The Void Captain's Tale #2020

The Void Captain's Tale By Norman Spinrad The Void Captain s Tale A classic novel of star travel and strange sexualityback in print after a decade In the Second Starfaring Age humans travel the universe via a technology they barely understand propelled by a myster
  • Title: The Void Captain's Tale
  • Author: Norman Spinrad
  • ISBN: 9780671498993
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Void Captain's Tale By Norman Spinrad A classic novel of star travel and strange sexualityback in print after a decade In the Second Starfaring Age, humans travel the universe via a technology they barely understand, propelled by a mysterious space drive linked to a living woman, the Void Pilot Void Pilot Dominique Alia Wu has begun to catch a glimpse of something transcendent and she needs the cooperation oA classic novel of star travel and strange sexualityback in print after a decade In the Second Starfaring Age, humans travel the universe via a technology they barely understand, propelled by a mysterious space drive linked to a living woman, the Void Pilot Void Pilot Dominique Alia Wu has begun to catch a glimpse of something transcendent and she needs the cooperation of her Captain to achieve it.
    The Void Captain's Tale By Norman Spinrad
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      178 Norman Spinrad
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    1. Norman Spinrad

      Born in New York in 1940, Norman Spinrad is an acclaimed SF writer.Norman Spinrad, born in New York City, is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science In 1957 he entered City College of New York and graduated in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science degree as a pre law major In 1966 he moved to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, and now lives in Paris He married fellow novelist N Lee Wood in 1990 they divorced in 2005 They had no children Spinrad served as President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA from 1980 to 1982 and again from 2001 to 2002.

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    1. In contrast to the recently reviewed Charles Runyon s Deeply Sicko SF as determined by the readers of rects.sf.written about which I blogged the other day, Norman Spinrad is simply a writer s writer, and his book, The Void Captain s Tale is a masterpiece His characters have individual, powerful voices, and one can literally feel the number of re writes Spinrad went through to make sure everyone in his books is unique and special His cultures are dense, and with just a few special touches here, i [...]

    2. Although the book contains much quotable and interesting material, it ultimately fails in a way almost uniquely reserved for science fiction The artificiality of its construction leaves it bereft of humanity The book blends Japanese, French, Spanish, and German phrases into the English of its projected future this conceit is never as interesting in practice as in idea, and wears heavily on the reader only one quarter into the text The projected culture of the book is permeated by free and open s [...]

    3. This may have been the most difficult book I ve read all year Using its literary aspirations and eccentric mix of languages to support a slow moving though compelling plot, Spinrad has crafted one of the most interesting books I ve read all year Even though it s thirty years old it still has relevance, especially in the way he handles the cultura onboard the ship One is left, at the end, wondering what it was all for And maybe that was his point Glad I read it, but gladder still to be done with [...]

    4. I have puzzled for 3 weeks over how to rate this book, alternating between two stars and four stars, but never even considering three stars That alone tells you it is a very ambitious, edgy novel I always count on Spinrad to really stretch my thinking and perceiving.I found two scenes to be very powerful In one near the end, is Spinrad s description of the experience of transcendence That is the most powerful scene of its kind I have read in a long time That and earlier scene of someone confront [...]

    5. I ve talked before about SF authors setting their sights a little too high, and some of the novels nominated for the Hugo or Nebula getting by on concept than actual delivery In my review of Dark Universe I talk a little about Samuel Delany s opinion on story and writing and why I think he s wrong to say a novel s delivery cannot be exceeded by it s concept I might be putting words into Delany s mouth I had trouble finding the actual quote , but either way Void is a good example of the concept, [...]

    6. My new era with science fiction has begun And I like it.The Void Captain s tale was interesting and partly quite difficult Even when read in my mother s tongue.The story was imaginative and mostly easy enough to follow But every now and then the writer went into spheres where it was very demanding to decode his thoughts and descriptions More than once I read part of the text again in order to comprehend And then again Spinrad also used expressions and words which were not so common, so every now [...]

    7. Far future space opera set amid a society of aesthetes whose FTL space ships are powered by women s orgasms It s actually pretty good in parts like the social custom where hearing the story of a stranger s name meant you were invested in their personhood, but after the fourth or fifth overwrought description of a sex act your eye just passes over yet descriptions of genitalia Overall it really, really, really would ve benefited by having a subplot or two that didn t involve the narrator or his [...]

    8. I had read Bug Jack Barron some time ago after I found a used copy of the novel in Seattle it is not easy to find and I was enthralled by it Spinrad is a master of his own made up dialect not to the mind bendingly thorough extreme of, say, Anthony Burgess and in Bug Jack Barron he affects a sort of 60 s hipster mode of writing I found very rich The Void Captain s Tale does not disappoint on this score Instead of the 60 s lingo, though, Spinrad uses a melange of English, German, Spanish, French, [...]

    9. The language in this book, told in first person by the Captain of the Dragon Zephyr is meant to evoke a merged, semi polyglot future Captain Genro intersperses both his tale and the dialogue of the people in it with various words and phrases from German, French, Spanish, and other languages.The world of the starship is one of tired thrill seekers trying to fill empty lives with a variety of worlds, and of constructed experiences between worlds.There are, as far as I can tell, no families, for al [...]

    10. My boyfriend gave me this book with essentially the pretext of it s a ship powered by female orgasms to which at first I just rolled my eyes, but eventually I gave it a shot The first really striking thing was the writing, which was a blend of languages that made it comprehensible to the solely English speaker, but also added a layer of depth and intrigue to those who understood It s a style that either you love or you hate, and I loved it It made his descriptions seem oddly spot on and intere [...]

    11. This has been one of the best books I have read in recent memory As someone who researches consciousness studies a a part of my career, I found the authors capacity to creatively articulate vastly complex philosophy while effectively weaving it into a science fiction narrative was brilliant The style of writing was extremely colourful and really accentuated a sense of immersion into the world he was creating Though extremely dense, I found myself quickly harmonizing with his writing style and di [...]

    12. Set in the same universe as Child of Fortune, this book concerns the lives of people only mentioned in the periphery of that book the Void Captains Like the spice navigators in Dune, these intergalactic pilots are a breed apart, since their profession requires mental and physical rigors that fundamentally change them, removing them from normal society The narrator of this tale breaches protocol by becoming sexually involved with one of them Spinrad is certainly an acquired taste, but very few mo [...]

    13. For me, three stars is a good book, worth reading This strange book was compelling and while not what I expected it did work for me It s essentially a highly stylized tale of a man descending into controlled madness and the consequences for it Highly personal and social, this one makes for a breath mint to traditional sci fi stories The themes of transcendence and how that can be tied to sexual ecstasy were unique.

    14. Ack This book smells bad There s not much science in the fiction I couldn t tell if the plot was meant to be an indictment of rich hedonistic culture, or a treatise on the worship of female orgasm as the pinnacle of human experience The prose was tortured, and the story uninteresting The constant references to sex and the sex scenes weren t even titillating enough to warrant a recommendation on that level.

    15. A story of addiction and sexual obsession on board a luxury space craft In order to transverse hyperspace the Void Pilot must enter into an euphoric trace similar to a drug high When the Void Pilot dies en route one of the passengers must sacrifice herself to take his place The Void Captain becomes obsessed with the young woman and what she is experiencing A fascinating idea set in a complex multilingual multicultural milieu.

    16. Gigantesco pippone pseudo filosofico che non arriva da nessuna parte Sar pure stato finalista ai premi Nebula, ma non mi puoi scrivere cose come lancia fallica con tono serio senza sperare che io non mi metta a ridere come una scolaretta.Salvo soltanto alcune idee interessanti, ma che sono comunque lontane dal tema centrale del romanzo, e quei rari momenti in cui Spinrad ripone sulla mensola il tritacoglioni e scrive come un essere umano.Delusione.

    17. the worst written and least worthwhile book I think I have ever forced myself through I gave it a chance because I thought the story idea was good, but the writing and the language was a waste of my time 12 days of reading I will never get back.

    18. I read that book back in the 80 s, but though I could not get into specifics about it, I found it to be good, trippy sci fi The author s name came up with another book being read by someone I know, so I just wanted to give a shoutout to this volume.

    19. Tried hard to get into this, but it seemed way too cute and quaint and look how sci fi we is, aren t we teh coolest 1 for my liking This failed my 100 page rule, in that it never developed into anything I d want to explore after I read the first 100 pages or so TB

    20. Doggonit, I loves me some Spinrad He has such a wide deep voice that all of his novels are completely distinct from each other in tone style The Void Captain s Tale was way, waaay, out there and brought to mind Pride Prejudice, Dune, and some elements of Warhammer 40,000.

    21. Interesting theme about new space travel methods and what how that unfolds in the roles and behaviors of the ship s crew Requires concentration as easily can drop from the rhythm of the book.

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