was dedicated to Branden and he became her intellectual heir The two carried on an affair, though each was married After a dispute, they parted and never publicly reconciled.Branden has written several books on psychology and self esteem He practiced psychotherapy in Los Angeles.

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    1. For anyone who s wondered about Ayn Rand, this has all the dirt from a MUCH younger man who was her lover for many years and to whom she originally dedicated Atlas Shrugged He later became a psychiatrist a profession which Ayn Rand always loathed, considering the subconscious the sewer of the mind.Ayn Rand used to make her husband take walks so that she could have sex with Brandon on her desk My friend once wrote a paper about how she liked sex rough and certainly the rape scenes in her stories [...]

    2. Having read and reviewed Barbara Branden s biography of Ayn Rand and several of Rand s books, I thought it might be very useful to get the perspective of someone Ayn rejected, Nathaniel Branden One does get a different sense of Rand from this rather self absorbed, but very interesting, memoir Clearly Rand delighted in having young acolytes falling on her every word and interpretation, and she was not particularly tolerant toward ideas that sprang from other brains This book provides a detailed i [...]

    3. Awful writing I mean, awful Branden writes like a third rate romantic novelist And there is literally no one to like in this story, at least as he portrays them However, as a key to understanding Rand I regret to say that this is probably indispensable And bear in mind that Branden still largely agrees with his personal Mrs Robinson s philosophy Look, the fact that she had an affair with someone half her age doesn t make Ayn Rand a bad person She took care of that in many other ways But her reas [...]

    4. Some backgroundon after leaving the safe haven of college and beginning what would be a slow progression toward an actual profession, I discovered Ayn Rand My father had recommended _Atlas Shrugged_ years before, which I read with some degree of tediumbut that s another review Suffice it to say that, being a young, naive, somewhat disoriented, reasonably intelligent person who was trying to make sense of the Real World, I glommed onto Ayn Rand s militant flavor of individualism like a starving c [...]

    5. A coming of age story, with all the drama worthy of Ayn Rand Those who have ever been heavily involved in cult like groups and then broken away will relate to this story.

    6. Just when I had discovered Ayn Rand and she had created a revolution in my thinking, Barbara Branden s biography, The Passion of Ayn Rand came out I think if there had been any danger I d become a Randroid as I ve heard some describe it, this book did put paid to that, because goodness the book did do a good job of idol smashing and I think that s healthy actually if we re going to judge Rand by her ideas and not worship her or condemn her unthinkingly.Mind you, Barbara Branden did have good rea [...]

    7. If you can get past how full of himself Branden is, it s tolerable At least he s unashamed of it Fluid writer Of course he imagines himself constructing a stylized universe like Rand in his set ups and portrayals This truly comes to light in the conclusion Difficult to tolerate his dialogue at times too transparent and plot driven however still an interesting and difficult to digest view of Rand Amusing insight into the mind of a psychotherapist.

    8. This not so flattering portral was my introduction to Rand As a result, I didn t go ga ga over her like so many people do in their 20s when they discover her I was already suspiscious of her motives and skeptical about her theories before ever reading Atlas or Fountainhead.

    9. As one who both hates the philosophy of Ayn Rand and is fascinated by her as a person, I found this biography to be an addictive read It s a no holds barred, invasive expose by her former lover, a much younger man Need I say

    10. If you ve been around here since I started reading this book, you know I was expecting something kinda trashy, kinda campy, like the movie The Passion of Ayn Rand starring Helen Mirren Y know, lurid sex, some frothing at the mouth, some mink, some diamonds, some trains, all that Alas, My Years With Ayn Rand is slow and thoughtful sober and sympathetic rather than exploitative, relatively mature and introspective rather than angry Written by Nathaniel Branden, who for many years was Rand s partne [...]

    11. The rating is based primarily on its entertainment value, which is fantastic sex Lies Objectivism Good stuff, good, good stuff I did find the conclusion to be quite profound I m thinking about what Ayn s and my world was really about.There s aed experience an ecstatic state of consciousness An experience that shatters the ordinary walls of reality and lifts a person to another plane and another level of feeling entirely Some people seek that experience in religion and in the promise of union wit [...]

    12. This is a fascinating account of the disturbing life of Ayn Rand, by her equally disturbed prot g and much younger married lover, Nathaniel Braden The copy I have is the original account, I believe, which was redacted rather quickly to become My Years with Ayn Rand, and sold under the later title after that I don t personally know what the differences between the two editions are and I m probably not ever going to find out because I don t want to wade through it all again But that s okay with me [...]

    13. Anyone who has read Ayn Rand s books absolutely needs to read this autobiography by Rand s former partner It gives a context to her stories, as well as presenting a balance to her incomplete philosophy.

    14. Branden s tell all, of what his life was like with AR, her behavior, dishonesty, harm done to others Depressed, angry, raging, self other destructive, not your girl next door , or your lofty intellectual Branden does well with this, and I believe there is to come.

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